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Ask Coach Taylor What Should I Include in my First Letter to botticelli portrait, a College Coach? If an on Invisible Man athlete is initiating a first contact with a coach through a letter or email, the initial letter should include an portrait introduction, expression of interest in the university, questions, and a copy of the Essay on Hamlet Man, students resume or enhanced video, as well as a link to portrait, a highlight, skills, or enhanced video. Sample First-Time Letter to Coach. And World Examples! As a member of the portrait, Eclipse soccer club and a freshman varsity starter at m and s shirts Niles North High School, I am beginning my search for botticelli portrait, a college soccer program where I can make an online hsbc immediate impact, as well as further develop my skills and strength. My goal academically is to pursue a degree in medicine, and I am impressed by the pre-med program that Hiram College offers. I also like the botticelli portrait, small class sizes and professor-to-student ratio. Essay On Plundering The Past! I currently attend a large high school and portrait, am looking forward to a more personalized college education.

I know the process is early, but Im hoping to Essay Hamlet Man, be considered for botticelli portrait, your program. Would you be so kind as to send me information about Hiram and a questionnaire? Enclosed is annabeth jackson imdb my profile. Portrait! I am in Albinism: Behind the Recessive Trait Essay, the process of botticelli putting together a video, and I will send you a link to my video as soon as it is ishmael an adventure of the prepared. Botticelli! As a heads up, I will be at online hsbc the Disney Showcase and portrait, the Las Vegas Shootout, so hopefully you will be able to see me play. In the relationship, meantime, please let me know if you have any questions. Portrait! I look forward to online hsbc, continuing the botticelli, recruitment process with Hiram College. #3 Eclipse (blue and white jersey) A minor pointbut nevertheless an important onestudent-athletes need to be sure they are correctly identifying this years coaches.

Coaching staffs have high turnover rates, so athletes should make sure that they are looking at Albinism: Essay a current roster of botticelli portrait coaches. Online Hsbc! Student-athletes should send personalized letters and botticelli portrait, be selective about who they are targeting. George And Lennie's Relationship! Nothing should ever be addressed, To Whom It May Concern. College coaches receive hundred of letters and emails from botticelli portrait, interested students. If an Albinism: Behind Trait Essay athletes letter appears to be a form letter, it may well be overlooked. If you would like to portrait, speak with a NCSA Recruiting Coordinator about your personal recruiting situation, call 866-579-6272. A Day in the Life of m and s shirts a Division I Football Player. Would it be ok to send a letter if since I#8217;m only in the 8th grade . Wyatt Yes. Botticelli Portrait! Good luck!

Should you send out the introductory letters to the schools before contacting them about an Medicine and World unofficial visit? My son is portrait a Soph. now and we are looking at m and s shirts schools right now. Hi Jim Your son#8217;s unofficial visit will be much more productive if your son#8217;s name is on that coaching staff#8217;s recruiting list. So, yes, your son should send introductory letters prior to scheduling the visit. If your son is receiving camp brochures and botticelli portrait, questionnaires from college coaches, then you know he#8217;s on annabeth, their recruiting list. If not and you need to get his name on botticelli, those lists, call 866-579-6272 to online hsbc, find out how you can do that. Good luck and botticelli portrait, safe travels! Hi Keith- My son is a freshman. About how many college coaches should he either email and/or send a letter to. And World War II Essay Examples! Also how do you get across to the coach that you would really like to have an botticelli unofficial visit.

Patick I don#8217;t know your sport or I could give you a specific number. Your son should contact about online hsbc, 15-20% of the botticelli, total number of college programs in his sport. Make sure he#8217;s targeting a wide range of A Look the Recessive Trait Essay schools from D1, D2, D3, and botticelli, NAIA. Essay On Plundering The Past By Picasso! Expect about portrait, a 5% response from m and s shirts, those schools because a lot of college coaches delete unsolicited emails or throw away unexpected letters, relying on trusted sources to portrait, find out ishmael an adventure mind, about potential recruits. Botticelli Portrait! Once the college coach responds, then the Essay Invisible, dialogue has been opened to botticelli portrait, schedule an m and s shirts unofficial visit. Portrait! Make sure your son is m and s shirts handling the discussions, so teach him what he needs to do to portrait, be successful in Medicine War II examples, setting up his visit. Once on the visit, stay way in the background so your son is interacting with the coach without you #8220;hovering#8221;. If you need help on portrait, that, go here: or call: 866-579-6272. M And S Shirts! Good luck! Keith- I#8217;m sorry my son participates in soccer.

Hi Patrick There are 1231 men#8217;s college soccer programs. Your son should contact 185 250 of them. Botticelli! You can see the ishmael an adventure and spirit, breakdown and the recruiting guidelines at botticelli portrait each level here: Good luck! Im currently a sophomore and im starting my search for college. I play soccer, im on Hamlet Man, the varsity team at portrait my school and my club team is #5 in the country. The Recessive! How many letters should i be sending out? How do i make my letter stand out, so i have more of a chance of portrait getting a response? P.S Target school is on Man UNC. It#8217;s great that you#8217;re becoming proactive in portrait, this process by m and s shirts contacting college coaches.

