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Nov 21, 2017 London 1802 meaning,

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big essay fonts In Beatrice Warde’s famous crystal goblet essay, she argues that the meaning role of environment type is to london 1802 meaning invisibly convey its message, to carry the environment words’ meaning, and otherwise disappear. And I think it’s clear what she’s saying is that the london typography ought not distract the reader from the or ratio text, but this “long-winded and fragrant metaphor,” finds its limits outside of “quietly set book-pages.” Editorial design operates under different constraints. Yes, minimize distraction while reading, but a number of other practical concerns peculiar to meaning editorial work define the nike environment look and meaning, function of editorial faces. Or Ratio. First let me say I realize that editorial design is a big topic that covers multiple overlapping (and exclusive) design disciplines, but just to be clear, we’re talking about periodically published journals, newspapers and magazines. Time is the first and greatest constraint in the editorial world. London. That means you’re working within a template filled with stories and other content of environment variable size, constantly determining what merits the 1802 meaning most prominent placement and of Water, how much each bit gets.

Typefaces have to 1802 be flexible in such environments in order to is temperature interval or ratio fit those diverse spaces and still say their part. London 1802 Meaning. This is western trench true of london meaning headline faces, as well as those used at nike environment text sizes to set the 1802 body and other small elements, like captions. The Properties Of Water. The other side of editorial design—is designing the system I describe above. The main objective here is to balance its flexibility with enough structural rigidity to give the publication as a whole a consistent and london, recognizable voice. Flexibility is about maximizing possibility while minimizing the interval or ratio number of moving parts. A great place to start is with a full-featured text face that allows a range of london 1802 meaning expression in only a few styles. For example, with small caps and nike environment, a proper italic you can create multiple levels of london hierarchy without even varying the key quotes type in 1802, size or weight. Trench. This lets you reserve changes in meaning, weight (such as bold) for front trench additional markers or levels of london hierarchy.

The two examples immediately below are set in Gerard Unger’s Neue Swift. Interval. News work tends to 1802 meaning prefer narrow columns, which up until the nike 1970s or so were always justified (set flush against london both left and right margins). So it makes sense that narrow text faces were developed to of Water more economically pack in the copy, but also give typographers more options when determining where a line should break, and which words should be hyphenated. London Meaning. As you look through this list of modern alternatives to standard newspaper faces, you may note how each is generally robust, but also, just a bit on the narrow side. Typefaces like Matthew Carter’s Miller were designed as commissions grew for Mesothelioma Essay example new type families that worked in text, but also in a range of london 1802 meaning weights and key quotes, widths for setting headlines, subheads, and big display stuff. The designs relate across their various optical sizes, which allows for easy recognition, but also reinforces the identity of the publication. When a family spans multiple optical sizes, styles made to work at larger sizes generally have higher contrast, finer details, and are more tightly fit and london, spaced. Those made for western text sizes are more robust and have a looser fit.

As I’ve covered here before, Nick Shinn’s Pratt Nova, below, is one such design that covers a range of london 1802 meaning optical sizes and editorial uses. It would also be neglectful of nike environment me not to mention the work of 1802 meaning Dino dos Santos, whose DSType Foundry carries many great examples of The Properties Essay type systems for editorial, that span multiple optical sizes, like Acta Display, Headline, and meaning, Acta (Text) above. Saga Definition. Also see its companion sans, Acto. 1802. One of the easiest ways of guiding the reader through an edition of western trench a magazine or newspaper is by establishing separate roles, each with a distinct typographic voice. Most often the 1802 meaning serif sets the content itself, while the Essay sans is 1802 tasked with marking each piece and directing the environment reader accordingly. In my series Great Pairs I look at faces that work well with each other and suggest uses in london meaning, which they’d be particularly well suited.

In case you wondered, the sans prominently featured at the top of this article is Tomas Brousil’s Monopol. Different kinds of The Changing editorial typefaces. Meaning. There is minutes paulo of course more than sans and serif at 1802 work in editorial. Njal’s And Beowulf: Of Masculinity. Often large feature stories and some recurring sections of london a paper or magazine (these are called departments) use type or lettering in The Nibelungenlied, Njal’s, arresting, illustrative ways. Meaning. Lately there’s been a lot of casual script in this space, but also highly stylized formal scripts, blackletter, and nike environment, more conceptual display faces. I recommend a look at the work of Gareth Hague for more great designs like his Sabre, shown above. London. At the minutes other end of the london 1802 spectrum are purpose-built faces made to do amazing things, like clearly set the minutes paulo coelho tiny financial text on stock pages. In the 1990s, Tobias Frere-Jones famously created Retina for london 1802 the Wall Street Journal.

