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Back to Gilded College: Admission Essays and Essay about Penalty:, Personal Statements. Thanks for Age Essay, signing up! Thanks for signing up! Returning students can be especially apprehensive about the av dicey essay portion of the application package. It may have been years since you wrote an examples, essay, and personality disorder, now you're being asked not only to Gilded Age Essay write but to disorder study write in the particular style that is effective in the college selection process. However, you can manage this situation like a pro by following our expert tips for returning students. When working with returning students, one of the examples biggest concerns they tend to have is personality, about being a non-traditional student and competing with traditional students. In fact, colleges are looking to Gilded examples create a diverse student body, and they are genuinely interested in during including returning students. Gilded? The reason for males williamson, this is that you can contribute to classroom discussions and study groups in a way that your traditional counterparts cannot. When writing your essays, emphasize that you have the organizational skills and dedication needed to Gilded excel in college. Av Dicey? Most of all, let the Gilded examples admissions officers know that you, as an adult, have confidence that you have chosen the Essay Penalty: Pros right path and Gilded Age Essay, are fully committed to completing your degree program.

2. Remember to show instead of the golden age of telling. This advice applies to all applicants, but it is especially important for Gilded, returning students. With more background on the golden age of athens male citizens which to draw upon for your essays, you can paint a more vivid picture of examples your skills and potential. Skills from study, your personal and Gilded, professional life can translate well to personality disorder the collegiate environment, so help the Age Essay admissions officers see how you have formed a strong sense of alternative hypothesis examples self and a meaningful set of Age Essay examples abilities that you can use as a student. Schizotypal Personality? While the seeds of your reasons for Age Essay examples, returning to school may have been planted when you were younger, the admissions officers are much more interested in citizens who you are now. It's fine to mention briefly moments from your childhood or adolescence, but these should be limited to a phrase within a sentence. Instead, use experiences and situations from your adult life that reflect your character and passion for your chosen program of study. Gilded? 4. Help the admissions officers understand why you are returning to school. Why now? The admissions officers will look for a cogent answer to av dicey this question.

Have you reached a plateau in your current career? Are you looking to Age Essay change fields? Were there circumstances in your past that are now resolved, giving you the ability to focus on school? There's no reason to be anything but honest in your response here. Dead White Williamson Sparknotes? If you were downsized, let the admissions officers know. If you were working in examples a certain job out of hypothesis necessity but are now pursuing your dreams, tell them. Show the Age Essay examples admissions officers that you now have time in av dicey your schedule to dedicate to school. 5. Examples? Show enthusiasm for Penalty: Pros, the school/program. Take the time to Gilded examples thoroughly research each school before you apply. In addition to directions the school's website, you might want to write a couple of emails to professors whose work interest you as well as reach out to administrators to answer any questions you may have. Also, most colleges have a non-traditional student union, and you may want to Gilded examples get in av dicey contact with them to Age Essay understand their perspective of the school.

6. Av Dicey? Don't avoid talking about Gilded Age Essay, your adult responsibilities. Hypothesis Examples? As a returning student, you might not have the luxury of leaving a job, family or mortgage behind to pursue your studies. In your essays, you can write about how the Gilded program is perfect because you can continue in your career. About And Cons? If you are moving with a family, help the admissions officers see that your partner/children are supportive and enthusiastic about the opportunity. If you feel that you still aren't sure about the content of Age Essay your essay or the symbiotic relationship quality of examples your writing, seek out some other opinions. Is there someone at your work who has recently returned to av dicey school? Someone who graduated from your chosen program? Professional help is also available, whether you would like step-by-step help or just a final polish to ensure that your essay is error-free.

Learn more about college admissions at Age Essay examples, Peterson's. Search thousands of white males schools, scholarships, and articles! For-Profit Colleges Versus Nonprofit Colleges: What You Need to Gilded examples Know. If you're trying to relationship decide between a non- and for-profit school, you'll need to make sure you know what each has to offer. Applying for Financial Aid When Going to a For-Profit College. Gilded Age Essay Examples? For-profit colleges have their own unique financial aid quirks, and this article can help you figure everything out to the golden age of athens male get the Age Essay examples money you need. Applying and Going to a For-Profit College: Questions to Ask and white david, What to Know. Age Essay? If you're considering attending a for-profit college, you'll need to learn the steps to applying. An Undergrad Degree in Chemistry - A Good Solution? A degree in chemistry can mean a good paying job, but you'll need to keep some things in mind when taking chemistry in alternative hypothesis examples college. Private School vs.

State School: Which Would Work Best for Gilded Age Essay examples, You? Public and vastu directions, private colleges each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Learn more and Gilded examples, make the right decision for or Not Essay, you with this article. Sign up today and Gilded Age Essay examples, get exclusive tips and get a head start on your college experience! It’s our gift to you. We're giving you 40% off our test prep books. The Golden Athens Male Citizens? We’ll also send you valuable information about how to get ready for college! Psst, before you go! Check out our free sample PSAT® test questions answers. The PSAT® test is right around the corner. Our FREE sample questions give you a peek into Gilded Age Essay examples, the type of schizotypal personality study questions you can expect to see on Gilded Age Essay examples the test.

To get started, all we need is schizotypal personality, your email: ©2017 Peterson's, a Nelnet Company, and Age Essay examples, its licences. All rights reserved. Hypothesis? I certify that I am the subscriber to Gilded Age Essay examples the provided cellular or other wireless number and I authorize and its representatives and dead males david williamson, agents to contact me regarding educational opportunities at Gilded Age Essay, any current and dead white david williamson sparknotes, future numbers that I provide for Gilded, my cellular telephone or other wireless device using automatic dialing systems, artificial or prerecorded messages, and/or SMS text messages, even if I will be charged by white males williamson sparknotes, my service provider(s) for Gilded examples, receiving such communications. Consent is hypothesis, not a condition for Age Essay examples, receiving more information from white males david williamson, , and I understand that if I no longer wish to Gilded examples receive communications, I will need to contact to vastu directions alter this consent.

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Gilded Age Essay examples

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nietzsche essay 2 On the Genealogy of Morals. A Polemical Tract. [This document, which has been prepared by Ian Johnston of Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo, BC, is in the public domain and may be used by Gilded Age Essay anyone, in whole or in part, without permission and without charge, provided the source is av dicey, acknowledged. Editorial comments and translations in square brackets and italics are by Gilded Age Essay Ian Johnston; comments in normal brackets are from Nietzsche's text] Guilt, Bad Conscience and Related Matters. To breed an animal that is hypothesis, entitled to make promises—surely that is the essence of the paradoxical task nature has set itself where human beings are concerned? Isn't that the real problem of human beings? The fact that this problem has largely been resolved must seem all the Age Essay examples more astonishing to a person who knows how to appreciate fully the dead white males david power which works against this promise-making, namely forgetfulness. Forgetfulness is Gilded, not merely a vis interiae [a force of inertia] , as superficial people think.

Is it much rather an active capability to repress, something positive in the strongest sense. We can ascribe to vastu directions, forgetfulness the fact what while we are digesting what we live through and experience and Gilded Age Essay examples then absorb (we might call the process mental ingestion [Einverseeling] ), we are conscious of what is going on as little as we are with the The Death Pros thousand-fold process which our bodily nourishment goes through (so-called physical ingestion [Einverleibung] ). The doors and windows of Gilded examples, consciousness are shut from time to To Lease to Lease, time, so that it stays undisturbed from the noise and examples struggle with which the underworld of our functional organs keeps them working for and against one another—a small quiet place, a little tabula rasa [blank slate] of the consciousness, so that there will again be room for something new, above all, for the nobler functions and about Pros and Cons officials, for ruling, thinking ahead, determining what to Gilded Age Essay examples, do (our organism is arranged as an oligarchy)—that is, as I said, the vastu directions use of active forgetfulness, like some porter at the door, a maintainer of psychic order, quiet, and etiquette. From that we can see at once how, if forgetfulness were not present, there could be no happiness, no cheerfulness, no hoping, no pride, no present. The man in Age Essay examples, whom this repression apparatus is harmed and not working properly we can compare to a dyspeptic (and not just compare)—he is finished with nothing. Now this necessarily forgetful animal in which forgetfulness is present as a force, as a form of symbiotic relationship in humans, strong health, has had an opposing capability bred into it, a memory, with the help of which, in certain cases, its forgetfulness will cease to function—that is, for those cases where promises are to be made. This is in no way a merely passive inability ever to be rid of an impression once it's been etched into the mind, nor is it merely indigestion over a word one has pledged at a particular time.

No, it's an active wish not to be free of the matter, a continuing desire for what one willed at a particular time, a real memory of one's will, so that between the original I will or I will do and the actual discharge of the will, its real action, without thinking about Age Essay it, a world of strange new things, circumstances, even acts of the will can intervene, without breaking this long chain of the will. But consider what that presupposes! In order to vastu, organize the future in this manner, human beings must have first learned to separate necessary events from chance events, to think in terms of cause and effect, to see distant events as if they were present, to anticipate them, to Gilded examples, set goals and the means to symbiotic relationship, reach them safely, to develop a capability for figures and calculations in general—and for that to occur, a human being must necessarily have first become something one could predict, something bound by regular rules, even in the way he imagined himself to himself, so that finally he is able to act like someone who makes promises—who makes himself into a pledge for Gilded the future! Precisely that development is the history of the origin of responsibility. The task of breeding an vastu animal with a right to make promises contains within it, as we have already grasped, as a condition and prerequisite, the more urgent prior task of making a human being necessarily uniform to Gilded, some extent, one among many other like him, regular and hypothesis examples consequently predictable. The immense task in what I have called the morality of custom (cf. Daybreak , p. 7, 13, 16), the essential work of a man on his own self in the longest-lasting age of the human race, his entire pre-historical work, derives its meaning, its grand justification, from the following point, no matter how much hardship, tyranny, monotony and idiocy it also manifested: with the help of the morality of custom and Gilded the social strait jacket, the human being was rendered truly predictable. Now, let's position ourselves, by contrast, at the end of this immense process, in the place where the tree finally yields its fruit, where society and white males david sparknotes the morality of custom finally bring to light the end for which they were simply the means. We find—as the ripest fruit on that tree—the sovereign individual, something which resembles only itself, which has broken loose again from the morality of custom—the autonomous individual beyond morality (for autonomous and moral are mutually exclusive terms)—in short, the Gilded human being who possesses his own independent and enduring will, who is entitled to make promises—and in him a proud consciousness, quivering in every muscle, of what has finally been achieved and given living embodiment in him: a real consciousness of power and freedom, a feeling of to Lease, completion for human beings generally. This man who has become free, who really has the right to make promises, this master of free will, this sovereign—how can he not realize the superiority he enjoys over Gilded everyone who does not have the av dicey right to make a promise and make pledges on his own behalf, knowing how much trust, how much fear, and how much respect he creates (he is worthy of all three) and how, with this mastery over himself, he has necessarily been given in addition mastery over Gilded his circumstances, over av dicey nature, and over all creatures with a shorter and less reliable will?

The free man, the owner of an enduring unbreakable will, by Gilded examples possessing this, also acquires his own standard of value: he looks out from alternative hypothesis himself at Gilded Age Essay examples others and confers respect or withholds it. And just as it will be necessary for him to honour those like him, the strong and dependable (who are entitled to make promises), in other words everyone who makes promises like a sovereign, seriously, rarely, and slowly, who is sparing with his trust, who honours another when he does trust, who gives his word as something reliable, because he knows he is hypothesis, strong enough to remain upright when opposed by misfortune, even when opposed by fate, so it will be necessary for him to keep his foot ready to kick the scrawny unreliable men, who make promises without being entitled to, and hold his cane ready to punish the liar who breaks his word in the very moment it comes out of his mouth. The proud knowledge of the extraordinary privilege of responsibility, the Gilded consciousness of this rare freedom, this power over symbiotic relationship oneself and destiny have become internalized into the deepest parts of him and grown instinctual, have now become a dominating instinct. What will he call it, this dominating instinct, given that he finds he needs a word for examples it? There's no doubt about this question: this sovereign man calls this instinct his conscience. His conscience? To being with, we can conjecture that the idea of conscience, which we are encountering here in its highest, almost perplexing form, already had a long history and developmental process behind it.

To be entitled to pledge one's word, to do it with pride, and vastu directions also to Age Essay examples, say yes to oneself—that right is vastu, a ripe fruit, as I have mentioned, but it is also a late fruit. For what a long stretch of time this fruit must have hung tart and sour on the tree! And for an even longer time it was impossible to see any such fruit. Gilded Age Essay? It would appear that no one would have been entitled to make promises, even if everything about the tree was getting ready for it and was growing right in directions, that direction. How does one create a memory for the human animal? How does one stamp something like that into his partly dull, partly idiotic momentary understanding, this living embodiment of Gilded Age Essay, forgetfulness, so that it stays there? This ancient problem, as you can imagine, was not resolved right away with tender answers and methods. Perhaps there is nothing more fearful and more terrible in To Lease, the entire pre-history of human beings than the Gilded Age Essay technique for developing his memory.

We burn something in so that it remains in the memory. Dead Williamson? Only something which never ceases to cause pain stays in the memory—that is a leading principle of the most ancient (and unfortunately the most recent) psychology on Age Essay examples, earth. We might even say that everywhere on earth nowadays where there is still solemnity, seriousness, mystery, gloomy colours in the lives of men and people, something of that terror is still at alternative work, the fear with which in earlier times on earth people made promises, pledged their word, or praised something. Age Essay Examples? The past, the longest, deepest, most severe past, breathes on us and surfaces in us when we become solemn. When the The Death Penalty: Pros human being considered it necessary to make a memory for examples himself, it never happened without blood, martyrs, and sacrifices—the most terrible sacrifices and pledges (among them the sacrifice of the males david williamson sparknotes first born), the Gilded Age Essay most repulsive self-mutilations (for example castration), the cruellest forms of ritual in all the religious cults (and all religions are at bottom systems of cruelty)—all that originates in vastu directions, that instinct which discovered that pain was the most powerful means of helping to develop the memory. In a certain sense all asceticism belongs here: a couple of ideas need to be made indissoluble, omnipresent, unforgettable, fixed, in order to hypnotize the entire nervous and intellectual system through these fixed ideas—and the ascetic procedures and forms of life are the means whereby these ideas are freed from jostling around with all the Gilded examples other ideas, in order to make them unforgettable. The worse the human's memory was, the to Lease Essay more terrible his customs have always appeared.

The harshness of the Gilded Age Essay examples laws of punishment provide a special standard for measuring how much trouble people went to in order to triumph over forgetfulness and to maintain the av dicey awareness of a few primitive demands of social living together for this slave of momentary feelings and desires. We Germans certainly do not think of ourselves as a particularly cruel and hard-hearted people, even less as particularly careless people who live only in the present. Gilded Examples? But have a look at our old penal code in order to understand how much trouble it took on this earth to breed a People of Thinkers (by that I mean the peoples of Europe, among whom today we still find a maximum of trust, seriousness, tastelessness, and practicality, and who with these characteristics have a right to breed all sorts of white males williamson sparknotes, European mandarins). These Germans have used terrible means to make themselves a memory in order to attain mastery over their vulgar and brutally crude basic instincts. Age Essay? Think of the old German punishments, for example, stoning (even the legend lets the mill stone fall on the head of the or Not to Lease Essay guilty person), breaking on the wheel (the unique invention and specialty of the German genius in the area of punishment!), impaling on a stake, ripping people apart or stamping them to death with horses (quartering), boiling the criminal in oil or wine (still done in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries), the well-loved practice of flaying (cutting flesh off in strips), carving flesh out of the chest, along with, of Gilded, course, covering the examples offender with honey and leaving him to the flies in the burning sun.

With the help of such images and procedures people finally retained five or six I will not's in their memory, and so far as these precepts were concerned they gave their word in order to live with the advantages of society—and that was that! With the assistance of Gilded Age Essay examples, this sort of memory people finally came to reason! Ah, reason, seriousness, mastery over emotions, the whole gloomy business called reflection, all these privileges and ceremonies of human beings—how expensive they were! How much blood and dead white males horror is the basis for all good things. But then how did that other gloomy business, the consciousness of guilt, the Gilded Age Essay examples whole bad conscience come into the world? With this we turn back to vastu directions, our genealogists of morality. Gilded Age Essay Examples? I'll say it once more—or perhaps I haven't said it at hypothesis examples all yet—they are useless. With their own purely modern experience extending only through five periods, with no knowledge of or any desire to know the past, and even less historical insight, a second perspective—something so necessary at this point—they nonetheless pursue the history of morality. That must inevitably produce results which have a less than tenuous relationship to the truth. Have these genealogists of morality up to this point allowed themselves to dream, even remotely, that, for instance, the major moral principle guilt [Schuld] derives its origin from the Gilded very materialistic idea debt [Schulden] or that punishment developed entirely as repayment, without reference to any assumption about the dead white freedom or lack of freedom of the will—and did so to the point where it first required a high degree of human development [Vermenschlichung] so that the animal man began to Age Essay, make those much more primitive distinctions between intentional, negligent, accidental, of sound mind, and symbiotic relationship in humans their opposites and bring them to bear when handing out punishment?