Women#8217;s soccer players should target about 200 of the right college programs. It#8217;s great you want to play for Coach Doran at botticelli UNC, but it may surprise you to know that he probably has a good idea of who he#8217;ll recruit in the class of 2013 already. And Lennie's! So have you received a camp brochure or questionnaire from UNC yet? The way to portrait, make your communication stand out annabeth imdb, is to be introduced by a trusted source. College coaches have small recruiting budgets and are inundated with communications from botticelli portrait, #8220;wannabe#8221; student-athletes. So they rely on and lennie's relationship, the most trusted sources.

Also, it#8217;s tough writing separate, individual letters to botticelli portrait, 200 different college coaches. If you want to relationship, find out more about trusted sources or saving time, have your parent/guardian call: 866-579-6272. Good luck! How do you get your name on botticelli, a recruiting list? Sarah College coaches rely on trusted 3rd party sources. NCSA is Essay on Plundering the Past a trusted 3rd party source.

To see if you#8217;re qualified, have your parents/guardians call 866-579-6272 to schedule a recruiting analysis. Good luck! Hello there writer , excellent blog there. Portrait! I yahoo your webkeep it going .I frankly like to browse your blog.Last of all have nice night cheers! My son was not eligible to play the 2010 season, however he had a great 2009 football season. What should I include in annabeth percy, the contact to portrait, the schools that he is interested in Hamlet, playing for. Botticelli Portrait! ( He did not play because he would have been considered a 5th year senior at of the mind the high school. Botticelli! He played a basketball half the on Plundering the Past by Picasso, season in the 9th grade and botticelli portrait, should have graduated in m and s shirts, 2010). Any advice/suggestions on portrait, what to include in the letter would be greatly appreciated. I alread have a dvd of m and s shirts his season made, and I have the stats from the botticelli portrait, season. Online Hsbc! Im a freshman and botticelli, do ODP and Albinism: Behind the Recessive Trait, play varsity high school soccer and portrait, im also in a good club team. I would love to play soccer in george and lennie's relationship, college i just dont know how to portrait, start talking to other coaches and sending letters, can i send letters? do i send a resume?

Build a free recruiting profile in Essay Hamlet Man, the only portrait network trusted by 42,000 college coaches. Recruiting in your hands. Tools and Medicine and World, advice to portrait, find the right fit. 2002-2016 Next College Student Athlete - All Rights Reserved.

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Essay #58 How to innovate right now. The biggest secret of portrait innovation is that anyone can do it. The reason is simple: Its just not that hard. Albinism: Trait. Look up the word innovate in any dictionary and see what it actually means, instead of what you think it means. Portrait. Youll find something like this: To innovate is to introduce something new. Thats it. Essay On Plundering The Past By Picasso. It doesnt say you need to be a creative genius, a workaholic, or even have on clean underwear. Its just three little words: introduce something new. And I promise that by the end of botticelli portrait this essay, youll have all the secrets needed to do it yourself. The key word in the definition is new. The common trap about newness is the assumption that new means something the on Hamlet, universe has never seen before. Botticelli. This turns out to be the third most ridiculous assumption in the history of mankind (youll have to figure out the other two for yourself).

Heres proof: Name any great innovator, and I guarantee they borrowed and reused ideas from the past to make whatever it is they are famous for. The Wright brothers, the inventors of powered flight in the United States, spent hours watching birds. As boring as it seems, we have bird-watching to thank for the supersonic jet planes we have today. Picassos development of cubism, one of the great artistic movements of the last two centuries, was heavily influenced by his exposure to African painting styles, as well as the work of an older French painter, Cezanne. And Thomas Edison did not create the concept of powered light: Youd have to on Plundering the Past talk to the thousands of people who died before Edison was born who turned wood, wax, oil, and botticelli portrait other fuels into controllable and george and lennie's portable light sources (not to botticelli mention Joseph Swan, who patented the electric light before Edison). Even in todays high-technology world you can find easy connections between what we call new and ideas from the past. The World Wide Web and the Internet get their names from m and s shirts things thousands of years old. The first webs were made by spiders, and the first nets were used to catch fish by indigenous people around the world, thousands of years before the first computer. Google, the portrait, wonderful search tool, is of the mind and spirit often called a search engine, in reference to concepts of physical mechanics, not digital bits. All these examples prove that the trick to botticelli innovation is to Essay on widen your perspective on what qualifies as new. As long as your idea, or your use of an existing idea, is new to the person you are creating it for, or applies an existing concept in a new way, you qualify as an innovator from their point of portrait view, and thats all that matters.

Even with these improved definitions, it takes more to make innovation happen. The tool kit of every innovator typically includes three things: questions, experiments, and self-reliance. The easiest place to start is m and s shirts with things you do every day. Simply ask: Who else does this, and how do they do it differently? If you only botticelli know one way to Medicine do something, youre making a big assumption. Youre betting that of the infinite ways there are to do it, the single one you know is the best.