Ermin Mededovic’s Lipa Agate is Reasons for The of World Essay similarly suited to small sizes and london 1802 meaning, challenging print environments, and of Water, its characters maintain the 1802 meaning same width whether set in the lightest or heaviest weight. The Tempest Key Quotes. If you’re working in editorial every day, or it’s your job to design an 1802 meaning editorial system for a news team or magazine staff, I’ll close with this piece of Njal’s and Beowulf: The Changing advice: Read everything, and always leave room for fun in london 1802 meaning, the final workflow. Trench. Reading it holds clues for type selection, where to london 1802 put emphasis, and where to break the coelho story (both its placement and where the column-breaks go). London Meaning. And fun—along with great writing, a great composition, not just on the cover—makes a design worth producing, looking at, buying and reading. Experiment with ways to adapt the design, incorporating new typefaces, new illustrators and photographers, or just new ways of using negative space.

Taking one’s work seriously in paulo, this regard can be scary, but it’s a proven way out of the london all-too-common designer malaise. And Beowulf: Of Masculinity. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive amazing offers, useful type tips and information about the latest font releases.

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London 1802 meaning

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Nov 21, 2017 London 1802 meaning,

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(Guidelines for Pre-OT, PT, and PA students) As part of the primary application, most physician assistant programs, and many physical therapy and occupational therapy programs, require applicants to submit a personal essay, personal statement, or personal narrative (each term refers to the same thing). The personal essay can be thought of as the interview before the interview, or almost a substitute for the interview for programs that don't offer or require one. The average personal essay runs between 600 and 750 words, give or take, with the upper end of meaning, that range being more common (or the The Nibelungenlied, Saga The Changing of Masculinity, equivalent in characters, which is how Central Application Services tend to london meaning, measure things - around 4000 to 5000 characters, including spaces). It is important you compose an essay characterized by The Properties of Water both conciseness as well as an effective level of london 1802 meaning, detail and specificity. You will need to be selective and very pointed with what you choose to The Nibelungenlied, Saga, write about, and what you decide to describe in more detail or less detail. London? The guidelines on this page can help you with these choices. Establishing your credibility with admission committees. Your transcript and GPA are meant to establish your academic credibility, as someone who manages your time well, has developed the skills to of Water, do well in challenging courses, and who follows through on commitments. Your personal essay, on the other hand, can help establish your credibility as someone who: has thoroughly researched your chosen career field has undergone a thoughtful process of london meaning, self-assessment in for The choosing the profession, understands and can articulate their personal connection with the field, and is 100% devoted to pursuing a career in the field has worked hard to develop the 1802 meaning, temperament and maturity, the key quotes, desire to keep learning, and the personal and professional skills, necessary to function well in graduate school and in clinical settings and who possesses the ability to 1802 meaning, effectively, professionally, and coherently communicate ideas in writing. As another dimension of credibility that should be displayed in your essay, remember that within the health fields the focus is always on providing excellent service to patients; on the caregiver-patient relationship; on Reasons War I Essay effective rapport-building and communication within that relationship; on working effectively with other healthcare professionals on behalf of your patient; and on patient advocacy.

Some aspect of london meaning, this patient-centric approach should play a role in your personal essay. In other words, not to The Properties Essay, put too fine a point on it, but it's not all about what the profession can do for you (though certainly you want to find your career personally fulfilling), it's about the patient. Putting the london, personal in personal essay. Personal statements can take many different forms in minutes paulo terms of both style and meaning, content. It is eleven a personal essay because it describes how your experiences, values, and london meaning, sensibilities, and your witnessing of others' experiences through shadowing and hands-on experience, build and Reasons Outbreak of World, grow your personal connection with the particular field, and your desire to serve the needs of 1802 meaning, other people through your work as a healthcare professional within the field. In your personal essay, you want to be able to describe how and why you yourself were summoned to this profession . Generic reasons such as I want to and Beowulf: The Changing Definition of Masculinity, help people are valid on the face of london, it, but you need to add depth and dimension to front trench, them, personalize them.

The ideas above and below on london this page are meant to help you do that. Reflect on your shadowing and hands-on patient / client experiences. What did you learn about the profession or healthcare in general? What did you learn about others and yourself? How did the interaction impact you personally ? How did it make you feel? What thoughts came to you? What skills and which of your personal qualities came into play?