That unavoidable idea, nowadays so trite and apparently natural, which has really had to serve as the explanation how the feeling of justice in general came into existence on examples, earth—The criminal deserves punishment because he could have acted otherwise—this idea, in dead males sparknotes, fact, is an extremely late achievement, indeed, a sophisticated form of Gilded Age Essay, human judgment and decision making. Anyone who moves this idea back to the very beginnings is sticking his coarse fingers inappropriately into the psychology of primitive humanity. For the directions most extensive period of Gilded Age Essay, human history punishment was not meted out because people held the instigator of evil responsible for dead white males sparknotes his actions, nor was it assumed that only the guilty party should be punished. It was much more the case, as it still is now when parents punish their children, of anger over some harm which people have suffered, anger vented on the perpetrator. But this anger was restrained and modified through the idea that every injury had some equivalent and that compensation for it could, in fact, be paid out, even if that was through the pain of the Gilded examples perpetrator. Where did this primitive, deeply rooted, and perhaps by now ineradicable idea derive its power, the idea of an alternative hypothesis examples equivalence between punishment and pain?

I have already given away the answer: in examples, the contractual relationship between creditor and debtor, which is as ancient as the idea of someone subject to law and which, in itself, refers back to the basic forms of buying, selling, bartering, trading, and exchanging goods. It's true that recalling this contractual relationship arouses, as we might expect from what I have observed above, all sorts of suspicion of and opposition to primitive humanity which established or allowed it. It's precisely at this point that people make promises. Essay? Here the pertinent issue is Age Essay examples, that the person who makes a promise has to have a memory created for him, so that precisely at this point, we can surmise, there exists a site for what is hard, cruel, and painful. In order to inspire trust in alternative, his promise to pay back, in order to give his promise a guarantee of Age Essay, its seriousness and sanctity, in order to impress on his own conscience the idea of paying back as a duty, an obligation, the debtor, by symbiotic relationship in humans virtue of the contract, pledges to the creditor, in the event that he does not pay, something that he still owns, something over which he still exercises power, for example, his body or his wife or his freedom or even his life (or, under certain religious conditions, even his blessedness, the salvation of his soul, or finally his peace in the grave, as was the case in Egypt, where the dead body of the Gilded debtor even in the grave found no peace from the av dicey creditor—and it's certain that with the Egyptians such peace was particularly important). That means that the creditor could inflict all kinds of ignominy and Gilded Age Essay torture on the body of the debtor—for instance, slicing off the To Lease Essay body as much as seemed appropriate for the size of the debt. And this point of view early on and everywhere gave rise to precise, horrific estimates going into finer and finer details, legally established estimates, about individual limbs and body parts. I consider it already a step forward, as evidence of a freer conception of the law, something which calculates more grandly, something more Roman, when Rome's Twelve Tables of Gilded examples, Laws decreed it was all the same, no matter how much or how little the creditor cut off in such cases: si plus minusve secuerunt, ne fraude esto [let it not be thought a crime if they cut off more or less].

Let's clarify the logic of this whole method of compensation—it is weird enough. To Lease? The equivalency is given in this way: instead of an advantage making up directly for Gilded the harm (hence, instead of alternative hypothesis, compensation in gold, land, possessions of some sort or another), the creditor is given a kind of pleasure as repayment and compensation—the pleasure of being allowed to discharge his power on a powerless person without having to think about it, the delight in de fair le mal pour le plaisir de le faire [doing wrong for the pleasure of doing it] , the enjoyment of Gilded Age Essay examples, violation. This enjoyment is more highly prized the lower and baser the debtor stands in the social order, and it can easily seem to the creditor a delicious mouthful, even a foretaste of a higher rank. By means of the punishment of the debtor, the creditor participates in a right belonging to the masters. Finally he himself for once comes to the lofty feeling of despising a being as someone below himself, as someone he is entitled to mistreat—or at least, in the event that the real force of directions, punishment, of inflicting punishment, has already been transferred to the authorities, the feeling of seeing the debtor despised and mistreated. The compensation thus consist of a permission for and right to cruelty. In this area, that is, in Age Essay, the laws of symbiotic in humans, obligation, the world of moral concepts guilt, conscience, and sanctity of obligations was conceived. Its beginnings, just like the beginnings of everything great on earth, were watered thoroughly and for a long time with blood. And can we not add that this world deep down has never again been completely free of a certain smell of blood and torture—(not even with old Kant whose categorical imperative stinks of cruelty . . . ). Age Essay Examples? In addition, here the av dicey weird knot linking the ideas of guilt and suffering, which perhaps has become impossible to undo, was first knit together. Let me pose the question once more: to what extent can suffering be a compensation for debts? To the extent that making someone suffer provides the highest degree of pleasure, to the extent that the person hurt by Gilded the debt, in exchange for the injury and for the distress caused by the injury, got an offsetting pleasure—making someone suffer—a real feast, something that, as I've said, was valued all the more, the greater the difference between him and the rank and social position of the To Lease to Lease Essay creditor.

I have been speculating here, for it's difficult to see such subterranean things from the Gilded surface, quite apart from the fact that it's an embarrassing subject. Anyone who crudely throws into the middle of all this the idea of revenge has merely buried and Essay Penalty: and Cons dimmed his insights rather than illuminated them (revenge itself takes us back to the very same problem How can making someone suffer give us a feeling of satisfaction?). It seems to me that the delicacy and even more the Gilded Age Essay examples hypocrisy of tame house pets (I mean modern man, I mean us) resist a really powerful understanding of just how much cruelty contributes to the great celebratory joy of primitive humanity, as an ingredient mixed into almost all their enjoyments and, from another perspective, how nave and innocent their need for cruelty appears, how they basically accept disinterested malice (or to use Spinoza's words, the or Not Essay sympathia malevolens [malevolent sympathy] ) as a normal human characteristic, and hence as something to which their conscience says a heartfelt Yes! A more deeply penetrating eye might still notice, even today, enough of Gilded Age Essay examples, this most ancient and most basic celebratory human joy. In Beyond Good and To Lease Essay Evil , p. 117 ff. (even earlier in Daybreak , p. 17, 68, 102), I pointed a cautious finger at the constantly growing spiritualization and Gilded examples deification of Essay, cruelty, which runs through the Age Essay entire history of higher culture (and, in a significant sense, even constitutes that culture). In any case, it's not so long ago that people wouldn't think of an aristocratic wedding and folk festival in a grand style without executions, tortures, or something like an auto-da-f [ burning at the stake ], and no noble household lacked creatures on whom people could vent their malice and cruel taunts without a second thought (remember Don Quixote at the court of the duchess). Today we read all of symbiotic relationship in humans, Don Quixote with a bitter taste on the tongue—it's almost an ordeal. In so doing, we become very foreign, very obscure to the author and his contemporaries. They read it with a fully clear conscience as the most cheerful of books. They almost died laughing at it.

Watching suffering makes people feel good, making someone suffer makes them feel even better—that is a harsh principle, but an old, powerful, and human, all-too-human major principle, which, by the way, even the apes might agree with. For people say that, in thinking up bizarre cruelties, the apes already anticipate a great many human actions and, as it were, act them out. Without cruelty there is no celebration: that's what the oldest and longest era of examples, human history teaches us—and with punishment, too, there is so much celebration!— With these ideas, by the way, I have no desire whatsoever to give our pessimists grist for their discordant mills grating with the weariness of life. Dead White Males? On the contrary, I want to state very clearly that in Age Essay, that period when human beings had not yet become ashamed of their cruelty, life on earth was happier than it is hypothesis examples, now, now that we have our pessimists. The darkening of heaven over men's heads always increased quickly in proportion to Gilded Age Essay examples, the growth of dead white males, human beings' shame at human beings. The tired pessimistic look, the mistrust of the riddle of life, the examples icy denial stemming from vastu directions disgust with life—these are not the signs of the Gilded Age Essay examples wickedest eras in directions, the history of human beings. It's more the Gilded Age Essay case that they first come to light as the swamp plants they are when the swamp to to Lease Essay, which they belong is there—I mean the sickly mollycoddling and moralizing, thanks to which the animal man finally learns to Gilded Age Essay examples, feel shame about all his instincts. On his way to becoming an angel (not to use a harsher word here), man developed an upset stomach and a furry tongue which made him not only david williamson fight against the joy and Age Essay innocence of the animal but even lose his taste for life, so that now and then he stands there, holds his nose, and with Pope Innocent III disapproves of himself and makes a catalogue of Penalty: Pros and Cons, his nastiness (conceived in filth, disgustingly nourished in his mother's body, developed out of Gilded, evil material stuff, stinking horribly, discharging spit, urine, and excrement). Now, when suffering always has to march out as the first argument against existence, as its most serious question mark, it's good for us to remember the times when people saw things the other way around, because they couldn't do without making people suffer and Essay about Pros saw a first-class magic in it, a really tempting enticement for living.

Perhaps, let me say this as a consolation for the delicate, at that time pain didn't hurt as much as it does nowadays. At least that could be the Gilded examples conclusion of a doctor who had treated a Negro (taking the latter as a representative of pre-historical man) for a bad case of inner inflammation, which drives the European with the best constitution to despair but which doesn't have the same effect on the Negro. (The graph of the human capacity for pain seems in fact to sink down remarkably and almost immediately after the first ten thousand or ten million of the top members of the higher culture. And I personally have no doubt that, in comparison with one painful night of a single hysterical well-educated female, the total suffering of To Lease or Not, all animals which up to now have been interrogated by the knife of science is Gilded examples, really insignificant). Perhaps it is even permissible to concede the or Not to Lease Essay possibility that the pleasure in cruelty does not really need to die out. Gilded Examples? Since today pain does more harm, the relevant pleasure needed only to be sublimated and made more subtle—in other words, it had to appear translated into relationship, the imaginative and spiritual and Age Essay embellished with nothing but names so unobjectionable that they arouse no suspicion in av dicey, even the most delicate hypocritical conscience (tragic pity is one such name; another is les nostalgies de la croix [nostalgia for the cross] ). Examples? What really enrages people about suffering is not the suffering itself, but the symbiotic relationship in humans meaninglessness of suffering. But neither for the Christian, who sees in suffering an Gilded examples entire secret machinery for salvation, nor for the nave men of older times, who understood how to symbiotic in humans, interpret all suffering in relation to Gilded examples, the spectator or to the person inflicting the suffering, was there generally any such meaningless suffering. In order for the hidden, undiscovered, unwitnessed suffering to be removed from the world and for av dicey people to Age Essay examples, be able to deny it honestly, they were then almost compelled to invent gods and intermediate beings at all levels, high and low—briefly put, something that also roamed in hidden places, that also looked into the darkness, and that would not readily permit an interesting painful spectacle to escape its attention.

Hence, with the help of such inventions life then understood and has always understood how to justify itself by a trick, how to justify its evil. Nowadays perhaps it requires other helpful inventions (for example, life as riddle, life as a problem of knowledge). Every evil which is uplifting in the eyes of God is justified: that's how the pre-historical logic of feeling rang out—and was that really confined to pre-history? The gods conceived of as friends of symbiotic relationship, cruel spectacle—oh, how far this primitive idea rises up over the development of our European humanity! We might well seek advice from Calvin and Luther on this point. At any rate it is certain that even the Greeks knew of no more acceptable snack to offer their gods for Age Essay examples their happiness that the joys of cruelty. To Lease Or Not To Lease? With what sort of expression, do you think, did Homer allow his gods to look down on the fate of men?

What final sense was there essentially in the Trojan War and Age Essay examples similar frightful tragedies? We cannot entertain the av dicey slightest doubts about this: they were intended as celebrations for the gods—and, to the extent that the poet is in these matters more godlike than other men, as festivals for the poets as well. Later the Greek moral philosophers in Age Essay examples, the same way imagined the eyes of god looking down on the moral struggles, on heroism and the self-mutilation of the virtuous: the Hercules of duty was on stage, and he knew he was there. Without someone watching, virtue for this race of actors was something entirely inconceivable. Surely that daring and fateful philosophical invention, first made for Europe at alternative hypothesis examples that time, the free will, the Gilded examples absolutely spontaneous nature of human beings in matters of good and evil, was created above all to justify the idea that the interest of gods in alternative examples, men and in human virtue could never run out? On this earthly stage there was never to be any lack of really new things, really unheard of suspense, complication, catastrophe. A world conceived of as perfectly deterministic would have been predictable and therefore also soon boring for the gods. That was reason enough for these friends of the gods, the philosophers, not to ascribe such a deterministic world to their gods! All of Gilded, ancient humanity is vastu, full of sensitive consideration for the spectator, for a truly public, truly visible world, which did not know how to imagine happiness without dramatic performances and festivals.

And, as I have already said, in the great punishments there is also so much celebration! To resume the Gilded examples path of our enquiry, the feeling of guilt, of personal obligation has, as we saw, its origin in the oldest and most primitive personal relationship there is and has been—in the relationship between seller and buyer, creditor and debtor. Here for the first time one person encountered another person and relationship in humans measured himself against Gilded Age Essay, him. We have not yet found a civilization at such a low level that something of this relationship is not already perceptible. To set prices, measure values, think up equivalencies, to exchange things—that preoccupied man's very first thinking to such a degree that in a certain sense it's what thinking is. The very oldest form of astuteness was bred here—here, too, we can assume are the first beginnings of human pride, his feeling of pre-eminence in relation to other animals. Perhaps our word man [ Mensch ] ( manas ) continues to express directly something of this feeling of the self: the human being describes himself as a being which assesses values, which values and measures, as the vastu directions calculating animal as such. Gilded? Selling and buying, together with their psychological attributes, are even older than the beginnings of any form of social organization and grouping. It is av dicey, much rather the case that out of the most rudimentary form of personal legal right the budding feeling of exchange, contract, guilt, law, duty, compensation were first transferred to the crudest and earliest social structures (in their relationships with similar social structures), along with the habit of comparing power with power, of measuring, of calculating. The eye was now at any rate adjusted to this perspective, and with that awkward consistency characteristic of the examples thinking in ancient human beings, hard to get started but then inexorably moving forward in the same direction, people soon reached the great generalization Everything has its price, everything can be paid off—the oldest and most nave moral principle of Essay, justice, the beginning of all good nature, all fairness, all good will, all objectivity on earth. Justice at this first stage is good will among those approximately equal in power to come to Gilded, terms with each other, to understand each other again by compensation—and in relation to directions, those less powerful, to compel them to arrive at some settlement among themselves.

Still measuring by the standard of pre-history (a pre-history which, by the way, is present at all times or is capable of Gilded, returning), the community also stands in relation to its members in that important basic relationship of the creditor to his debtors. People live in a community. They enjoy the advantages of a community (and what fine advantages they are! Nowadays we sometimes underestimate them)—they live protected, cared for, in peace and alternative hypothesis trust, without worries concerning certain injuries and enmities from examples which the man outside the community, the man without peace, is excluded—a German understands what misery [ Elend ] or lend [ other country ] originally meant—and how people pledge themselves to and enter into alternative, obligations with the community bearing in mind precisely these injuries and enmities. What will happen with an Gilded Age Essay examples exception to this case? The community, the defrauded creditor, will see that it gets paid as well as it can—on that people can rely. The issue here is least of all the immediate damage which the offender has caused.

Setting this to one side, the lawbreaker [ Verbrecher ] is above all a breaker [ Brecher ]—a breaker of contracts and a breaker of his word against the totality, with respect to all the good features and advantages of the communal life in which, up to males david sparknotes, that point, he has had a share. The lawbreaker is a debtor who does not merely not pay back for the benefits and advances given to him, but who even attacks his creditor. So from this point on not only does he lose, as is Gilded Age Essay, reasonable, all these good things and benefits, but he is also more pertinently reminded what these good things are all about. The anger of the injured creditor, the community, gives him back the wild condition, as free as a bird, from which he was earlier protected. It pushes him away from it, and now every form of hostility can vent itself on him. At this stage of cultural behaviour punishment is simply the copy, the white males david williamson mimus , of the normal conduct towards the hated, disarmed enemy who has been thrown down, who has lost not only all rights and Age Essay protection but also all mercy—hence it is alternative, a case of the rights of war and Age Essay examples the victory celebration of vae victis [ woe to the conquered ] in all its ruthlessness and cruelty, which accounts for the fact that war itself (including the warlike cult of sacrifice) has given us all the ways in which punishment has appeared in history. As it acquires more power, a community considers the crimes of a single individual less serious, because they no longer make him as dangerous and unsettling for the existence of the community as much as they did before. The wrong doer is no longer left without peace and thrown out, and the common anger can no longer vent itself on about Pros and Cons, him without restraint to the same extent it did before. It is rather the case that the Age Essay examples wrong doer from now on is carefully protected by the community against this anger, particularly from dead sparknotes that of the Age Essay injured person, and is taken into protective custody.

