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argument writing Centre for Academic Success. It is tu clothes, very important that you recognize which type of essay questions are looking for some sort of the phases, judgement, and sainsbury, then to be able to construct an define unvoiced effective, convincing argument in tu clothes your answer. A major cause of complaint from tutors is Chick-Fil-A, that students at sainsbury all levels do not do this very well, and make their writing descriptive rather than argumentative. As a result, a well-argued, well-balanced assignment is almost bound to for Analyzing Personality Essay get a very good mark. The following essay titles all require a judgement or argument: Should capital punishment be reintroduced in sainsbury tu clothes the UK? To what extent has the of the the literary of the renaissance, government been successful in its fight against sainsbury, illegal drugs? The notion that all early music should be played on psychological concept authentic instruments is a fallacy. Tu Clothes? Discuss. It is which of the following renaissance, a commonplace observation that workers dislike and resist change in the workplace. Tu Clothes? How far do you think this is Projective for Analyzing, a rational response to sainsbury their economic position and hating, how far simply a result of the mismanagement of change? If you were to sainsbury write a very general essay, for Excellence In Customer example, about capital punishment, without answering the specific question asked, your mark is going to sainsbury tu clothes be low.

Instead, what you need to do is: think what the concept, main points of sainsbury, your argument would be. do extensive reading to find evidence to define unvoiced back up your points, and at the same time note down counter-arguments and contradictory evidence. There is always more than one side to tu clothes an argument, and which characterizes production english renaissance, it is very important in a piece of academic writing to show that you are aware of sainsbury, these different opinions. Your approach must be balanced, not one-sided. structure your answer carefully. You should state what your conclusion will be right at the start in your introduction; then present both, or all, sides of the argument in a logical, coherent manner, showing clearly which side you stand on by the specific use of psychological concept, language (see below) and sainsbury, use of appropriate examples and evidence; and finally include a well-developed conclusion which draws all the strands together andmakes completely clear where you stand. In an Chick-Fil-A In Customer Service Essay argumentative essay the conclusionis probably the sainsbury, most important part, so don#8217;t make it too short. As stated above, your argument must be well-balanced and the phases of mitosis, recognize different opinions and approaches. You should not, therefore, be too dogmatic in your approach, and completely dismiss one side of the argument. At the sainsbury, same time, you should not #8220;sit on the fence#8221; and take an about poetry indecisive approach, as this may be interpreted as you not having an tu clothes opinion, or simply not knowing. Define Unvoiced? (In terms of sainsbury tu clothes, pure argument, you don#8217;t necessarily have to completely agree with what you are saying). Poems About Poetry? Sample piece of argumentative writing. Read the following very short argumentative essay and tu clothes, go through the Chick-Fil-A Service, accompanying analysis.

Discuss the sainsbury tu clothes, funding of about poetry, childcare provision in tu clothes the UK. 1 Recent changes in government priorities have seen a reduction in financial support for parents who use childcare. This is occurring at a time when there is malcolm, increasing social and financial pressure on parents, particularly. mothers, to tu clothes work. The issue of In Customer Essay, childcare and sainsbury tu clothes, working mothers has been the define unvoiced, subject of dispute for some time. Sainsbury Tu Clothes? Many, notably Giles (2001) and Gough (1999) argue that the best place for gladwell children is tu clothes, always in define unvoiced their own homes with their own parents. However, it is sainsbury tu clothes, my contention that there are many advantages to be had from using childcare and the government should provide more financial assistance to Chick-Fil-A Excellence Service parents who do so.

3 Another argument against sainsbury, the use of childcare facilities (Vaughan 2001) is the phases, that children can be emotionally deprived in these facilities compared to the home. This argument assumes that the sainsbury tu clothes, best place for poems hating poetry children is to sainsbury be at their parents', especially mothers', side for twenty four hours a day. It claims that children's emotional development can be damaged when they are left in childcare facilities. However, parents and children need to spend sometime apart. Poems Poetry? Moreover, children become less dependent on their parents and parents themselves are less stressed and sainsbury tu clothes, more effective care-givers when there are periods of separation. In fact, a recent study conducted by Testing for Analyzing Essay, MCC (2003) indicates that the parent-child relationship can in fact be improved by the use of high-quality childcare facilities. Sainsbury? 4 It could further be asserted that the government and the economy as a whole cannot afford the outliers malcolm gladwell, enormous cost involved in tu clothes supporting childcare for working parents. However, working parents actually contribute to the national economy.

They are able to utilise their productive skills and pay income tax, while non-working parents can become a drain on the tax system through dependent spouse and in travel and tourism, other rebates. Sainsbury? This is the introduction, which clearly states the main premise in the final sentence: These paragraphs all follow a similar pattern. The counter-argument is given first, followed by poetry, the argument put forward by sainsbury tu clothes, the writer of the piece. Characterizes The Literary? The counter-argument is #8220;weakened#8221; or #8220;problematized#8221; by phrases such as: This argument assumes . It could further be asserted . It is important to show this opposing argument, as by doing so you are showing that you have considered both sides of the sainsbury, argument, and also that you are able to the phases of mitosis anticipate and criticize any opposing arguments before they are even stated. Tu Clothes? It is also important to clearly mark the shift from the opposing argument to define unvoiced your own supporting argument. Tu Clothes? In these three paragraphs, this is done by the use of the word however . Concept? This is a very short conclusion. Sainsbury? 1 When you can think of the opposing opinion but you have not seen it written anywhere: 2 When you have seen the opposing opinion written in another text: Alternatives to #8220;however#8221;: A model argumentative essay.

Should marine mammals be kept in which following characterizes the literary production captivity in sainsbury marine parks? The issue of whether we should allow marine parks to stay open has been widely debated in our community recently. It is an Excellence In Customer Service important issue because it concerns fundamental moral and economic questions about the way we use our native wildlife. A variety of tu clothes, different arguments have been put forward about this issue. For Analyzing Essay? This essay will consider arguments for having marine parks and tu clothes, point to concept some of the problems with these views. It will then put forward reasons for the introduction of laws which prohibit these unnecessary and sainsbury, cruel institutions. It is the for Analyzing Personality, contention of the Marine Park Owners Association that marine parks attract a lot of foreign tourists (The Sun-Herald, 1993). This position goes on tu clothes to assert that these tourists spend a lot of money, increasing our foreign exchange earnings and psychological concept, assisting our national balance of sainsbury tu clothes, payments. Integration And Tourism? However, foreign tourists would still come to Australia if the sainsbury tu clothes, parks were closed down. Indeed, surveys of the phases, overseas tourists show that they come here for sainsbury a variety of other reasons and define unvoiced, not to visit places like Seaworld (The Age, 1993).

Tourists come here to see our native wildlife in its natural environment and not to see it in cages and cement pools. They can see animals in tu clothes those condition in their own countries Furthermore, we should be promoting our beautiful natural environment to tourists and in travel and tourism, not the ugly concrete marine park venues. The Age (1993) Use of Marine Parks for Scientific Research 19.2.93. Sainsbury Tu Clothes? The Age (1993) Should Animals be Kept in which following characterizes the literary of the renaissance Marine Parks/ 16.8.93. Sainsbury Tu Clothes? Jones, G. (1991).

The Myths about Animal Research in Marine Parks. Psychological? Scientific Australian . Sainsbury? Vol 12, No 3. Psychological? Smith, H. Sainsbury Tu Clothes? (1992). Marine Parks: Good for Business, Good for Australia. Leisure Business Review . Vol 24, No. 4. Outliers? The Sun-Herald (1993) Increase in Tourists Visiting Marine Parks 20.7.93.

Links to tu clothes further resources on developing an define unvoiced argument. Tu Clothes? Last updated: 4 January 2011. Centre for Academic Success. City North : 0121 331 7685 Email. Millennium Point Learning Centre : 0121 202 2500 Email.

To book a tutorial at poetry Millennium Point: 0121 202 2500.

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Sainsbury tu clothes

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More Ideas Than You’ll Ever Use for Book Reports. Submitted by Teacher-2-Teacher contributor Kim Robb of Summerland, BC. Create life-sized models of two of your favorite characters and dress them as they are dressed in the book. Crouch down behind your character and describe yourself as the character. Tell what your role is in the book and how you relate to the other character you have made. Create a sculpture of a character. Use any combination of soap, wood, clay, sticks, wire, stones, old toy pieces, or any other object. An explanation of how this character fits into the book should accompany the sainsbury tu clothes sculpture.

Interview a character from your book. Write at concept, least ten questions that will give the character the tu clothes opportunity to discuss his/her thoughts and feelings about his/her role in the story. However you choose to present your interview is up to you. Write a diary that one of the story’s main characters might have kept before, during, or after the book’s events. Remember that the Projective Personality character’s thoughts and feelings are very important in a diary. Tu Clothes. If you are reading the same book as one or more others are reading, dramatize a scene from the book. Write a script and have several rehearsals before presenting it to the class.

Prepare an oral report of 5 minutes. Give a brief summary of the plot and describe the personality of one of the main characters. Be prepared for questions from the class. Give a sales talk, pretending the students in the class are clerks in a bookstore and you want them to push this book. Build a miniature stage setting of a scene in define unvoiced, the book.

Include a written explanation of the scene. Make several sketches of some of the scenes in the book and label them. Describe the tu clothes setting of Excellence Essay, a scene, and then do it in pantomime. Sainsbury. Construct puppets and present a show of one or more interesting parts of the book. Dress as one of the characters and act out a characterization. Imagine that you are the author of the book you have just read. Suddenly the book becomes a best seller. Write a letter to a movie producer trying to get that person interested in making your book into a movie. Explain why the story, characters, conflicts, etc., would make a good film.

Suggest a filming location and the actors to play the various roles. Concept. YOU MAY ONLY USE BOOKS WHICH HAVE NOT ALREADY BEEN MADE INTO MOVIES. Write a book review as it would be done for a newspaper. (Be sure you read a few before writing your own.) Construct a diorama (three-dimensional scene which includes models of people, buildings, plants, and animals) of sainsbury, one of the main events of the book. Include a written description of the scene. Write a feature article (with a headline) that tells the story of the book as it might be found on the front page of a newspaper in the town where the story takes place. Write a letter (10-sentence minimum) to the main character of your book asking questions, protesting a situation, and/or making a complaint and/or a suggestion. This must be done in the correct letter format. Read the same book as one of your friends. And Tourism. The two of you make a video or do a live performance of MASTERPIECE BOOK REVIEW, a program which reviews books and sainsbury tu clothes interviews authors. (You can even have audience participation!) If the story of your book takes place in another country, prepare a travel brochure using pictures you have found or drawn.

Write a FULL (physical, emotional, relational) description of three of the in travel characters in the book. Draw a portrait to accompany each description. After reading a book of history or historical fiction, make an illustrated timeline showing events of the story and draw a map showing the location(s) where the story took place. Read two books on the same subject and compare and contrast them. Read a book that has been made into a movie. (Caution: it must hve been a book FIRST.

Books written from screenplays are not acceptable.) Write an essay comparing the movie version with the book. Create a mini-comic book relating a chapter of the book. Tu Clothes. Make three posters about the define unvoiced book using two or more of the following media: paint, crayons, chalk, paper, ink, real materials. Design costumes for dolls and dress them as characters from the book. Explain who these characters are and how they fit in the story. Write and perform an original song that tells the story of the book. After reading a book of poetry, do three of the following: 1) do an oral reading; 2)write an sainsbury tu clothes, original poem; 3)act out a poem; 4)display a set of pictures which describe the poem; 5)write original music for the poem; 6)add original verses to the poem. Be a TV or radio reporter, and give a report of outliers malcolm gladwell, a scene from the book as if it is happening live. Design a book jacket for the book. I STRONGLY suggest that you look at an actual book jacket before you attempt this.

Create a newspaper for your book. Summarize the plot in one article, cover the weather in another, do a feature story on one of the tu clothes more interesting characters in another. Include an editorial and malcolm a collection of ads that would be pertinent to the story. Do a collage/poster showing pictures or 3-d items that related to the book, and then write a sentence or two beside each one to show its significance. Sainsbury Tu Clothes. Do a book talk. Talk to the class about your book by Chick-Fil-A Essay, saying a little about the author, explain who the characters are and explain enough about the beginning of the story so that everyone will understand what they are about to read. Finally, read an exciting, interesting, or amusing passage from your book. Stop reading at a moment that leaves the audience hanging and add If you want to know more you’ll have to read the book.

If the tu clothes book talk is integration well done almost all the students want to tu clothes, read the book. Construct puppets and define unvoiced present a show of one or more interesting parts of the book. Make a book jacket for the book or story. Draw a comic strip of your favourite scene. Make a model of something in the story. Use magazine photos to make a collage about the story Make a mobile about the story. Make a mini-book about the tu clothes story.

Practice and the read to the class a favourite part. Malcolm. Retell the story in your own words to the class. Write about what you learned from the story. Write a different ending for your story. Write a different beginning. Write a letter to a character in the book. Write a letter to the author of the book. Make a community journal. Sainsbury. Write Graffiti about the concept book on sainsbury a brick wall (your teacher can make a brick-like master and then run this off on red construction paper.) Cut your words out of construction paper and glue them on the wall. Compare and contrast two characters in the story.

Free write your thoughts, emotional reaction to Personality Essay, the events or people in the book. Sketch a favourite part of the book–don’t copy an already existing illustration. Sainsbury Tu Clothes. Make a time line of all the integration and tourism events in the book. Make a flow chart of all the events in the book. Show the sainsbury tu clothes events as a cycle.

Make a message board. Make a map of where the events in the book take place. Compare and contrast this book to another. Do character mapping, showing how characters reacted to events and changed. Psychological. Make a list of character traits each person has. Tu Clothes. Make a graphic representation of an event or character in the story. Make a Venn diagram of the people, events or settings in define unvoiced, your story. Make an action wheel. Write a diary that one of the story’s main characters might have kept before, during, or after the sainsbury book’s events. Remember that the poems about poetry character’s thoughts and feelings are very important in a diary. Build a miniature stage setting of sainsbury, a scene in the book.

Include a written explanation of the scene. Make a poster advertising your book so someone else will want to read it. Integration In Travel And Tourism. Keep and open mind journal in three or four places in your story. Write a feature article (with a headline) that tells the story of the book as it might be found on the front page of a newspaper in the town where the story takes place. Make a newspaper about the sainsbury book, with all a newspaper’s parts–comics, ads, weather, letter to define unvoiced, the editor,etc. Sainsbury. Interview a character. Write at least ten questions that will give the character the opportunity to discuss his/her thoughts and feelings about his/her role in the story. However you choose to present your interview is up to you.

Make a cutout of one of the characters and write about them in the parts. Write a book review as it would be done for a newspaper. ( Be sure you read a few before writing your own.) Make a character tree, where one side is event, symmetrical side is about emotion or growth. Choose a quote from a character. Write why it would or wouldn’t be a good motto by which to live your life Learn something about the environment in sainsbury, which the book takes place Tell 5 things you leaned while reading the book Retell part of the story from Chick-Fil-A Excellence, a different point of view Choose one part of the story that reached a climax. If something different had happened then, how would it have affected the outcome? Make a Venn diagram on the ways you are like and unlike one of the characters in your story.

Write about one of the character’s life twenty years from now. Write a letter from tu clothes, one of the about poetry characters to sainsbury tu clothes, a beloved grandparent or friend Send a postcard from one of the characters. Draw a picture on one side, write the message on the other. And Tourism. If you are reading the same book as one or more others are reading, dramatize a scene from the book. Write a script and have several rehearsals before presenting it to the class. Make a Venn diagram comparing your environment to the setting in the book Plan a party for one or all of the characters involved Choose birthday gifts for one of the characters involved. Tell why you chose them Draw a picture of the setting of the climax. Why did the sainsbury tu clothes author choose to have the outliers gladwell action take place here?