How did the patient respond, and minutes paulo, how did the moment affect them? It is a privilege to witness the struggles, suffering, and progress of other people. You want to do their experiences justice in london 1802 your descriptions of them and responses to of Water, them as you write your essay . Free-write responses to london, the above. Then read and Essay, reflect on what you have written, and try to describe how and why you yourself were summoned to this profession . Don't strive for perfect writing at this point; you are still in 1802 meaning the discovery stage of writing. It is the tempest key quotes also a personal essay because something of your personality should come through, which is another good and productive aspect of drafting the essay. You also want to project the kind of ethos or temperament that any effective healthcare professional should possess. (If you don't know exactly what ethos and meaning, temperament consist of, look up those words!) Stylistically, it is common practice to The Nibelungenlied, Saga and Beowulf: The Changing Definition, write the personal statement from the first person (I / me) perspective. This is your opportunity to tell admission committees the three or four most important things about yourself and your preprofessional experience. Meaning? A personal essay is not merely a résumé in paragraph form. Instead, admission committees are interested to western trench, see your ability to 1802, assess your own experiences and draw conclusions from them about your goals, skills, and attributes; your ability to learn from your experiences; perhaps your dedication to western front, learning from your mistakes, or your willingness to challenge your own preconceptions; your ability to london, effectively assess your goals and the tempest key quotes, your reasons for pursuing them; and, equally important, your ability to london 1802 meaning, convey this information in a coherent, professional, yet personable manner. If you decide to incorporate a relevant personal experience into your essay, avoid including details that are too personal, or overly gratuitous.

You don't want to trench, be off-putting or show a lack of good judgment. Program-specific essay information. Usually, applicants write one essay that they submit to many or perhaps even all of the london, programs to which they are applying. It is uncommon, and not generally recommended, to write a different essay for each program, nor is it possible to do so through the central application services (CAS). Eleven Minutes Paulo? The only exception is noted below, in relation to directed essays with custom questions. Consult CAS FAQs and program websites for essay requirements and submission processes. There are dozens of non-CAS programs, and each will have its own essay submission process. London 1802 Meaning? For CAS programs: OTCAS FAQs - Click Personal Statement PTCAS FAQs - Click Essay CASPA FAQs - Click Narrative (Personal Statement) Information As part of the primary application, some programs require that you submit responses to a directed essay or custom questions posed by the program instead of or in addition to the general essay you'll submit to all programs. Therefore there's a good chance you'll need to for The of World, write two or more different essays. In some instances you may need to write responses to custom questions largely from 1802, scratch, but often you can pull content and ideas from your general essay and blend them into your responses to The Properties Essay, custom questions.

Custom questions often ask applicants to write about how their goals and values align with the program's mission statement or statement of values. If so, you might incorporate values and terminology from these statement into your essay. Many programs ask applicants to submit a brief autobiographical essay, sometimes explicitly asking applicants not to talk about their career choice. It is neither feasible nor desirable to attempt a through autobiography in a page or two. London 1802 Meaning? There are many ways to approach this project. For example, you could try to judiciously identify one or two defining moments from your life and use them as a brief autobiographical lens which offers insight into who you are, your values, a defining characteristic, or otherwise conveys something interesting about you.

Another example: you could write about a challenge you overcame and how that growth experience has subsequently shaped you and The Properties of Water Essay, your life. Again, there are many approaches, but simply writing paragraphs of places and dates in your life probably won't suffice. Research your programs to determine essay requirements well ahead of time. Plan accordingly, and allot enough time to london 1802 meaning, draft essays in a non-hurried fashion. Pre-PT If you are applying to western, PTCAS programs, note that the central application requires that your personal essay be written PTCAS allows programs to require responses to 1802 meaning, school-specific (custom) questions if they choose. Applicants are automatically notified of custom questions during the application process. For additional details, read the PTCAS FAQ, School-specific Questions. Check program sites ahead of time to learn whether any of your PTCAS or non-PTCAS programs require responses to Reasons of World Essay, custom questions either as part of the primary / initial application or as part of london 1802 meaning, a secondary / supplemental application. CASPA allows programs to require responses to school-specific custom questions.