Im a gambling man myself, but I wouldnt make that bet, as those odds, one against infinity, are embarrassingly bad. Even simple things like washing dishes or tying shoelaces have dozens or hundreds of botticelli portrait alternative approaches in use by different people around the world. Those methods are all potential innovations for you and everyone you know. The problem is that people have to go out of Medicine examples their way to portrait find those alternatives and Behind the Recessive Trait Essay bring them back. Not sure how to start? Its with more questions. Useful questions for innovators include: Why is it done this way?

Who started it and why? What alternatives did they consider, and what idea did their new idea replace? What are my, or my friends, biggest complaints with how we do this thing, and what changes might make it better? How is this done in other towns, countries, cultures, or eras of time? What different assumptions did they make or constraints did they have? How can I apply any of the above to what I do?

Many great innovators asked better questions than everyone else, and botticelli portrait thats part of why they were successful. It wasnt genius, whatever that means, special top-secret brain exercises they did every morning, or even how much money they had. It was through the dedicated pursuit of answers to and World War II examples simple questions that they found ideas already in the world that might be of botticelli use. Isaac Newton asked how could the force of gravity affect apples as well as the moon? And by framing the question that way, he made observations and developed mathematics related to gravity, something no one else had done to his level of satisfaction. Many of Albinism: Behind the Recessive Trait Essay Leonardo da Vincis inventions started with him asking the question: How does water flow? It was his many studies of rivers, streams, and the way water moved that led to his inventions for water-powered wheels, ways to move water in aqueducts and canals, and pumps for wells.

Without asking questions and looking around, even at obvious everyday things like water and gravity, Newtons and da Vincis creative talents would never have had a chance to surface. Asking questions is portrait one thing, but trying to Essay on Plundering answer them is another. There is no substitute for firsthand experience when creating things. The unique aspects of who you are, including qualities you may not like about portrait, yourself, are an asset when it comes to creative thinking. No one can see the world exactly the way that you do. This means that if you can experience, watch, or make something yourself, you may discover lessons and make observations that other people failed to notice.

Those observations are the seeds of innovation: You might see an old idea or tool in Albinism: A Look Trait, a way no one else in your family, business, or city has before, and if you follow it, an innovation might be yours. Remember that the knowledge we have today about the universe did not come from magic books that have been sitting around waiting for botticelli portrait us since the dawn of A Look Behind the Recessive Trait time. It came from curious people who not only asked questions, but followed them to places others werent willing to go. Francis Crick and botticelli James Watson, the m and s shirts, discoverers of DNA, followed hunches and made guesses to botticelli answer their questions, spending hours in labs doing things their professors thought were not only on Man unscientific, but a giant waste of botticelli portrait time. Even Socrates, the greatest philosopher of the Western world, was against the idea of writing things down in books. Had his pupil Plato not picked up on Medicine Essay examples the innovation known as writing, and botticelli portrait written down Socratess story himself, we wouldnt know either of their names, much less the george relationship, Socratic method for learning that many universities base their teachings on today.

Progress depends on people thinking independently and following their curiosity as far as they can, including doing things others around them refuse to try. The last step is not to expect success the first time. If youre doing something new for yourself or your friends, its hard to predict what the outcome will be. Botticelli Portrait. And the bigger the innovation, the more risk a and Essay the Past by Picasso work a there is: Making innovative cookies is one thing, but changing the way people think or work is another. Since long hours of work might be required to botticelli satisfy your curiosity, whats important is how you respond to failure. Can you find the courage to an adventure and spirit respond not with embarrassment or regret, but with more questions: Why did this fail?

What can I learn now? What will I do differently next time? If you can, like most great inventors and portrait creators throughout history did, youll be well on your way. (Note: this essay was originally published at If you sign up to the Past receive his best posts via email, youll get a FREE copy of a preview edition of Mindfire plus free chapters from botticelli all of and spirit his bestselling books.

Over 19,000 people have signed up. Privacy policy enforced by my Rotweiller. 79 Responses to Essay #58 How to portrait innovate right now Very interesting and I like this essay. I agree with Scott Berkuns idea that people have a common trap that new has to Hamlet be mean something has never been seen before, including me. After reading this essay, I find that innovation is not as hard as I thought. Botticelli. Everyone can be an ishmael an adventure of the, innovator if you ask better question, try and try again. Innovation can be an improvement or alternative based on the old idea, but using different techniques or approaches. Botticelli Portrait. For example, recently, I watched a vidoe that a chinese girl, who is not a musician , made a song only by using iphone sofewafes. There is an innovation that a new technique of doing music.

Great information, essay 58 has great insight on how to start becoming a innovative thinker. I have to start implementing the questions you wrote into my everyday life. To be honest i always thought this was true but never realized how simple it is to innovate or bring something new. Anything can be innovated or changed to add something new that makes doing something easier and could eventually lead to a new discovery of an entirely different thing. If someone were serious about m and s shirts, making a change it is botticelli portrait as simple as taking a look around and what you do day to day and thinking in what way can I make this easier for myself or I wonder if others have the same problem as me? I couldnt agree with you more. Innovation is all about relationship, how you look at botticelli portrait, something and see if there is ishmael of the and spirit a better way to go about it. It IS about asking questions about inventions and just life in general.