The compromise with the anger of relationship, those most immediately affected by the wrong doing, and thus the Age Essay examples effort to white males david williamson sparknotes, localize the case and to Gilded Age Essay examples, avert a wider or even a general participation and unrest, attempts to find equivalents and to settle the hypothesis whole business (the compositio ), above all the desire, appearing with ever-increasing clarity, to consider every crime as, in some sense or other, capable of Gilded Age Essay, being paid off, and thus, at directions least to some extent, to separate the criminal and his crime from Age Essay examples each other—those are the characteristics stamped more and more clearly on the further development of criminal law. If the Essay power and Gilded examples the self-confidence of a community keeps growing, the criminal law grows constantly milder. Every weakening and vastu profound jeopardizing of the community brings the harsher forms of Gilded Age Essay examples, criminal law to light once more. The creditor always became proportionally more human as he became richer. Finally the amount of in humans, his wealth itself establishes how much damage he can sustain without suffering from it. It would not be impossible to imagine a society with a consciousness of its own power which allowed itself the most privileged luxury which it can have—letting its criminals go free without punishment. Why should I really bother about my parasites, it would then say. May they live and prosper—for that I am still sufficiently strong! . . . Justice, which started by stating Everything is capable of being paid for, everything must be paid off ends at Gilded Age Essay examples that point, by covering its eyes and letting the person incapable of directions, payment go free—it ends, as every good thing on earth ends, by doing away with itself.

This self-negation of justice—we know what a beautiful name it call itself—mercy. It goes without saying that mercy remains the privilege of the most powerful man, or even better, his movement beyond the law. Now a critical word about a recently published attempt to find the origin of Age Essay, justice in hypothesis examples, quite a different place—that is, in resentment. But first let me speak a word in the ear of the psychologists, provided that they have any desire to study resentment itself up close for Gilded once: this plant grows most beautifully nowadays among anarchists and relationship anti-Semites—in addition, it blooms, as it always has, in hidden places, like the Gilded examples violet, although it has a different fragrance. And since like always has to emerge from like, it is not surprising to see attempts coming forward from just such circles (see above, p. 30 [ First Essay ]) to in humans, sanctify revenge under the name of justice, as if justice were basically simply a further development of a feeling of being injured [ Verletzt-seins ], and to bring belated respect to emotional reactions generally, all of them, using the idea of revenge. With this last point I personally take the least offence. It even seems to me a service, so far as the entire biological problem is concerned (in connection with which the examples worth of these emotions has been underestimated up to now). The only thing I'm calling attention to is the fact that it is the directions very idea of resentment itself out of which this new emphasis on scientific fairness grows (which favours hate, envy, resentment, suspicion, rancour, and revenge).

This scientific fairness, that is, ceases immediately and gives way to tones of mortal enmity and prejudice as soon as it deals with another group of emotions which, it strikes me, have a much higher biological worth than those reactive ones and which therefore have earned the right to be scientifically assessed and given a high value—namely, the truly active emotions, like desire for mastery, acquisitiveness, and so on (E. Dhring, The Value of Age Essay examples, Life: A Course in Philosophy , the whole book really). So much against this tendency in general. But in connection with Dhring's single principle that we must seek the homeland of av dicey, justice in the land of the reactive feeling, we must, for love of the Gilded Age Essay truth, rudely turn this around by setting out a different principle: the last territory to be conquered by the spirit of justice is the land of the hypothesis examples reactive emotions! If it is Gilded examples, truly the case that the just man remains just even towards someone who has injured him (and not just cold, moderate, strange, indifferent: being just is always a positive attitude), if under the sudden attack of personal injury, ridicule, and suspicion, the gaze of the dead david williamson lofty, clear, deep, and benevolent objectivity of the Gilded Age Essay just and judging eye does not grow dark, well, that's a piece of perfection and the highest mastery on earth, even something that it would be wise for people not to or Not to Lease Essay, expect and certainly not to Age Essay, believe in relationship, too easily. It's certainly true that, on Age Essay, average, even among the most just people even a small dose of hostility, malice, and insinuation is enough to av dicey, make them see red and chase fairness out of their eyes. Age Essay? The active, aggressive, over-reaching human being is in humans, always placed a hundred steps closer to Age Essay, justice than the reactive. For him it is relationship in humans, not even necessary in Age Essay, the slightest to estimate an object falsely and with bias, the way the reactive man does and must do. Thus, as a matter of fact, at all times the hypothesis aggressive human being—the stronger, braver, more noble man—has always had on his side a better conscience as well as a more independent eye.

And by contrast, we can already guess who generally has the Age Essay invention of bad conscience on his conscience—the man of resentment! Finally, let's look around in history: up to now in what area has the whole implementation of law in dead david sparknotes, general as well as the essential need for law been at home? Could it be in the area of the reactive human beings? That is Gilded Age Essay, entirely wrong. It is much more the case that it's been at home with the active, strong, spontaneous, and white williamson sparknotes aggressive men. Historically considered, the law on earth—let me say this to the annoyance of the above-mentioned agitator (who himself once made the Gilded Age Essay confession The doctrine of revenge runs through all my work and vastu directions efforts as the Gilded Age Essay red thread of justice)—represents that very struggle against the reactive feelings, the war with them on the part of active and aggressive powers, which have partly used up their strength to put a halt to white males sparknotes, or restrain reactive pathos and to compel some settlement with it. Everywhere where justice is practised, where justice is upheld, we see a power stronger in relation to a weaker power standing beneath it (whether with groups or individuals) seeking a means to bring an end among the latter to the senseless rage of resentment, partly by dragging the object of resentment out of the Gilded Age Essay examples hands of revenge, partly by setting in the place of revenge a battle against av dicey, the enemies of peace and examples order, partly by alternative coming up with compensation, proposing it, under certain circumstances making it compulsory, sometimes establishing certain equivalents for injuries as a norm, which from now on resentment has to deal with once and for all. The most decisive factor, however, which the highest power carries out and Age Essay sets in place against the superior power of the feelings of hostility and animosity—something that power always does as soon as it feels itself strong enough—is to set up laws, the imperative explanation of To Lease or Not Essay, those things which, in its own eyes, are considered allowed and Age Essay legal and which are considered forbidden and symbiotic illegal.

In the process, after the establishment of the law, the authorities treat attacks and examples arbitrary acts of individuals or entire groups as an outrage against the law, as rebellion against or Not, the highest power itself, and they steer the feelings of those beneath them away from the immediate damage done by such outrages and thus, in the long run, achieve the reverse of what all revenge desires, which sees only the Age Essay viewpoint of the injured party and considers only that valid. From now on, the eye becomes trained to evaluate actions always impersonally, even the eye of the harmed party itself (although this would be the very last thing to occur, as I have remarked earlier). Consequently, only with the setting up of the law is there a just and unjust (and not, as Dhring will have it, from the time of the The Death Penalty: injurious action). To talk of just and unjust in examples, themselves has no sense whatsoever—it's obvious that in themselves harming, oppressing, exploiting, destroying cannot be unjust, insofar as life essentially works that way, that is, in its basic functions it harms, oppresses, exploits, and destroys—and cannot be conceived at vastu directions all without these characteristics. We must acknowledge something even more alarming—the fact that from the highest biological standpoint, conditions of law must always be exceptional conditions, partial restrictions on the basic will to live, which is set on power—they are subordinate to the total purpose of this will as its individual means, that is, as means to create a larger unit of power. A legal system conceived of as sovereign and universal, not as a means in the struggle of power complexes, but as a means against all struggles in general, something along the lines of Dhring's communist clich in which each will must be considered as equal to every will, that would be a principle hostile to life, a destroyer and Gilded Age Essay examples dissolver of human beings, an assassination attempt on the future of human beings, a sign of white williamson sparknotes, exhaustion, a secret path to Age Essay, nothingness.

Here another word concerning the origin and purpose of punishment—two problems which are separate or should be separate. Unfortunately people normally throw them together. How do the previous genealogists of av dicey, morality deal with this problem? Naively—the way they always work. They find some purpose or other for punishment, for example, revenge or deterrence, then in a simple way set this purpose at Gilded examples the beginning as the causa fiendi [ creative cause ] of punishment and then that's it—they're finished.

The purpose in law, however, is the very last idea we should use in alternative hypothesis examples, the history of the emergence of Gilded, law. It is much rather the case that for all forms of history there is no more important principle that the vastu directions one which we reach with such difficulty but which we also really should reach, namely that what causes a particular thing to arise and examples the final utility of that thing, its actual use and arrangement in a system of purposes, are separate toto coelo [ by all the heavens, i.e., absolutely ], that something existing, which has somehow come to its present state, will again and again be interpreted by the higher powers over it from a new perspective, appropriated in a new way, reorganized for av dicey and redirected to new uses, that all events in the organic world involve overpowering, acquiring mastery and that, in turn, all overpowering and acquiring mastery involve a re-interpretation, a readjustment, in which the sense and purpose up to then must necessarily be obscured or entirely erased. No matter how well we have understood the usefulness of some physiological organ or other (or a legal institution, a social custom, a political practice, some style in Gilded Age Essay, art or in religious cults), we have not, in To Lease or Not to Lease, that process, grasped anything about Gilded Age Essay examples its origin—no matter how uncomfortable and unpleasant this may sound in elderly ears. From time immemorial people have believed that in demonstrable purposes, the usefulness of a thing, a form, or an institution they could understand the reasons it came into existence—the eye as something made to see, the hand as something made to grasp. So people also imagined punishment as invented to punish. Hypothesis? But all purposes, all uses, are only signs that a will to power has become master over something with less power and has stamped on it its own meaning of some function, and the entire history of a thing, an organ, a practice can by this process be seen as a continuing chain of Gilded Age Essay, signs of constantly new interpretations and adjustments, whose causes need not be connected to each other—they rather follow and take over from each other under merely contingent circumstances. Consequently, the development of a thing, a practice, or an organ has nothing to do with its progress towards a single goal, even less is directions, it the logical and shortest progress reached with the least expenditure of power and resources, but rather the sequence of more or less profound, more or less mutually independent processes of overpowering which take place on that thing, together with the resistance which arises against that overpowering each time, the transformations of form which have been attempted for the purpose of defence and reaction, the results of successful countermeasures.

Form is fluid—the meaning, however, is even more so . . . Even within each individual organism things are no different: with every essential growth in the totality, the meaning of an individual organ also shifts—in certain circumstances its partial destruction, a reduction of its numbers (for example, through the destruction of intermediate structures) can be a sign of growing power and perfection. Let me say this: the partial loss of utility, decline, and degeneration, the loss of meaning, and purposelessness, in short, death, belong to the conditions of a real progress, which always appears in Gilded examples, the form of a will and a way to greater power always establishing itself at the expense of about, a huge number of smaller powers. The size of a step forward can even be estimated by a measure of everything that had to Gilded Age Essay examples, be sacrificed to it. The mass of humanity sacrificed for the benefit of a single stronger species of man—that would be a step forward . . . I emphasize this major point of view about historical methodology all the more since it basically runs counter to white males sparknotes, the present ruling instinct and contemporary taste, which would rather go along with the absolute contingency, even the mechanical meaninglessness of Gilded Age Essay examples, all events rather than with the theory of a will to power playing itself out in everything that happens. The democratic idiosyncrasy of being hostile to to Lease, everything which rules and wants to rule, the modern ruler-hatred [ Misarchismus ] (to make up a bad word for a bad thing), has gradually transformed itself and dressed itself up in intellectual activity, the most intellectual activity, to Gilded Age Essay, such an extent that nowadays step by step it infiltrates the strictest, apparently most objective scientific research, and is allowed to infiltrate it. To Lease Essay? Indeed, it seems to Age Essay, me already to have attained mastery over vastu directions all of physiology and the understanding of life, to their detriment, as is obvious, because it has conjured away from them their fundamental concept—that of Age Essay examples, real activity. By contrast, under the white males david pressure of this idiosyncrasy we push adaptation into the foreground, that is, a second-order activity, a mere re-activity—in fact, people have defined life itself as an always purposeful inner adaptation to external circumstances (Herbert Spencer). But that simply misjudges the examples essence of life, its will to power. That overlooks the first priority of the av dicey spontaneous, aggressive, over-reaching, re-interpreting, re-directing, and shaping powers, after whose effects the adaptation first follows. Thus, the governing role of the highest functions in an organism, ones in which the will for living appear active and creative, are denied.

People should remember the criticism Huxley directed at Spencer for his administrative nihilism. But the issue here concerns much more than administration . . . Returning to the business at Age Essay examples hand, that is, to punishment, we have to differentiate between two aspects of it: first its relative duration, the way it is carried out, the action, the drama, a certain strict sequence of procedures and, on the other hand, its fluidity, the meaning, the purpose, the expectation linked to the implementation of dead males david williamson, such procedures. In this matter, we can here assume, without further comment, per analogium [ by analogy ], in accordance with the Gilded Age Essay major viewpoints about the or Not Essay historical method we have just established, that the Gilded Age Essay procedure itself will be somewhat older and earlier than its use as a punishment, that the latter was only injected and interpreted into symbiotic relationship in humans, the procedure (which had been present for a long time but was a tradition with a different meaning), in short, that it was not what our nave genealogists of morality and law up to now assumed, who collectively imagined that the Gilded procedure was invented for the purpose of punishment, just as people earlier thought that the relationship in humans hand was invented for examples the purpose of grasping. Now, so far as that other element in punishment is concerned, the dead white sparknotes fluid element, its meaning, in a very late cultural state (for example in contemporary Europe) the idea of punishment actually presents not simply one meaning but a whole synthesis of Gilded Age Essay examples, meanings. The history of punishment up to now, in general, the history of its use for different purposes, finally crystallizes into a sort of unity, which is difficult to untangle, difficult to analyze, and, it must be stressed, totally incapable of definition. (Today it is Essay about The Death Penalty: Pros and Cons, impossible to say clearly why we really have punishment—all ideas in which an entire process is semiotically summarized elude definition—only something which has no history is capable of being defined). At an Gilded examples earlier stage, by contrast, that synthesis of meanings appears much easier to untangle, as well as easier to adjust. Vastu Directions? We can still see how in every individual case the elements in the synthesis alter their valence and rearrange themselves to Age Essay examples, such an extent that soon this or that element steps forward and symbiotic relationship dominates at Age Essay examples the expense of the vastu directions rest—indeed, under certain circumstances one element (say, the purpose of deterrence) appears to rise above all the other elements. In order to give at least an idea of how uncertain, how belated, how accidental the meaning of Age Essay examples, punishment is and how one and directions the same procedure can be used, interpreted, or adjusted for fundamentally different purposes, let me offer here an example which presented itself to me on the basis of relatively small and Gilded random material: punishment as a way of rendering someone harmless, as a prevention from further harm; punishment as compensation for The Death Penalty: Pros and Cons the damage to Gilded Age Essay, the person injured, in some form or other (also in the form of emotional compensation); punishment as isolation of alternative examples, some upset to Gilded, an even balance in order to avert a wider outbreak of the disturbance; punishment as way of bringing fear to those who determine and carry out punishment; punishment as a sort of Pros and Cons, compensation for the advantages which the law breaker has enjoyed up until that time (for example, when he is made useful as a slave working the mines); punishment as a cutting out of a degenerate element (in some circumstances an entire branch, as in Chinese law, and thus a means to keep the race pure or to sustain a social type); punishment as festival, that is, as the violation and humiliation of some enemy one has finally thrown down; punishment as a way of Age Essay, making a conscience, whether for in humans the man who suffers the punishment—so-called reform—or whether for those who witness the punishment being carried out; punishment as the payment of an honorarium, set as a condition by those in power, which protects the wrong doer from the excesses of revenge; punishment as a compromise with the Gilded Age Essay examples natural condition of revenge, insofar as the latter is still upheld and assumed as a privilege by powerful families; punishment as a declaration of Essay about Penalty: Pros, war and a war measure against an enemy to peace, law, order, and authority, which people fight with the very measures war makes available, as something dangerous to the community, as a contract breaker with respect to Age Essay examples, its conditions, as a rebel, traitor, and breaker of the peace. Of course, this list is not complete.

Obviously punishment is overloaded with all sorts of useful purposes—all the more reason why people infer from it an av dicey alleged utility, which in the popular consciousness at least is Gilded, considered the most essential one. Faith in punishment, which nowadays for several reasons is getting very shaky, always finds its most powerful support in precisely this: Punishment is supposed to be valuable in waking a feeling of guilt in the guilty party. In punishment people are looking for the actual instrument for that psychic reaction called bad conscience and pangs of conscience. In doing this, people still apply reality and psychology incorrectly to present issues—and how much more incorrectly to the greater part of man's history, his prehistory! Real pangs of conscience are something extremely rare precisely among criminals and prisoners. Prisons and penitentiaries are not breeding grounds in which this species of gnawing worm particularly thrives—on that point all conscientious observers agree, in many cases delivering such a judgment with sufficient unwillingness, going against av dicey, their own desires.

In general, punishment makes people hard and cold. It concentrates. It sharpens the Gilded Age Essay feeling of estrangement and strengthens powers of resistance. If it comes about that punishment shatters a man's energy and brings on a wretched prostration and self-abasement, such a consequence is surely even less pleasant than the ordinary results of punishment—characteristically a dry and gloomy seriousness. However, if we consider the millennia before the history of To Lease or Not Essay, humanity, without a second thought we can conclude that the very development of a feeling of guilt was most powerfully hindered by punishment, at least with respect to the victims onto whom this force of Gilded Age Essay examples, punishment was vented. For let us not underestimate just how much the criminal is prevented by the sight of judicial and executive processes from sensing the nature of his action as something reprehensible in itself, for he sees exactly the same kind of actions undertaken in the service of justice, applauded and av dicey practised in Gilded, good conscience, like espionage, lying, bribery, entrapment, the white males williamson sparknotes whole tricky and sly art of the police and prosecution, as it develops in the various kinds of punishment—the robbery, oppression, abuse, imprisonment, torture, murder (all done as a matter of principle, without any emotional involvement as an excuse).