Information about custom questions, if any for your programs, is found within the Program Materials section of the coelho, CASPA application. Check program sites ahead of time to learn whether any of your CASPA or non-CASPA programs require responses to custom questions either as part of the primary / initial application or as part of a secondary / supplemental application. Pre-OT Check program sites ahead of time to learn whether any of your OTCAS or non-OTCAS programs require responses to custom questions either as part of the primary / initial application or as part of a secondary / supplemental application. London 1802 Meaning? If so, you will likely submit directed essay responses directly to the program, while submitting a general essay through OTCAS (assuming you are applying to one or more OTCAS programs). Njal’s Saga And Beowulf: The Changing Definition? Some programs may also require that you submit written responses to london 1802 meaning, additional questions during a secondary or supplemental application process , once you have submitted the The Properties of Water Essay, primary application (whether through the CAS or directly to the program itself for london meaning non-CAS programs). Western Front Trench? In these cases, applicants can sometimes pull content or ideas from 1802 meaning, their master essay and Essay, customize them according to secondary application questions. 1802 Meaning? Other times, secondary application questions may need to be written from The Properties, scratch, but should be drafted with the same care and london 1802 meaning, professionalism as the personal essay itself. While some programs place more emphasis on for The Outbreak the essay than others, you must always consider the essay, and any other written responses, to be an integral part of your application. For some programs, the essay is the interview before the interview. For programs without interviews, the essay can take on even greater significance.

Once you have submitted your application(s), double-check with the CAS itself as well as with non-CAS programs to confirm that your application is london complete. Important: Whether you are communicating with an administrative assistant, a receptionist, a faculty member, or an admissions representative, always be perfectly polite and professional in every interaction, with everyone. Not only is such conduct critical in Mesothelioma example terms of your own developing professionalism, but we know of applicants whose application has been put in the Denied stack simply due to a single presumptuous or rude phone or email interaction. Always have at least one full backup copy of the latest draft of your essay, preferably two, saved on different devices , even in 1802 the earliest stages of brainstorming and writing. Investing 20 seconds in the short run to Mesothelioma Essay, create a couple of master backups can save you hours or even weeks of london 1802, misery trying to recreate what has been needlessly lost. Key Quotes? We have seen applicants lose their entire completed essay because they did not create backups. As you write , save your document every couple of 1802, minutes, or set your word processor to auto-save every minute or two.

Losing even 20 minutes of work is frustrating and Reasons Outbreak of World War I, unnecessary. 1802? Before making major revisions , create a new version of the essay using the Save As feature, so that you can always go back to the earlier version if need be. Every time you are finished working for the time being , update your backups to the latest version of your master document - the The Properties, draft-in-progress. There is not one correct way to write or organize a personal essay. Below are some guidelines and ideas to london 1802 meaning, help you get started, and ease you into western, the writing process: Review the notes you took during clinical observation, and during pertinent volunteer and london 1802 meaning, / or patient care experiences. Highlight a few moments which most helped build your knowledge and understanding of the Saga and Beowulf: The Changing of Masculinity, profession, or your decision to pursue it.

Jot down any personal experiences that informed your decision to pursue a career in healthcare in general, or your chosen field in particular. Review formal descriptions of your chosen field. Revisit websites of the professional organizations associated with your chosen field, and read how those already working in the profession describe it. Reread the Description Of The Profession section at the top of the HPPLC site for your field, be it OT, PT, or PA. London? Perhaps visit program websites and read their program philosophy or mission statements. Doing so can give you a sense of what ideals and goals seem most important to Njal’s Saga and Beowulf: The Changing Definition, them, which may in turn help you generate ideas, and 1802, even help clarify what is important to you as well. Important: Revisit the section, Putting the personal in personal essay. By making time to follow the writing guidelines there, you will develop ideas that could very well become the core of your essay. (Remember to save your notes periodically, and create backups.) Write down or word-process your thoughts with regard to each of the following questions, which often form the front trench, basis of admission essays. For now, don't worry about sentence-level issues like punctuation, or about writing things in essay format. London 1802 Meaning? Even a rough bulleted list in response to front, each question is fine. You're simply brainstorming ideas at this point.

Why do I want to 1802 meaning, be an [OT / PT / PA]? What are the reasons I have specifically chosen to pursue [OT / PT / PA] instead of one of the Njal’s and Beowulf: The Changing Definition of Masculinity, hundreds of other possible healthcare careers? (Hint: be more specific than I want to help people. While this is a perfectly valid reason, it describes thousands of different professions.) What specific steps have I taken to make this decision? Have I shadowed in a variety of settings? - which kinds? (Remember that OTs, PTs, and PAs do practice in a wide variety of settings!) Additional questions you might consider: Have I discovered anything interesting or impactful through reading related professional journals in the library? What kind of paid or voluntary work have I done interacting directly with patients, clients, or others in need? Have I garnered experience working with or on meaning behalf of underserved populations? Have I been meaningfully involved in a student organization? (Not mandatory - remember, these are simply brainstorming questions.) Remember to save your notes periodically, and create backups. Assessing and recounting your preprofessional experiences. It is very common for applicants to incorporate anecdotal descriptions of a few clinical observation, direct patient care, and example, / or pertinent volunteer experiences into their personal essays.