Make a travel brochure advertising the setting of the story. Choose five artifact from the book that best illustrate the happenings and meanings of the story. Tell why you chose each one. Sainsbury Tu Clothes. Stories are made up; on conflicts and solutions. Choose three conflicts that take place in psychological, the story and give the solutions. Is there one that you wish had been handled differently? Pretend that you are going to tu clothes, join the characters in define unvoiced, the story. What things will you need to pack?

Think carefully, for you will be there for sainsbury tu clothes, a week, and there is no going back home to get something! Make up questions–have a competition. Write a letter (10-sentence minimum) to the main character of hating poetry, your book asking questions, protesting a situation, and/or making a complaint and/or a suggestion. Retell the story as a whole class, writing down the parts as they are told. Each child illustrates a part. Put on the wall. Each child rewrites the story, and sainsbury divides into 8 parts. Make this into about hating poetry, a little book of 3 folded pages, stapled in the middle (Outside paper is for title of book.) Older children can put it on the computer filling the unused part with a square for later illustrations. Outline the sainsbury tu clothes story, then use the outline to expand into paragraphs. Teacher chooses part of the text and deletes some of the words.

Students fill in the blanks. Make a chart of interesting words as a whole class activity. About. Categorize by sainsbury tu clothes, parts of speech, colourful language, etc. After reading a book of history or historical fiction, make an illustrated time line showing events of the story and Chick-Fil-A Service draw a map showing the location(s) where the story took place. Make game boards (Chutes and Ladders is sainsbury a good pattern) by groups, using problems from the integration book as ways to get ahead or to be put back. Groups exchange boards, then play. Create life-sized models of two of your favourite characters and dress them as they are dressed in the book. Crouch down behind your character and describe yourself as the character. Tell what your role is in the book and how you relate to sainsbury tu clothes, the other character you have made. In Customer Service Essay. Create a sculpture of a character. Use any combination of soap, wood, clay, sticks, wire, stones, old toy pieces, or any other object.

An explanation of how this character fits into the book should accompany the sculpture. Sainsbury. Make several sketches of some of the scenes in the book and label them. Personality. Describe the setting of a scene, and then do it in pantomime. Dress as one of the characters and sainsbury act out a characterization. Imagine that you are the author of the book you have just read. Suddenly the book becomes a best seller. Write a letter to a movie producer trying to get that person interested in making your book into a movie. Explain why the story, characters, conflicts, etc., would make a good film. Suggest a filming location and the actors to play the various roles.

YOU MAY ONLY USE BOOKS WHICH HAVE NOT ALREADY BEEN MADE INTO MOVIES. Construct a diorama (three-dimensional scene which includes models of people, buildings, plants, and animals) of one of the main events of the book. Include a written description of the scene. Read the same book as one of your friends. The two of you make a video or do a live performance of MASTERPIECE BOOK REVIEW, a program which reviews books and interviews authors. (You can even have audience participation!) If the story of Chick-Fil-A Service Essay, your book takes place in another country, prepare a travel brochure using pictures you have found or drawn. Write a FULL (physical, emotional, relational) description of sainsbury tu clothes, three of the concept characters in the book. Draw a portrait to sainsbury tu clothes, accompany each description.

Read two books on the same subject and compare and contrast them. Read a book that has been made into a movie. (Caution: it must have been a book FIRST. Poems. Books written from screenplays are not acceptable.) Write an essay comparing the movie version with the book. Make three posters about the book using two or more of the following media: paint, crayons, chalk, paper, ink, real materials. Design costumes for dolls and dress them as characters from the book. Explain who these characters are and sainsbury tu clothes how they fit in the story. Write and perform an original song that tells the Chick-Fil-A In Customer Essay story of the tu clothes book.

After reading a book of poetry, do three of the following: 1) do an oral reading; 2)write an gladwell, original poem; 3)act out a poem; 4)display a set of pictures which describe the poem; 5)write original music for the poem; 6)add original verses to the poem. Be a TV or radio reporter, and give a report of a scene from the sainsbury tu clothes book as if it is happening live. Write a one sentence summary of each chapter and illustrate the sentence. Mark a bookmark for concept, the book, drawing a character on the front, giving a brief summary of the book on back after listing the title and author. Write a multiple choice quiz of the book with at least ten questions. Sainsbury Tu Clothes. Make a life-sized stand-up character of poems about hating poetry, one of the people in the book. Sainsbury. On the back list the characteristics of the concept person. Pretend you are making a movie of your book and are casting it. Sainsbury Tu Clothes. Choose the actors and integration in travel actresses from people in the classroom. Tell what you think the main character in the book would like for sainsbury, a Christmas present and tell why. Add a new character and explain what you would have him/her do in the story.

Do some research on define unvoiced a topic brought up; in your book. Write an obituary for one of the characters. Be sure to include life-time accomplishments. Choose a job for one of the characters in the book and write letter of tu clothes, application. You must give up your favourite pet (whom you love very much) to one of the characters in the book. Which character would you choose?

Why? Invite one of the In Customer Essay characters to dinner, and tu clothes plan an imaginary conversation with the person who will fix the meal. Psychological. What will you serve, and why? Write an ad for a dating service for one of the characters. Nominate one of the tu clothes characters for an office in local, state or national government.

Which office should they run for? What are the qualities that would make them be good for define unvoiced, that office? Pretend that you can spend a day with one of the characters. Sainsbury. Which character would you choose? Why?

What would you do? Write a scene that has been lost from the book. Write the plot for Excellence In Customer Essay, a sequel to this book. Add another character to the book. Why would he be put there? What part would he serve? Rewrite the tu clothes story for younger children in picture book form. Write the plot of the story as if it were a story on Chick-Fil-A Excellence the evening news Make a gravestone for one of the characters. What other story could have taken place at this same time and setting? Write the plot and about 4 or 5 characters in tu clothes, this new book.

Give an oral summary of the book. Give a written summary of the book. Tell about the most interesting part of the book. Write about the most interesting part of the book. Tell about the most important part of the book. Write about the most interesting part of the book. Read the interesting parts aloud. Write about a character you liked or disliked. Write a dramatization of a certain episode. Demonstrate something you learned. Make a peep box of the most important part.

Paint a mural of the story or parts of it. Paint a watercolor picture. Make a book jacket with an define unvoiced, inside summary. Make a scale model of an important object. Draw a clock to show the time when an important event happened and write about it. Sainsbury Tu Clothes. Write another ending for the story. Make up a lost or found ad for a person or object in Essay, the story. Make up a picture story of the most important part. Draw a picture story of the most important part.

Compare this book with another you have read on a similar subject. Write a movie script of the story. Gather a collection of objects described in the book. Draw or paint pictures of the main characters. Make a list of words and sainsbury definitions important to the story. Make a 3-D scene. Integration In Travel And Tourism. Create a puppet show. Make a poster to advertise the book. Give a pantomime of an important part. Use a map or time-line to sainsbury tu clothes, show routes or times.

Make a map showing where the story took place. Concept. Tell about the author or illustrator. Sainsbury Tu Clothes. Make a flannel board story. Make a mobile using a coat hanger. About. Give a chalk talk about the book.

Do a science experiment associated with the reading. Tape record a summary and play it back for the class. Sainsbury Tu Clothes. Make a diorama. Make a seed mosaic picture. Make a scroll picture. Do a soap carving of a character or animal from the story. Make a balsa wood carving of a character or animal from the story. Make stand-up characters.

Make a poem about the story. Write a book review. Books about how to do something- classroom demonstration – the gladwell directions can be read aloud. Tu Clothes. Write the pros and cons (opinion) of a book after careful study. If a travel book is read- illustrate a Travel Poster as to why one should visit this place. A vivid oral or written description of an interesting character.

Mark beautiful descriptive passages or interesting conversational passages. Tell a story with a musical accompaniment. Make a list of new and unusual words and expressions. A pantomime acted out for psychological concept, a guessing game. Write a letter to a friend about the tu clothes book. Check each other by writing questions that readers of the same book should be able to Chick-Fil-A, answer. Make a time-line for a historical book. Broadcast a book review over sainsbury, the schools PA system. Research and tell a brief biography about the author. Make models of things read about in the book.

Make a colorful mural depicting the book. A picture or caption about laughter for humorous books. Compare one book with a similar book. Think of a new adventure for the main character. Write a script for malcolm, an interview with the main character. Retell the story to a younger grade. Choral reading with poetry. Adding original stanzas to poetry. Tu Clothes. Identify the parts in poetry, the story that show a character has changed his attitudes or ways of behavior.

Sentences or paragraphs which show traits or emotions of the main character. Parts of the story which compare the actions of two or more characters. A part that describes a person, place or thing. A part of the sainsbury story that you think could not have really happened. A part that proves a personal opinion that you hold. A part which you believe is the climax of the story. Concept. The conversation between two characters. Tu Clothes. Pretend you are the main character and retell the story. Work with a small group of students. Plan for one to psychological concept, read orally while the others pantomime the action. Sainsbury. Write a letter to one of the characters.

Write a biographical sketch of one character. Fill in what you don’t find in the text using your own imagination. Write an outliers malcolm gladwell, account of what you would have done had you been one of the characters. Construct a miniature stage setting for part of a story – use a small cardboard box. Children enjoy preparing a monologue from a story. Marking particularly descriptive passages for oral reading gives the reader and his audience an opportunity to appreciate excellent writing, and gives them a chance to improve their imagery and enlarge their vocabulary. The child who likes to make lists of new unusual and interesting words and expressions to add to his vocabulary might share such a list with others, using them in sainsbury, the context of the story. Giving a synopsis of a story is an excellent way of gaining experience in arranging events in sequences and learning how a story progresses to a climax. Using information in a book to make a scrapbook about the subject. A puppet show planned to illustrate the story.

Children reading the same book can make up a set of questions about the book and then test each other. Biographies can come alive if someone acts as a news reporter and interviews the person. Preparing a book review to present to a class at a lower level is an excellent experience in story- telling and gives children an understanding of malcolm, how real authors must work to prepare books for children. Have the students do an author study and read several books by the same author and then compare. Cutting a piece of paper in the form of a large thumbnail and placing it on sainsbury tu clothes the bulletin board with the caption Thumbnail Sketches and letting the children put up drawings about the Projective Personality books they’ve read. Stretch a cord captioned A Line of Good Books between two dowel sticks from which is hung paper illustrated with materials about various books. Clay, soap, wood, plaster, or some other kind of modeling media is purposeful when it is used to make an illustration of a book. Constructing on a sand table or diorama, using creatively any materials to represent a scene from the story, can be an tu clothes, individual project or one for a group. A bulletin board with a caption about laughter or a picture of Essay, someone laughing at excerpts from funny stories rewritten by the children from sainsbury tu clothes, material in humorous books.

Visiting the children’s room at the public library and telling the librarian in person about the kinds of books the children would like to have in psychological, the library. Video tape oral book reports and then have the children take turns taking the video home for sainsbury, all to share. Write to the author of the book telling him/her what you liked about the book. Be Book Report Pen Pals and share book reports with children in another school. Do a costumed presentation of your book. Dress either as the author or one of the integration in travel characters. Write a letter from one character to another character.

Write the sainsbury first paragraph (or two) for outliers malcolm gladwell, a sequel. Outline what would happen in the rest of book. Write a new conclusion. Write a new beginning. If a journey was involved, draw a map with explanatory notes of significant places. Make a diorama and explain what it shows. Make a diorama showing the setting or a main event from the book. Make a new jacket with an original blurb.

Use e-mail to tell a reading pen pal about the book. Tu Clothes. Participate with three or four classmates in a television talk show about the book. With another student, do a pretend interview with the author or with one of the characters. Cut out magazine pictures to make a collage or a poster illustrating the idea of the book. With two or three other students, do a readers’ theatre presentation or act out a scene from the book. Lead a small group discussion with other readers of the same book. Focus on a specific topic and report your group’s conclusion to the class.

Keep a reading journal and about poetry record your thoughts at the end of each period of reading. Write a book review for a class publication. Find a song or a poem that relates to the theme of your book. Explain the similarities. Sainsbury. For fun, exaggerate either characteristics or events and write a tabloid-style news story related to your book. Draw a comic-book page complete with bubble-style conversations showing an incident in your book. Use a journalistic style and write a news story about Testing for Analyzing Personality something that happened to one of the characters. Tu Clothes. Write a paragraph telling about the title. Is it appropriate?

Why? Why not? Decide on an alternate title for the book. Why is it appropriate? Is it better than the one the book has now? Why or Why not? Make a poster advertising your book. Make a travel brochure inviting tourists to visit the outliers setting of the book. What types of activities would there be for them to attend? Write a letter to the main character of the book. Write a letter to the main character of the book.

Write the sainsbury letter he or she sends back. Make three or more puppets of the characters in the book. Prepare a short puppet show to tell the story to the class. Write a description of one of the main characters. Draw or cut out a picture to accompany the description. Make an integration in travel and tourism, ID card which belongs to one of the characters. Be sure to make the card look like the sainsbury cards for that particular state. Include a picture and all information found on integration and ID card. Don’t forget the signature!! ******This gets them researching what ID cards /Driver’s Licenses look like; as well as thinking about the character–especially the signature.

I have seen kids ask each of the other students to sign the character’s name to find the one that would most likely belong to the character.******** Prepare a list of 15 to 20 questions for use in determining if other people have read the book carefully. Must include some thought questions. Sainsbury Tu Clothes. How? Why Dress up as one of the characters and tell the story from a first person point of view. Rewrite the story as a picture book. Use simple vocabulary so that it may be enjoyed by younger students. Write a diary as the main character would write it to explain the events of the story. Must have at least 5 entries.

Make a map showing where the story took place. Make a dictionary containing 20 or more difficult words from the define unvoiced book. Describe the problem or conflict existing for the main character in the book. Tell how the conflict was or was not resolved. Make a mobile showing pictures or symbols of happenings in the book. Make a collage representing some event or part of sainsbury, your book. Make a crossword puzzle using ideas from a book. Psychological Concept. Need at least 25 entries. Choose any topic from your book and write a 1-2 page research report on it.

Include a one paragraph explanation as to how it applies to your book (not in the paper itself–on your title page.) Design and make the front page of a newspaper from the material in the book. Write a song for sainsbury, your story. (extra marks if presented in class) Write a poem (or poems) about your story. Pretend you are a teacher, preparing to teach your novel to the entire class. Create 5 journal prompts. Make a comic strip of your story. Make a display of the time period of your book.

Make a banner of poems poetry, cloth or paper about your book. Create a movie announcement for your book. Create a radio ad for your book. Write out the script and tape record it as it would be presented. Don’t forget background music!

Make a wanted poster for one of the characters or objects in your book. Include the following: (a) a drawing or cut out picture of the character or object, (b) a physical description of the character or object, (c) the character’s or object’s misdeeds (or deeds?), (d) other information about the character or object which is important, (e) the reward offered for the capture of the sainsbury tu clothes character or object. Research and write a 1 page report on the geographical setting of your story. Include an explanation as to why this setting was important to the effect of the story. Design an advertising campaign to promote the define unvoiced sale of the book you read. Include each of the following: a poster, a radio or TV commercial, a magazine or newspaper ad, a bumper sticker, and a button. Find the top 10 web sites a character in sainsbury, your book would most frequently visit. Include 2-3 sentences for each on gladwell why your character likes each of the sites.

Write a scene that could have happened in the book you read but didn’t. After you have written the tu clothes scene, explain how it would have changed the outcome of the book. Create a board game based on events and characters in the book you read. By playing your game, members of the class should learn what happened in psychological concept, the book. Your game must include the following: a game board, a rule sheet and clear directions, events and characters from the story. Make models of three objects which were important in the book you read. On a card attached to sainsbury tu clothes, each model, tell why that object was important in the book. Design a movie poster for the book you read. Poems About Hating Poetry. Cast the major character in tu clothes, the book with real actors and actresses. Include a scene or dialogue from the book in the layout of the poster.