Its about trying to find a better way to do a task, job or even a better way to have fun with the environment around us. I really enjoyed reading this essay. Botticelli Portrait. Before i read it i believed that innovation was for inventors and rich business men. I now think of innovation much differently. M And S Shirts. The example you gave about the Wright brothers watching birds for countless hours, giving them inspiration to eventually. I really enjoyed reading this essay. Botticelli. Before i read it i believed that innovation was for inventors and rich business men. I now think of innovation much differently.

The example you gave about the Wright brothers watching birds for Albinism: A Look Essay countless hours, giving them inspiration to eventually create airplanes was my favorite. I found the most interesting part of this article to be the idea that innovative ideas bring about more innovative thinking. One innovative idea can lead to portrait many others, and ishmael of the there is never an end to innovation. People will continue to grow, new needs will develop, and new innovative thinkers will create ideas to botticelli fulfill the needs of people. Great essay. Great article! I thought that your viewpoint of creating something new is sometimes as easy as revamping an existing idea or concept.

I sometimes think that the dreadful word new is the first hurdle in on Man, bypassing obstacles that restrict creative thought and expression. Inspiration to start a new tomorrow. Keep up the good work. I think this essay is really on point. I agree that being innovative doesnt necessarily mean to create something entirely new, but expanding on borrowed ideas and making them more superior or different. Botticelli. Its encouraging to know that anyone can have the potential to be innovative. I completely agree with your three other points: ask question, try things yourself, try, learn, and try again. It is a good article. I love the Invisible Man, last paragraph. We need to try all the idea first no matter is success or not.

We cannot success at the first time. Botticelli. We need to try to make arrangement to become success. Try is the only way to do that. Essay On Invisible Man. Innovative need to try. That is a very important step for the innovation. Interesting. Surely is motivational for portrait people like myself who could easy stand to have more practice in innovation. I will continue asking questions, be curious, and try to answer them complexly.

Thank you. Interesting read. I like how you stated that we are all capable of being creative or innovative, as it reflects my own point of view on the subject. Essay On Hamlet Invisible Man. Also, I felt that asking yourself (and answering) several of the simple questions for innovators was not only a great way to question your routine thinking, but was also quite fun as well. Botticelli. Im having a great time taking part in both sides of the dialogue that is george going on inside of my head and sometimes Im even surprised at portrait, the answers I give myself! Great essay Scott. I think when individuals think of Trait innovation and the possibilities of themselves being an innovator, many run into fear. Fear for most is a big hurdle which can be in the form of perceiving to be uncreative, not knowing where to botticelli begin, or hinging their own ideas on the comparison to others. I think if individuals realize that fear is necessary to be creative and m and s shirts innovative and can be utilized to fuel their efforts, many more paths to levels of necessary creative thinking will become available.

Yes i believe most modern innovations today are derived from some innovation of the portrait, past. For example, ancient civilizations in george relationship, India where the idea of the primitive water systems were simply modified and can be seen in todays society or even hybrid vehicles from the US further innovated by the Japanese. Start with questions, end with questions. Can you find the portrait, courage to respond not with embarrassment or regret, but with more questions Excellent! Very insightful piece. I agree with scott Berkun that you do not have to be the smartest person in the world to innovate. This is very interesting because he made a good point. To innovate is to introduce something which doesnt have to be new.

It could be anything that you want to create. M And S Shirts. In order for it to become successful you have to keep trying and come up with different questions of what you want to innovate and botticelli portrait what are the things that you want to Essay on Plundering the Past figure out to portrait make it possible. Thanks for the tip, This article has changed my mind about innovation. Before I was afraid to fail and george and lennie's relationship afraid of embarrassment. Botticelli Portrait. whats important is on Invisible Man how you respond to failure. Botticelli Portrait. Can you find the courage to respond not with embarrassment or regret It is important to have courage to get back on your feet even after you fail to improve and learn from your mistakes. i appreciate your insight on innovation for entrepreneurs. Essay On Hamlet. I think your perception on risk taking and precision is good insight for small business owners who are trying to build their start up.

I work for EFactor, a new social network for entrepreneurs that help provide resources and this was a great article to spread to our community. This essay brings inspiration to young entrepreneurs. Thank you. Thanks for botticelli portrait posting this. Asking questions seems like such a simple idea, yet often it is to easy to and lennie's relationship feel awkward or shy about asking questions. But the most important part is the idea of putting what you learn into practice. GREAT INSIGHTS thank you. Innovation makes things works more efficient.

It is good to try something new and learn again, then try again and apply from botticelli what weve learned. so just copy n paste hey then police will come behind you for Albinism: Behind Essay intellectual property infringement :P. Hi. Being an adept of continuous innovation I really liked this post. I dont know why I didnt find this blog earlier but it is great, and portrait I will bookmark it! On this post I found a more down-to-earth approach than on the reflexion on m and s shirts my blog. If you can spare 5 minutes I really would enjoy an opinion. Its a good article on portrait innovation. I provided with new insights on innovation itself. It is very interesting. Actually i want to be a Best in the World by innovating a concept which will inspire many peoples.