If you do so in a thoughtful, detailed manner, these experiences could even become the linchpins of your essay, and can be an london, effective way to show admissions committees that you have seriously considered your chosen career path, why it is a good fit for you, and what you hope to someday offer your own patients or clients. Next then, look more closely at the experiences you highlighted in The Properties your notes, as suggested above. The key at this point is to assess these experiences, and incorporate additional details into your descriptions of them. Review the writing you did for the Putting the personal in personal essay section of this page. If you have followed those guidelines, you already have a good start on what we suggest below. If you have not yet done so, do it now. It won't take more than an hour or two and london meaning, will help you tremendously as you draft your essay. In relation to the clinical observation experiences you highlighted in your notes, list the variety of skills, knowledge, personal attributes, and professional attributes exhibited by the professionals you shadowed. The Properties Essay? What did you learn about the london, profession that you did not know prior to shadowing? How did your experiences refine your impressions of the profession, and the kind of professional you wish to become?

How did what you observe confirm your interest in pursuing the The Changing Definition, profession? Add these lists, thoughts, and meaning, ideas to Saga and Beowulf: of Masculinity, your essay notes. Read through the notes you jotted down in 1802 meaning response to the preparation questions and Essay, see if any of london, those thoughts can lend support or detail to the recounting of your experiences. Do the same kind of assessment In relation to the most impactful of the patient care and/ or volunteer experiences you highlighted in your notes. List the The Properties of Water, skills, knowledge, personal attributes, and meaning, professional attributes that you yourself have begun to develop, or have strengthened. The Nibelungenlied, Saga And Beowulf:? Add these lists, thoughts, and ideas to your essay notes.

Next, in your essay notes, try writing out each experience as a kind of story - a narrative - that you are telling the reader. Meaning? (Remember to save your notes periodically, and create backups.) Writers often find it easiest to write long and edit down. At this stage, write out all your thoughts and ideas without worrying about length. You can edit things down later. Applicants will often be as specific in their essay as, . For instance, when shadowing an [OT / PT / PA] at such and such a place, I observed the [OT / PT / PA] treat a patient who was in this or that circumstance, and interact with the patient in Essay example this or that manner, and london, here is what happened, this was the outcome. As part of the of World Essay, narrative, applicants will often fold in their assessment of the london meaning, experience (as described above): From this experience, I learned this and that. or This experience helped me realize / decide this and Essay, that. Again, this level of specificity can greatly enhance a personal statement. It can reduce the chances that admission committees will have to 1802 meaning, read between the Essay example, lines and guess what you mean, or, worse, assume that you really have not thought much about your goals and your reasons for pursuing them. It is certainly not mandatory that you include detailed narratives accounts of your experiences in london 1802 your essay.

Many applicants find that doing so helps them demonstrate their interest in the profession, and The Properties Essay, their preparedness for embarking upon london 1802 meaning the intensive formal training process. No matter how you choose to present what you learned from your experiences, remember that vagueness and Reasons Outbreak of World Essay, over-generalization are the enemies of a strong personal essay. The details matter. Assessing and recounting relevant personal experiences. In a fashion similar to that described above, you have the option to include in your essay situations in your own life which, for example, taught you something important about life which you have found relevant to your career choice, taught you something about what does not so much interest you, or impacted you in 1802 other ways you think are directly pertinent to The Nibelungenlied, Njal’s Saga and Beowulf: The Changing of Masculinity, your essay. For example, some applicants recount an experience which helped them develop a core value which then became important to their choice of career path, or which helped them earlier on develop an interest in helping others or working in healthcare. Some applicants recount their own experience receiving care from a PT or PA, or a grandparent's experience with an london 1802 meaning, OT. Remember that including pertinent personal experiences is simply one option, not a requirement. Important: If you decide to of Water Essay, incorporate a personal experience into your essay, avoid including details that are too personal, or overly gratuitous. 1802 Meaning? You don't want to be off-putting, or show a lack of good judgment.

Congratulations! - if you have made it this far, you have undertaken some preparation and brainstorming, have added additional details, and now have what amounts to a rough draft of your essay. As always, save your notes again, and update your backups. Now it's time to connect part to whole throughout your draft. In essay lingo, this is the process of creating coherence . If an essay is coherent it means it flows or progresses from one paragraph to another, one idea to another, one sentence to another in Essay a way that makes sense to 1802, the reader. To gain a holistic sense of your draft thus far, read it from top to bottom, including any ideas you noted as you read program websites and other resources during your preparation, as well as your answers to the brainstorming questions, and the details you subsequently added. Identify the central ideas and themes, perhaps underlining or highlighting them. You will almost certainly see connections between different parts of your notes.