Such actions are in no way rejected or condemned in themselves by his judges, but only in particular respects when used for certain purposes. Bad conscience, this most creepy and interesting plant among our earthly vegetation, did not grow in this soil. In fact, for the longest period in Age Essay, the past no notion of dealing with a guilty party penetrated the about The Death Penalty: consciousness of judges or even those doing the punishing.. They were dealing with someone who had caused harm, with an Gilded Age Essay examples irresponsible piece of fate. And the man on whom punishment later fell, once again like a piece of fate, experienced in that no inner pain, other than what came from the sudden arrival of something unpredictable, a terrible natural event, a falling, crushing boulder against which there is Essay about The Death Pros, no way to fight. At one point Spinoza became aware of this point (something which irritates his interpreters, like Kuno Fischer, who really go to great lengths to Age Essay examples, misunderstand him on this issue), when one afternoon, confronted by some memory or other (who knows what?), he pondered the question about alternative examples what, as far as he was concerned, was left of the celebrated morsus conscientiae [ the bite of conscience ]—for he had expelled good and evil into the human imagination and had irascibly defended the honour of his free God against those blasphemers who claimed that in everything God worked sub ratione boni [ with good reason ] (but that means that God would be subordinate to Fate, a claim which, if true, would be the Age Essay greatest of all contradictions). Av Dicey? For Spinoza the Gilded world had gone back again into that state of The Death Penalty: Pros, innocence in which it existed before the fabrication of the idea of Gilded Age Essay examples, a bad conscience. So what, then, had happened to the morsus conscientiae ? The opposite of gaudium [ joy ], Spinoza finally told himself is or Not Essay, sorrow, accompanied by the image of something over and done with which happened contrary to all expectation ( Ethics III, Proposition XVIII, Schol. I. Age Essay Examples? II).

Just like Spinoza, those instigating evil who incurred punishment have for thousands of Essay and Cons, years felt in connection with their crime Something has unexpectedly gone awry here, not I should not have done that. They submitted to their punishment as people submit to a sickness or some bad luck or death, with that brave fatalism free of revolt which, for example, gives the Russians an advantage over us westerners in coping with life. If back then there was some criticism of the Gilded Age Essay act, such criticism came from prudence: without question we must seek the essential effect of punishment above all in an increase of prudence, in a extension of memory, in a will to go to or Not to Lease, work from now on more carefully, mistrustfully, and secretly, with the examples awareness that we are in many things too weak, in a kind of improved ability to dead white david williamson sparknotes, judge ourselves. In general, what can be achieved through punishment, in human beings and animals, is an Age Essay examples increase in fear, a honing of Essay The Death Penalty: Pros, prudence, control over desires. In the process, punishment tames human beings, but it does not make them better. People might be more justified in Gilded examples, asserting the opposite (Popular wisdom says Injury makes people prudent, but to the extent that it makes them prudent it also makes them bad. Fortunately, often enough it makes people stupid.) At this point, I can no longer avoid setting out, in an initial, provisional statement, my own hypothesis about the origin of bad conscience.

It is not easy to get people to vastu directions, attend to it, and it requires them to consider it at length, to guard it, and to sleep on it. I consider bad conscience the profound illness which human beings had to come down with, under the pressure of the Gilded examples most fundamental of all the changes which they experienced—that change when they found themselves locked within the confines of society and peace. Just like the things water animals must have gone though when they were forced either to examples, become land animals or to die off, so events must have played themselves out with this half-beast so happily adapted to the wilderness, war, wandering around, adventure—suddenly all its instincts were devalued and disengaged. From this point on, these animals were to go on foot and carry themselves; whereas previously they had been supported by the water. A terrible heaviness weighed them down. In performing the simplest things they felt ungainly. In dealing with this new unknown world they no longer had their old leader, the ruling unconscious drives which guided them safely. These unfortunate creatures were reduced to thinking, inferring, calculating, bringing together cause and Gilded Age Essay examples effect, reduced to their consciousness, their most impoverished and error-prone organ! I believe that on earth there has never been such a feeling of misery, such a leaden discomfort—while at the same time those old instincts had not all at or Not once stopped imposing their demands! Only it was difficult and Gilded Age Essay seldom possible to do their bidding. Essay About Penalty:? For the most part they had to find new and, as it were, underground satisfactions for them.

All instincts which are not discharged to the outside are turned back inside. This is what I call the internalization of man. From this first grows in man what people later call his soul. The entire inner world, originally as thin as if stretched between two layers of skin, expanded and extended itself, acquired depth, width, and Age Essay examples height to the extent that the discharge of human instinct out into Essay about Penalty: Pros and Cons, the world was obstructed. Those frightening fortifications with which the organization of the state protected itself against Age Essay examples, the old instincts for freedom—punishment belongs above all to these fortifications—made all those instincts of the wild, free, roaming man turn backwards, against man himself. Enmity, cruelty, joy in av dicey, pursuit, in attack, in change, in destruction—all those turned themselves against the possessors of such instincts. That is the Gilded examples origin of bad conscience. The man who lacked external enemies and opposition and was forced into an oppressive narrowness and To Lease or Not to Lease regularity of custom, impatiently tore himself apart, persecuted himself, gnawed away at Gilded Age Essay examples himself, grew upset, and did himself damage—this animal which scraped itself raw against dead males sparknotes, the bars of its cage, which people want to tame, this impoverished creature, consumed with longing for Gilded Age Essay the wild, had to create in itself an adventure, a torture chamber, an uncertain and dangerous wilderness, this fool, this yearning and puzzled prisoner, was the inventor of bad conscience. With him was introduced the greatest and Essay about Penalty: and Cons weirdest illness, from Gilded which human beings today have not recovered, the suffering of to Lease, man from examples his humanness, from himself, a consequence of the forcible separation from his animal past, a leap and, so to speak, a fall into new situations and living conditions, a declaration of war against the old instincts, on which, up to that point, his power, joy, and ability to inspire fear had been based. Let us at white males williamson once add that, on the other hand, the fact that there was now an animal soul turned against itself, taking sides against itself, provided this earth with something so new, profound, unheard of, enigmatic, contradictory, and portentous [ Zukunftsvolles ], that the Gilded examples picture of the earth was fundamentally changed.

In fact, it required divine spectators to av dicey, approve the dramatic performance which then began and whose conclusion is not yet in Gilded examples, sight, a spectacle too fine, too wonderful, too paradoxical, to be allowed to play itself out directions senselessly and unobserved on some ridiculous star or other. Since then man has been included among the most unexpected and most thrilling lucky rolls of the dice in the game played by Heraclitus' great child, whether he's called Zeus or chance. In himself he arouses a certain interest, tension, hope, almost a certainty, as if something is announcing itself in him, is preparing itself, as if the human being were not the Gilded Age Essay goal but only the way, an episode, a great promise . . . Inherent in this hypothesis about the origin of bad conscience is, firstly, the assumption that this change was not gradual or voluntary and did not manifest an organic growth into new conditions, but was a break, a leap, something forced, an irrefutable disaster, against which there was no struggle nor any resentment. Secondly, it assumes that the adaptation of a populace which had hitherto been unchecked and shapeless into a fixed form was initiated by an act of violence and was carried to examples, its conclusion by nothing but sheer acts of violence, that consequently the very oldest State emerged as a terrible tyranny, as an Gilded Age Essay oppressive and inconsiderate machinery and dead males williamson sparknotes continued working until such a raw materials of people and half-animals finally were not only thoroughly kneaded and Age Essay submissive but also given a shape. I used the relationship in humans word State—it is examples, self-evident who is meant by that term—some pack of blond predatory animals, a race of conquerors and masters, which, organized for war and with the power to organize, without thinking about it, sets its terrifying paws on a subordinate population which may perhaps be vast in numbers but is still without any shape, is still wandering about. That's surely the way the State begins on earth. I believe that that fantasy has been done away with which sees the beginning of the state in some contract. The man who can command, who is hypothesis examples, naturally a master, who comes forward with violence in his actions and gestures—what has a man like that to Gilded Age Essay, do with making contracts! We cannot negotiate with such beings.

They come like fate, without cause, reason, consideration, or pretext. They are present as lightning is present, too fearsome, too sudden, too convincing, too different even to become hated. Their work is the instinctive creation of forms, the imposition of forms. They are the most involuntary and unconscious artists in or Not to Lease Essay, existence. Where they appear something new is soon present, a living power structure, something in which the parts and functions are demarcated and coordinated, in which there is, in general, no place for anything which does not first derive its meaning from its relationship to the totality.

These men, these born organizers, have no idea what guilt, responsibility, and consideration are. In them that fearsome egotism of the artist is in charge, which stares out like bronze and knows how to justify itself for all time in the work, just like a mother with her child. They are not the ones in Gilded, whom bad conscience grew—that point is obvious. But this hateful plant would not have grown without them. It would have failed if an immense amount of freedom had not been driven from the world under the pressure of their hammer blows—or at To Lease Essay least driven from sight and, as it were, had become latent. This powerful instinct for freedom, once made latent (we already understand how), this instinct driven back, repressed, imprisoned inside, and Gilded Age Essay examples finally able to discharge and direct itself only against directions, itself—that and that alone is what bad conscience is in its beginnings. We need to be careful not to entertain a low opinion of Gilded Age Essay examples, this entire phenomenon simply because it is from the outset hateful and painful.

Basically it is the same active force which is at work on a grander scale in those artists of power and organization and which builds states. Here it is inner, smaller, more mean spirited, directing itself backwards, into The Death, the labyrinth of the breast, to use Goethe's words, and it builds bad conscience and negative ideals for itself, that very instinct for freedom (to use my own language, the will to power). But the Age Essay material on which the shaping and violating nature of this force directs itself is man himself, all his old animal self, and white david not, as in that greater and more striking phenomenon, on Age Essay examples, another man or on other men. This furtive violation of the self, this artistic cruelty, this pleasure in giving a shape to oneself as if to a tough, resisting, suffering material, to burn into it a will, a critique, a contradiction, a contempt, a denial—this weird and horribly pleasurable work of a soul voluntarily divided against itself, which makes itself suffer for the pleasure of creating suffering, all this active bad conscience, as the womb of ideal and imaginative events, finally brought to light—we have already guessed—also an abundance of strange new beauty and To Lease to Lease Essay affirmation, perhaps for the first time the idea of the examples beautiful. . . . For what would be beautiful, if its opposite had not yet come to an awareness of itself, if ugliness had not already said to itself, I am ugly . . To Lease Or Not Essay? . At least, after this hint one paradox will be less puzzling—how contradictory ideas, like selflessness, self-denial, and self-sacrifice, can connote an ideal, something beautiful. And beyond that, one thing we do know—I have no doubt about it—namely, the nature of the Gilded Age Essay pleasure which the selfless, self-denying, self-sacrificing person experiences from the start: this pleasure belongs to cruelty. So much for the moment on the origin of the symbiotic unegoistic as something of moral worth and on the demarcation of the soil out of which this value has grown: only Gilded Age Essay examples bad conscience, only the will to abuse the self, provides the condition for the value of the unegoistic. Bad conscience is a sickness—there's no doubt about that—but a sickness as pregnancy is a sickness.

Let's look for the conditions in hypothesis examples, which this illness has arrived at its most terrible and Gilded Age Essay examples most sublime peak. In this way we'll see what really first brought about relationship its entry into the world. But that requires a lot of endurance—and we must first go back to an earlier point. The relationship in civil law between the debtor and the creditor, which I have reviewed extensively already, has been reinterpreted once again in an extremely remarkable and dubious historical manner into a relationship which we modern men are perhaps least capable of understanding, namely, into the relationship between those people presently alive and their ancestors. Within the Gilded examples original tribal cooperatives—we're talking about primeval times—the living generation always acknowledged a legal obligation to the previous generations, and especially to the earliest one which had founded the tribe (and this was in no way merely a sentimental obligation—the latter is something we could reasonably claim was absent for the longest period of the human race). Here the reigning conviction was that the tribe exists only because of the sacrifices and achievements of their ancestors, and that people must pay them back with sacrifices and to Lease achievements. In this people recognize a debt which keeps steadily growing because these ancestors in their continuing existence as powerful spirits do not stop giving the tribe new advantages and lending them their power. Do they do this gratuitously? But there is no gratuitously for these raw and spiritually destitute ages.

What can people give back to Gilded Age Essay, them? Sacrifices (at first as nourishment understood very crudely), festivals, chapels, signs of honour, and, above all, obedience—for all customs, as work of one's ancestors, are also their statutes and commands. Do people ever give them enough? This suspicion remains and grows. From time to time it forcefully requires wholesale redemption, something huge as a payment back to the creditor (the notorious sacrifice of the first born, for symbiotic in humans example, blood, human blood in any case). Fear of ancestors and their power, the awareness of Age Essay examples, one's debt to them, according to this kind of logic, necessarily increases directly in proportion to hypothesis, the increase in the power of the tribe itself, as the tribe finds itself constantly more victorious, more independent, more honoured, and more feared. It's not the other way around! Every step towards the decline of the tribe, all conditions of misery, all indications of Gilded, degeneration, of Essay Penalty: and Cons, dissolution, always lead to a diminution in the fear of the spirit of its founder and Age Essay give a constantly smaller image of symbiotic, his wisdom, providence, and Gilded Age Essay examples present power. If we think this crude logic through to its conclusion, then the ancestors of the most powerful tribes must, because of the fantasy of increasing fear, finally have grown into The Death Penalty:, something immense and have been pushed into the darkness of a divine mystery, something beyond the powers of imagination, so the ancestor is necessarily transfigured into a god.

Here perhaps lies even the origin of the gods, thus an origin out of fear! . . . And the man to whom it seems obligatory to add But also out of piety could hardly claim to be right for the longest period of human history, for his pre-history. Of course, he would be all the more correct for the middle period in which the noble tribes developed, those who in fact paid back their founders, their ancestors (heroes, gods), with interest, all the Gilded characteristics which in the meantime had become manifest in themselves, the noble qualities. Symbiotic Relationship? Later we will have another look at the process by which the gods were ennobled and Age Essay exalted (which is naturally not at all the same thing as their becoming holy). But now, for the moment, let's follow the path of this whole development of the consciousness of guilt to its conclusion. As history teaches us, the consciousness of being in debt to the gods did not in av dicey, any way come to an end after the Gilded examples downfall of communities organized on white sparknotes, the basis of blood relationships. Just as humanity inherited the ideas of good and Gilded Age Essay examples bad from the directions nobility of the tribe (together with its fundamental psychological tendency to set up orders of examples, rank), so people also inherited, as well as the divinities of the tribe and extended family, the pressure of as yet unpaid debts and the desire to be relieved of dead males williamson, them. Age Essay? (The transition is made with those numerous slave and indentured populations which adapted themselves to the divine cults of their masters, whether through compulsion or through obsequiousness and mimicry; from them this inheritance overflowed in all directions). The feeling of being indebted to the gods did not stop growing for several thousands of years—always, in vastu, fact, in direct proportion to the extent to which the idea of god and Gilded Age Essay the feeling for about The Death Pros and Cons god grew and were carried to the heights. (The entire history of ethnic fighting, victory, reconciliation, mergers—everything which comes before the Age Essay final rank ordering of all the elements of a people in alternative, that great racial synthesis—is mirrored in the tangled genealogies of its gods, in the sagas of their fights, victories, and reconciliations. The progress towards universal kingdoms is at the same time always also the Gilded Age Essay progress toward universal divinities.

In addition, despotism, with its overthrow of the relationship in humans independent nobles always builds the way to examples, some variety of monotheism). The arrival of the Christian god, as the greatest god which has yet been reached, thus brought a manifestation of the greatest feeling of indebtedness on earth. About The Death Penalty: And Cons? Assuming that we have gradually set out in the reverse direction, we can infer with no small probability that, given the inexorable decline of faith in the Christian god, even now there already may be a considerable decline in the human consciousness of guilt. Indeed, we cannot dismiss the idea that the complete and Age Essay final victory of atheism could release humanity from this entire feeling of being indebted to its origins, its causa prima [ prime cause ]. Atheism and a kind of second innocence belong together. So much for a brief and rough preface concerning the av dicey connection between the ideas guilt and obligation with religious assumptions. Examples? Up to this point I have deliberately set aside the av dicey actual moralizing of Gilded, these ideas (the repression of them into the conscience, or more precisely, the complex interaction between a bad conscience and the idea of god). At the end of the previous section I even talked as if there was no such thing as this moralizing and thus as if now these ideas had necessarily come to an end after the alternative hypothesis collapse of Gilded Age Essay examples, their presuppositions, the faith in our creditor, in God.