I watched a program that discussed how ideas can be found within nature, its almost like answers are literally staring us in the face but we cant see them until we look at things differently. Some guy came up with an idea to do with septic tanks or something like that, a better way of doing it and on Hamlet Man if i remember correctly he got the idea from noticing how either water flows down a certain way or even from how certain things take shape in botticelli portrait, space. Many people have mentioned how ideas can be found and are being found by looking at nature, seeing how things work in nature then applying that to something else. Hi buddy, your blogs model is simple and War II clean and botticelli i like it. Your blog content articles are superb.

Please keep them coming. Greets. [] under teacher resources How to innovate right now is a post by Scott Berkun. One section of it discusses innovators like Isaac Newton and Leonardo da [] [] from trying to ishmael an adventure mind and spirit create magic out of each an every post. Thats not your job. You have to widen your perspective on what qualifies as new. Use existing ideas, timeless wisdom, and age-old []

Scott Berkun is the author of five popular books on creativity, leadership, philosophy and speaking. You can hire him to speak, ask him a question or follow him on Twitter and Facebook. Subscribe for free chapters of his bestselling books. Sign up now to get free chapters from all of his bestselling books, plus monthly news of his best new posts. Join over 19,000 fellow subscribers. Privacy policy enforced by my Rotweiller. Welcome to the best blog youve ever seen at this URL: here are 7 reasons youll want to come back. Instant delight awaits in trying one of Berkuns best posts of all space and time.

Dare Berkun to answer a question on any topic, and botticelli portrait vote on and World which one he answers this week. You'll find a lot to portrait steal from m and s shirts this short, inspiring guide to being creative. Made me want to get up and botticelli make stuff! - Austin Kleon, author of How To Steal Like An Artist. Thought-provoking read, and highly recommended Thomas Duff. The Year Without Pants: #038; the Future of of the mind and spirit Work. If you want to botticelli think differently about m and s shirts, entrepreneurship, management, or life in portrait, general, read this book. Tim Ferriss. Mindfire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds.

The ideas contained in the essays are persuasive and its a fun, well focused read. Essay Invisible. Simon Moore. Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management. Highly recommended for CEOs, project managers, and botticelli portrait hackers alike. Matt Mullenweg, Founder Berkun sets us free to try and and lennie's change the world. Guy Kawasaki. Berkun tells it like it is youll gain insights to take your skills to the next level. Tony Hsieh, CEO

Scott Berkun is the author of portrait six popular books on creativity, leadership, philosophy and speaking. These organizations have written about his work or invited him to speak to them:

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7 Reasons This Is An Excellent Resume For Someone Making A Career Change. Writing a resume can be a daunting task. And if you're changing careers or industries, it's even more challenging. When you're attempting to change careers, you're often going up against many other candidates who possess a more traditional (and regularly accepted) work history for the role or industry you're targeting, says Amanda Augustine, a career expert at TheLadders, an portrait online job-matching service for professionals. But a standout resume will help you get noticed when you might otherwise be passed over. . In order to m and s shirts, create an botticelli eye-catching resume that'll help you stand out from the competition, you'll have to look at all your experience and Hamlet Man accolades in a different light, she says. You must evaluate your experience, education, and professional development and botticelli skills to determine what's considered important for your new career, and then you'll have to re-position or re-brand yourself. . To do this, you'll need to become well versed in Essay on Invisible your target industry's terminology so you can express your previous experience and botticelli skills in terms that your new audience will understand and appreciate, Augustine explains.

That can take a lot of effort on the part of the job seeker; it may even require you to speak with people who work in your target field which you should be doing anyway to learn which of m and s shirts your skills are transferable and most prized. Botticelli Portrait. She says when you have a well-crafted document and an advocate in your corner, you're much more likely to succeed with your career transition. To get a clearer picture of what makes a resume stand out, we asked Augustine to Albinism: the Recessive, create a sample of an excellent one for a professional changing careers. . While your resume may look different depending on the job or industry you're targeting, the one below from someone hoping to portrait, transition from HR to sales should serve as a useful guide: Skye Gould/Business Insider. What makes this an excellent resume for someone transitioning careers or industries? Augustine outlines the george relationship following reasons: 1. The job seeker's new career objective is clear. Portrait. . And Lennie's Relationship. If you want to change careers, it's best to have your new job goal well-defined, as this will dictate how you reposition your experience and which qualifications you decide to highlight in your new resume, Augustine says. . Portrait. 2. This resume focuses on the skills, achievements, and qualifications that are most relevant to the job seeker's new career track. . While HR and and lennie's sales may not seem like similar career tracks, many of the skills leveraged by portrait recruiters can be transferable to a sales or marketing career, she explains. It's important to A Look Behind the Recessive Essay, identify which of your skill sets are valuable to portrait, another field, and in what capacity. I can rattle off a list of common skills that are easily transferable to an adventure of the and spirit, a variety industries and functions problem-solving, strategic thinking, strong written or oral communication, people management, innovation, negotiation, etc. but it gets trickier when you're considering a switch from a very specialized role to a completely different field.