Remember, it should be PERSUASIVE; you want people to come see the movie. If the book you read involves a number of locations within a country or geographical area, plot the events of the story on integration in travel a map. Make sure the map is large enough for us to read the main events clearly. Attach a legend to your map. Write a paragraph that explains the importance of each event indicated on the your map. Complete a series of five drawings that show five of the tu clothes major events in the plot of the book you read. Write captions for each drawing so that the illustrations can be understood by someone who did not read the book. Make a test for the book you read. Include 10 true-false, 10 multiple choice, and 10 short essay questions.

After writing the Chick-Fil-A Excellence Essay test, provide the sainsbury tu clothes answers for Chick-Fil-A Excellence Service Essay, your questions. Select one character from the book you read who has the qualities of sainsbury tu clothes, a heroine or hero. List these qualities and malcolm gladwell tell why you think they are heroic. Sainsbury Tu Clothes. Imagine that you are about to make a feature-length film of the novel you read. You have been instructed to select your cast from hating poetry, members of your English class. Cast all the major characters in your novel from your English classmates and sainsbury tu clothes tell why you selected each person for a given part. Plan a party for the characters in the book you read. Psychological Concept. In order to do this, complete each of the following tasks: (a) Design an sainsbury, invitation to the party which would appeal to all of the characters. (b) Imagine that you are five of the characters in the book and Chick-Fil-A tell what each would wear to the party. Tu Clothes. (c) Tell what food you would serve and why. (d) Tell what games or entertainment you will provide and why your choices are appropriate. (e) Tell how three of the characters will act at the party. (f) What kind of a party is in travel this? (birthday, housewarming, un-birthday, anniversary, etc.) List five of the main characters from the sainsbury book you read. Essay. Give three examples of what each character learned or did not learn in the book.

Obtain a job application from an employer in our area, and sainsbury tu clothes fill out the application as one of the characters in define unvoiced, the book you read might do. Tu Clothes. Before you obtain the application, be sure that the psychological job is sainsbury one for which a character in your book is qualified. If a resume is required, write it. Define Unvoiced. You are a prosecuting attorney putting one of the characters from the book you read on trial for a crime or misdeed. Prepare your case on paper, giving all your arguments. Do the previous activity, but find a buddy to help you.

One of you becomes the prosecuting attorney; the other is the defense. If you can’t find a buddy, you could try it on sainsbury your own. Make a shoe box diorama of outliers malcolm, a scene from the book you read. Sainsbury. Write a paragraph explaining the scene and its effect in poems hating, the book on your title page. Pretend that you are one of the characters in the book you read. Tape a monologue of that character telling of his or her experiences. Be sure to write out a script before taping. You could perform this live if you so choose. Make a television box show of ten scenes in the order that they occur in the book you read. Cut a square form the bottom of a box to serve as a TV screen and make two slits in opposite sides of the sainsbury box. Slide a butcher roll on hating poetry which you have drawn the scenes through the two side slits.

Make a tape to sainsbury tu clothes, go with your television show. Outliers Malcolm Gladwell. Be sure to write out a script before taping or performing live. Tape an interview with one of the sainsbury characters in the book you read. Pretend that this character is being interviewed by a magazine or newspaper reporter. You may do this project with a partner, but be sure to write a script before taping. You may choose to do a live version of this. Outliers. Write a letter to tu clothes, a friend about the book you read.

Explain why you liked or did not like the book. For Analyzing Personality. In The Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield describes a good book as one that when you’re done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and sainsbury you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. Imagine that the author of the define unvoiced book you read is a terrific friend of yours. Write out an imaginary telephone conversation between the two of sainsbury, you in which you discuss the book you read and other things as well. Imagine that you have been given the task of conducting a tour of the town in which the book you read is set. Define Unvoiced. Make a tape describing the homes of your characters and sainsbury the places where important events in the book took place. You may want to use a musical background for your tape. Do some research on the hometown of Excellence In Customer Service, your book’s author. You may be able to find descriptions of his or her home, school, favorite hangouts, etc.

What else is of interest in the town? Imagine that you are conducting a tour of the town. Make a tape describing the places you show people on the tour. You may want to use a musical background for your tape. Tu Clothes. Make a list of at least ten proverbs or familiar sayings. Now decide which characters in the book you read should have followed the suggestions in In Customer, the familiar sayings and why. Write the copy for a newspaper front page that is sainsbury tu clothes devoted entirely to the book you read. The front page should look as much like a real newspaper page as possible. The articles on the front page should be based on events and characters in define unvoiced, the book.

Make a collage that represents major characters and events in the book you read. Use pictures and words cut from magazines in your collage. Make a time line of the major events in the book you read. Be sure the divisions on the time line reflect the time period in the plot. Sainsbury. Use drawings or magazine cutouts to illustrate events along the Projective Testing Personality time line. You could present this to the class, taking us through time–event be event, for more marks.

Change the setting of the book you read. Tell how this change of setting would alter events and sainsbury tu clothes affect characters. Define Unvoiced. Make a paper doll likeness of sainsbury, one of the Service Essay characters in the book you read. Design at least threes costumes for sainsbury, this character. Next, write a paragraph commenting on outliers malcolm each outfit; tell what the clothing reflects about the sainsbury character, the integration historical period and events in tu clothes, the book.

Pick a national issue. Compose a speech to be given on that topic by one of the major characters in the book you read. Psychological Concept. Be sure the contents of the speech reflect the characters personality and tu clothes beliefs. Retell the plot of the book you read as it might appear in a third-grade reading book. Be sure that the vocabulary you use is appropriate for that age group. Tape your storytelling. Complete each of these eight ideas with material growing out of the book you read: This book made me wish that…, realize that…, decide that…, wonder about…, see that…, believe that …, feel that…, and hope that… After reading a non-fiction book, become a teacher. Poems About Hating. Prepare a lesson that will teach something you learned from the book. Sainsbury. It could be a how-to lesson or one on content.

Plan carefully to present all necessary information in a logical order. You don’t want to confuse your students! Present your lesson to your students. How did you do? If you taught a how-to lesson, look at the final product to see if your instructions to hating poetry, the class were clear. If your lesson introduced something new, you might give a short quiz to sainsbury tu clothes, see how well you taught the lesson. Look through magazines for integration and tourism, words and sainsbury pictures that describe your book.

Use these to create a collage on outliers malcolm a bookmark. Make the bookmark available for others to use as they read the same book. Write the title of your book. Decide on some simple word–picture–letter combinations that will spell out the sainsbury tu clothes title rebus style. Present it to the class to solve (I will make a transparency or copies for gladwell, you.) After they have solved the rebus., invite them to ask questions about the book.

After reading a book, design a game, based on sainsbury tu clothes that book as its theme. Will you decide on a board game, card game, concentration? The choices are only limited to YOUR CREATIVITY! Be sure to include clear directions and outliers provide everything needed to play. Choose an interesting character from your book. Consider the character’s personality, likes and tu clothes dislikes. Decide on a gift for him or her… something he or she would really like and use. Design a greeting card to go along with your gift. In the greeting, explain to your friend from the book why you selected the gift.

Design a poster to psychological concept, advertise your book. Be creative…use detail…elaborate…use color! Can you make it 3-D or movable? Make a large poster that could be a cover for that book. Imagine that you are the book and plan a way to introduce yourself. Make the sainsbury group feel they would like to know you better.

Organize your best points into hating, an introduction to present to sainsbury, the class. Poems. Be sure to wear your cover! Read the classifieds. Find something a character in your book was looking for or would like. Cut out the classified. Write a short paragraph telling why he or she needs/wants the item. Would the one advertised be a good buy for him or her? Why or Why not?

Create cutout sketches of each character in your novel. Mount the sketches on a bulletin board. Include a brief character sketch telling us about the characters. Design a symbol for a novel or a certain character. Gather a large collection of current events that reflect incidents that closely parallel those in your novel. Write a letter to the author of sainsbury tu clothes, your novel and explain how you feel about the book. Prepare and present an oral interpretation to the class. Concept. Create a poster that could be used as an advertisement. Tu Clothes. Do a five minute book talk. 18 Responses to “More Ideas Than You’ll Ever Use for Book Reports” Great ideas, but many in the lower half are repeating the integration first half of the list.

We’ll take a look at sainsbury tu clothes, editing out some obvious duplicates. Define Unvoiced. There’s no sense in making such a long list even more cumbersome to digest. Sainsbury. I remembered there being subtle but noteworthy differences on some of those ideas deemed “similar,” but please note that this was a reader contribution. Feel free to define unvoiced, send in or comment with your own suggestions. Thank you for the feedback! HOW AM I GONNA PICK ONE! I go to Ockerman as well(; I’m in 7th grade and i had Mrs.

Raider last year. I Love you Mrs. Raider and Mrs. Moore(: 3. xD. hey Mrs.Body thank you for sainsbury tu clothes, the suggestions and opportunities to show my creative and artistic skills. You can also put jeopardy or make a short movie trailer of the book like it is just about to come in theaters. Personality Essay. Also you can do a news broadcast of a seen that is happening in the book. I also think that you can put an idea of having to do a short song or rap of what is happening in your book. woah that is a huge list. i might do either 14 or 64! I really like these ideas. They gave me a 120% on my final grade!

I know get to graduate. Thanks BOB! This is an amazing list! I don’t know which idea to sainsbury tu clothes, choose! Act out the entire book in a two hour movie! That is such a good idea. AWESOME BIG FAT A+ I love this site. How can we pick one if there is over 300 of them. Outliers Gladwell. You could also do a short book about the book.

Sometime you must HURT in order to KNOW. FALL in order to sainsbury tu clothes, GROW. LOSE in order to GAIN. Because life’s greatest lessons. are learned through PAIN. Thank you this is very helpful.

Yeah ! I like those ideas these are helping for last three years … Three books three years three new ideas thee A’s.

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5 Key Valuation Metrics to Validate the Overall Value Conclusion. The 5 key valuation metrics are the capitalization rate, the rate of return, the constant growth rate, Price-to-Revenue multiple, and Price-to-Earnings Multiple. Some of the metrics are provided in the valuation report and some can be easily calculated. Once complete, the next step is to interpret the sainsbury 5 key valuation metrics so you can validate the overall value conclusion. Malcolm! What’s shown below is a step-by-step approach to do this. However, if after reading this post you’d like to use a pre-built Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to assist you in validating the 5 key valuation metrics, click the sainsbury tu clothes following blue link called “5 Key Metrics for Validation.” 5 Key Metrics for Validation You can also follow the steps below to build your own grid. Either way, you should read the post before building your own validation metrics grid. The interpretation of the integration and tourism metrics can be found in this post and in the attached Excel spreadsheet. Calculating the Metrics in the Gordon Growth Formula (GGF) Grid.

All of the metrics listed in the above grid with a ‘p’ should be provided in sainsbury tu clothes, the valuation report. Those highlighted in gray and marked with a ‘c’ need to be calculated. So, the first step is to hunt through the define unvoiced valuation report and populate all of the metrics that are provided and then calculate the rest. The long-term growth (g) is the only tricky metric. This example assumes that year-over-year cash flow growth is constant because the tu clothes business is Testing for Analyzing Personality, mature and growth is stable. In other words, this example above assumes that the sainsbury expected rate of growth is outliers malcolm, constant each year from day 1 into perpetuity. Creating this table when there is a ‘super-growth’ projection period is a bit more complicated and will be explained later in tu clothes, this post.

So, for now, assume that the long-term growth rate in is constant and malcolm gladwell, is the same as the long-term growth rate used in the Discounted Cash Flow Method. In this example, a typical 3% long-term growth rate is sainsbury, used. Calculations for the Discounted Cash Flow Method. The three calculations needed for the Discounted Cash Flow method are very straight-forward. For the capitalization rate (k-g), simply subtract the Projective for Analyzing Personality Essay long-term growth (g) provided in the report from the Rate of Return (k) provided in the report (13% – 3% = 10%).

For the Price-to-Revenue and Price-to-Earnings Multiples, simply divide the sainsbury value (V 0 ) by the prior year revenue and define unvoiced, earnings, respectively. ‘Earnings’ is typically a profit figure called Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization (aka, ‘EBITDA’). The Price-to-Revenue multiple is $3,000,000 value / $1,200,000 revenue = 2.5X. The multiple is always written as the number with an ‘X’ next to it, which stands for ‘times,’ as in “the value is 2.5 times revenue.” The Price-to Earnings multiple is sainsbury, $3,000,000 Value / $500,000 Earnings = 6.0X. Calculations for both Market Approach Methods. First, calculate the capitalization rate, which is simply the about year 1 cash flow divided by the value. Sainsbury! In the Comparable Transactions Method example, the calculation is $300,000 divided by integration and tourism $5,000,000, which results in a cap rate of 6.0%. For the Comparable Publicly-Traded Companies Method, the result is $300,000 divided by $5,500,000, which equals a cap rate of 5.5% Once you have the cap rate, you can easily figure out the rate of sainsbury tu clothes, return. Cap rate = rate of return minus growth; so, using a little algebra, the Cap Rate + growth = the rate of return.

For the Comparable Transactions Method shown above, the rate of return is 6% + 3% = 9%; and for the Comparable Publicly-Traded Companies Method, the rate of return is 5.5% + 3% = 8.5%. Calculations for the Overall Value Conclusion. The calculations for the Overall Value Conclusion shown above are just as easy. First, calculate the capitalization rate, which is simply the Year 1 Cash Flow divided by the Value. The Year 1 Cash Flow is the same at define unvoiced, $300,000; so, divide $300,000 by the overall value conclusion of $4,800,000, which results in an overall cap rate of 6.3%.

And once you have the cap rate, you can easily figure out the rate of return. Cap rate = rate of return minus growth; so, Cap Rate + growth = the sainsbury tu clothes rate of return. Assuming growth of 3%, the Projective rate of return implied in the overall value conclusion is 6.3% + 3% = 9.3%. For the Price-to-Revenue and Price-to-Earnings Multiples, simply divide the value (V 0 ) by the prior year revenue and earnings, respectively. Sainsbury! In this case, the gladwell ‘price’ is the Value (V 0 ), so $4,800,000 divided by revenue of $1,200,000 equals 4.0X and sainsbury, $4,800,000 divided by earnings of $500,000 equals 9.6X. Now that you’ve populated all of the metrics provided in the valuation report and calculated all of the others, you have probably figured out that validating the overall conclusion will be centered on the rate of psychological concept, return. Tu Clothes! The growth rate is significant as well; but for purposes of simplicity, this section assumes the constant and Chick-Fil-A, typical long-term growth rate of 3%.

The next section will discuss how to handle companies projected to have ‘super-growth,’ which is growth during the sainsbury tu clothes discreet projection period that’s greater than the long-term constant growth. So, the focus of this discussion is on expected rates of return when annual growth is constant from day 1 of the projection (typically between 3-5%). In the psychological concept example above, the rate of return (k) in the overall value conclusion is 9.3%. What does this mean? Is that good or bad? Valid or invalid? You need to understand some basic finance and sainsbury, economics to be able to validate your findings here. What follows in Figure 2 is a helpful guide. Figure 2 is integration in travel, not based on an in-depth research study; but it is a generally accurate rule of thumb for the spectrum of investment returns that a reasonable investor would expect given the associated risk.[1] If you need a formal research report to corroborate the guidelines shown below, you can do some quick internet searches and likely find more than you’d care to read. Keep in tu clothes, mind, however, that rates of return used in business valuations are ‘expected returns,’ meaning that they are forward-looking.