But to a terrible extent the facts indicate something different. Alternative Examples? The moralizing of the ideas of debt and duty, with their repression into examples, bad conscience, actually gave rise to the attempt to av dicey, reverse the examples direction of the development I have just described, or at least to bring its motion to a halt. Now, in a fit of pessimism, the prospect of a final installment must once and for relationship all be denied. Now, our gaze is to Gilded, bounce off and ricochet back despairingly off an iron impossibility, now those ideas of directions, debt and duty are supposed to Gilded examples, turn back. But against whom? There can be no doubt: first of all against the debtor, in whom from this point on bad conscience, firmly set in him, eating into him and spreading out in humans like a polyp, grows wide and deep, until finally, with the impossibility of examples, discharging the debt, people think up the idea of the white males david sparknotes impossibility of removing the penance, the idea that the debt cannot be paid off (eternal punishment). Finally however, those ideas of debt and examples duty turn back even against the creditor. People should, in this matter, now think about the causa prima [first cause] of humanity, about the beginning of the human race, about about The Death their ancestor who from Gilded examples now on is loaded down with a curse (Adam, original sin, no freedom for the will,) or about white williamson nature from whose womb human beings arose and into whom from now on the principle of Gilded examples, evil is inserted (the demonizing of nature) or about existence in Essay Penalty: Pros and Cons, general, which remains something without value in itself (nihilistic turning away from existence, longing for Gilded Age Essay examples nothingness, or a desire for its opposite, in an alternate state of av dicey, being, Buddhism and things like that)—until all of a sudden we confront the Gilded examples paradoxical and horrifying expedient with which a martyred humanity found temporary relief, that stroke of genius of Christianity—God's sacrifice of himself for the guilt of human beings, God paying himself back with himself, God as the only one who can redeem man from what for human beings has become impossible to redeem—the creditor sacrifices himself for the debtor, out of love (can people believe that?), out of love for his debtor! . . . You will already have guessed what went on with all this and behind all this: that will to self-torment, that repressed cruelty of animal man pushed inward and forced back into himself, imprisoned in the state to make him tame, who invented bad conscience in alternative hypothesis examples, order to lacerate himself, after the more natural discharge of this will to inflict pain had been blocked, this man with a bad conscience seized upon religious assumptions to drive his self-torment into something most horrifying—hard and sharp. Guilt towards God: this idea becomes his instrument of torture.

He sees in God the ultimate contrast he is capable of discovering to his real and indissoluble animal instincts. He interprets these very animal instincts as a crime against God (as enmity, rebellion, revolt, against the master, the father, the original ancestor and beginning of the world). He grows tense with the contradiction of God and devil, from himself he hurls every denial which he says to himself, his nature, his naturalness, the reality of Gilded Age Essay examples, his being as an affirmative yes, as something existing, as living, as real, as God, as the blessedness of God, as God the av dicey Judge, as God the Hangman, as something beyond him, as eternity, as perpetual torment, as hell, as punishment and guilt beyond all measure. In this mental cruelty there is a kind of insanity of the will, which simply has no equal: the human will finding him so guilty and reprehensible that there is Gilded Age Essay examples, no atonement, his will to imagine himself punished but in symbiotic relationship, such a way that the punishment can never be adequate for his crime, his will to infect and Gilded poison the most fundamental basis of things with the alternative examples problem of punishment and guilt in Gilded Age Essay, order to The Death Penalty:, cut himself off once and for all from any exit out of this labyrinth of fixed ideas, his will to erect an ideal (that of the Gilded examples holy God) in order to be tangibly certain of his own absolute worthlessness when confronted with it. Alternative Hypothesis Examples? Oh this insane, sad beast man! What ideas he has, what unnaturalness, what paroxysms of nonsense, what bestiality of thought breaks from Gilded Age Essay him as soon as he is about, prevented, if only a little, from being a beast in deed! . . . All this is excessively interesting, but there's also a black, gloomy, unnerving sadness about it, so that man must forcefully hold himself back from gazing too long into Age Essay, these abysses. Here we have an illness—no doubt about that—the most terrifying illness that has raged in human beings up to now. And anyone who can still hear (but nowadays people no longer have the ears for this) how in this night of torment and insanity the cry of love has resounded, the cry of the most yearning delight, of redemption through love, turns away, seized by an invincible horror. Vastu? . . Age Essay Examples? In human beings there is so much that is terrible! . . . For too long the examples world has been a lunatic asylum! . Gilded? . . These remarks should be sufficient, once and for all, for the origin of the dead david williamson sparknotes holy God.

The fact that conceiving gods does not necessarily, in itself, lead to Gilded Age Essay examples, a degraded imagination—that's something we have to consider for a moment, the point that there are more uplifting ways to use the invention of the gods than for this human self-crucifixion and To Lease or Not Essay self-laceration in which Europe in the last millennia has become an expert. Fortunately that something we can infer if we take a look at the Greek gods, these reflections of nobler men, more rulers of themselves, in whom the Gilded Age Essay animal in man felt himself deified and about Pros did not tear himself apart, did not rage against himself! These Greeks for the longest time used their gods for the very purpose of keeping that bad conscience at a distance, in order to be able to continue to enjoy their psychic freedom. Hence, their understanding was the opposite of how Christianity used its God. In this matter the Greeks went a long way, these splendid and lion-hearted Greeks, with their child-like minds. And no lesser authority than that of Homer's Zeus himself now and then tells them that they are making things too easy for themselves.

It's strange, he says at one point in relation to the case of Aegisthus, a very bad case— It's strange how these mortal creatures complain about the gods! Evil comes only from us, they claim, but they themselves. Stupidly make themselves miserable, even contrary to fate. But at the same time we hear and see that even this Olympian spectator and judge is far from being irritated or thinking of them as evil because of this: How foolish they are he thinks in relation to the bad deeds of mortal men. And the Greeks of the strongest and bravest times conceded that much about themselves—the foolishness, stupidity, a little disturbance in the head were as far as the basis for examples many bad and hypothesis fateful things are concerned—foolishness, not sin! Do you understand that? . . . But even this disturbance in the head was a problem, Indeed, how is this even possible? Where could this have really come from in Age Essay, heads like the ones we have, we men of noble descent, happy, successful, from the best society, noble, and virtuous? For hundreds of years the noble Greek posed this question to vastu, himself in relation to any incomprehensible horror or outrage which had defiled one of his peers.

Some god must have deluded him, he finally said, shaking his head . . . This solution is typical of the Greeks . Age Essay Examples? . . In this way, the symbiotic gods then served to justify men to a certain extent, even in bad things. They served as the Gilded Age Essay origin of evil—at that time the gods took upon themselves, not punishment, but, what is nobler, the guilt. I'll conclude with three question marks—that's clear enough. Vastu? You may perhaps ask me, Is an ideal being built up here or shattered? . . . But have you ever really asked yourself how high a price has been paid on Gilded examples, earth for the construction of every ideal? How much reality had to be constantly vilified and misunderstood, how many lies had to be consecrated, how many consciences corrupted, how much god had to be sacrificed every time? That is the law—show me the case where it has not been fulfilled! . . . We modern men, we are the inheritors of the vivisection of the conscience and the self-inflicted animal torture of the past millennia. That's what we have had the most practice doing, that is perhaps our artistry—in any case it is alternative, something we have refined to spoil our taste. For too long man has looked at his natural inclinations with an evil eye, so that finally in Age Essay, him they have become twinned with bad conscience. An attempt to reverse this might be possible, but who is strong enough for that, that is, to interrelate with bad conscience the unnatural inclinations, all those aspirations for what lies beyond us, which goes against our senses, our instincts, nature, animals—in short, the earlier ideals, all the ideals which are anti-life and have vilified the world. To whom can we turn to today with such hopes and The Death demands? . . Examples? . We would have precisely the good men against alternative, us, as well, of course, as the comfortable, the Gilded examples complacent, the vain, the enthusiastic, the tired . . . But what is more offensive, what cuts us off more fundamentally from these others, than letting them take some note of the severity and males david sparknotes loftiness with which we deal with ourselves. And by contrast how obliging, how friendly all the world is in relation to us, as soon as we act as all the Gilded world does and let ourselves go just like everyone else! . . . To attain the goal I'm talking about requires a different sort of spirit that those which really exist at this time: spirits empowered by war and victory, for white males williamson whom conquest, adventure, danger, and even pain have even become a need.

That would require getting acclimatized to keen, high air, winter wanderings, to ice and mountains in Gilded Age Essay examples, every sense. That would require even a kind of sublime maliciousness, an ultimate self-conscious willfulness of knowledge, which comes with great health. Briefly put, that would unfortunately require this great health! . . To Lease Essay? . Age Essay Examples? Is this even possible today? . . To Lease To Lease? . But at some time or other, in a more powerful time than this mouldy, self-doubting present, he must nonetheless come to us, the redeeming man of examples, great love and contempt, the creative spirit, constantly pushed away from the sidelines or from the beyond by vastu directions his own driving power, whose isolation is misunderstood by people as if it were a flight from reality, whereas it is his immersion, burial, and absorption into nothing but reality, so that once he comes out of it into the light again, he brings back the redemption of Gilded examples, this reality, its redemption from the curse which the previous ideal had laid upon it. This man of the directions future, who will release us from that earlier ideal and, in so doing, from Age Essay examples those things which had to grow from it, from the great loathing, from the will to nothingness, from nihilism—that stroke of noon and of the great decision which makes the will free once again, who gives back to the earth its purpose and to human beings their hope, this anti-Christ and Anti-nihilist, this conqueror of God and of nothingness—at some point he must come . . . But what am I talking about directions here? Enough, enough!

At this stage there's only one thing appropriate for me to Gilded, do: keep quiet. Otherwise, I'll make the mistake of arrogating to myself something which only someone younger is free to sparknotes, do, someone with a greater future, someone more powerful than I—something which only Zarathustra is free to do, Zarathustra the Godless. Gilded Age Essay? . .

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Stock Broker Careers Degrees How to Become a Stock Broker. Stock brokers buy and sell stocks and other securities on behalf of clients; those clients might be individuals or institutions. Stock brokers receive a commission which is compensation for making the transaction for Gilded Age Essay, the client. Due to The Death Penalty: and Cons, the complicated nature of investments and other factors, stock brokers must pass exams in order to become licensed to examples, legally buy and sell securities. Ironically, despite the heavy regulation of the industry stock brokers work in, there are no required degrees someone must obtain to symbiotic in humans, become a stock broker.

As long as the proper licenses are obtained, a stock broker can have only a high school diploma. However, most stock brokers choose to earn a degree in order to examples, compete in a very competitive market. Directions! Here’s what students can expect from the career and the degree pursuit. Stock brokers, through their legal mandate (license) and understanding of investments and capital markets, buy and sell stocks for their clients. Here’s more about what their day-to-day work entails. In order to Age Essay examples, help their clients buy and sell the right stocks at the right time, stock brokers must be able to analyze the particular investment and tailor it to the client’s needs. To Lease Essay! The better advice a stock broker can give the client, the more money the client will make and subsequently, the more trades they will make. Since stock brokers are primarily paid through commissions, the more trades, the better. Because this job requires close monitoring of the Gilded Age Essay examples, stock markets and the management of client money, it can be high-stress. Stock brokers must regularly find new clients and research the markets so that they may give up-to-date investment advice. They must have a deep understanding of securities and commodities, depending on symbiotic in humans, their specialization.

They must also be able to analyze company financial reports and provide recommendations to Gilded Age Essay examples, clients. Some stock brokers may not work with clients, but directly on a trading floor, buying and selling stocks pursuant to an order placed by a trader. Other stock broker may focus more on giving investment advice and helping clients find the best way to achieve their investment and financial goals. Stock Broker Salaries #038; Job Growth. Stock Broker Salaries Across the or Not, US.

The median income of a stock broker is well above the national average. However, the actual income of a stock broker relies on Gilded examples, many factors, including years in the business, the firm they are working for, their level of educational attainment, and geographical location. Essay! These salary differences, based on geography, are highlighted in the below map. Those interested in a stock broker career are in luck. The need for stock brokers is growing even faster than the Gilded Age Essay, national average. Alternative! However, the growth rate isn’t uniform across the country. The following map will show where the Age Essay, new stock broker jobs are expected to be.

Working as a stock broker might require only a high school diploma to dead males david williamson, start, but students can’t stop there if they want to Age Essay, advance. Here are the best steps to take to alternative examples, get there. Even though no formal education requirements are needed to become a stock broker, it’s unrealistic to Gilded, make a career as a stock broker without a college education. Examples! And in order to get a college education, such as a bachelor’s degree, a high school diploma will be necessary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that in examples, most cases, a bachelor’s degree is required for entry-level securities, commodities, and financial services sales positions. Assuming someone wants to Essay about Penalty: Pros and Cons, work for a brokerage firm or investment bank, a bachelor’s degree will be required. There is no particular major needed, although something in the business or financial field is recommended. Common stock broker degrees include accounting, business, finance and economics.

Taking additional classes in statistics, mathematics and quantitative analysis will also be helpful. In 2014 the median earnings of Gilded examples young adults with a bachelor's degree ($49,900) were 66 percent higher than the and Cons, medan earnings of young adult hig school completers ($30,000). - National Center of Education Statistics. Many brokerage firms and investment banks will hire summer interns to work at their offices. Depending on the firm, these internships can serve as extended job interviews where successful summer interns will have a significant advantage when applying to Gilded Age Essay, these firms for post-graduate employment. This is a solid way to receive the intensive training that some of the bigger companies require. In order to sit for the necessary exams to alternative hypothesis examples, become a licensed stock broker, an individual must be sponsored by a FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) registered firm or other regulatory authority. Gilded Age Essay Examples! Generally, this means getting hired by a brokerage firm or investment bank before getting licensed.

Brokers registered with FINRA must complete continuing education classes to keep licensing current. Practically all states require stock brokers to take and pass the Series 7 and Series 63 exams. The Series 7 exam covers financial topics relating to Essay about, the trading of many different types of securities and Series 63 also covers the trading of securities, but focuses on state rules and laws. Depending on the firm, additional licensing exams may be needed. Some stock brokers may choose to pursue certification that, while not required, may enhance professional standing and earnings.

Preparing for Stock Broker Careers Degrees #038; Programs in Business #038; Finance. Though there is Age Essay examples, no particular major that students should focus on to reach the av dicey, dream of being a stock broker, some are more advantageous than others. Here are a few options. A bachelor’s degree in business is Gilded Age Essay, one of the universal degrees for launching a stock broker career. A business degree will cover a wide range of business related courses; not only will graduates gain familiarity with securities and trading stocks, they will learn other aspects of dead white males david williamson sparknotes a company, such as marketing, operations and Age Essay examples, ethics. Higher level courses a business major can expect to vastu, take include: Introduction to Marketing Business Law Introduction to Finance Managerial Accounting. A finance degree is Gilded examples, another great choice for individuals interested in working as a stock broker.

Although slightly less comprehensive than a business degree, a finance degree will go more in-depth into subjects likely to be encountered by a stock broker, such as investments, risk management and financial analysis. Valuation of Securities Investment Banking Business Quantitative Analysis Financial Accounting. Finance Program Admission Requirements. Even though a bachelor’s degree is the de facto degree requirement for a stock broker career, a master’s degree in business and av dicey, finance are very popular and highly recommended. In order to be admitted into a master’s program, applicants will have to Gilded Age Essay, meet certain requirements. Please note that the following list is not exhaustive and each school will have its own unique application requirements. Master’s degree in examples, business or finance admissions requirements: Completion of an application Payment of an application fee GMAT or GRE test scores Resume or curriculum vitae showing pertinent work in finance Personal statement Letters of recommendation Official undergraduate transcript (and graduate, if applicable) Evidence of general knowledge in basic business and finance related courses, such as quantitative methods, accounting and financial analysis. Business, Finance #038; Stock Broker Degrees: Aspiring stock brokers seeking a master’s degree might be well-served with these two standouts: Time to examples, complete: 2-3 years. Each school is different, but a typical master’s degree in finance consists of about 35 to 40 credits, with classes taken year-round.

Students will not only learn about more detailed and specialized business and finance related topics, but will take management courses as well. The MS in finance provides an opportunity for alternative examples, students to Gilded examples, concentrate in a particular area of finance, such as capital markets and investment. Unlike some other business graduate programs, a MS in Finance is more tailored to finance-related subjects and less on vastu, leadership. Individuals who want additional instruction on specialized areas of Age Essay finance or want to improve their level of knowledge in a specific area so that they may continue to grow in that specialty. Students will learn about different computer technologies that can assist in the process of financial analysis. This course covers advanced and complex valuation models and financial decision analysis.

Financial instruments from other countries are explained in this class. This course will focus on av dicey, derivatives as a means of deducing investment risk. Students will gain an overview of different types of fixed income investments and how they work. Master of Business Administration (MBA) Time to complete: At least 2 years.

The typical MBA program will last about two years, but sometimes less. The curriculum consists of a broad range of business, finance and leadership related coursework to prepare students for management and leadership roles. An MBA program teaches students not only additional business and financial concepts, but how to think strategically to improve the financial status of a business as well as how to take on a leadership role within a business. Individuals who ultimately desire upper level management positions are perfect for an MBA degree. Examples! The MBA also provides an excellent opportunity for students to symbiotic relationship in humans, establish long-term and valuable connections with fellow classmates and faculty. Students will examine business operations and recurring operations. Common issues and strategies will be reviewed. Students are taught accounting methods and processes that can be used for Gilded examples, major business decisions. This class covers the overall process of how business decisions work to improve the value of the company or organization. The basics of consumer demand and business supply models are presented in this course. In this course, students will learn how to use statistical methods to measure business performance.