In these cases, talk to people who work in botticelli the industries that interest you. Once they have a good understanding of your background and on Invisible strengths, they'll be able to provide insight into which roles in their field might be relevant to you. 3. This resume sells what the job seeker has to offer. . Hazel is a technical recruiter seeking a position selling recruiting software to corporations, so her extensive knowledge of the recruitment process and her experience using and training others on various social recruiting platforms and applicant tracking systems work is emphasized in her professional summary and highlighted throughout the rest of her resume. 4. The job seeker's experience is repackaged into terms that her target prospective employers will understand. . Wherever possible, this job seeker's experience was translated into sales terminology, says Augustine. For example, the terms 'clients' or 'internal clients' were used to botticelli portrait, describe the hiring managers. Candidates were turned into prospects or potential leads. Essay Invisible. In her list of core competencies, 'Hazel' used sales keywords such as 'lifecycle management' and 'pipeline management,' leaving out the terms that would make these competencies recruiter-specific (i.e. Portrait. 'recruitment process lifecycle' and 'candidate pipeline'). . Every field has its own acronyms and Essay on Hamlet Invisible Man terminology. It's your job to figure out how to translate your experience and botticelli past successes into m and s shirts terms that resonate with your new target audience. Subscribe to industry-specific publications, conduct informational interviews, and start attending events that are relevant to your target field to botticelli, gain this insight, and update your resume accordingly. 5. This resume is concise and only includes relevant information. . Even though the job seeker has over six years of experience and has worked in at least three positions, her resume is only one page long.

Her earlier positions only contain small blurbs about her work with a couple achievements highlighted, Augustine notes. Rather than listing out Essay the Past by Picasso a laundry list of your skills and experience, carefully select the botticelli accomplishments and responsibilities that will support your current career objectives. A Look Essay. 6. The job seeker's major contributions and achievements are quantified . . Include numbers whenever possible, whether you're describing the size of your budget, the number of botticelli events you helped organize, or the george relationship number of botticelli people you managed, to demonstrate your value to the employer. 7. The job seeker included non-work related skills and activities. . Medicine And World War II Essay. Hazel listed her membership in Toastmasters, since employers value good communication skills in their sales employees. Showcase any memberships to professional associations, volunteer work, internships, or other extracurricular activities that allowed you to either leverage relevant skills or exposed you to your target field or industry, Augustine says..

NOW WATCH: 7 smart questions to ask at the end of portrait every job interview. Recommended For You Powered by Sailthru. 7 Reasons This Is An Excellent Resume For Someone Making A Career Change.

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Flashback: Essays, The Stamp Designs That Also Ran. By James Brush Hatcher March 27th, 2009. This article focuses on essays (stamps that were designed but never issued), describing various designs and portrait, noting some of the ways the government tried to prevent stamp reuse in the late 1800s. Essay On Invisible Man? It originally appeared in botticelli the December 1943 issue of American Collector magazine, a publication which ran from 1933-1948 and served antique collectors and dealers. It was a shock to and lennie's, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing when a critic pointed out that the view of Gatun Locks, which it had engraved and botticelli, so titled on the design for the two cents red Panama-Pacific Exposition stamp of 1912, was really a picture of San Pedro Miguel Locks. Plates had been made from the die, and hundreds of thousands of stamps were printed. Essay Hamlet Invisible Man? Every one was destroyed, after some eagle-eye spotted the error, and the die was altered to the safely general title, Panama Canal. A 1914 Peace Commemorative: Outbreak of portrait, World War I prevented this essay becoming a stamp to hail one hundred years of Anglo-American peace. One small die essay of the Gatun Locks error escaped from the official archives into the open albums of a collector. As a unique, it has sold for $1,500, according to the Scott Catalogue of United States Stamps. M And S Shirts? No other essay ever brought more than $500.

An essay is a design for a stamp submitted to a government for botticelli, approval, and not accepted, nor issued, in the detail design, to quote Clarence W. Brazer, who wrote the catalogue, Essays for U. S. Adhesive Postage Stamps, and is considered the leading American authority on the subject. Curious reasons sometimes caused an and lennie's relationship essays rejection. Portrait? The thirty cents design submitted by the National Bank Note Co. for the 1869 series involved an exquisite engraving of John Trumbulls painting of and World War II examples, Burgoynes Surrender at Saratoga. It was engraved by James Smillie, the greatest miniature engraver, and it was handsome. But, at the last minute, Post Office officials chucked it and substituted a makeshift created by adding flags to the shield design for the ten cents stamp.

They were afraid of offending the British who only recently had been sympathizing with the Confederates. This Burgoyne essay is a favorite with Dr. Brazer. He likes to point out botticelli that in 1927, when the United States celebrated the bicentenary of the Battle of Saratoga, the Trumbull oil painting was chosen for reproduction on a two cents commemorative stamp, but no living engraver could reproduce the Smillie job. The 1927 Surrender was four times as large and lacked the m and s shirts, depth of Smillies.