For example, you may find that one section or paragraph seems more focused on your initial decision to enter the health fields, while another section serves the of Water, purpose of london 1802 meaning, explaining your discovery process, and how you confirmed your specific career path. Perhaps there are sentences or paragraphs focused on how you discovered what you are not interested in, and the reasons for that. Essay Example? Maybe part of what you've written so far seems to center on your own skill development and personality attributes. Many different central ideas or themes could emerge. Review the information about establishing credibility with the admissions committee and make sure your essay generally reflects these ideas. Convert bullets and london 1802, incomplete sentences into complete, grammatical thoughts. See if there are lines you want to either expand into new paragraphs or layer into existing paragraphs, or into descriptions of your experiences, adding new details or moving in related content from elsewhere in the draft. Expand or contract different sections or paragraphs according to Njal’s and Beowulf: The Changing, what seems most relevant to your essay, and in a manner which will draw in readers and meaning, help them understand you and your goals better. As you re-read your draft you will also undoubtedly find yourself deleting notes that seem redundant or less useful to coelho, include. London 1802 Meaning? Next, experiment with re-arranging the western front trench, sections and / or paragraphs in different ways, to see what arrangement seems most coherent, offers the greatest impact, or follows the flow of your career decision process (it is not necessary to arrange your essay chronologically - doing so is simply one option among many).

Once you have tentatively arranged the various parts of your draft in a way which seems effective, revise your paragraphs and add transitions so as to create coherence from one paragraph to the next, and one section to the next. Avoid needless repetition or summaries. Personal essays must be coherent and well-organized, but, unlike the classic essay format, the london meaning, introduction of this particular kind of essay need not foreshadow the main points covered in the tempest key quotes the body. In fact, doing so usually detracts from the overall impact of what you've written simply because the essay is london 1802 so brief to begin with. Similarly, unlike the classic essay format, your conclusion should probably not summarize. Doing so usually results in the tempest needless repetition, and isn't necessary since the reader would have just read the summarized information in the previous few paragraphs anyway.

Summarizing in an essay this brief is also a waste of 1802 meaning, precious space which could be used to convey additional new information to Essay, the admissions committee. It is 1802 often easier to Mesothelioma example, write the introduction and conclusion last, once you have a sense of the overall content and tone of the london meaning, body. In fact, once you have a solid draft of the body written (i.e., once you have gone through a drafting process similar to that described previously on this page), you may find that you can actually transform two of your existing paragraphs into for The Outbreak Essay, your introduction and conclusion, rather than writing an introduction and conclusion from scratch. With this method, almost any paragraph conveying a specific idea, theme, point of self-assessment, or related anecdote could become your opening or closing paragraph. 1802 Meaning? Experiment with moving different paragraphs into the position of The Nibelungenlied, Saga Definition of Masculinity, introduction and see if one seems like a compelling way to draw in the reader. Do the same with the london 1802, conclusion and see if any of your paragraphs can stand on their own as a way to draw the essay to a satisfying conclusion, leaving the reader with a positive impression of you or with an interesting final insight into Mesothelioma Essay example, you or your goals. Or you might also find that one of your paragraphs is london meaning particularly representative of the western, themes or ideas conveyed throughout the essay, and could serve as a kind of wrap up without actually being redundant. If you do in fact have paragraphs that seem able to london 1802 meaning, become your introduction and The Properties, conclusion then sometimes just rearranging a sentence or two, or adding one or two additional sentences at the end of what has become your intro, can create a segue into 1802, the body of the essay.

Similarly, sometimes adding a sentence or two as a parting thought to The Nibelungenlied, Njal’s Definition, the end of 1802 meaning, what has become your concluding paragraph can serve as a sufficient outro, and eleven paulo, bring the essay to a satisfying conclusion. If you feel doing the above doesn't seem adequate, or makes the essay less coherent, another option is to experiment with a one or two sentence conclusion; for example, re-expressing your enthusiasm for the field or thanking the admissions committee for considering your application. London 1802? (This method doesn't work as well with introductions.) Before resorting to this method, try the other ideas described above, which often result in the strongest introductions and The Nibelungenlied, Njal’s Saga and Beowulf:, conclusions. That said, there is nothing wrong with an outro which consists of london 1802 meaning, just a sentence or two. Revise Into A Refined And Complete Draft. At this stage your essay no longer looks like a set of notes, and you instead have a coherent and more or less complete draft. Below you will find important reminders about the eleven paulo coelho, content of your essay, common mistakes to london meaning, avoid, and tips to eleven minutes paulo coelho, help you produce the most professional, refined final draft possible. Avoid needless redundancy. Don't repeatedly state the same thought, sentence, or phrase unless there is a valid stylistic or rhetorical reason for doing so. Meaning? Remember that vagueness and over-generalization are the enemies of Njal’s Saga and Beowulf: Definition of Masculinity, a strong personal essay. Specificity is 1802 meaning key. Avoid generalities and clichés like, I am very passionate about.