They’re not 5-year or 10-year historical returns. About Hating! So, if a ‘blue chip’ stock like IBM has returned 12% over tu clothes, the past 10 years and negative 7% over the past 5 years, the ‘blue chip’ stock return that’s expected over a long-term investment horizon, which is the investment horizon assumed for the company being valued, is Excellence Essay, still roughly 10%. In the tu clothes example case, the rate of return used in the DCF method was 13% yet the overall value conclusion implies a rate of return of 9.3%. Psychological! Based on the rules of thumb shown in the chart above, this is a significant gap. The 13% rate of return used in the DCF method was likely derived from research studies and tu clothes, the comparable benchmark companies.

So, to conclude that the rate of return implied from the overall value conclusion is 9.3% says that the appraiser: 1) did not have confidence in the discount rate calculation used in the DCF method, or 2) did a poor job of benchmarking the comparable transactions and publicly-traded companies, or 3) was able to identify an extraordinary factor or factors that indicate that a higher value and poems about poetry, lower overall rate of return is reasonable. After all, the 9.3% implied overall rate of return puts the company in sainsbury tu clothes, the category of ‘blue chip’ stocks. There are very few companies that can be called ‘blue chip.’ To say that a company deemed to have a 13% discount rate in the Income Approach has an poems overall value that implies a rate of return at the low-end of the blue-chip spectrum (9.3% compared to sainsbury, 9-11% range for blue chip stocks) would require significant explanation. So, what’s the impact? The lower the rate of about, return, the higher the value; and the corollary is the higher the rate of return, the lower the value. In this case, the tu clothes lower-than-expected overall rate of return implies that the overall value conclusion is possibly overstated. But by how much? Well, this situation just points out an area that needs further validation: Is the discount rate calculation in the DCF unreliable or was the malcolm gladwell benchmarking analysis of the comparable transactions and tu clothes, public companies inconclusive? You don’t really know. You have to pose these questions to the appraiser as part of your validation exercise. You can’t conclude that the valuation is invalid just because these numbers fall into a less-than-perfect range; you just need to dig deeper to understand the concept appraiser’s judgment.

Another possibility is that the appraiser has identified actual sales of company stock, like a private equity investment, where the price paid was consistent with the overall value conclusion. If there is a good reason to believe that a second private equity investor would pay the tu clothes same price, then the higher value and corresponding lower rate of return should be considered. Technically, the purchase behavior of the private equity firms implies that they see greater growth for the company than what’s been projected by the appraiser. But you are simply interested in validating what was done in the valuation. Keep in mind also that each method still stands on its own merits. The appraiser should never steer a valuation method toward the conclusion of another method.

In the absence of an extraordinary factor, the appraiser simply needs to do a deeper dive into the development of the Testing for Analyzing Essay discount rate, which means possibly preparing a second analysis that could corroborate the first one, or dig deeper into the nuanced differences between the company being valued and the benchmark comparable companies. But under no circumstances should the appraiser just tweak an analysis until all methods converge and these issues magically disappear. Growth Rates (g) that are NOT Constant. The more likely scenario when validating a business valuation is that the Income Approach will show ‘super-growth’ during the discreet projection period and then a long-term constant growth rate into perpetuity, as illustrated below. You cannot simply rely on the long-term growth rate to sainsbury tu clothes, perform the calculations above!

As you can see, the overall expected growth rate for the company shown above must be greater than 3%, as the first five years are all greater than 3%. Not incorporating the Service Essay growth from the discreet projection period could greatly underestimate the expected growth of the sainsbury tu clothes business and poems about, make the GGF variable calculations inaccurate. Without an accurate long-term constant growth rate, you’ll end up with the capitalization rate (k-g) rather than just the rate of return (k) that you’ll need to validate the results. To use Figure 2: Meaning of the Expected Rate of Return, you’ll need to isolate the rate of return (k) from growth (g). There are four ways to approach this analysis:

1. The first way is to ask the tu clothes appraiser to substitute various rates of return in the Discounted Cash Flow model, in poems about hating poetry, trial-and-error fashion, until the conclusion is equal to sainsbury, the overall value conclusion. And Tourism! The rate of tu clothes, return, or discount rate, that makes the Chick-Fil-A Excellence Service DCF value conclusion equal to the overall value conclusion is the rate of return (k) you need to perform the validation test discussed above. If the appraiser is not amenable to your request, thinks you’re crazy, or is sainsbury tu clothes, conveniently inaccessible, then you’ll have to three other options: 2. If you’re mathematically inclined, then you can follow the formula in Figure 4 below. Poems About Poetry! Just work from the inside doing calculations inside each parenthesis first and you’ll get there. The ^ symbol signifies an exponent, which stands for “raised to the power of.” You don’t need to remember the “order of operations” from junior high math class; just calculate what’s in parenthesis from inside to sainsbury, outside and you’ll be fine. 3. The third, and possibly simpler way to get the estimated implied constant growth rate is to prepare a spreadsheet in Projective for Analyzing Personality, Microsoft Excel that is identical to the one shown below in Figure 5. Be sure that each input lines up with each cell shown below (B1, B2, B3, etc.) and that the formula in Cell B5 is identical to tu clothes, what’s shown below. Figure: 5: Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that can be used to calculate estimated implied constant growth rate. 4. To get a pre-built Excel spreadsheet for this exercise, you can click here: 5 Key Metrics for Validation (this spreadsheet also has a pre-built model to create the 5 metrics grid from hating poetry, Figure 1). Whatever method you choose, these calculations result in an estimate of the implied constant growth rate that should suffice for the purpose of validation. Using the tu clothes prior example of super growth over the discreet projection period, Figure 6 is the Testing Essay cash flow projected for the 5-year super growth period.

Year 1 is consistent with the Figure 1 above at sainsbury tu clothes, $300,000 and each year thereafter grows by the rate shown for the full 5-year ‘super growth’ discreet projection period. The Cash Flow in Year 0 should be provided in the valuation report; but if it’s not, the malcolm calculation is simple: $300,000/(1+15%). When all figures are entered into the simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, the result is tu clothes, as follows: Figure 7: Inputs and Conclusion from the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet used in Figure 16. And the psychological concept new Business Valuation Conclusion Metrics are as follows: Note that the Value Conclusion (V 0 ) for the Discounted Cash Flow Method is greater in Figure 8 than it was in Figure 1. Obviously, this company has much greater growth prospects than the example company in Figure 1.

If all the tu clothes other value conclusions were the same, including the overall conclusion, you can see that the 5 key valuation metrics fall more in line. The 11% rate of return (k) implied by the overall value conclusion is much closer to outliers gladwell, the 13% rate of return calculated by sainsbury tu clothes the appraiser for the discounted Cash Flow method. However, this should not be interpreted to mean that the Chick-Fil-A Excellence Essay appraiser should just tweak growth up or down to get the sainsbury methods to line up; this is simply an illustration of in travel and tourism, how to prepare this chart if there’s super growth in the discreet projection period. But, you’ve probably noticed an sainsbury tu clothes issue here. An appraiser hearing your concerns from the first analysis could simply keep raising the hating projected growth until the value is just as high and the rate of return looks reasonable.

This must mean that there is a cap to sainsbury, the reasonableness of the implied constant growth rate. Well there is! Just like there is Chick-Fil-A Excellence In Customer Service, a range of reasonableness for sainsbury the expected rate of return (k), there is a similar range for the implied constant growth rate. Keep in mind that start-up companies and growth stage companies are outliers here. Such companies might have extraordinary growth prospects for quite some time, making the gladwell Income Approach more about professional judgment than science. For mature companies, the following growth spectrum adds support to the reasonable limits. [1] Section 1.2.3 of sainsbury tu clothes, this book argues that you should not rely on appraiser rules of thumb. Well, this is poems about, different.

The rules of thumb discussed in Section 1.2.3 were for multiples paid in a given industry such as Price-to-Revenue multiples or Price-to-Earnings multiples. Those rules of thumb have no basis in anything real. Their simplicity, rather than being helpful, ignores the myriad of factors that impact a business valuation. The rules of thumb shown in the ‘Meaning behind Rate of Return’ chart are after-the-fact guidelines, meaning that they’re not inputs into the valuation conclusion and tu clothes, they can be researched further if you feel that more support is needed.

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2002 Ap World History Free Response Questions Essays and Research Papers. ? AP WORLD HISTORY Chapter Processing Work INTRODUCTION Historical Thinking Skill Exercise: Periodization: Compare . the tu clothes, author’s periodization in Parts One through Six to the Colleges Board’s historical periodization. How do the author’s dates and poems about hating titles compare to the College Board’s? What explains the similarities and the differences? Why do you suppose the periodization in world history can be so controversial? UNIT 1 CHAPTER 1: Historical Thinking Skill Exercise: Historical Argumentation. Age of tu clothes Discovery , Bankruptcy in for Analyzing Personality the United States , Early modern Europe 1306 Words | 5 Pages. AP ® United States History 2010 Free - Response Questions The College Board The . College Board is a not-for-profit membership association whose mission is to connect students to college success and opportunity.

Founded in 1900, the College Board is tu clothes, composed of more than 5,700 schools, colleges, universities and integration other educational organizations. Each year, the sainsbury, College Board serves seven million students and Testing for Analyzing Essay their parents, 23,000 high schools, and 3,800 colleges through major programs and services in. Advanced Placement , American Civil War , College Board 1873 Words | 6 Pages. Psychology Free Response Questions. AP Psychology Free Response Questions Directions: Read each of the following . Tu Clothes! questions and answer any two. Please make sure that you address each component of the for Analyzing Essay, questions you choose and be sure to answer the questions in complete sentences. It is recommended that you time yourself, each question should be completed in 25 minutes. Sainsbury! If you were unable to finish the essay in 25 minutes, please continue on concept, and complete your response . Your answers should be typed, single spaced in font size 12. The.

Intelligence quotient , Mean , Median 570 Words | 3 Pages. Sainsbury! AP World History Summer Assignment 10 Questions By Omar Mohammad APWH 2nd 1) a) The . Discovery of psychological concept beer ties back to in the 5th Millennium BC and is widely known today, but the prime use of it ended in the industrialization era across the globe as beer was starting to be modified into to sainsbury other more useful products that could be globalized. b) It started when nomadic societies transitioned to agriculture and the cultivation of grains such as wheat and barley which over time fermented. Caffeine , Coca-Cola , Coffee 1552 Words | 4 Pages. Free-Response Questions from Past Ap Exams. Free - Response Questions from In Customer Past AP Exams 1999: 1. Is Congress effective in exercising . legislative oversight of the federal bureaucracy? Support your answer by doing ONE of the sainsbury, following: a. Explain two specific methods Congress uses to exercise effective oversight of the federal bureaucracy. OR b. Give two specific explanations for the failure of Congress to exercise effective oversight of the federal bureaucracy. 2000: 1. The Constitution was an attempt to define unvoiced address problems of sainsbury decentralization. Federal government of the psychological concept, United States , Politics of the United States , President of the United States 1962 Words | 7 Pages. AP ® HUMAN GEOGRAPHY 2011 SCORING GUIDELINES Question 3 Industrial location models are used to explain geographic patterns of . economic activity. The maps above show automobile factories built before and after 1986 in the United States.

Part A (2 points) Identify TWO changes in the geography of sainsbury automobile factory construction shown by the maps. Gladwell! 1. Tu Clothes! International-based change in the geography of poems about poetry plant construction a. Increase in the number/investment of foreign-owned automobile plants OR b. Increase. Automobile , Education in the United States , Mississippi River 1214 Words | 5 Pages. Sainsbury! AP World History Comparative Essay Generic Rubric Overview Basic Core Historical skills and knowledge required . to show competence. Expanded Core Historical skills and for Analyzing knowledge required to show excellence. 1. Has acceptable thesis. 1 Point (addresses comparison of the issues or themes specified) 2. Addresses all parts of the sainsbury tu clothes, 2 Points of the question , though not necessarily evenly or thoroughly. (Addresses most parts of.

Comparative , Comparison , Comparisons 452 Words | 3 Pages. AP ® BIOLOGY 2009 SCORING GUIDELINES (Form B) Question 3 Water is gladwell, essential to all living things. (a) Discuss THREE properties . of tu clothes water. (b) Explain each of the following in terms of the properties of water. You are not limited to the three properties discussed in part (a): • • • the role of Testing Personality water as a medium for the metabolic processes of cells the ability of water to sainsbury moderate temperature within living organisms and in organisms’ environments the movement of Chick-Fil-A Excellence In Customer Essay water from the roots to. Copyright , Covalent bond , Energy 1076 Words | 10 Pages. AP World History Notes Ch 6 Early Americas Oceania August 4, 2004 The cultures of the Americas and sainsbury tu clothes Oceania . developed in relative isolation to the other early complex societies. Nevertheless, they too developed an psychological agricultural base sufficient to support growing populations, specialized labor, political institutions, diverse societies, and long-distance trading networks. Less is known of these cultures than those in other parts of the world primarily because either writing systems did not develop.

Agriculture , Civilization , Maya civilization 1202 Words | 4 Pages. ? Abdullah Dobashi AP World History Due: 9/11/13 Day of Empire In order for Amy . Chua to fully understand how nations succeed she first studied the ancient empires of sainsbury Persia and China to the recent global empires of England and the United States. While she was studying the ancient empires of Persia and China she discovered a historical pattern that even leads into today’s society. Outliers Malcolm Gladwell! Amy Chua found out sainsbury, that tolerance and integration assimilation were necessary for an empire to. Achaemenid Empire , China , Genghis Khan 1452 Words | 4 Pages. Sainsbury Tu Clothes! AP ® WORLD HISTORY 2010 SCORING GUIDELINES Question 3 — Comparative BASIC CORE (competence) 0–7 . Points 1. Has acceptable thesis.

1 Point • The thesis must include both a valid similarity and Excellence In Customer a valid difference in methods of political control in two of the empires. • The thesis must be relevant to the time period, but the dates need not be explicit. • The thesis must be explicitly stated in the introduction or the tu clothes, specified conclusion of the hating, essay. • The thesis may appear as one sentence. Difference , Han Dynasty , Negative and non-negative numbers 1129 Words | 5 Pages. AP ® WORLD HISTORY 2007 SCORING GUIDELINES Question 2—Continuity/Change Over Time BASIC CORE . Tu Clothes! (competence) 0–7 Points 1. Projective! Has acceptable thesis. 1 Point • The thesis correctly specifies both change and continuity in the formation of tu clothes national identity in the region of the Middle East, Southeast Asia, OR Sub-Saharan Africa from 1914 to poetry the present. • The thesis must be explicitly stated in sainsbury the introduction or the conclusion of the essay. • The thesis may appear as one sentence or as multiple. Africa , All rights reserved , Ethiopia 1129 Words | 5 Pages. If you tried to do POV, did you get it or not?

Look closely at what you wrote for POV. General Comments: - The word is Confucian . –not Confusion, Confucious, nor even Confucionis. You need to write the right word so at outliers malcolm, the AP reading they don’t laugh at tu clothes, you J! - These are pretty decent DBQ’s, especially for the first one of the Chick-Fil-A Excellence Service Essay, year –Congratulations! - Yet, this was also a pretty SHORT DBQ (only 6 docs –that’s the least EVER given to work with). . Sainsbury Tu Clothes! Buddhism , China , Confucianism 2018 Words | 7 Pages. Define Unvoiced! form irrigation systems so they could grow their own food and make a profit from it. Water and the rivers were also a means of traveling. If it were not for sainsbury, . the water source close to both civilizations they would not have been able to psychological concept get around the tu clothes, world for hating, trade. Sainsbury Tu Clothes! When I tried to look for characteristics that are critical for a society to become a civilization this website: this website gave the simple. Agriculture , Ancient Egypt , Ancient Near East 648 Words | 4 Pages.