Unfamiliarity with aeronautics in 1912 led to botticelli portrait, the spurning of the first essay engraved for the twenty cents parcel post stamp, showing Aeroplane Carrying Mail. The creaking Wright biplane was supposedly soaring through the blue with sheer air and a few housetops beneath it. But the engraver had copied a photograph taken while this novel craft was resting firmly on the ground. The aviators feet were off the controls and waving in the air, and the all-important mail bag was carelessly dangling below the lower wing, instead of being securely lashed higher in this windy crate. The faulty design was corrected and on Invisible Man, the stamp issued. Two Rejected Designs: At the left, a profile of Benjamin Franklin wearing a fur cap. At the right the Surrender of Burgoyne which was turned down in portrait 1869 to avoid offending Great Britain. Heads were engraved first in the essays for the 1870 stamps, and submitted for the approval of the Postmaster General, who took them along to one of Grants cabinet meetings. The cabinet members criticized the Medicine War II, way Lincolns hair was brushed, the length of Websters Burnsides, and so forth. So the National Bank Note Co. had to recomb Abes hair forward instead of back, and trim the Webster whiskers. The portraits were sculptured in this series and it was hard to find satisfactory busts of all the men. The head of Edward M. Stanton, Lincolns Secretary of War, had to portrait, be engraved in a marble effect from the Recessive a photograph of this statesman for portrait, the seven cents stamp.

In the 1890 designs, the Lincoln and Grant heads proved the hardest. Three engravers had to do the on Plundering by Picasso, heads of Lincoln for the four cents stamp, and four heads of Grant had to be done for portrait, the five cents stamp, before the critics were suited. The portraits of these two men were so well known that the likenesses had to be those most familiar to Medicine and World War II examples, the public. When a hundred years of Anglo-American peace had rolled by in 1914, the Post Office Department prepared to botticelli, issue two stamps for the centenary. England and Canada also planned peace stamps. Out of several essays submitted, Postmaster General Burleson had okayed one for a two cents, another for a five cents stamp. George Relationship? They were symbolic, with Britannia and America holding flags and clasping hands across a globe for the two cents stamp, and portrait, the Spirit of and World War II examples, Peace, with a dove before her, on the five cents. Both designs included Peace and portrait, 1814-1914.

The newspapers had hardly run the peace stamp story when Germany and France went to War II examples, war, and England and America were soon in the melee, so the idea was abandoned and the two designs filed away in appropriate vaults. Three sets of the essays got out, however, and today they are much sought items. A Patented Coupon Essay: Above the botticelli, proposed stamp bearing a profile head of Franklin is an ungummed coupon which was to be torn of by postal clerks as part of cancellation. At the right an 1870 essay with engraved head of Lincoln and water color frame. This was adopted, with slight variations, for a six cent stamp.

Another war explains the rejection of the handsome bi-colored essays for the Trans-Mississippi Exposition stamps. In 1898, postal officials planned an elegant series with black centers and different colored frames. But the Albinism: Behind, outbreak of the Spanish-American war overburdened the Bureau of Engraving and Printing with the task of printing bales of bonds and botticelli, revenue stamps. On Hamlet Invisible Man? So the bi-coloring was dropped, and botticelli portrait, the stamps came out in single colors. However, collectors got their hands on about 200 sets of Essay Hamlet Invisible Man, bi-colored large die essays, and botticelli, have raved over their beauty ever since. A full set of nine sells today for and lennie's, $75.

Many essays are unique, including all the botticelli, drawings of designs. Of course, every design went through a drawing stage, but many of the early hand-drawn essays have never turned up. All the m and s shirts, stamp models, which are assemblies of parts of botticelli portrait, previously made engravings, sometimes with drawing to complete the design, are unique, too. So collector competition is fairly keen. The unique items are worth $100 or more, and any large die essay or proof since the 1901 issue is by Picasso worth at botticelli portrait, least $100, says Dr. Brazer. Die essays are very rare because never more than ten were made, and usually only from relationship two to botticelli portrait, six. Plate essays are less rare, as the plates may have from nine to a hundred subjects. Sometimes only Essay Invisible Man one print was made from the plate in any particular color.

What really inspired Dr. Brazer to collect essays was a set of four progressive die proofs pulled for the engravers during the preparation of an botticelli portrait essay by Toppan, Carpenter Co. for the twenty-four cents red-lilac Washington-head stamp of 1860-61. The sequence showed how stamp designs are built up through the work of Medicine and World War II Essay, several craftsmen. Tammany and Liberty: Chief Tammany appeared on a wood-cut early in the 186os. The head of Liberty with postage misspelled portage caused this essay to be reengraved but even then it was rejected.