I love working with people. or I have always wanted to be an [OT / PT / PA]. Such generalities and The Properties of Water Essay, cliche's tell admission committees nothing about 1802 meaning you. Hence, these language choices can give the impression that you have not thought in detail about your reasons for pursuing the profession, or not done a thorough assessment of the specific experiences and attributes that will enable you to succeed in Reasons for The Outbreak of World War I Essay graduate school and become an excellent practitioner in london meaning the profession. You may indeed feel passionate about Mesothelioma example pursuing the profession (in fact, if you don't, you should be pursuing something else!), but you need to demonstrate how the passion developed, and how you have channeled that energy into your preparation. Do so by using specific language to describe how your shadowing, patient care experience, volunteer work, academics, and london meaning, so on, clearly reflect your devotion to for The War I Essay, the profession. And you have not always wanted to be a [PT / OT / PA].

It is more effective to explain how you actually developed your interest in the field. Avoid oversimplifying the profession. You know enough about it to 1802, have decided to pursue it, but there is much you don't know. That's okay because the purpose of the essay is not to define the profession or explain everything you know about it. Relatedly, remember that OTs, PTs, and PAs practice in a wide variety of settings, so be careful to avoid falling into a clichéd or two-dimensional understanding of the given field. For example, PTs are not just sports rehab. They can also work in wound care, burn recovery, stroke rehab, prosthetics, and many other settings. The same idea holds true for OT and PA. The name or title of the and Beowulf: The Changing of Masculinity, profession, be it occupational therapist, physical therapist, or physician assistant, is not a proper noun and so need not be capitalized. It is meaning fine to use the abbreviation - OT, PT, PA - to Mesothelioma, refer to either the field or to someone practicing within the field (i.e., Later that summer, I shadowed another PA, this time in the emergency room of Center Hospital.

Or, . the ever-expanding PT profession. ). London Meaning? Alternating in The Properties of Water some fashion between the full tern and london 1802 meaning, its abbreviation is a good way to front trench, avoid sounding repetitious. Note to pre-PA students: The construct, physician assistant, tends to be fairly standard. You might also see physician's assistant (with an meaning, apostrophe s) or physicians assistant (plural s), but these are used less commonly. Western Front? In any case, be sure to use the london, same construct throughout your essay, and double-check that you don't accidentally use more than one way of referring to the profession. Maintain patient privacy when describing clinical observation and Njal’s Saga Definition, any direct patient care experience. 1802? It is perfectly fine to describe symptoms, treatments, and interactions with patients, but you should never use a person's real name.

Instead, you can refer to them using pronouns (he, she, they). if this seems cumbersome or confusing, it is also standard practice to substitute a made up name for the real name if it will help your writing flow better; for example, My very first experience offering direct patient care was treating an athlete - I'll call him Ted - for heatstroke. . For additional patient privacy information visit HIPPA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Your essay should be perfectly free of The Properties Essay, typos and spelling / grammatical errors. Some admission committees stop reading after two or three such mistakes, and literally drop the offending essay onto 1802 meaning, the No pile. Professionalism is crucial. Just as college is a step up from high school, graduate school is a step (or two) up from your undergraduate degree.

Some admission representatives have told us they stop reading a personal statement after the third mistake (whether spelling, typo, or grammar). Mesothelioma Essay Example? Few things in life need to be perfect, or nearly so. The proofing of your final draft is one of them, because it speaks to london meaning, your professionalism, care, and attention to detail. Use an automatic spell checker on your final draft. Then, print a hardcopy and meticulously proofread it. Eliminate every single typo and spelling error, and every single grammatical error. * Scrutinize your essay for Mesothelioma example usage errors that a spell checking program will often miss; for example, mistakenly using weather instead of whether , ceratin instead of certain , affect instead of effect . You can also do a Find And Replace to see if you are over using a certain word or phrase. If you find this to be the case, replace some instances with a different way of saying the 1802, same thing.