All Rights Reserved and Testing for Analyzing United States History. 2007 AP ® UNITED STATES HISTORY FREE - RESPONSE QUESTIONS UNITED STATES . Sainsbury Tu Clothes! HISTORY SECTION II Part A (Suggested writing time—45 minutes) Percent of Section II score—45 Directions: The following question requires you to construct a coherent essay that integrates your interpretation of poems about hating Documents A-J and your knowledge of the period referred to in the question . High scores will be earned only by essays that both cite key pieces of evidence from the tu clothes, documents and draw on outside knowledge of the period. 1. A Good Thing , All rights reserved , American Civil War 1297 Words | 4 Pages. Ap World History Curriculum Framework Questions. lifestyles to seek more urban professions * Western Europe – the Roman Catholic Church was separate from the state; the pope held religious . Integration! authority while the sainsbury tu clothes, emperor headed the state – system of hating poetry feudalism ensured loyalty in the chaos-ridden world of that time * China – centralized, individual cities; landowners were given privileges by the government rather than merchants, as merchants were viewed as lazy people who gained profit through the works of others 4. Do you see any. Byzantine Empire , Christendom , Constantinople 1335 Words | 4 Pages. Summary of Free Response Questions.

WRITTEN SECTIONS OF AP WORLD HISTORY TEST In the free - response section of the . AP World History Exam, all students are asked to answer three constructed- response (essay) questions : Part A — An essay that requires comparison and analysis of up to ten “documents” which can include texts, pictures, graphs, maps, etc.—DOCUMENT BASED QUESTION (DBQ) Part B — An essay question that deals specifically with continuity and change over time (covering at least one of the periods in the concept outline). Africa , China , Culture 271 Words | 2 Pages. AP World History Ch. 21 Focus Questions. sacrifice? They adopted religious traditions from the tu clothes, Olmecs, Two principal gods- Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl, believed Gods had set the . world in for Analyzing Essay motion through acts of sainsbury tu clothes individual sacrifice, priests performed acts of self-sacrifice, the Chick-Fil-A Excellence In Customer Essay, God Huitzilopochtli “demanded” human sacrifices. They thought that they needed to tu clothes appease the gods to integration avoid the destruction of the world 7. Which of the societies of sainsbury North America had developed settled agriculture by the fifteenth century? What kind of agriculture was. Agriculture , Andes , Aztec 700 Words | 3 Pages. chapter 3 questions AP world history. represented the pharaohs together with a falcon or a hawk (the symbol of Horus.) After, they viewed rulers as offspring of Amon (a sun god) so that the . pharaoh was a son of the Projective for Analyzing Personality, sun. Power of the pharaohs was greatest during the first millennium of Egyptian history - the eras known as the Archaic Period (3100-2660 B.C.E.) and the Old Kingdom (2660-2160 B.C.E.). The pyramid of Khufu (also known as Cheops) is the sainsbury tu clothes, largest.

Agricultural surpluses supported a population of poems hating perhaps 4 million people as well as an. Tu Clothes! Ancient Egypt , Aswan , Cairo 1353 Words | 4 Pages. an unknown mass of define unvoiced land blocking the sainsbury tu clothes, route to define unvoiced Asia, the Americas. Columbus failed his main task he did not discover a quicker route to Asia but instead . discovered the Americas a whole new world previously unknown to the people of Europe. 5) The conquistadores made great strides in exploring the tu clothes, New World and gaining new land for Essay, Spain, but their treatment of the Natives were inhumane and sainsbury cruel. Psychological! These Spaniards should they should not be praised for what the did. The conquistadores systematically. Americas , Europe , Indigenous peoples of the Americas 1072 Words | 4 Pages. AP World History Chapter 16 discussion Questions. were then accused of witch craft.

The Enlightenment is a movement toward progress; The Enlightenment was a result of the tu clothes, idea that it was ok to agree with . either science or religion, either agree with said people of the define unvoiced, enlightenment are meant to question everything 2. The tenets of sainsbury tu clothes Lutheranism and Calvinism differed from Catholicism because they had a different ideas on how to reach salvation. Hating! The Catholics believed good works would ensure that everyone has salvation, Calvinists believed in predestination. Calvinism , Catholic Church , Christianity 885 Words | 3 Pages. ? EUROPEAN HISTORY DBQ . 1. Explain the reasons for the adoption of a new calendar in revolutionary France and analyze reactions to it in . the period 1789 to 1806. Historical Background: On November 24, 1793, the National Convention adopted a revolutionary calendar to replace the Gregorian calendar (established by the Roman Catholic Church in tu clothes 1582). New Year’s Day was moved from January 1 to September 22, the founding date of the French Republic, and this date in 1792 marked the about hating, beginning. French First Republic , French Republican Calendar , Gregorian calendar 1147 Words | 5 Pages. AP World History Chapter 13 questions. married a wealthy widow, Khadija, in 595 Became a merchant at age thirty and was exposed to various faiths Muhammad's spiritual transformation at sainsbury, age . forty There was only one true god, Allah (the god) Allah would soon bring judgment on Excellence In Customer Service Essay, the world The archangel Gabriel delivered these revelations to sainsbury tu clothes Muhammad The Quran (recitation)--holy book of Islam Followers compiled Muhammad's revelations Work of Excellence Essay poetry and definitive authority on Islam Other works include hadith (sayings and. Al-Andalus , Arabic language , Islam 1141 Words | 4 Pages. -Mohammed is not the final prophets -10%-15%Population Sunnis- Believe that only the Umayyad as the ruler -Mohammed is the last Prophets . -80%-85%population 10.Umayyad Caliphate Social structure -Muslim Arab -NonArab Muslim -Non Muslim Free person -Slaves *Inequality leads to social unrest more of sainsbury tu clothes Muslim Population become Non Arabic were not giving the same right as Arab -Dome Of rock Build later destroyed by psychological concept the Rome. -Islamic Golden Age 11.Fall of Abbasid -brought crops to Europe . Genghis Khan , Golden Horde , Islam 537 Words | 3 Pages.

AP Psychology Free Response Questions Sample The following questions are samples . of the free response questions from past AP Psychology exams. The free response sections are worth 33 1/3 percent of the total grade. Students have 50 minutes to answer two questions . Sainsbury! The key to successfully answering these questions is to: completely define the terms using appropriate psychological terminology and then critically apply each term. Many students concentrate their efforts on the multiple-choice. Free response , Intelligence , Intelligence quotient 1439 Words | 6 Pages. entire empire; population inexhaustible.

II. Integration! The primary reason a state succeeded in empire building was: a. An ideology supporting personal identification . with the state, empire, conquest and militarism: Rome: “republic” based on citizenship of free men; citizenship ensured loyalty to tu clothes the state and brought taxes into the state treasury; emperor-dictators had to support the idea of the republic and pretend to follow what the psychological, Senate, council of tu clothes elder wealthy men, decreed. Development of bureaucracy. China , Government , Han 576 Words | 2 Pages. Ap World History Comparative Review. Projective For Analyzing Personality! AP World History Review: Comparative Questions Curtain Call Directions: Use your textbook and or . your Princeton Review Book to list as many facts about the following historical comparisons. Use the attached Societal Comparison sheet as a guideline for sainsbury, what to compare and define unvoiced contrast.

Remember that you do not have to fill in every topic on the sheet, try and get used to looking for these topics when you are comparing societies-in this way you will increase your speed in breaking down the comparative. Sainsbury! Communism , Europe , Industrial Revolution 1054 Words | 5 Pages. The green revolution was the worlds introduction to Projective Testing for Analyzing Essay modern agricultural and a time of vast improvements in the worlds fight in . hunger. New technologies such as hi yield variety seeds Chemical fertilizer and sainsbury agricultural machinery lid this revolution and are still a big part of the psychological, way we produce food for the world we live in today. Sainsbury! The green revolution saved A lot of small developing countries throughout the world . Outliers Malcolm Gladwell! Food is sainsbury tu clothes, now a mass produced all around the world in fields and distributed to countries. Africa , Agriculture , Famine 2451 Words | 6 Pages. Excellence! ? AP World History Chapter 6 - India and Southern Asia Name:____________________________ Chapter . Objectives: When you finish studying this chapter you should be able to answer the sainsbury tu clothes, following questions . In what ways has the environments of India and Southeast Asia influenced the choice of the psychological concept, livelihood of the people, as well as the development of distinct social and governmental structures. How did India evolve into a complex social system and sainsbury tu clothes three distinct religious systems to meet the. Asia , Buddhism , Gautama Buddha 726 Words | 4 Pages. World History: Questions and Answers. Most countries moved from concept absolute monarchies to constitutional monarchies.

When Louis XIV said, I am the sainsbury tu clothes, state, what political system was he . representing? Absolute monarchy. What happened as a result of the Russian Revolution? The Cold War between the superpowers. At the beginning of World War I, which outsider helped speed up the decline of the czar's government? Rasputin. What was the result of the Chinese Civil War?

China officially became a communist nation. What advances did Mao Zedong's rule bring to China? Equal rights for women. Government 819 Words | 4 Pages. Ap World History Summer Assignment. Tevan Luong AP World History : Summer Assignment Chapter 1 1. Geography and climate play a major role in the . development of early human societies, for instance, Middle Eastern grains did not grow at all in the humidity of Chick-Fil-A Excellence Service equatorial West Africa.

Rather than cultivating grains, the sainsbury, geography and psychological climate limitations made it more suitable to grow rice, pearl millet, and sorghum in West Africa. The barriers that the environment set led to the diversity of human culture and diets based on the condition. Ancient Egypt , Civilization , Civilizations 881 Words | 3 Pages. ? In the study of World history , there are many types of sainsbury tu clothes ways civilization can be defined. Many archeologists, . Projective Essay! anthropologists, and historians have found it to be very problematic in finding the one unsurpassed definition. Tu Clothes! No matter what people may disagree on when it comes to define unvoiced their definition of civilization, one thing is for sainsbury, sure, it is Excellence In Customer, a society. However, a society can be made up of a long detailed list of tu clothes different aspects and guidelines in order to make sure it stays intact, or it can be. Anthropology , Civilization , Culture 903 Words | 3 Pages. AP Central AP Annual Conference 2015 - . Call for Proposals AP Teacher Communities AP Exams College Enrollment Click here to visit the SpringBoard Microsite AP Exam Reader Print Page Home AP Courses and Exams AP Exam Information AP World History Exam AP World History Exam More About AP World History . Outliers Malcolm Gladwell! ## AP Exam. Adobe Acrobat , Portable Document Format , Sample 553 Words | 6 Pages. selfish ideas that he had about marriage. The arguments that he brings up are not about why she should marry him, but rather about why he should marry . Tu Clothes! her instead. It is as if the receiver, the lady in question , asked Mr.

Collins to marry her first and malcolm he is writing a response to tu clothes the request. Poems About! Also phrases such as, “and for your own, let her be an active, useful sort of person, not brought up high, but able to make a small income go a good way,” reveal that Mr. Collins thinks women. Age at first marriage , Charles Dickens , Engagement 671 Words | 4 Pages. ? World History AP withMr. Derrick-Learning Targets Part2- The Classical Era in sainsbury tu clothes World . History , 500B.C.E. -500C.E. Chapter6- Classical Era Variations: Africa and the Americas500B.C.E.–1200C.E. Learning Targets ? Analyze classical civilizations thatevolvedoutsideof themorewell-known civilizations of Eurasia ? Comparethedevelopmentof civilizationsinAfrica and the Americas ? Examinethefactorsthatmakecivilizationsdevelop andanalyzewhytheydevelop differentlyin someregions ? Distinguishthecharacteristics.

Africa , Americas , Ancient Pueblo Peoples 1170 Words | 6 Pages. ? AP World History Study Guide General Terms to Study: Unit 1: history concepts/Prehistory . Prehistory - Refers to the long period of time before people invented systems of writing. The Five Themes of Geography - Location refers to the relative or absolute location of places. Relative location describes a place with respect to its environment and its connection to other places. Absolute location provides a definite reference to locate a place. The reference can be latitude and longitude, a street. For Analyzing Personality! Ancient Near East , Iraq , Mesolithic 1604 Words | 6 Pages. Buddhism began by Buddha himself preaching his enlightenment message on his view on the world and how humans should, and the best way to, . succeed in tu clothes the world . Hating! However in sainsbury the 6th century BCE the government had fallen and there was period of instability until the Chick-Fil-A Service, Sui Dynasty took over, during this period was when Buddhism began to majorly spread. Tu Clothes! After the fall of the Projective Testing for Analyzing Personality Essay, Han dynasty, there were many responses to sainsbury tu clothes the spread of Buddhism throughout China between the 6th century BCE and 570 CE.

Buddhism. Buddhism , China , Confucianism 1014 Words | 3 Pages. Today in class we reviewed chapters 15 and Projective Personality 17 by the summary questions . Sainsbury! We all got in-groups and worked together on these . questions . We discussed them and came to some conclusions. Then Mr. Music passed out a worksheet called societal comparison sheet. We had to compare and contrast North America with Central and concept South America. We did the political, social, economic, religious and geographic. 1) What were the objectives and major accomplishments of the voyages of exploration undertaken by Chinese. Africa , Americas , Caribbean 459 Words | 2 Pages. ? AP WORLD HISTORY Introduction: This assignment will practice skills used in tu clothes Document Based . Questions which are an important part of the AP World History course.

Read/analyze each document below. Answer the questions in the space provided. Testing For Analyzing Personality! After doing this, use this information to write a DBQ essay based on the rubric provided below. You will be grade on perceived effort more than expertise. Do not copy or plagiarize someone else’s work.

If you have specific questions about the sainsbury, assignment. Ancient Egypt , Ancient history , Ancient Near East 1046 Words | 3 Pages. the surrounding deserts. The Nile River ?ooded at appropriate times to allow grain to grow. The Egyptians had a positive outlook because the river was . dependable. This dependability also made the Egyptians view the Chick-Fil-A Excellence, universe as an orderly bene?cial world , andviewed the tu clothes, afterlife as orderly and optimistic as well. The Egyptian religion was focused on guaranteeing continuous ?ow from the Nile and prosperity derived from the river and psychological concept its ability to tu clothes irrigate the land. The pharoh, the Egyptian ruler, was.

Ancient Egypt , Cairo , Civilization 1274 Words | 4 Pages. 2010 Ap English Language and Composition Free Response Question 1. and political thinker who lived during the Era of the Enlightenment. He is famous for Excellence Service Essay, his articulation of the theory of separation of powers, taken for sainsbury tu clothes, . granted in modern discussions of government and poems hating poetry implented in many constitutions throughout the world . He was largely responsible for sainsbury, the popularization of the terms feudalism and Byzantine Empire. He writes The Spirit of the Laws (1748), System of concept Ideas (1716), and Persian Letters (1721). Francois- Marie Arouet(21 November 1694-30 May 1778),better. Age of Enlightenment , French Revolution , Immanuel Kant 921 Words | 3 Pages. AP World History Midterm Review History The study of past events and changes in the development, . Sainsbury! transmission, and transformation of gladwell cultural practices.

Earliest Farming Location Fertile crescent Swidden Agriculture a place temporarily cleared for agriculture by tu clothes cutting back and burning off previous growth Catal Huyuk early urban culture based on sedentary agriculture Mesopotamia between the rivers; civilizations that arose between the Tigris-Euphrates river valleys Hyksos a member of. Testing Personality Essay! Achaemenid Empire , Ancient Greece , China 2044 Words | 7 Pages. Name: AP World History Document-Based Question (DBQ) DIRECTIONS: The following . question is based on the accompanying Documents 1-9. The documents have been edited for the purpose of this exercise. This question is designed to test your ability to work with and sainsbury understand historical documents. Write an essay that ? has a relevant thesis and supports that thesis with evidence from the integration in travel and tourism, documents ? uses all of the documents ? analyzes the documents by grouping them in as many ways. Sainsbury! Cold War , Eastern Bloc , Korean War 1885 Words | 7 Pages. Projective! [email protected] 2014-2015 School Year Congratulations! You have been accepted into the Advanced Placement United States History . Sainsbury! Course for the 2014-2015 school year. With over 100 well qualified applicants, you made the Projective Essay, cut of only 36 students.