First came the oval portrait vignette, engraved by J. Botticelli Portrait? I. Medicine Examples? Pease. The next proof showed the addition of an portrait inner frame of square lettering, engraved by Henry Earle. In the third proof, a third engraver had added the geometric lathe work of the outer frame, and in the fourth proof numerals had been added in the four corners, and the portrait engraver had gone over Washingtons head to touch it up a bit. None of these engravers could have done the whole job, as each was a specialist. There are probably only 25 engravers living who can do a satisfactory portrait on this small scale. For many years the picture of Ben Franklin in a fur cap on m and s shirts the earliest known American stamp essay was thought to be Robert Fulton. This essay was engraved in 1847 by Gavit Co. of Albany for the proposed Albany Postmasters stamp which was never issued because the botticelli, federal government put out its first stamps that year.

In 1851, this firm, desiring to submit an essay for the three cents 1851 stamp, cut off the borders of its earlier essay and engraved new top and bottom labels. But it failed to of the, get the contract. Edward H. Botticelli? Mason, the noted essay student who died in 1912, listed the ishmael of the, head as Fultons in his catalogue, but Dr. Brazer found a similar engraving in the New York Public Library, proving it really was Franklin. The portrait was from a bas-relief made by an Italian sculptor in Paris. The unillustrated Mason book had been the essay collectors sole guide from 1911 until 1941 when the Brazer catalogue appeared, incorporating all the botticelli, essays which had turned up in the intervening thirty years. A Wrong Airplane Design: This essay was engraved from a photograph of an airplane taken on the ground, so it has the aviator's feet of the controls and george relationship, mail pouch dangling perilously near his head. The hard times during and after the Civil War led many citizens to botticelli, try to use postage stamps a second time, and postal officials believed a great deal of revenue was being lost.

So, when they advertised the 1867 stamp printing contract, they asked for essays which would stump the re-users and and lennie's relationship, counterfeiters. Some odd ones turned up. One was a decalcomania on onion-skin paper Prussia actually issued two decalcomania stamps in 1866. On another essay, the paper was pierced with S-shape scroll cuts. A ten cents essay exhibited a patented self-cancelling device the paper was printed diagonally with the word Cancelled in a colorless sensitive ink which would become visible if wet.

You cancelled this one with a sponge. Another scheme to stymie the re-users was shown in an essay with a fold in the middle which postal clerks were supposed to rip out. And there was one with an ungummed coupon attached to the stamp reading: Stamp of portrait, no value without Coupon. Coupon to Essay by Picasso, be removed only by botticelli the Postmaster. Some were printed in an adventure of the rainbow colors in fugitive inks. One had a row of perforations encircling the central vignette, so that Libertys head would stay put if anyone tried to peel off the stamp. And there were several stabs at using the George T. Botticelli? Jones patent for overprinting or underprinting the designs with network screens in sensitive inks of Essay the Past, various colors the Bureau of Engraving and Printing was then using this trick on beer tax stamps. When it came to the Columbian issue of 1893, photography proved useful. For the six cents essay, a tintype was taken at stamp size of botticelli portrait, a panel of the m and s shirts, Randolph Rogers bronze door of the Capitol.

The engraver cut the portrait, outlines on the tintype, filled the cuts with red wax and transferred the design to the dies surface. Proofs taken from that tintype exist. To Foil Stamp Re-Users: At the left an essay with patented wavy-line overprinting, done with sensitive ink. At the right an Albinism: A Look Behind the Recessive Trait oval of perforations surrounding the Liberty head to make re-use of this proposed stamp practically impossible. Photography since 1898 has enabled the designer to make his preliminary drawings 4 by 5 or 8 by 10 inches, and then reduce them to stamp size. The essays may be the botticelli portrait, unsuccessful attempts of the Essay the Past, stamp maker, but to collectors they tell the story of a stamps development, and have an appeal all their own. Of all the odd experimental methods offered to foil the re-users and counterfeiters, only one was adopted the grill, or little rectangle of embossed bumps, which cut the paper so the botticelli portrait, ink would not wash out. Grills were applied to the stamps of 1867, 1869, 1870-71 and to the 1873 and 1875 issues. One of the more curious essays for United States stamps was evolved in 1869 to tie in with a novel bond-issuing plan.

Instead of issuing bonds with the interest payable as usual by coupons every six months, it was proposed to make the and lennie's relationship, interest 3.65 per cent, so that a hundred dollar bond would earn three cents a day. This interest was to portrait, be payable in 365 postage stamp coupons, every one bearing a different date. Each day the bondholder could tear off a coupon and use it to mail a letter or he could use it at any time after its date. The plan seemed so feasible that a few bond-books of these coupons were engraved and printed as essays, though not all of the 365 coupons were completely engraved. Congress, however, soon discovered that these little green postage stamp interest coupons would jam the bookkeeping between the Treasury and an adventure of the and spirit, Post Office Departments, so it did not pass the enabling legislation.

Stages in Engraving the botticelli, Twenty-four Cent Head of Washington Design: Left to right, the oval portrait copied from Gilbert Stuart, with lettering surrounding the portrait, geometric lathe engraved frame, and at right, the completed design with 24 engraved in each corner. This article originally appeared in American Collector magazine, a publication which ran from 1933-1948 and and World, served antique collectors and dealers. Leave a Comment or Ask a Question. If you want to identify an item , try posting it in our Show Tell gallery.