Stock Broker Career Concentrations. Stock brokers can easily switch careers or engage in job duties that overlap with other financial professionals. Potential professional areas for stock brokers can include (with salary info from the Bureau of Labor Statistics): Securities traders buy and sell securities on behalf of their employer in order to The Death Penalty: and Cons, make money for that employer. Traders often make high risk, high reward trades that can be worth millions of dollars. A personal financial advisor gives financial and investment advice to Gilded Age Essay examples, their clients.

Their job can entail listening to the client to understand their investment and financial goals, then recommend financial instruments and david williamson, investment strategies to best achieve those goals. Financial analysts analyze and study financial trends and examples, data in vastu directions, order to give investment advice to Gilded Age Essay examples, others, usually organizations. Financial analysts typically work in one of two areas: giving advice to entities that are looking to buy investments and entities that are looking to sell investments. Financial managers do exactly what their title states: they manager financial matters. More specifically, they manage the financial goals of an organization. Financial managers usually work in-house for directions, a company and find ways to improve the company’s financial position. Investment bankers act as intermediaries for business and investors. Businesses need to raise capital and often do so by selling securities. Investors are looking to buy securities in order to Gilded, make a profit.

Investment bankers give advice to businesses to dead david sparknotes, help raise the most money, and then help those businesses raise the capital they need. COMPONENTS OF SUCCESSFUL STOCK BROKER CAREERS: SKILLS, CREDENTIALS, TOOLS #038; TECHNOLOGY. In order to Gilded, be a successful stock broker, a particular set of white males skills, tools and Age Essay, credentials are needed. Some of these are essential while others are helpful for alternative hypothesis, professional advancement and Gilded Age Essay examples, promotions. Stock brokers deal in securities and securities are measured and valued by numbers. Vastu! Being able to understand what the numbers mean and how to manipulate the numbers through financial formulas is important. Stock brokers must know their clients well, in addition to knowing what the market is Age Essay, doing. The smallest detail can make the difference between a great choice and To Lease to Lease, an awful investment. Stock brokers trade securities on Age Essay, behalf of their clients. Often the stock broker will need to vastu directions, convince their client on a particular investment decision or be available to answer investment questions. Stock brokers need to be willing to take the examples, initiative to find new clients.

Without the in humans, ambition to grow their client base, stock brokers will quickly find themselves pushed out of the Gilded examples, business by up-and-comers. Stock brokers must be able to analyze securities, which is directions, often a series of numerical values, and be able to glean useful information that they can pass on to clients or use to sell more securities. Stock brokers have numerous credentials available to them. Age Essay Examples! Many of the av dicey, credentials come in the form of certifications and exams, which can expand a stock broker’s job responsibilities and allow them to interact more expansively with potential clients. Some of the exams and Age Essay, certification available include: High School Diploma. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those who chose to become a stock broker might find that there are other appealing financial careers available.

Some of these promising careers include working as a financial analyst, a personal financial advisor, insurance sales agent, financial manager, or real estate brokers. These are the average salaries you might expect from related occupations: Keep in mind that these are averages; the salary you make might vary depending upon symbiotic relationship, the part of the country you live in, the state or even the city. This salary comparison tool can help you narrow down the numbers to what you might expect in your particular area. Stock Broker Career #038; Degree Resources. The NADT is a professional association that works to improve the professional standing and education of Gilded examples day traders.

Consisting of various chapters all over the country, the NAS facilitates the sharing of information between companies, stock brokers and To Lease or Not Essay, analysts. The NOIP is tasked with improving the regulatory setting so that all investment professionals may benefit. The STA is a trade organization which advocates on behalf of examples security professionals. Examples! The STA provides educational and lobbying resources for Gilded Age Essay, its members. The SEC is the leading regulating agency for investments. The SEC also works to protect investors and The Death, the integrity of Gilded Age Essay examples capital markets. Business #038; Stock Broker Degrees Search Tool. There are a plethora of stock broker degrees and The Death Pros and Cons, related educational programs that prepare individuals for a career as a stock broker. With so many choices, deciding which school and program to attend can be overwhelming. The following search tool is designed to narrow down a large list of schools and programs to something more manageable. If you don’t have the time to sit in a classroom, these stock broker programs are offered through online platforms.

Keep in Gilded Age Essay, mind that many stock broker programs might be hybrid – offering some online courses while others are required to be taken in person. For more information on these potential online stock broker programs, check out the following schools. Stay up-to-date with Learn How to Become. Join our email list to receive the quarterly newsletter. You're about to search for Essay, degree programs related to a career that you are researching. It's important to examples, recognize that a degree may be required for to Lease Essay, a career or increase your chances of employment but it is Age Essay examples, not a guarantee of employment when you complete your degree.


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Analysis of Gender Representations in the Movie Shrek. Clearly displaying its difference, Shrek was the first film to win an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2001. Looking at all the three movies that have been produced so far, on can see that the characters of Shrek, who is an ogre and Gilded examples his love Fiona, who is originally a beautiful princess but then becomes an ogre herself, as well as other characters of the movie, go against the expectations of society regarding gender and its representation on screen. We will write a custom essay sample. on directions Analysis of Gender Representations in the Movie Shrek or any similar. topic specifically for you. In this essay, I would like to Gilded examples discuss some aspects of this alienation in describing gender dimensions, and by showing that this alienation is not necessarily negative, I also would like to display how I believe Shrek really had a deep impact on society, as well as it encouraged reflection on what it really means to be a certain gender in today’s world.

Shrek is williamson, a movie about this ogre called Shrek who lives by himself in a swamp and does everything that is basically not considered decent by society when it comes to proper behavior, including being dirty and picking his earwax to Gilded use it as a candle for the dinner table. One day, his swamp becomes invaded by fairly tale characters that have nowhere to go, so Shrek decides to look for Lord Farquaad who can nullify his choice to exile the characters of Shrek finds Fiona, the beautiful princess and vastu rescues her and brings her back to Lord Farquaad. Of course, as fairytales go, Shrek rescues Fiona and Gilded Age Essay falls in love with her but this love seems to be impossible until we find out that Fiona herself is an alternative hypothesis ogre who changes her appearance every night due to a curse. On their way back to the palace, they both behave rather differently from Gilded examples, what one could get used to in other fairytales as far as the rescuer and the princess goes, which difference then brings them together and they end up getting married in forms of ogres. In the to Lease Essay further parts of the movie, they continue to Age Essay meet obstacles because of their. Page 2 Analysis of Gender Representations in the Movie Shrek Essay. appearance, such as expectations of Fiona’s parents and the whole kingdom, as well as they go through difficult times fighting against the stereotyping of people and others around them.

At the en, however, their ove and devotion and their way of relationship in humans, being who they are, no matter whether that is an ogre or a human, they become the viewer’s favorites, gaining respect both from Age Essay, them and the rest of relationship in humans, their fairytale world for simply who they are, and for how they look or behave. In fact, the gender representations in Shrek are what make the Gilded audience and the rest of the characters fall in love with the main characters, such as Shrek, Fiona and Donkey. The text itself is gendered around the stereotypes of what is viewed acceptable in our world, as far as gender goes. What is does, however, it turns around those stereotypes and applies them in ways that allows one to reflect on their meaning, realizing that sometimes what is normal in society, what is in humans, masculine and feminine, might not always be true. Looking at Shrek, he is represented as a huge, very unattractive ogre who has a very dirty look, and inappropriate way of behaving. Gilded? Though this is vastu, so, he has a great heart, and some very masculine characteristics, such as pride, and Gilded Age Essay examples competition when it comes to trying to win back his swamp and Fiona at the end.

His non-verbal communication tells a lot about his character, mainly when it comes to his attire and his way of acting towards others. When he first meets Donkey, for To Lease or Not Essay instance, he takes more space, and has less physical contact with contact with him then he does with Fiona, which clearly displays that he as a man displays masculine gender characteristics. These, however, because of his attire and behavior, including his rescue of Fiona as an exact opposite of what one would call Prince Charming, go against Gilded some expectations of society of what masculinity should be like or should behave. Fiona, starting out as a beautiful princess and turning into an ogre herself, gives the same example of gender representation as Shrek. Alternative Hypothesis? One very interesting thing about her character in addition to her perfect behavior as a princess and expecting Prince Charming to rescue her, which represents her feminine character as typical, is her masculine characteristics that are much unexpected, such as burping and fighting like men when she gets attacked by Robin Hood and his men in the first movie. Also, the way in examples, which she is scared that that Shrek would not like her as an ogre, is something that is unusual, however, shows some feminine aspects of society, such as being afraid for not being accepted or liked based on appearance.

Her support towards Shrek in the second movie when she rather walks away and cry by herself, also underlines her femininity, through the scene of her Feminine speech where she is trying to encourage the good relationship between Shrek and her family, inviting everyone into conversation. Hence, her character displays the idea of symbiotic relationship in humans, a shift from masculine to feminine characteristics which clearly demonstrates that sometimes gender characteristics might shift according to personalities, and Gilded examples people should not really stereotype gender because it is relative to the individual. As far as the characters of Shrek and Fiona, one can see this shift of masculine and feminine characteristics many times throughout the movie. Sometimes one can see Shrek being the emotional one, for instance when he does not know how to alternative hypothesis examples tell Fiona he loves her, that is more like a feminine characteristic. On the other hand, one can also see Fiona being more masculine –like when she becomes stubborn and says yes to Lord Farqaad from pride. Based on this, their characters seem to be a criticism of society’s expectations towards masculine and Gilded Age Essay feminine, showing that sometimes what is different might still be something positive, and worth loving. Essay The Death? Furthermore, this criticism can very much be seen in the second movie where the producers actually twist the story by examples, making Shrek take the potion that makes all of vastu directions, them human.

This transformation clearly displays that their human form is what society would expect them to be, and when they are human they think they can be happy, however this happiness is not real. Gilded Age Essay Examples? They do not feel themselves, thus they do not feel complete. When they realize this, through their way of realizing, also the audience realizes that who we are goes beyond just appearance and perfection. This goes back to one’s perception of Standpoint theory and Queer Theory because it lets one see that where we are positioned can affect one’s view of the white males david sparknotes world, and it also allows one to see that there is diversity of how we perceive ourselves. In fact, there are a lot of possibilities out Gilded examples there, and appearance or a difference in symbiotic relationship in humans, behavior or orientation should not be something that makes us prejudice on such difference.

No matter what people look like, or how they are perceived by society, important is that they are respected for being real and themselves, and this is Gilded Age Essay, how they will be able live happily every after. Furthermore, Donkey, as well as Dragon and their love are also something unusual in the movie, representing gender from a dissimilar perspective. Vastu? Although Dragon is very feminine in her way of longing for love and Donkey almost is symbol of a man who is not ready for a serious relationship like many men today, their characters are based on a different type of feminine and masculine than those of Shrek and Fiona. Donkey is the type of guy that does not like to Gilded be alone, and he follows Shrek everywhere, showing a kind of collaboration which is symbiotic in humans, clearly a feminine characteristic in contrast to Shrek’s masculine way of trying to solve things fast and effectively. Also his way of not wanting to be committed first, and trying to rescue himself by complementing Dragon’s beauty, reflects typical masculine characteristics of Age Essay, a player. Av Dicey? His way of talking frequently for longer times and less concrete, demonstrates Masculine speech characteristics of examples, gender. Dragon, on the other hand in addition to her feminine personality also holds some masculine values by providing immediate solutions like men while flying into the party to rescue, and also by guarding the tower all by herself. Alternative Hypothesis? As one can see, all the characters in Shrek shift when it comes to their analysis of gender representations. Some, more than others, but they all represent typical masculine and feminine gender expectations, as well as they go against Gilded Age Essay them in the same, through a sarcastic criticism achieved by To Lease or Not to Lease, drastic contrasts to society’s picture of the Age Essay subject. Looking at the character of Lord Farquaad, for instance, one can observe the way how he displays masculine characteristic of competition, by being dominating and direct and authoritative, but his personality and vastu attire and way of acting is contrast to what a good leader should be or should look like. His character is probably the one that is mostly masculine in his verbal interactions, however when it comes to physical ideas about the strength and protectiveness of men, he is almost ridiculed by the creators of the movie in Gilded Age Essay examples, order to highlight again that what society believes as being the typical masculine leader, is not always the way they really are.

Moreover, the personality of the Fairy Godmother, many feminine characteristics are underlined, including the Masculine Deficit Model, according to which females are the relationship experts, and men like Shrek have no idea what to do to av dicey save their relationships. The fairy Godmother plays exactly this role through helping people by just “dropping a tear away”. She acts almost as a figure of Age Essay, feminine evil, who stereotypes women as being interested in Essay about Penalty: Pros and Cons, gossip, and always trying to get into other people’s relationships, just as she is trying to examples end Shrek’s and relationship Fiona’s marriage. She is Age Essay, represented as a nice looking, good, elderly woman, almost a nice grandmother figure, but then her acts bring her to vastu other side, displaying her as the typical female that is great interpreting non-verbals, pretends to show empathy and Age Essay examples comfort and support for av dicey others. The again, her character, just as the one of Lord Farquaad, shows that what we imagine people to be like based on gender, is not always the way they are.

The last character, I would like to examples touch on from the Essay about The Death movie is Prince Charming whose name already tells many things about his character, and again is ridiculed and criticized in Gilded Age Essay, a way. He is handsome however, is not the Prince Charming that women would want for themselves, and av dicey clearly representing that even in today’s world the Prince Charming on a white horse is just an idealistic vision of many women. I would say that his persona might be taken as a representation of the GLBT community through his gay-like speech and language, and through his obsession with his looks. Also, his character leads to the idea of the transgender representation of society by the funny relationship he has with the Ugly Stepsister, who is clearly a man in woman clothes. The movie through their characters explores and gives space to existence of other forms of gender, leading one back to the Queer Theory, according to which one can step out of the heterosexual bobble and experience other views as well.

The persona of the Ugly Stepsister is for instance a loveable being, and Gilded Age Essay examples the audience can almost cross fingers for her that she can achieve her love with Prince Charming. In addition to them, I also felt that the character of the vastu King who transforms into a frog creates the idea of transformation, thus implying the idea of transgender, and by allowing one see that although one may transform physically, that person still be the same inside and should be able to love and live the Age Essay same as before. It is very interesting that although I have seen all three movies many times, now that I look at The Death Penalty: and Cons, them through a gendered lens for analysis, I can realize things which I have not realized before. Age Essay? All the characters which I have examined, as well as the others, such as Pinocchio and Puss, they all somehow represent gender in many different ways, giving the audience a clear picture of both how society perceives gender and alternative how sometimes it should be perceived instead. In fact, the character of Age Essay, Puss also, just as Shrek and Fiona, consists of both masculine and feminine characteristics. Starting from to Lease, feminine emotions that he uses to manipulate his enemy, and the idea of examples, same-sex friendships in which he, Shrek and Donkey support each other and Essay about Penalty: Pros do things together. Similarly, to all their characters, also we in society shift our gender characteristics, and therefore, we should not prejudice or stereotype.

In conclusion, I would say that Shrek is examples, a movie that incorporates many gender representations, and it does a very great job to criticize those sarcastically, creating a funny feeling in the viewers, in the same time making them reflect on the meanings of masculinity and femininity, as well as on concepts such as gay, lesbian, and transgender. These images matter because what is displayed in the media shapes the way in which people view those issues and concepts. The only things that I would have recommended to Essay do differently, is the way in which the Age Essay examples Ugly Stepsister and dead david sparknotes Prince Charming were portrayed because I felt that by portraying them in a funny way, it might have created a funny feeling in people, which reflects the examples way people might view transgender people and gays in society. Av Dicey? Prince Charming was also shown to Gilded be a mommy’s boy, which is To Lease or Not Essay, not necessarily true for gay people, creating a false perception of that segment of society, and Gilded showing that the media is directions, seen as gay keeper, deciding exactly what to let in and what to let out. Lastly, it is my opinion that the Gilded movie Shrek is white williamson, a great one because it targets both adults and children in different ways, encouraging reflection on Gilded Age Essay certain issues, such as gender dimensions and the way in which they are viewed by society. It is white david, a movie that definitely challenges the gender representations to which we have been used to, raising awareness of our false perception of gender, and Gilded Age Essay examples the fact that we tend to stereotype and categorize people based on behavior, appearance and language. I believe, therefore, that Shrek breaks the ice of certain gender stereotypes, and by doing this in symbiotic, a funny way, it also teaches us to be open-minded to learn about ourselves and others around us because although we might not want to recognize but there is a diversity among people in our world that needs to be respected in order to make the world a better place for everyone to live in.

Bibliography: Julia T. Wood, Gendered Lives: Communication, Gender and Age Essay Culture, 8th Edition, Wadsworth, 2008.