You should be very proud of yourself. Sainsbury! Prepare to immerse yourself in the great story that is U.S. History . Chick-Fil-A! As Mark Twain once wrote, “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t. Africa , History of the United States , Martin Luther King, Jr. 623 Words | 2 Pages.

Korea, China, and even India with his power base in Japan. His attacks on Korea eventually stalled and he died before he could fulfill his dreams. but his . actions sparked the unification of Japan, for the first time in history , a step that would be crucial in the country's rise to world power 3 centuries later. Sainsbury Tu Clothes! Political unification encouraged economic growth, partly because it put an end to much of the fighting that had consumed Japan during the preceding years. At the integration and tourism, same time that Japanese leaders. Battle of Sekigahara , Japan , Russia 860 Words | 3 Pages.

Ap World History, the World and sainsbury Its People 3rd Edition. Outliers Gladwell! industrialized it very fast and turned the people hard workers by oppressing them. * Stalin was highly paranoid and tu clothes persecuted many of his top officials . and define unvoiced supporters * People who moved to the cities, worked enthusiastically, and asked no questions could hope to rise into the upper ranks of the Communist Party * Cultural and social * Women entered careers and jobs previously closed to them * The booming economy of Russia looked very good compared to the lots of jobless westerners. Adolf Hitler , Communism , Communist state 1396 Words | 6 Pages. ap 2012 calculus bc free response questions. AP ® Calculus BC 2012 Free - Response Questions About the tu clothes, College Board The College Board is a . mission-driven not-for-profit organization that connects students to college success and opportunity. Founded in 1900, the College Board was created to expand access to higher education. Today, the membership association is made up of more than 5,900 of the world’s leading educational institutions and is dedicated to psychological promoting excellence and equity in education. Each year, the College Board helps more than.

Calculus , Continuous function , Derivative 1394 Words | 7 Pages. AP World Chapters 1-3 Textbook Questions. ?Name Reading Questions ? Ways of the sainsbury tu clothes, World Textbook Chapters 1-3 Bullet-point your answers. Projective Testing Personality! Write . Sainsbury! responses in color; keep NO SPACING, 11 font. Projective For Analyzing Personality! When completed, send to my work email: [email protected] Chapter 1 1) Using the map on sainsbury, pages 14-15, list the sequence of human migration across the planet. Testing! 2) On page 19, how did the Austronesian migrations differ from sainsbury tu clothes other early patterns of malcolm gladwell human movement? Include the two major developments that followed. 3) From pages. Agriculture , Ancient Egypt , Ancient Near East 496 Words | 3 Pages. |Chapter 3: Classical |Civilization: India | AP World History . Tu Clothes! | | | | | |The Framework for Indian History : Geography and a Formative Period | | . Buddhism , History of India , India 446 Words | 3 Pages. Testing For Analyzing Essay! ? AP European History Exploration Quiz This is your chance to demonstrate your knowledge of the causes and effects of European . exploration and also to demonstrate your ability to construct a good essay. Answer the tu clothes, question below in a 5 paragraph essay that includes an XYZ thesis, good organization and poetry specific and appropriate supporting evidenceYour essay will be graded using the FRQ core rubric score table (See below) Analyze the motives that shaped European colonial expansion in tu clothes the period 1450-1750.

Buffer , Core , Essay 618 Words | 4 Pages. ? AP * Practice Test Questions 1. The purpose of the psychological concept, pupil is to (a) focus light on the retina. Tu Clothes! (b) process color. (c) allow light . into the eye. (d) enable night vision. (e) detect specific shapes. 2. Cells that can respond to specific edges, lines, angles, and movements are called (a) rods. (b) cones. Outliers Gladwell! (c) ganglion cells. (d) feature detectors. (e) bipolar cells. Tu Clothes! 3. Signal detection theory is most closely associated with (a) vision. (b) sensory adaptation. (c) absolute thresholds. (d) hearing. (e). Auditory system , Cochlea , Depth perception 859 Words | 3 Pages. and easily compare one civilization with another. This method breaks down a civilization or culture into seven components. For the first two chapters, go . through the AP World History textbook, The Earth and Its People, and analyze each of the poems hating poetry, five ancient civilizations.

Use the provided questions as a guide. Not every question will be answered for sainsbury tu clothes, each civilization. Include specific and general information. Outliers Malcolm! Then complete one each for the classical civilizations and Han China. Please Note. Alexander the Great , Ancient Rome , China 294 Words | 3 Pages. Sainsbury Tu Clothes! A History of the World in psychological concept 6 Glasses. ?Kyle Chiu A History of the World in 6 Glasses AP World History – Due: August 25, 2015 . A History of the sainsbury, World in 6 Glasses Have you ever questioned that the history of the world could be connected and intertwined in one aspect of life? The book, A History of the World in 6 Glasses, takes that question and answers it with one word: water. Since the psychological, first human walked the Earth, to the billions of people on the planet today, humans have needed food and most importantly water to sainsbury tu clothes survive.

From the first. Poems About! Alcoholic beverage , Coffee , World War II 1840 Words | 6 Pages. Slave Trade Part 1 1. Describe the characteristics of the “Atlantic System”. The Atlantic System was a major catalyst in the growth and sainsbury tu clothes development of . the Atlantic slave trade, which boosted the world economy significantly. The Atlantic system a link between Africa and define unvoiced the rest of the world . It simply was the destiny that Africans were going to face, being shipped to the Middle East, Europe, and especially across the Atlantic to the Americas, also known as a diaspora. This forced migration. Africa , African slave trade , Atlantic slave trade 1541 Words | 5 Pages. The History of the sainsbury, World in Six Glasses. ?Bethany McDaniel AP World History Summer 2012 Assignment Chapter 12 Question 1 How did beer lead . to the development of cities in Mesopotamia and Egypt? Grains grew widespread in the Fertile Crescent (The crescent shaped area which had an ideal climate and soil for growing plants and raising livestock, it stretches from Egypt, up the Mediterranean coast to Turkey, and then down again to outliers gladwell the border between Iraq and Iran.) causing the unintentional discovery of beer. The Fertile Crescent’s extremely.

African slave trade , Alcoholic beverage , Atlantic slave trade 2569 Words | 9 Pages. ?US HISTORY PRE-TEST Question 1 0 out of 5 points A Constitutional Amendment prohibiting the sale and sainsbury tu clothes consumption was . ratified in the year: Question 2 0 out of 5 points All of the following statements are TRUE about the New Deal EXCEPT that: Question 3 0 out of Projective Personality 5 points Between 1870 and 1900, the proportion of Americans living in small communities: Question 4 5 out of 5 points In 1965, President Lyndon B. Sainsbury! Johnson signed legislation providing health insurance. Democratic Party , Franklin D. Roosevelt , Lyndon B. Johnson 331 Words | 4 Pages. 2010 Ap English Free Response Question (Form B) Question 2. Aaron Patron 10/9/10 rewrite 2010 AP English Free Response Question (Form B) . Question 2 In this passage from The Horizontal World , Debra Marquart shows her love for the upper Midwest despite the common negative opinions that most would first think about the region. While others would say that the region is poems about poetry, dull and monotonous, Marquart finds her hometown as a place of great significance to her life. By her use of sainsbury tu clothes similes and allusions, she attempts to overcome the common negative first. Integration In Travel! Console steel guitar , Guitar , Lap steel guitar 539 Words | 2 Pages. anomaly to this day. Sainsbury! Their unconventional war tactics and nomadic way of life defied all other empires that were in existence at the time.

However, their . strategies proved extremely successful, and they were able to psychological establish the largest empire the world had ever seen in a mere 20 year span. The unification of Asia (excluding India) under the strict rule of the Mongols brought about a period of relative peace and of economic improvement. While there were some negative factors due to Mongol reign, such. Black Death , Central Asia , Genghis Khan 1120 Words | 3 Pages. United States History 2002 AP ® UNITED STATES HISTORY FREE - RESPONSE . QUESTIONS (Form B) UNITED STATES HISTORY SECTION II Part A (Suggested writing time—45 minutes) Percent of Section II score—45 Directions: The following question requires you to construct a coherent essay that integrates your interpretation of Documents A-I and your knowledge of the tu clothes, period referred to in the question . Gladwell! High scores will be earned only by essays that both cite key pieces of sainsbury evidence from the documents and.

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essay on heorot Heorot and the Guest-Hall of Eden: Symbolic Metaphor and the Design of Beowulf. Critic: Alvin A. Lee Source: The Guest-Hall of Eden: Four Essays on the Design of Old English Poetry , Yale University Press, 1972, pp. 171-223 Criticism about: Anonymous (?-) [Lee is a Canadian scholar who specializes in Old English poetry. In the following excerpt, he explains the thematic importance of the mythic elements in sainsbury four major symbolic episodes in Beowulf .]

Beowulf is a poem about hell's possession of middle-earth. Within its overall tragic structure, the joys of the golden dryht [noble lord] and the actions of good kings and heroes are presented as capable of a splendid but precarious realization; the dominant vision, however, is of the defeat of man in the kingdoms of integration this world by the powers of darkness. (p. 171) The Beowulf poet takes a tale of sainsbury heroic action . and subjects it to the kind of brooding, deliberative treatment illustrated in [Old English] elegiac lyrics. The result is a romance set inside a tragedy -- perhaps we could call it a tragic romance or even an elegiac tragedy -- serving the same Christian view of the fleeting nature of all man's earthly joys that we see throughout [Old English poetry]. But Beowulf , because of its sustained fusion of the elements of romance and tragedy, is different. Where the other poems either leave these two narrative structures, romance and tragedy, separate or with their interconnections only briefly traced (the emphasis normally being on the transcendental reality of heaven). Beowulf submits the world of the golden dryht of middle-earth to the prolonged reflections of a mind and sensibility apparently deeply attracted to that world but acutely aware of its doomed nature. (p. 172) Beowulf is not about an individual as such but about a man of integration and tourism archetypal proportions, whose significance, in the broadest and deepest sense, is sainsbury tu clothes social.

The poem is an Excellence Service Essay, imaginative vision of two kinds of human society, one symbolized by the gold-hall and banqueting and characterized by generosity, loyalty, and sainsbury love, the other by monsters of darkness and bloodshed who prey on the ordered, light-filled world man desires and clings to. Despite the lyric overtones to the poet's presentation of his theme (that brooding, melancholy reflectiveness that every reader recognizes), Beowulf is not about a complex, individual character whose interior mental processes lead plausibly to certain actions and relations with other people. Beowulf does not have an define unvoiced, ego, despite his boasting, and certainly has no discernible id; he is publicly conceived, all superego and controlled by the divine favor he bears. We do not know why, psychologically, Unferth behaves so oddly or what Hrothulf is thinking at any point. We learn a little more about what goes on in the mind of Hrothgar or Wealhtheow or the aged Beowulf (late in sainsbury the poem) but only in terms of their functions in in travel and tourism relation to God and to the kindred and dryht in whose social fabric their lives have meaning. They are all functionaries playing out their roles as long as wyrd [destiny] permits, not images of real people but exemplars of tu clothes human types. (p. 173)

It is generally recognized, by Klaeber, for instance, that Beowulf is not, in any very consistent way, lineal in its organization. What is more, it gives little evidence of a concern on the part of the poet for plausible or realistic ordering of events according to a causal sequence. Define Unvoiced? Rather, one event is associated with another -- past, present, or future -- because of symbolic or thematic appropriateness. Tu Clothes? The narrative is discontinuous; it does not in any representational way point out for outliers malcolm gladwell each phenomenon mentioned its determining agents or antecedents. Tu Clothes? In fact many things happen in Beowulf , and in other Old English poems, that do not have causes in any phenomenal sense. Heaven and hell . are too much involved. In more purely critical terms, to use Tolkien's expression, Beowulf is a product of the mythical mode of imagination. This means that it works in implicitness of connections, in simultaneity of association, in psychological concept narrative discontinuity. The images all point to the main ideas and the ideas are not time bound, not determined by orderly chronology.

This kind of imagining makes unavoidable the use of metaphor, which means that the modern interpreter of Beowulf must be sensitive to poetic identities cunningly suggested in the associative imagery but not spelled out for sainsbury tu clothes the logical, skeptical mind. It means also, however, that he must not force identifications in ways uncongenial to the connections built up by the language of Beowulf itself or in a manner unsupported by the conventional metaphors observable in other Old English poems. (p. 174) [One] can recognize four major myths or symbolic episodes [in Beowulf ], each of which is concentrated at appropriate points in the narrative but also extends its effect, with varying emphases, throughout the Excellence In Customer Service whole poem. In the emergence of the Scylding dynasty, climaxed by the construction of Heorot, we have a cosmogonic myth explicitly connected by the poet with the tu clothes Christian biblical account of the origins of the created world. For Analyzing Essay? This in turn is tu clothes followed by the myth of the Fall and the beginnings of fratricide and Chick-Fil-A Excellence crime , as the Grendel kin of the race of Cain begin to lay waste Hrothgar's hall Next comes the account of the advent of the hero and the myth of the heroic redeemer , and finally as the poem moves into its decisively tragic phase, we have the myth of the hero's death and sainsbury the return to chaos . Beowulf begins with a description of a lordless people and ends with another lordless people; the overall tonality is elegiac, and one of the major symbols of the define unvoiced poem's beginning, as of its conclusion, is the funeral of a great king. Sainsbury? It is as if the poet had composed his work in the manner of a symbolist poem: starting with the effect he wanted, he then backtracked to the point from which we must begin to get that effect. From the define unvoiced dirgelike lament and ritualistic movements of sainsbury tu clothes Scyld's followers in the midst of the integration in travel and tourism dynastic vision that introduces the poem, the Anglo-Saxon artist fills out and intensifies his pattern. At the same time, however, the aesthetic and thematic balance between the tu clothes funerals of Scyld and Beowulf provides a very important contrast: Scyld's funeral is outliers malcolm gladwell followed by an augmenting of the powers of his dynasty, but Beowulf's, so we are led to believe, is to be succeeded by social and political disintegration for the Geats. (pp. 177-78)

The motifs involved in [the description of the Scyldings in the beginning of the poem] are those of the golden dryht, the continual interchange of treasures, services, and protection being the sainsbury tu clothes very lifeblood of . society. This interchange takes place vertically in the imaginative space of the poem, as well as horizontally, since it is God, the Prince of life (16) and Ruler of glory (17), who sends splendid lords one by one to show generosity and protection to the Scyldings. Hrothgar, one of the three sons of the patriarchal Healfdane, is given success and Excellence In Customer Essay honor in war, so that his retainers follow him eagerly and his troop prospers. At the zenith of sainsbury tu clothes his glory (64 ff.), Hrothgar decides to have built a might mead-hall, such as the sons of men have never heard of before, as a place for feasting and the giving of gifts. With the help of many peoples throughout middle-earth, the greatest of integration in travel and tourism halls (78) towers up high and horn-gabled (82). Hrothgar does not forget his promises but puts the marvelous building into use as a place of communal joy where heroes drink mead while listening to the sound of the harp and to the voice of a scope singing about tu clothes God's great original gift to men, the whole created world. The imagery of the primordial Creation [is present here]: the wlitebeorhtne wang (93, plain radiantly beautiful) surrounded by water, the sun and Testing for Analyzing Personality the moon as lights for land dwellers, the branches and leaves ornamenting the regions of the earth, and sainsbury all living creatures.

In this account of the building and initiation of Heorot, the sense of ritual repetition by man of the work of heaven is, to me, unmistakable. The implication seems to be that the construction of the gold-hall, whose light is to shine over many lands, is a hierophantic act, a manifestation of the sacred in the world of Chick-Fil-A Excellence men, metaphorically identifiable with the Creation of the world itself. For the Old English than the gift-throne is the center of the world; apart from it, he wanders in a life devoid of focus and meaning. The hall, the throne, and the good king can all be seen as images of the tu clothes divine power that gives protection and significance to human life. Heorot is a sacred enclosure, thought of as towering upward, to ensure communication with the heavenly gift-throne and the Prince of life. It is one of several examples in Old English poems of halls built by God's champions, like those of the patriarchal princes in Genesis , for example, whose archetype is the in travel celestial dryht that endures in sainsbury oternum [eternally]. Heorot, like the others, is paradisal in symbolic import.

Hrothgar, whose name appears to mean glory spear or spear of triumph or possibly spear of joy, is, like the heavenly Dryhten, a lord of victories. As with God's Creation in Genesis so here, Hrothgar's mighty creation comes after triumph over the chaos of internecine war. Again as in heaven in Projective Personality numerous Old English poems (for example, The Dream of the Rood , 139-141), the condition of dream (joy) is symbolized by banqueting in the hall. Like Adam and Eve in sainsbury tu clothes the guesthall of Eden, the Danes, so the poet tells us, immediately after the Song of Creation, lived in outliers gladwell joy, blessed (Swa ða drihtguman dreamum lifdon / eadiglice . Tu Clothes? 99-100a). Still innocent of the feond on helle (fiend, or enemy in concept hell) who lurks without, they slept after the banquet given by their lord, not knowing sorrow, the misery of men (Fand þa ðar inne aþelinga gedriht / swefan after symble: sorge ne cyðon, / wonsceaft wera). The name Heorot can be explained not only in sainsbury tu clothes terms of malcolm naturalistic imagery to do with stag antlers on the gables of the hall, or even as a symbol of sainsbury royalty like that on the Sutton Hoo standard, but also in terms of scriptural association. If we recall the psalmist's use (Ps. 42) of the analogy of the hart or stag thirsting for healing streams and the human soul in its desire for God, and if we remember that we are told later in Beowulf by the king of Heorot that the hart strong in Essay his antlers will give up his life rather than enter the hellish mere (1368-1372), the possibility emerges that Hrothgar's mighty hall is imagined primarily as the earthly dwelling place of the human soul, both communal and individual. Where the mere, the poem's antithetical image for Heorot, is loathsome and terrible and infested with monsters, Heorot is sainsbury tu clothes described as the most famous of buildings under heaven (309-310a), the bright dwelling of brave men. As a communal symbol of an outliers, ideal earthly dryht, the newly created hall is in paradisal harmony with heaven. The question of whether Hrothgar's hall in the midst of the conventional plain (225) has an individual reference as well as a communal one may be partially answered by [comparing the] use of the ideal-hall motif in Guthlac A (742).

There, when the saint has triumphed in war over his enemies, his barrow, the dwelling of his newly perfected soul, is a sele niwe (new hall, dwelling) standing in sainsbury tu clothes the protection of God in the midst of a victory plain, a very succinct correlation of the two major metaphors for Paradise in Projective Essay the Old English poetic mythology. But Heorot is a fated image, existing in a double aspect. Even at the moment of its first towering upward, the poet speaks of the fierce heat and hostile flame that wait for it and of the sword-hate between son-in-law and father-in-law that will spring up because of bitter enmity (82b-85). So also, the sainsbury description of the Danes living in a state of blessedness is interrupted by the first mention of Grendel and the race of integration in travel and tourism Cain (99 ff.). Heorot and the world of the golden dryht exist as a splendid ideal, as wlitige (beautiful, fair), throughout the poem, but as earthly images they are also doomed, in the mind of a Christian poet, to become unclone or polluted and thus to fall into tu clothes, the necessity of Chick-Fil-A Excellence Service being cleansed. In the poet's use of the myth of the sainsbury tu clothes Fall and the origin of fratricide , he often specifically connects the Grendel kin with hell, which should make it easy to psychological concept, recognize the metaphorical structure barely concealed beneath the relatively slight surface realism of the poem. On one level of meaning, Beowulf can best be understood as a reworking of the same war between heaven and hell that emerges in its undisplaced mythical form in Christ and sainsbury tu clothes Satan and other poems.

As in the Christian mythology, where demonic powers are assumed to have taken possession of the world shortly after the Creation, so in Beowulf a monster comes out of the mere and possesses the poem's imago mundi [world picture], Heorot. This necessitates a war between a heaven-sent champion and Projective Testing for Analyzing Personality Essay the monster, a war in which the champion's victory is a cleansing and a preliminary defeat of the feond [fiend] on the earthly level, as in Christ's victory on the rood. But, again as in the Christian story, the deliverer's victory in the world must be extended and sainsbury consolidated by a further triumphant battle in the very depths from which the demonic attacks have come. Whether the hell referred to in Beowulf is from Teutonic myth or from Christian myth or, more plausibly, from a mixture of both does not alter the fact that the images of bondage, darkness, endless pain, joyless exile, fire, ice, wind, storm, and enmity against mankind, images associated with the monsters and Projective for Analyzing their haunts, are the same ones found over and over again in the Old English poetic accounts of man apart from God. Nor does the fact that Grendel and his mother seem in sainsbury tu clothes some ways to be trolls from a different legendary background diminish the connotations they draw from Christian symbolism; it means only that they have this additional extension, as compared with a less poetically complex demon like the about hating poetry one tormenting Cynewulf's Juliana. (pp. 178-82) Perhaps most important of all Grendel's demonic connotations is his association with Cain. Early in the poem when Grendel is first named and connected with the archetypal fratricide, the sainsbury reader is confronted with a pattern highly suggestive in its possibilities for adaptation to tales of bloodthirsty feuding in Chick-Fil-A In Customer Service Essay Germanic society. The poet of Maxims I tells how, after the earth swallowed Abel's blood, Cain's criminal hatred did not die out in the world but spread, with ever-increasing malice, until it was known to all peoples.

Men throughout the earth became busy with the strife of weapons and devised the hostile sword, so that shields, spears, swords, and helmets have ever since had to be ready for conflict. By his murderous action, the gnomic poet seems to be saying, Cain set the pattern in which all men are caught. This traditional view of Cain and Abel, elaborated at length in sainsbury tu clothes Book 15 of Augustine's De civitate Dei -- in terms of the unending conflict throughout history of the society of carnal man, or Cain, and the society of the elect, or Abel -- is also given a poetic use in outliers malcolm Genesis A , apparently in an attempt to show the sainsbury special significance for the poet's own period in history of Testing for Analyzing Personality fratricide and conflict among mankind. All strife and human misery are depicted metaphorically as the branches of the demonic tree which sprang up from Abel's spilled blood. The crime of Cain is linked with the sainsbury tu clothes guilt of Eve, and both are associated with wyrd, indicating that it is only in the fallen world that cruelly destructive fate holds sway. Cain's exile, depicted in the same formula as Adam's exile earlier, leads inevitably to an intensified enmity between Cain's descendants and define unvoiced God, this warfare culminating finally in the Deluge. (pp. 184-85) There can be no tragedy in literature without a sense of sainsbury glory or happiness or fulfilled ambition potentially within human grasp, a glory shown finally not to be obtainable, or, if it is obtained temporarily, not capable of being preserved. As the malcolm Beowulf poet brings his hero to work on behalf of sainsbury tu clothes Heorot in its ideal aspect, he demonstrates his realization of malcolm gladwell this fact of tragedy.

His particular poetic version of the myth of the heroic redeemer has an overall tragic shape, as it combines with the myth of sainsbury tu clothes Fall and Testing Personality fratricide, but the tragic effect is possible only because Heorot in its ideal form remains as an image of what once was and what still might be, however precariously, if pride, envy, avarice, and murder could be controlled. It is to the restoration and realization of this potential Paradise -- what I have been calling the golden dryht of sainsbury middle-earth -- that Beowulf bends his efforts in Part 1 of the poem. (pp. 196-97) Beowulf's advent into the ruined dryhtsele [retainer's hall], as Hrothgar immediately perceives, is outliers gladwell through the grace of God (381 ff.). Tu Clothes? As Hrothgar also knows, it is only God who can easily restrain the concept mad destroyer from his deeds (478b-479).

It is as if the divine favor forfeited when Heorot fell, twelve years before, is now about to be restored. Hrothgar is an aged Adam waiting for grace and deliverance, and Wealhtheow, trying to provide for her sons a life free of crime and bloodshed, is a latter-day Germanic Eve trying to repair the ravages begun at the fateful banquet long ago in the archetypal guest-hall of Eden. In line with his elegiac rather than homiletic theme, however, the tu clothes poet is psychological concept careful not to censure Hrothgar and Wealhtheow but to emphasize the fateful nature of the sainsbury conflict in which they are caught and to show them ready and eager to receive God's new and Excellence In Customer Service necessary gift to sainsbury tu clothes, them, in the form of the hero's deeds. Outliers Gladwell? The underplaying of a theme of guilt in sainsbury tu clothes the handling of Hrothgar and Wealhtheow is analogous to the treatment of the Fall of man in Genesis B . Beowulf, as the deliverer of the ruined dryht of the Scylding Adam is, by symbolic association, the second Adam who now comes to do battle on behalf of those who have fallen into the clutches of the psychological fiend. In the account of the hero's journey from Geatland, his arrival in Denmark, and his subsequent actions in restoring Hrothgar's kingdom, we see once again how in Old English poetry the myth of heroic deliverance or redemption exploits the sainsbury tu clothes myth of Creation for much of psychological concept its imaginative significance. Sainsbury? (p. 198) Not since the poet has described the Song of Creation a hundred lines earlier has there been this sense of exuberant and purposive action. It is as if the heavy sense of time as duration -- fela missera, singale soce (many half-years, continual conflict) -- into which Heorot has been plunged, is now in the process of being abolished in favor of an earlier sacred time when divine favor for Denmark was directly evident.

It is also as if the experience of malcolm gladwell time only as duration brings the peril of sainsbury tu clothes forgetting what is fundamental, that existence itself is given by God, with the outliers malcolm gladwell result that the Danes who now do not know the true God have fallen into devil worship. One is reminded, too, by the account of this sea voyage, of the importance in Old English poetry of the boat as a symbol of the way heroic man takes part in reenacting the divine acts of Creation and redemption. (p. 199) Marked by God's wrath (711) and deprived of joys (721), Grendel is defeated by heaven's champion in a ferocious wrestling match, after which, mortally wounded and tu clothes singing a song of defeat, he goes, the prisoner of hell (788), to seek the company of devils (808). Poems? Rejoicing in his night's work (827), the hero places the hand, arm, and shoulder of this rebel against God beneath the vaulted roof of the sainsbury tu clothes cleansed (825) hall. The next day the mar-peace Unferth lapses into silence, the battered Heorot is In Customer Service redecorated by many willing hands, gold tapestries are hung, banqueting is resumed, and again a cup is passed, giving a markedly sacramental sense of unity in one socially cohesive body. (p. 201) With the tu clothes defeat of Grendel, the Cain spirit is only temporarily quelled. Psychological Concept? Grendel's mother (1251 ff.), in strict adherence to the destructive principles of blood-feuding, rises out of the mere to wreak grisly vengeance on Heorot, taking back to the underwater hall with her the head of Æschere and the hand of Grendel. Plunged again into profound gloom, Hrothgar describes (1345 ff.) to Beowulf what is tu clothes known of the mere, that source of apparently unending hostility to his world of Heorot. At this point in the poem the define unvoiced myth of heroic deliverance, so far confined to sainsbury, the cleansing of middle-earth, is expanded to include the hellish source of evil itself, and the hero realizes that he must go beneath the headlands (1360) to eradicate the still-active demonic powers.

Grendel's mere, although only a few miles from Heorot (1361-1362), is the opposite pole from Heorot in psychological concept the poem's imaginative space. Sainsbury? Like the splendid hall, it is primarily an image of this world, a complex symbol of all those things in nature and in human society that human desire most rejects set against the ideal aspirations embodied in the gold-hall. But also like Heorot, indeed like most images of Old English poetry, the wider significance or supernatural reference of the mere exists on Essay, the level of myth or symbolic metaphor. Sainsbury? Unlike Heorot, however, which at certain points is the paradisal guest-hall and at others the ruined hall of the define unvoiced fallen world, the mere as a poetic image has no doubleness or ambivalence in its meaning. In its entirety it is sainsbury demonic. The overall tragic vision in Beowulf -- of a fleeting world caught in time as duration, in which human longings to return to the paradisal guest-hall are constantly frustrated -- is clear. Similarly, the connections of the Testing Personality Essay monster-infested world in Beowulf with the conventional Old English poetic vision of the ruined or fallen world are numerous. The mere is the poem's most complete concentration of sainsbury tu clothes fallen-world motifs as they merge, ostensibly on the level of middle-earth, with the imagery of hell.

In several ways the underwater reced (building) or niðsele (hostile hall), inhabited by the healðegn (hall-thane) Grendel and his mother, is poems about hating poetry a grotesque parody of Heorot in its ideal aspect. Its location beneath the headlands and sainsbury turbid waters, rather than in the midst of the plain, its demonic light antithetical to the radiance of the gold-hall, its hoarded treasure (1557, 1613), its cannibalistic banqueting, its weird kinship loyalties, its total absence of dream , and its inveterate hostility to the harp music and concept loyalties of the fraternal dryht -- in all these things it is a perversion of Heorot. The precise extent to which its character as a demonic dryht envelops Heorot -- the making dark of the hall, the prevention of gift dispensing, banqueting, and music, and the symbolically implicit undermining of tu clothes Hrothgar's sibbegedriht (387, 729, peaceful troop, band of kinsmen) by the spirit of Cain through the persons of Unferth and Hrothulf -- is the measure of the fall or ruin of Hrothgar's world. Essay? The climactic detail of the mere's conquest of Heorot is the devil worship, the honoring by the Danes of those same demonic powers that are destroying them (175 ff.). In terms of tu clothes nature imagery, the mere, in a detailed way, is a perversion of the ideal order of Creation. Located out in the fens or moors beyond the poems poetry plain surrounding the hall, it is a mist-shrouded wilderness (103-104, 162, 450, 710, 764, 820, 1265, 1348, 1405). We are told in Christ and Satan and in Guthlac A and B that some demons live in remote places of middle-earth and from there launch their attacks on sainsbury, men; this is In Customer Service Essay precisely what the sainsbury Grendel kin do. Encircling rocks, frost-covered trees, and the twisted roots of a joyless wood show the mere's wastel and setting to be the outliers gladwell direct antithesis of the sainsbury tu clothes sunny, blossoming groves of the Service Essay earthly Paradise described in detail in The Phoenix and more briefly in other poems. The motif of chaotic, treacherous water, beside which the hart strong in its horns (1369) will die rather than plunge in, connects with the Physiologus idea of the deaðsele (death-hall) of damnation being located at tu clothes the bottom of the treacherous whale's domain, that hall of the dryht of hell to which Eleusius' dryht is plunged in Juliana . (pp.

202-05) The Beowulf poet's sense of the fleeting or mutable character of outliers gladwell everything in middle-earth inevitably extends in sainsbury Part 2 to the person of the hero. In Part 1, as a figure of vitality and superabundance, as the heroic vehicle of divine grace, Beowulf was enabled to abolish that destructive time as duration into which Heorot -- this poem's main imago mundi --had fallen and to restore the hall to its original freshness and radiance: the Projective Essay hall rose high above him, vaulted and shining with gold; inside, the guest slept. (1799b-1800). The twelve years of bondage to Grendel were in a sense canceled in favor of that sacred time contemporary with Creation, and Hrothgar appropriately gave twelve symbolic treasures to his deliverer at the end of the twelve years of misery. Now in Part 2, as the central organization of images takes on the shape of the sainsbury tu clothes myth of the hero's death and the return to chaos , we find that time and Chick-Fil-A In Customer Service yldo (age) have worn the hero and his kingdom.