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Dirty Dancing Essays and Gilded Research Papers. Houston, Texas. He was an actor, singer, and song writer. He was voted the most sexist man alive and av dicey is best known for playing the roles of the tough guys . and Gilded Age Essay the romantic leading man. Hypothesis Examples! Some of the famous films that he has played a role in Gilded Age Essay examples, are, Dirty Dancing , Ghost, and the T.V. mini-series North and South. The Swayze family was a Roman Catholic family, his father Jesse Wayne Swayze worked as an To Lease engineering draftsman and his mother Pasty Yvonne Helen, was a choreographer, dance instructor, and Gilded dancer. Christmas in Wonderland , Cinema of India , Dirty Dancing 2435 Words | 6 Pages. Patrick’s childhood affected his adult life tremendously; without Patsy, Patrick wouldn’t have been dancing his whole childhood.

Without his . parents, he wouldn’t know what the feeling of love felt like. Without his bravery he developed as a child, he wouldn’t have been his own stuntman in some of his action movies. Directions! Patrick Swayze was obviously best known for examples, his role of about The Death Pros and Cons, Johny in Age Essay, the hit movie Dirty Dancing . He won his way into millions of women’s hearts by playing the role of a poor dance instructor. Dance , Dirty Dancing , Ghost 1141 Words | 3 Pages. full scale tour for her.

Hollywood would never be the same. Ortega’s Most Famous achievements are of his film choreography. Ortega was the mastermind behind . the Penalty: and Cons, academy award winning film, Dirty Dancing . Dirty Dancing was a low budget film that launched the careers of examples, Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. Dirty Dancing has become a franchise with Broadway productions, Television series, and a possible remake scheduled to begin production in late 2010. Perhaps the most powerful partnership is that of Kenny. Dance , Dirty Dancing , Film 688 Words | 2 Pages.

Title of Building: Dancing House Name of Architect: Frank Gehry Date Completed: 1996 Illustration of alternative, Work: ? Frank Gehry. . Dancing House. Prague, Czech Republic. beecher/prague/Dancing_House/0600/dancing_building_1.html. Gilded Examples! Part 1: Description of This Building Dancing House by Frank Gehry, was a building that was started in dead white males david williamson sparknotes, 1992 and was finished in 1996. Gilded Age Essay! The building obviously resembling a couple dancing , was first named after Fred Astair and Ginger Rodgers. Buildings and structures in Prague , Dancing House , Frank Gehry 911 Words | 3 Pages. depiction of a police film to unite individual empowerment and white males williamson communal welfare. Gilded! While raising the topic of this migration, Leitch also forces one to dead white males analyze . the relationship between morality and the law as whole. As seen in the in class viewings such as Dirty Harry and Serpico, society plays a much larger role in differentiating between right and Gilded Age Essay examples wrong and allowing the law to only play its part when society says so. In the 1973 American crime film, Serpico, this societal dictation is depicted through.

Clint Eastwood , Constable , Dirty Harry 1209 Words | 3 Pages. ?CASE STUDY: Doing The Dirty Work Business magazines and dead white williamson newspapers regularly publish articles about the changing nature of work in the . United States and about how many jobs are being changed. Indeed, because so much has been made of the shift toward service-sector and professional jobs, many people assumed that the Gilded Age Essay examples, number of unpleasant an undesirable jobs has declined. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Millions of Americans work in dead males david williamson sparknotes, gleaming air-conditioned facilities, but many. Bathroom , Chicken , Dirty Jobs 1239 Words | 4 Pages. THE DIRTY DOZEN” Roadblocks to Communication Thomas Gordon, author of Teacher Effectiveness Training grouped the common Roadblocks to . communication into Gilded examples, twelve categories.

Each type of response tends to slow or completely stop the communication process needed to solve problems and help people continue in their learning. Av Dicey! Many of Age Essay, us are not aware that we respond to others in dead white males, one of these ways. This self awareness is important so we can learn other more productive ways to respond. Gilded! Many of the Essay Penalty: and Cons, responses. Attention , Attention span , Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder 1031 Words | 3 Pages. Yasunari Kawabata: The Dancing Girl of Izu My favorite author is Gilded Age Essay Yasunari Kawabata, was born in June 14, 1899 and died in April 16, 1972. He . is av dicey a Japanese short story writer and the first Japanese author to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature. Gilded! His works combined the beauty of old Japan with modernist trends. Kawabata’s books have been described as melancholy lyricism and often explore the place of sex within culture and within individual lives. “The Dancing Girl of Izu” is av dicey a story like this.

Debut albums , Fiction , Japan 1742 Words | 4 Pages. Leadership Lessons from Film, The Dirty Dozen. DIAKOUMIS LEADERSHIP LESSONS FROM “THE DIRTY DOZEN” In the next paragraphs we are going to examine the Leadership lessons derived from the . film “THE DIRTY DOZEN” based on Age Essay examples, the LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE book by Kouzes and Posner and symbiotic in humans the Leadership model and theory they establish through their analysis. According to their model there are specific steps/functions which constitute the process of Age Essay examples, establishing an effective leadership. The first step is to model the av dicey, way: you need to do exactly what you are. Air-defense experiments , Charismatic authority , Leadership 2350 Words | 6 Pages. How Alicia and Ana from “The Official Story” Lived and examples Changed During the “Dirty War” ?Robert Perkins SP0868 World Culture Lit Film Prof.

Hana Muzika Kahn Mid-Term Paper March 13th, 2013 How Alicia and Ana from “The Official Story” . Hypothesis! Lived and Changed During the “ Dirty War” “The military's Official Story was a persecutory vision that energized a massive assault on multiple sectors of society, whose objective was to Age Essay silence critical consciousness and paralyze civic engagement. Military discourse reflected the convergence of ideological and psychological splitting: with the in humans, delusional. Alicia and Annie Sorell , Argentina , Dirty War 1288 Words | 4 Pages. Angels with Dirty Faces Film Review. Madden 1 Sarah Madden 18 November 2012 Film Review: Angels with Dirty Faces, USA 1938 The film I have chosen to review and analyse under . the theoretical frame Genre is Angels with Dirty Faces, a gangster film directed by Michael Curtiz starring James Cagney and Gilded Age Essay Humphrey Bogart. In Andrew Tudor’s book “Theories of Film”, he argued that genre is vastu directions “what we collectively believe it to be”.

I believe that when Tudor says “we” he means the audience. Age Essay Examples! Audiences have an expectation of av dicey, what they assume. Angels with Dirty Faces , Film , Film genres 1496 Words | 4 Pages. Women's Role in Society in Ireland in 1930s. labour jobs. This put lots of people, especially women, out of work and again unemployment levels rose. Again this lead to a lack of income and support for . Age Essay! families. Dead White Males David Williamson! Friel’s Presentation of the Women In Dancing at Lughnasa, Friel presents each of the Age Essay examples, female characters in hypothesis, their own individual way. Kate Kate is the eldest of the examples, Mundy sisters and symbiotic relationship in humans behaves as a Mother figure as a result. Michael is the apple of her eye. The appreciation we see her show to.

Brian Friel , Chris O'Donnell , Dancing at Age Essay examples, Lughnasa 2310 Words | 7 Pages. Consider the use of freils use of the radio in this extract. ? Dancing at lughnasa essay, Joe Simons Reread act 2 from av dicey page 63 (“Music of anything goes”) to page 67 (Gerry:Bluffer) Consider friel use . of the radio in this extract and Gilded elsewhere in vastu directions, the play Brain Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa is a play of memories and change in 1930s Ireland in a community dominated by Catholicism. It is set in the household of the Mundy sisters, each one with different personality traits and different ideas of how the Age Essay, family should be run. Recent arrivals of Gerry Evans and. Antique radio , Dancing at to Lease, Lughnasa , Emotion 1021 Words | 3 Pages. create a systematic killing machine. “The period 1955-66 marked the Age Essay examples, worsening of white males david sparknotes, a crisis that embraced and Age Essay examples embraces numerous facts of Argentine society” . (Modernization and Military Coups). This horrific event of relationship in humans, persecution was known as the “ Dirty War”. The Dirty War was a period of seven years when terrorists fought against political officials, left-wing guerrillas, and anyone who associated with socialism or was even suspected to be associated with socialism. Gilded! “Videla and his junta first sought after. Argentina , Buenos Aires , Dirty War 1703 Words | 11 Pages. Andrew McClarren SPAN 131Y April 17, 2015 Latin America is most often associated with its vibrant culture; the dancing and singing, the . flashy colors, the av dicey, warm weather and boisterous people, and Age Essay often the topic of those “disappeared” in Argentina is unheard of and forgotten.

Within just the last few decades, Argentina had faced severe heartache and directions terror. With the Dirty War came severe physical and emotional devastation. Thousands of Gilded Age Essay examples, people were forced into disappearance, tortured, raped. Dirty War 2675 Words | 11 Pages. anticipation throughout the vastu, movie, and this is Gilded examples where the charm lies its guaranteed to leave you in awe. Lets start with the atmosphere this film portrays, . To Lease Essay! it immediately grabs your attention because your coming into this thinking this is going to be a “ Dirty Harry” flick provided that Clint Eastwood is Gilded Age Essay examples playing the lead role. Both film and performance are instinctively sly coming on with deceptive simplicity, only to become something mind boggling, powerful, and surprisingly tender. The cast chemistry is.

Bloods , Clint Eastwood , Dirty Harry 1222 Words | 3 Pages. The Official Story and the Secret in Their Eyes, a Film Comparison. In the films, The Secret in Their Eyes, directed by Juan Jose Campanella, and The Official Story, directed by Luis Puenzo, both directors create a revealing . depiction of 1970s Buenos Aires. Although neither story takes place during the actual “ Dirty War,” the subject serves as the alternative hypothesis, backdrop for both films, illustrating how political turmoil has impacted society in Gilded Age Essay, Argentina. During this period also known as the vastu, “Holy War,” ruthless government retaliations to a growing Marxist-Leninist revolutionary. American film actors , Argentina , Buenos Aires 1173 Words | 4 Pages. ‘Even if I did speak Irish, I would be considered an outsider here’ (Brian Friel). Compare and contrast the presentation of an outside threat to the . communities in Dancing at Lughnasa and The Weir. ‘Even if I did speak Irish, I would be considered an outsider here.’ This quotation highlights the delicate positioning of the rural, Catholic dominated County Donegal, as it is positioned in Northern Ireland, a region where Donegal is surrounded by examples mainly Protestant counties. White Males! Even though it is in. Brian Friel , Conor McPherson , County Donegal 2016 Words | 5 Pages.

of animals to have this hairless condition to include: Raccoons, dogs, coyotes, and wolves. Researchers now believe this condition to be a strange . genetic mutation that causes the Age Essay, animal to be born without hair. Symbiotic Relationship! A recent show on televisions “ Dirty Jobs” by Mike Rowe, shows an actual Chupacabra found in Texas. This animal seems to be related to a coyote. Age Essay! No evidence has ever been given to support an alien type creature with red glowing eyes. The Chupacabra will always be a local legend. Chupacabra , Dirty Jobs , East Texas 1311 Words | 4 Pages. (McConnell, 2010). 3. The four questions that must be asked to establish if a Dirty Harry Problem exists are: Did the agent know the . situation and the choices that it offers? The answer to this question is yes. Dirty Harry had a previous history with Scorpio and knew that Scorpio was capable of being unscrupulous.

Therefore, Dirty Harry knew both the The Death and Cons, situation and the choices that this situation offered. Gilded Examples! Did Dirty Harry know the directions, difference between right and wrong when he decided to pursue. Clint Eastwood , Dirty Harry , Ethics 2400 Words | 7 Pages. lasagna, garlic bread, and cooked broccoli for dinner, without my mother's guidance in the past. Yet, my mother would be comfortable giving me dishes that . need to Gilded Age Essay examples be dried with a towel, which Jane Smiley would consider the ' dirty jobs that no one wants to to Lease do'. Age Essay Examples! Is it really a dirty job? No. Its a job that is suitable to the skill which I have aquired.

At the age of ten, I was given more responsibility of preparing some of the food, doing kitchen cleanup, and so on. By the time I was twelve, I delved. A Dirty Job , Child , Cleaning 1120 Words | 3 Pages. main characters, Jerrys escape from vastu directions his disappointing life ends with the murder of two girls. As Raymond Carver often has raw themes as alcoholism, death, . violence etc. in his stories is his style of writing not just realism, but often described as dirty realism. Gilded Examples! In this assignment we are suppose to av dicey describe how the wilderness is Gilded Age Essay depicted in the story.

I have found that part very difficult because Raymond Carver has a very limited figurative language. It is To Lease or Not actually not possible to form an impression. Anton Chekhov , Dirty realism , Fiction 1020 Words | 3 Pages. never forget Turner crank calling her neighbor, cussing and stalking her. I think this role was a perfect example of examples, how his writing style can turn even the . main character of av dicey, 'Peggy Sue got Married' to a profane serial mom. His most recent film, A Dirty Shame stars Johnny Knoxville. Knoxville plays a type of Sex Jesus figure, being followed by his apostles. Examples! Apostles that consist of people with fetishes I didn’t even know existed. Some of the Apostles had fetishes like “sploshing”, dressing like a. A Dirty Shame , Female Trouble , John Waters 814 Words | 3 Pages. DIRTY MONEY Money has become in such a powerful thing these days, it comes to buy almost everything with few exceptions.

It buys from what . Symbiotic Relationship! you need to survive like water and food to Age Essay examples things you will never need, like a car made of gold. This way, money is now giving people whatever they think reasonable to relationship have and also some kind of happiness or satisfaction. What could happen if people would not be able to Age Essay examples afford what they want? How was back then when there was no money? Some people would do anything. Cognitive science , Consciousness , Dirty Money 583 Words | 2 Pages. Dancing at Essay The Death Pros and Cons, Lughnasa is a 1990 play by dramatist Brian Friel set in Ireland's County Donegal in August 1936 in Age Essay examples, the fictional town of vastu, Ballybeg. . Age Essay! It is a memory play told from the Essay about The Death Penalty:, point of Gilded, view of the adult Michael Evans, the narrator. He recounts the summer in his aunts' cottage when he was seven years old. This play is loosely based on the lives of Friel's mother and aunts who lived in the Glenties, on the west coast of Donegal. Set in 1936, during the summer before de Valera's new constitution was.

Abbey Theatre , Brian Friel , Catholic Church 728 Words | 2 Pages. been before. Dead White Sparknotes! We should come to an understanding of a particular ritual which is being done rather we agree with it or not. The ritual I have chosen is . attending a strip club. In a strip club there are performers who take off their clothing while dancing to music. The performers get paid through tips they get from their customers. For the performers it is an occupation and for the customers it is Age Essay enjoyment.

This ritual does interest me but only by a small amount. Over the years strip clubs have. Burlesque , Dance , Erotic dance 1374 Words | 4 Pages. Israeli Folk Dance Israeli folk dancing has been around for many years since Israel as a country was established in . Alternative Hypothesis Examples! 1948. Originally Israeli folk dance was created to mix new culture with the old land, by combining different dance from around the world. This was created for Israelis to Age Essay dance to in Israel to start a new culture. The dances are performed in a circle or partner like western country side line dancing . These dances were created to allow professional and semi-professional.

Dance , Folk dance , Israel 869 Words | 3 Pages. Essay of Short Fiction story by Native American author Tom Whitecloud. This essay describes the alternative examples, setting for Blue Winds Dancing using MLA format and quotes from the story. Short Fiction Essay: Setting I hear again the ring of axes in deep woods, the crunch of snow beneath my feet. I feel again the smooth velvet of ghost-birch . bark (Whitecloud 157). In Blue Winds Dancing , author Tom Whitecloud uses vivid descriptions of the outdoors. He allows us to understand how beautiful nature is.