Hrothgar was described by Beowulf as a peerless king, altogether blameless (1885b-1886a), defeated only because of that age which toward the end of his fifty-year reign took from him the joys of power. Now Beowulf, also an exemplary king, is first threatened and then destroyed by a fifty-foot serpent, also at sainsbury tu clothes the end of Service a fifty-year reign. The tragedy of Hrothgar's life, only temporarily relieved by Beowulf's deeds, has now become the sainsbury tu clothes hero's own, but no heaven-sent champion appears who can act effectively on his behalf. There is no escape from the ruins of time in this elegiac tragedy, for the basis of the tragic vision is being in time. Even as we move through the poem's romance, through its myths of creation and heroic deliverance, we are constantly made aware that death and human defeat in middle-earth are what give tragic shape and form to the lives of the Scyldings. It is death that defines the life of Scyld, of Beow, of Heorogar, and, finally, of Hrothgar.

Now, in the account of the end of Beowulf's londagas (loan-days, fleeting days), again it is death that defines the shape of the heroic life. Throughout Part 2 the poet carefully establishes a sense of imminent and concept nearly total disaster, a disaster partly realized by the end of the action. But the catastrophe described is not apocalyptic, as in the Old English Doomsday poems. Sainsbury Tu Clothes? In these latter, time as duration is malcolm gladwell brought to an end, history is abolished, and what is pure and faithful within God's Creation is taken back into eternity. But Beowulf does not show an end of the sainsbury world, a Ragnarok or Doomsday. It shows the defeat of heroic effort in the world of time. At the very end of the narrative the psychological concept Geats are still struggling against sainsbury tu clothes, time; they build a great barrow on the headland called Hronesnos (the Headland of the Whale) that will keep alive for other seafarers the poems hating memory of their king. Within the barrow lie an ancient, useless treasure and sainsbury the ashes of the hero. Outside, twelve horsemen, warriors bold in battle, sons of chieftains, circle around, uttering an ancient lament. Beowulf has died, haunted by the memory of those marvelous times when he displayed in almost godlike manner his greatest powers; Hrothgar earlier was forced to admit defeat at Projective for Analyzing Essay the hands of Grendel but also looked back nostalgically, in geardagum (in former days), to a time when he subdued all enemies of the Danes and sainsbury doled out treasures in almost godlike manner. It is outliers malcolm fundamental to the elegiac nature of the poem that the acts of strength, of superabundance, and of creativity are constantly pushed back into that legendary earlier and better time indicated by the hoary phrase in geardagum . (pp.

211-12) The point of time in Geatish history at which Beowulf dies signals an imminent end for tu clothes the Geats as a unified dryht society. It is poems about hating true that Beowulf leaves behind him Wiglaf as the endelaf (last remnant) of his people, placing the sainsbury tu clothes young hero in somewhat the same position as that of the lone survivor in the elegy, but the social disintegration is now so far advanced that there is, so far as we are told in the poem, little hope for Geatland in the fact that Wiglaf remains. (p. 213) [Beowulf], like Heorot, becomes simply a memory. Testing? The close alignment of aged hero and dragon in Part 2 is the poem's decisive reminder that in the tragic vision even the most heroic form, perhaps most especially the heroic form, is defeated by the elemental facts of existence in time. The world that remains after Beowulf has died contains two sorts of people, cowards and outlaws, on the one hand, and those faithful to dryht loyalties (Wiglaf, the weeping woman, and the circling horsemen), on the other. By this point we have been shown the impact of heroic energy on the world of the fallen dryht and have been shown also that in such a world it is heroic energy that is sainsbury destroyed while the fallen creation continues in time. The golden dryht of middle-earth and the youthful Beowulf are poetic images of the kind of joy and reality the holeð [warriors] want, but the irony of the in travel tragic vision decrees that life is not shaped according to human desires. The poet, with the quiet assurance of great artistry, follows his account of the roaring flames and sainsbury tu clothes raging winds of Beowulf's cremation with a description of the disposal of about poetry physical things: the hero's ashes are sealed in a great barrow; the rings, necklaces, and armor of the ancient treasure are returned to the earth, hidden again and useless to men.

Twelve riders circle the mound, ritually containing the grief of the Geats: they eulogize the greatness and glory of their dead king, and they mourn his passing. The closing scene expresses a pronounced tragic sense of confinement, of the putting into dark places of all that is splendid in this world. It shows the stilling of heroic energy. (p. 223) Source: Alvin A. Tu Clothes? Lee, Heorot and the Guest-Hall of Eden: Symbolic Metaphor and the Design of Beowulf , in Service his The Guest-Hall of Eden: Four Essays on tu clothes, the Design of Old English Poetry , Yale University Press, 1972, pp.


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college essay cheats Frequently Asked Questions. The College Writing Exam (CWE) is an tu clothes, important graduation requirement for integration in travel and tourism, all PCCC students. Sainsbury Tu Clothes! Students will be asked to write an essay based on one of in travel and tourism, two questions provided. The exam is administered by computer.

The essay will be typed and the computer will allow you to sainsbury tu clothes, use spell check, but not grammar check or the Internet. The exam usually lasts 3 hours. E-mailed to students at their PCCC e-mail address Posted on their degree audits Mailed to students. If you take the exam: by the 15th of the month, you will receive your results by the 30th of the same month. later than the 15th of the month, you will receive results by the 15th of the Projective Personality following month.

When should a student take the sainsbury College Writing Exam? Students are eligible to take the exam after completing EN 101 and one Writing-Intensive course required for gladwell, their degree. Students who do not meet these requirements may still be admitted to the exam with approval of the department chair. Students who want help preparing for the College Writing Exam (CWE) can make an appointment by tu clothes, emailing the Writing Center at [email protected] Though we recommend making an appointment to gladwell, make the best use of your time, walk-in sessions are available if a tutor is free. Any student who wants to review their failed exam with a tutor must make an appointment as the Writing Center will need at least 24 hours to obtain a copy of your exam. The Writing Center will open for sainsbury, the Fall Semester on Monday September 11th! All Writing Center hours are subject to change. Malcolm! For exact availability, or to make an appointment, please visit: College Writing Exam TESTING DATES and TIMES.

GENERAL TESTING INFORMATION. For walk-in testing, no appointment is required, but a PHOTO-ID is sainsbury required at entry. You may appear any time during the time ranges listed If you have taken the exam previously, you must bring an concept, approval letter from the Writing Center to be allowed to retest. Some sessions times are LIMITED to ONLY 5 seats on tu clothes, a first come, first served basis. Only 1 test session per person per month is poems poetry allowed. How do I get the test results? Results are mailed to sainsbury tu clothes, students and are posted on their degree audits. Practicing for the CWE All students are encouraged to brush up on their writing skills BEFORE taking the exam. Practice is malcolm especially important if more than one semester has passed since the tu clothes completion of Projective Testing for Analyzing Essay, EN 102.

Review the materials found in this guide. Prepare yourself with a practice essay on a topic related to the theme for your test date. Students may make arrangements to work with a tutor by contacting the Writing Center at Paterson. Wanaque campus students should arrange for CWE assistance with Kathy Coffey in tu clothes room W128, 973-248-3019, [email protected] January 10 and 17. By Appointment Only-Begin testing from hating poetry 9:00 AM until 10:00 AM.

EVERY WEEKDAY By Appointment or Walk-in. M, Th: 9am-8pm; T, W, F: 9am-6pm. January: VIOLENCE IN SOCIETY. February: PERSONAL HEALTH. March: URBAN ISSUES. May: MORAL ISSUES AND RESPONSIBILITIES. Students needing accommodations must make an appointment with the ODS with official documentation to obtain special services for CWE testing . Further Info: 973-684-5582 - search for CWE. Registration forms are available on the bulletin board outside the sainsbury Basic Skills Lab.

Contact: Kathy Coffey. By appointment only: Contact: Treya Lynch. ALL EXAMS must be completed by closing time . See HOURS OF OPERATION here to see if hours are afftected by holidays. Students are given a choice of two topics. One is from define unvoiced their major, the other is a general topic. Here are some examples of past topics. For all topics, students should write: a well-developed essay supporting their position with specific details and concrete examples. A. We live in an age of sainsbury, new technological advances. Define Unvoiced! Many of these technologies affect the way we do business as we try to cope with the rapid changes. Some of sainsbury, these changes create new problems such as finding highly skilled employees, and define unvoiced, the possibility of computer fraud and copyright infringement.

A. The U.S. is known for tu clothes, being a strong world power, but in the maths and sciences, our students are not considered competitive with many of the students who were raised and for Analyzing Essay, educated in considerably less economically advanced countries. What can be done to make our students more competitive with students from other countries in the maths and sciences? A. Should children have an tu clothes, academic or a developmental program in the preschool? What are the advantages or disadvantages of Projective for Analyzing, either program? COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS. A. One of the sainsbury claims made for psychological concept, computers is that they would eliminate many of the tedious and repetitious tasks that were once performed by workers, and that they would simplify these tasks and create less waste and more efficiency on the job. In a well-developed essay, describe the ways in which computers have improved or complicated your life. Sainsbury! Be sure to use specific details and concrete examples to support and illustrate your ideas.

NURSING/ ALLIED HEALTH. A. Psychological Concept! Culture affects the way people behave as patients in the hospital. In an tu clothes, ethnically diverse and changing world, health care professionals come into contact with people from many different backgrounds. In a well-developed essay, discuss the importance of define unvoiced, integrating cultural aspects into tu clothes, (health) nursing care. Be sure to supply specific details and concrete examples to psychological, illustrate your ideas. B. What qualities does it take to be a successful emergency room nurse? Be specific to the job function. In a well-developed essay, support your position with specific details and concrete evidence. C. Sainsbury! How important are communication skills (speaking and define unvoiced, writing) in sainsbury tu clothes the allied health professions? Use specific examples to Chick-Fil-A Excellence In Customer, develop your ideas. In a well-developed essay, support your position with specific details and concrete evidence.

D. Should all allied health professionals be required to perform some type of community service as part of their training? Explain. In a well-developed essay, support your position with specific details and concrete evidence. A. College has little to do with the real world. Doing things and experiencing them as you make your way in this world is not the same as reading about them in a book.

In reaction to the above statement, describe a real course you would like taught as part of the college curriculum, and give at least two developed reasons why you feel the need for such a course. Remember to use specific details and concrete examples to illustrate your reasons. B. Success is one of those vague terms that has an almost infinite number of sainsbury tu clothes, definitions. How would you define success? What elements would you need to have in your life in order to consider yourself successful? In a well-developed essay, respond to the above. Be sure to include specific details and concrete examples to support your views. C. Open admissions is increasingly becoming a policy at many community colleges, meaning that any student that applies to the college will not be denied acceptance to the school. Are there circumstances when a student should not be accepted into college? Do you think that this policy is a good idea? Does it have long-term ramifications that might be harmful?

In a well-developed essay, respond to the above. Be sure to Chick-Fil-A In Customer, include specific details and sainsbury tu clothes, concrete examples to support your views. D. Most private schools and many public schools have made wearing school uniforms mandatory for students. Is this a helpful idea that can resolve some existing problems, or will it only serve to create more problems for students and the school system? In a well-developed essay, respond to the above. Be sure to include specific details and concrete examples to define unvoiced, support your views. A. Jane is a 25-year-old recovering drug addict. Sainsbury Tu Clothes! She has been clean for integration in travel and tourism, almost two years and sainsbury tu clothes, has gone for some vocational training so that she can enter the work force and support herself and her two kids instead of relying on public assistance. She has encountered some negative responses from employers who do not wish to psychological, interview her at all, or tell her that with her background, she really wouldn't fit in at their company.

Jane is getting frustrated and has admitted to you that she has considered getting high to relieve some of the sainsbury stress of constant rejection. What would you advise Jane to do? B. Mike is a widower raising his teenaged children, a girl aged 15 and a boy of 13. He holds two jobs to support the psychological family. Recently, his daughter came home announcing she is pregnant. The son has gotten in trouble at school lately for starting fights and defacing school property. Identify what you think Mike's problems are. Sainsbury Tu Clothes! How would you advise him to solve these issues? C. Frederico migrated illegally to in travel, the United States eight years ago.

He works as a day laborer and lives in squalid conditions, but he does what he can to tu clothes, send money back to his family. He knows he cannot get a decent job earning even minimum wage unless he can change his immigration status. What would you advise him to do? D. Maria is married to John, an older man with a drinking problem. Projective Testing Personality Essay! Their relationship is fine when he's sober, but when he drinks, he gets agitated and has been known to hit her.

She does not work outside of the household and is not from the tu clothes U.S., so although she wants to leave, she doesn't feel she can. She and John have one adult son who is away at college. What would you advise Maria to do in this situation? GENERAL TOPICS for all majors. A. Today, we see numerous single parents, and gay and lesbian couples raising children. Can these alternative family lifestyles be accepted as family, or is the traditional nuclear family the only positive way for people to live? Some things to consider: What qualities do people usually associate with the nuclear family? Do the alternative groups possess any of for Analyzing Personality, these qualities? Do they offer anything that the traditional family may not offer? B. Tu Clothes! For many years America has been called the Land of Opportunity, but recently, several key politicians from states such as California, Florida and outliers malcolm, New York, states with large immigrant populations, have called on the federal government to restrict the sainsbury tu clothes flow of malcolm, immigrants to tu clothes, this country. They argue that immigrants overburden the social welfare system and take jobs away from and tourism American citizens.

C. Each generation wants to be remembered for its own unique contribution to tu clothes, society. What significant contributions has your generation made, and how do you think it will be remembered years from Projective Essay now? D. Passaic County Community College is one of the very few two year colleges that requires its graduates to take a Graduate Writing Exam in sainsbury order to prove that they are capable of writing at a college level. Is this a good thing, or not? Look at psychological, the essays here and remember that, although they have been typed, they contain errors of different types. Look at the essays that received a passing grade and at those that failed. TOPIC ASSIGNED: Recent studies claim that the broken window theory of crime is a major factor in neighborhood deterioration and that strict enforcement of quality of life issues such as noise, littering, loitering and truancy leads to sharp reductions in overall crime rates.

Should police be more aggressive in enforcing quality of life issues, or should they ignore these nuisance crimes and tu clothes, just focus on Chick-Fil-A Excellence In Customer Service, major crime? The broken window theory of crime is a major factor in neighborhood deterioration and strict enforcement of quality of life issues leads to sharp reductions in crime rates. This statement has been proven to be true by law enforcement agencies in large cities all across America in recent years. Cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and sainsbury tu clothes, Detroit have waged an psychological, all-out war against people and practices that tear down the quality of life in tu clothes our neighborhoods and cities. Below are essays that would pass the CWE based on the scoring rubric. However, they are not perfect. Included in the files are comments on the essays--both positive and critical--based on the scoring rubric.

A minimum of two readers evaluate each of the CWE essays. The two scores are combined to determine if the paper is a pass or fail. In general, the reader is looking at: how well the integration in travel topic is tu clothes focused how well the essay develops ideas and. The rubric used by define unvoiced, readers looks at sainsbury, these 4 areas: VOCABULARY LANGUAGE - a strong essay will have a varied vocabulary and correct and sophisticated use of language. CONVENTIONS - grammar, mechanics, spelling sentence structure and word form. A strong essay will have no serious errors and about hating poetry, few minor errors. ORGANIZATION - For a strong essay, a reader will find that the paper is the appropriate length and well-organized with an appropriate 5 paragraph structure and smooth transitions.

CONTENT - Readers are looking for sainsbury, convincing evidence that is Testing Personality Essay on-topic and supports the thesis and argument. There are a number of things you can do to sainsbury tu clothes, prepare for this exam. Perhaps the integration and tourism most important thing is to prepare early . Doing one of these suggested preparation strategies will make a differenec - doing more than one is far more effective. Attend some CWE workshops in the Writing Center. We will review what the test asks, how to prepare your essay and explain how the test is evaluated. Writing Center Hours of Operation.

The Writing Center will open for the Fall Semester on Monday September 11th!