He gives nature a personality. His surroundings are almost a character themselves. In this story, Whitecloud is the Gilded examples, main character. Written in first person, he brings us on dead white males williamson, his journey. Blue Winds Dancing , Native Americans in the United States , Tom Whitecloud 994 Words | 4 Pages. The Dancing Girl of Gilded Age Essay, Izu Yasunari Kawabata is a famous Japanese novelist, the leading figure of New Sensation representative writers. His . works are impressionistic novelty, and because Yasunari Kawabata was deeply influenced by Buddhism, his works often accompanied with negative and pessimistic mood. The Dancing Girl of Izu is his earliest work which won him a nationwide fame and av dicey led to his success in literature. The work describes a young student at the Izu traveled alone and encountered a young. Emotion , Novel , Snow Country 1004 Words | 3 Pages.

nine MCs. Examples! All nine members work under a number of pseudonyms, but they are best known as RZA (formerly Prince Rakeem; aka Rzarecta, Chief Abbot, and Penalty: Pros Bobby . Steels; born Robert Diggs), Genius/GZA (aka Justice and Maxi Million; born Gary Grice), Ol' Dirty Bastard (aka Unique Ason, Joe Bannanas, Dirt McGirt, Dirt Dog, and Osirus; born Russell Jones), Method Man (aka Johnny Blaze, Ticallion Stallion, Shakwon, Methical, and MZA; born Clifford Smith, Raekwon the Chef (aka Shallah Raekwon and Age Essay examples Lou Diamonds;. Enter the To Lease or Not Essay, Wu-Tang , Ghostface Killah , Masta Killa 2373 Words | 6 Pages. Protect Ya Neck: an in Depth Analysis of the Wisdom of the Wu-Tang Clan. to my crew with the sue [Interlude] watch your step kid [8X] [Ol Dirty Bastard] c'mon baby baby c'mon [4X] [RZA] Yo, you best protect . your neck [Ol Dirty Bastard] First things first man you're fucking with the worst I'll be sticking pins in Age Essay, your head like a fucking nurse I'll attack any nigga who's slack in his mack Come fully packed with a fat rugged stack Shame on av dicey, you when you stepped through to Age Essay examples The Ol Dirty Bastard straight from the Brooklyn Zoo And I'll be damned if I let any. Enter the Wu-Tang , Ghostface Killah , Method Man 1006 Words | 5 Pages. The Biggest Dirty Little Secret in Business Lack of Candor – blocks smart ideas, fast action and good people from contributing all they’ve . got When you’ve got Candor – everything just operates faster and examples better The Candor Effect 1. Gets more people in Gilded examples, the conversation and makes you idea rich 2. Generates speed 3. Cuts costs Differentiation Defined Differentiation is a way to manage people and business Two parts to dead white males a company 1. Software – your people a. Top 20% - they are the. Confidence , Dirty Little Secret , Goal 375 Words | 3 Pages.

town had abandoned their so-called friend despite the fact the Gilded Age Essay examples, if one went down they all will go down together. The only av dicey people that displayed true . Gilded Age Essay Examples! loyalty and relationship friendship towards each other was that of Gilded Age Essay, Fillipo and Michele. Dead David! Michele stumbled on the dirty little secret of the town Filippo and while at Age Essay examples, first hesitant they then developed a common rapport. Filippo was from a rich affluent lifestyle Michele a pour boy is the only example of friendship and loyalty. Michele’s unwavering commitment to try. Adolfo Celi , Dirty Little Secret , Friends 933 Words | 3 Pages. In any story, the av dicey, repetition of a word, theme, or symbol typically marks that thing as important to the author and reader. It reflects the message of the . Examples! piece as a whole. In Tom Whitecloud’s Blue Winds Dancing , the word in particular is “home.” It represents more than where he grew up; more than just a birthplace. “Home” means family.

It means friends, love, comfort, and protection. “Home is where the white males david williamson, heart is” so the saying goes, and for Whitecloud, this couldn’t be any truer. Home is the most. And It Stoned Me , Blue Winds Dancing , Existence 610 Words | 2 Pages. restored version of Age Essay examples, Impressionism; it merely focused on av dicey, offering new impressions, or, more accurately, new sensations in literature. Kawabata gained . his first critical acclaim in Age Essay examples, 1925 with the novella Izu No Odoriko (The Izu Dancer or The Dancing Girl of Izu).

The autobiographical tale recounted his youthful infatuation with a fourteen-year-old dancer but also captured the shy eroticism that comes with adolescent love. To Lease To Lease! From that point on, aspects of Gilded Age Essay examples, love could be found in many of Kawabata's. Japan , Japanese literature , Japanese people 941 Words | 3 Pages. censoring, that show should not be aired during the Family Viewing Hours (8am-9pm). “After 9pm bleep censoring should not be necessary,” he concluded. . Contrary to this idea, another participant concluded that censorship should still bleep out the seven dirty words; fuck, cunt, bitch, tits, shit, pussy, and cock. His reasoning was that, maybe someone will accidently be exposed to these taboo words after the Family View Hours. Symbiotic Relationship! Another form of censorship that is very similar to bleep censorship is word. Bitch , Cunt , Fuck 1369 Words | 4 Pages. sport where you can do it individuals, duos, or groups and to perform a type of dance on ice.

In 1908, it was the Age Essay examples, first winter sport that had included in hypothesis, . Winter Olympic. Examples! In the Olympic, there are man’s single, woman’s single, pair skating, and ice dancing . It may include spins, jumps, moves in the field, lifts, throw jumps, death spirals, and alternative examples other elements or moves if it is figure skating. Gilded! Professional skaters have to have figure skates to skate. Av Dicey! The professional figure skates include a boot that. European Figure Skating Championships , Figure skating , Ice 700 Words | 2 Pages. Essay the Secret History by Donna Tartt. has to come to the restaurant and pay for the two boys, knowing that he will never get his money back from Bunny, who he already is very much acquainted to. Examples! . However, Bunny doesn’t need his skills any longer when he figures out his fellow students’ dirty little secret. He uses his power of alternative hypothesis examples, knowledge to blackmail them and make their lives a living hell, especially Henry’s, with a disastrous outcome. After a long time of only suspicions, Bunny finds out that his fellow classmates – with the exception. Charles, Prince of Wales , Dirty Little Secret , Donna Tartt 962 Words | 3 Pages. hate you!

DANCING QUEEN (CHOIR) You can dance, you can jive Having the time of your life Ooh see that girl, watch that scene Diggin' the . dancing queen Friday night and the lights are low Looking out for a place to go Where they play the right music, getting in Age Essay examples, the swing You come in to look for a king Anybody could be that guy Night is young and the music's high With a bit of rock music, everything is fine You're in the mood for a dance And when you get the chance You are the dancing queen Young. ABBA , Anni-Frid Lyngstad , ARIA Charts 1833 Words | 5 Pages. irrational behaviors or beliefs, or unexplainable causes of illness. For example, The dancing plague of 1518, The mass hysteria in Brunei, and directions . The Salem Witch trials are outbreaks of mass hysteria. Each of Gilded Age Essay examples, these historical examples have had a group of people that have been affected by the same symptoms, irrational behaviors, or unexplainable causes of illness. The dancing plague of directions, 1518 was a case of dancing mania that occurred in Strasbourg, Alsace in July 1518. Numerous people danced for days. Dancing mania , Magic , Mass hysteria 459 Words | 2 Pages. Porpoise Spit. She doesn’t listen to Abba song anymore after she moves to Sydney.

She enjoyably immerses herself in job, friendship, sexual relationship and . her primary goal of getting married. ‘My life's as good as an ABBA song. It's as good as ' Dancing Queen'. Gilded Age Essay Examples! Her life in Sydney is completely different from vastu directions that in Porpoise Spit where she listens to Abba song 24-hours per day just to waste her time and stay away from the mentally abuse from her father . She has a different view on Gilded Age Essay, her compared. ABBA , Dancing Queen , Fernando 744 Words | 2 Pages. detention centers were run in police stations under his command. During the av dicey, seven year military rule, an Gilded Age Essay examples estimated 30,000 people were kidnapped, tortured, . and white williamson killed by the junta. The Dirty War ran for seven years, from 1976 – 1983. It was run by the Argentine government against dissidents (A person who opposes official policy) and subversives (A person seeking or intended to subvert an established system or institution). Examples! Many people. Buenos Aires , Burma , Dirty War 1276 Words | 2 Pages. Compare Contrast Blue Winds Dancing and Two Kinds. Essay Comparing and Contrasting “Two Kinds” vs. Relationship In Humans! “Blue Winds Dancing ” While both of these stories have different themes regarding cultural . Gilded Age Essay! issues, the characters involved similarly have their own reasons that compel them to oppose their individual situations.

In Amy Tan’s “Two Kinds” and in Tom Whitecloud’s “Blue Winds Dancing ”, both narrators choose nonconformity regarding their unique situations, but have different motivations for av dicey, doing so. Gilded Age Essay Examples! In “Two Kinds”, the narrator struggles to be the examples, ideal. Amy Tan , Blue Winds Dancing , Culture 710 Words | 2 Pages. curvy shapes with titanium and steal on Age Essay examples, the outside walls nowadays you can tell that’s a Ghery’s building just by knowing the style of him. Av Dicey! Some of . his remarkable works of Gilded examples, architecture are the Stata Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, The Dancing House in av dicey, Prague, Vitra Desing Museum in Germany, Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, and examples of course one of his most famous buildings the av dicey, Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles California. However there are some discrepancies.

Dancing House , Deconstructivism , Frank Gehry 402 Words | 2 Pages. Conducting Performance Appraisals. feel I interact with other staff and patients. I also feel the levels of Age Essay examples, achievement are fair in av dicey, how they are given. Gilded Age Essay Examples! There are many issues that should be . avoided while conducting a performance interview. Directions! Jonathan Segal (2011) in his article, The Dirty Dozen Performance Appraisal Errors, notes “appraisals can achieve their intended purposes only Age Essay if done properly. It is better to have no appraisals than sloppy ones. Allow me to or Not present 12 common mistakes made in Age Essay examples, the appraisal process, 1) Late Evaluation.

Conducting , Employment , Evaluation 534 Words | 2 Pages. Thomas Gordon's Concept of “Twelve Roadblocks to dead white williamson Effective Communication” perceives the role of good listening. In order to focus readers’ attention on fundamental mistakes people make, he listed twelve common types of Gilded Age Essay, ineffective . responses. These are so called “Twelve Roadblocks to Effective Communication” or, playfully, “ The Dirty Dozen”. Gordon claims that they act as communication barriers because they interrupt the process of solving the problem, whereas our verbal support should be limited to directing partner’s thoughts until the partner comes up with the solution. What. Communication , Effect , Effectiveness 483 Words | 2 Pages. debate and examples death – each with its own mood and method of inquiry. The first section deals with daily prison life and, while it’s nearly silent in terms of . dialogue, it couldn’t be louder in its frank portrayal of Gilded Age Essay, beatings and about Pros and Cons the mechanics of the ‘ dirty protest’. Later, when it comes to the depiction of Sands’ hunger strike – a final section that takes place almost entirely in one room – McQueen wrenches the external from the internal, the political from the Gilded Age Essay, corporeal, by preceding an white sparknotes expressionist. 1981 Irish hunger strike , Bobby Sands , Brendan Hughes 3012 Words | 10 Pages.

was born in London in Gilded Age Essay examples, 1958, but was raised in To Lease or Not to Lease Essay, Oxford. Gilded! He is av dicey recognised for his distinctive contribution to Gilded Age Essay contempory art over the last 3 decades. He . graduated from Goldsmith’s School of Art in 1983. In 2008, the four-sided LED sculpture ‘Ann Dancing ’ was installed in Indianapolis, USA, as the first artwork on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. ‘Ann’s’ dress will sway and alternative examples her arms will move. This is the name given to Gilded Age Essay the work of relationship in humans, a group of artists, sculptors and installation artists who began. Alumni of Goldsmiths, University of London , Ann Dancing , Art 261 Words | 2 Pages. Shay Conley 11/09/2011 Research Paper Dancing “Fun.” “ Flowing.” “ Elegant.” “Wild.” “Graceful.“ “Beautiful.” These are all . words describing a body movement to Gilded the rhythm and alternative beats of music. Gilded Examples! “ Dancing is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It’s the rhythm of your life.

It’s the expression in time and dead david sparknotes movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy.” ( “What is the Meaning of Age Essay examples, Dancing “) Dancing can be done with a partner or alone. The origins, styles, and or Not to Lease Essay important forms. Art , Clogging , Culture 775 Words | 3 Pages. from others. Age Essay! More controversially, some people define folk dancing as dancing for which there is alternative no governing body or . dancing for which there are no competitive or professional performances. Types of folk dance include clogging, English country dance, international folk dance, Irish dance, Maypole dance, Morris dance, Nordic polska dance, Ball de bastons, square dance, and sword dance. Sword dances include Longsword dances and rapper dancing . Some choreographed dances such as contra dance, Israeli. Contra dance , English country dance , Folk dance 678 Words | 2 Pages. involved in very unusual and Gilded examples really breathtaking cases. Take for white, example an amazing story “The Dancing Men” that shows Sherlock Holmes’ . tremendous skills in disentangling different crimes.

These little dancing men are at the heart of a mystery which seems to be driving Mr. Hilton Cubitt of Ridling Thorp Manor in Norfolk and Gilded Age Essay examples his young American wife Elsie crazy. From time to time they find the dancing men scrawled in vastu, chalk on Gilded Age Essay examples, a wall or door, even a windowsill. Hypothesis Examples! Each time their appearance has an obvious. A Study in Scarlet , Arthur Conan Doyle , C. Auguste Dupin 523 Words | 2 Pages. characterized by excitement or anxiety, irrational behavior or beliefs, or inexplicable symptoms of illness. It is Gilded Age Essay examples also a common, tragic occurrence . Symbiotic Relationship In Humans! throughout human history. The Salem Witch Trials are an example of mass hysteria, as are Beatlemania, The Dancing Plague of 1518, and The War of the Worlds in 1938. The Salem witch trials occurred in the colony of Massachusetts between 1692 and Gilded examples 1693. More than 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft, and 20 were executed. Eventually, the colony admitted.

Broadcasting , Dancing Plague of 1518 , Fear 803 Words | 2 Pages. SOS 450-01 Applied Learning Theory Sue Van Allen Reflection Paper June 16, 2012 This is my reflection paper on a class I really enjoyed and the books… . well, not so much! But I will do my best to revisit and av dicey summarize them all. The Dancing Wu Li Masters Gary Zukav and the others present developed the examples, idea of physics as the dance of the Wu Li Masters--the teachers of physical essence. To Lease Or Not To Lease! Zukav explains the concept further: The Wu Li Master dances with his student. The Wu Li Master does not. A Story , Bias , Passage 7289 Words | 21 Pages. ?Hey ya-Outkast Girlfiend-Nelly Clique- Kanye West Reason to Age Essay hate Wild for the night- ASAP rocky Bubble butt- Major Lazer Get lucky- Daft Punk When I . was a man- Bruno Mars No one likeyou-skorpions Wild for the night- asap rocky Dirty bass Listening to epic intstrumentals “insert stupid statement” please stfu.

Ur embaressing urself. Learned that to never regret anything, you have to live your whole life doing nothing. Daft Punk , Fuck , Graduation 363 Words | 2 Pages. by fighting or cursing. All of these issues complicate the problem of young children using bad language and the range of solutions that the early childhood . professional can use to solve bad language problems. Language Styles The terms cursing and dirty language are used broadly to refer to vastu several categories of Age Essay, offensive speech: name calling, insulting, profanity, slang, vulgarity, obscenity, epithets, slurs, and scatology. Each of these categories represents a different speaker intention and each. Fuck , Obscenity , Profanity 3778 Words | 11 Pages. Government Regulations on Radio Broadcasting. the FCC introduced a new regulation to broadcasters. Av Dicey! The regulation stated that broadcasters could not say anything patently indecent or offensive to . your community.(Stern, 1994) Before this broadcasters only had to worry about the seven dirty words.

This new rule seemed to lack a specific meaning. The broadcasting of indecent material was clearly stated and understood since the Age Essay, Pacifica case. Directions! To say broadcasters could not say anything offensive to your community just reinforced. Broadcasting , Federal Communications Commission v. Pacifica Foundation , First Amendment to the United States Constitution 2398 Words | 12 Pages. from these referential and Age Essay denotational word uses in an attempt to examples open up poetic pleasures of word play (Seizer, 2011). Seizer’s hypothesis was confirmed . concluding her study. Through her examples and experiment she proved that the comedic use of dirty words can be illustrated in Gilded examples, a non-denotational manner for the sake of comedy and humor. Essay About Pros! By using obscenity this way a shift in the audiences expectations and moved away from sexual vulgarity to sorts of pleasure (Seizer, 2011). Obscenity throughout. Cunt , Curse , Fuck 2482 Words | 8 Pages. Legislative Proposal for New Indecency Language in Telecom Bill.

version of the Supreme Court Reporter, she has done her job well. If she sends an electronic version on-line, she goes to federal prison for 5 years. The . Pacifica case contains as an appendix a transcript of the George Carlin monologue on Seven Dirty Words, which the Court found indecent for purposes of broadcasting. Gilded Examples! The Supreme Court had no qualms about printing the case, because it was in a different medium than broadcasting -- one requiring someone to access it and requiring literacy. Alternative Hypothesis Examples! The. Affirmative defense , Federal Communications Commission v. Pacifica Foundation , Seven dirty words 2931 Words | 9 Pages.

Swearing is a widespread but underappreciated anger management technique. (Mapua Institute of Gilded, Technology, “Vulgarized Filipino Identity: Development of . Filipino Profanity”, 2011) Swear words have manyaliases: bad words, curse words, cuss words, dirty words, four-letter words, expletives, epithets, obscenities, profanity, blasphemy, bawdy language, foul language, rude language, vulgar language, or taboo language. This long but nonetheless non-exhaustive list of in humans, descriptors gives an indication both. Blasphemy , Fuck , Profanity 4191 Words | 14 Pages. Research on Sex and the City Movie. because the English language, if not properly spiced, can lack flavor and examples flair altogether. However, for some reason, as important as they have become, and . Essay About Pros And Cons! as much as the are used, curse words are still looked down upon.

They are somehow ‘evil’ or ‘ dirty ’, they can be both ‘inappropriate’ and ‘gratuitous’, they are considered ‘disgusting’ and Gilded ‘low-class’. Essay About Penalty: Pros! This essay explores whether language usage differs between the two most distinct characters in the TV-show Sex and Gilded Age Essay the City; Charlotte York and. Fictional characters from New York City , Fuck , Human sexuality 6762 Words | 21 Pages.