You can also search for hard to spot typos. For example, to find places where you have accidentally inserted an extra space between words, in the Find box hit the spacebar twice, in Replace hit it once, and click Replace All. Eleven Minutes? When you think it is perfectly proofed, set your essay aside for a couple of days, and then proofread it again with fresh eyes, slowly and meticulously. * For this particular specialized document, instead of consulting IUB Writing Tutorial Services staff or documentation for feedback related to 1802, the actual content or style of your essay, you are best off first following the guidelines throughout this webpage. Then, once you have a pretty solid draft in of Water Essay process, you can meet with the meaning, HPPLC pre-OT / PT / PA advisor to discuss the content, level of detail, and western front, organization / coherence of your draft. If you need help learning to meaning, identify and correct grammatical errors, feel free to utilize Writing Tutorial Services.

However, WTS is not a proofreading service! They can help you learn to solve common grammatical problems, but professional programs want to see your own work , not the work of others. Having someone else proof your essay is not ethical, but getting help learning to spot and fix grammar issues is okay. The Properties Essay? Again, for feedback related to london meaning, the actual content or style of your personal essay, you are best off first following the guidelines throughout this webpage and then meeting with a HPPLC advisor if you'd like. Examples of helpful grammar sites: (Passive voice is not an error, but a stylistic choice. However, because it is less direct and less specific than active voice, passive voice is usually best avoided in personal essays. At the above link, if you skip down to the Examples of Passive Voice section you will readily see how to find and easily eliminate it.) This information was prepared for Indiana University Bloomington students by the Health Professions and Prelaw Center.

Please note that specific requirements and policies can change at any time without notice. The Tempest? Students are responsible for obtaining the most current information directly from application and testing services, and the schools and programs in which they have an interest. Refer to each program's web pages, bulletins, and other publications for the most current information. Students are responsible for understanding degree course requirements, as well as other requirements, policies, and london 1802 meaning, procedures related to the degree(s) they are pursuing; for enrolling in appropriate courses; for eleven minutes understanding IU policies/procedures; and for following through properly with regard to all of the preceding.

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oral test essay (general guide to an oral exam at intermediate level) The following list is to london meaning, give you ideas and some vocabulary which may be useful at an oral language exam. personal particulars, ID (identity card), passport, driving licence. how you prove your identity (when do you need to War I, prove it?)

permanent address, temporary address, marital status. personal code number (cp. human rights in data procession) what to do when losing your ID (authority, form, revenue stamp) education, studies, degrees. relatives, relations; getting along with the london 1802 members of the family; the ideal family image; describe somebody from your family (look + character behaviour) Look, appearance, character.

figure, face, hair, eyes, (eye)brows, (eye)lashes, complexion, nose, mouth, etc. behaviour, manner, temper. in the middle/centre/foreground/background, on the left/right (hand side), to the left/right of . , at the top/bottom, in Mesothelioma Essay, the top/bottom left/right hand side corner, in front of, behind, beside, between,; Special family occasions. birthdays, name days, anniversaries, funerals (?), Christmas, Easter.

wedding, mother's day, family gathering, garden party, family festival; friends should be few and good - do you agree? a friend in need is meaning a friend indeed - what's your opinion? describe and characterize one of front trench, your friends. have you got your best friend? why is he/she different from others? your favourite kinds of 1802, pastime with friends.

can a close relative or member of the Saga of Masculinity family be your friend? friends at london 1802 meaning, school/work and out of War I Essay, school/work - what's the difference? friendship with your teacher(s)/boss(es)? - agree or disagree. friends in different periods of life. the question of london 1802, loneliness. Daily routine (+housework) day's programme, daily habits, evening occupations, regular activities,

studying hours, housework, odd jobs around the hiouse. Description of your home. describe the house/flat where you live - do you like it? (dis)advantages of living in a flat or in minutes paulo coelho, a house. describe the people living there. +kinds of 1802 meaning, flats/houses, housing shortage. Home life (+housework) family life at home - different members of the key quotes family sharing rooms or living separately/on their own - life in london meaning, a students' hostel, digs/lodgings, bedsitter; house rule, common room, dormitory, landlady, landlord; daily routine at minutes, home, housework, quarrels in london meaning, a family. staying at home or going out?

The neighbourhood, your village or town. describe the area where you live - do you like it? (dis)advantages of western front trench, living in a village or in a large city. describe the people living there. facilities, comfort, entertainment, possibilities of going out, work, school, making friends there - as opposed to london, other places. Traffic, public transport. giving directions, using a town map;

means of transport, kinds of tickets, fares; driving a car; the Highway Code. Weather and seasons; climate. what's the weather like today? what's the forecast for tomorrow? what's the outlook for the next few weeks? compare weather in the tempest key quotes, Britain and in 1802 meaning, your country; why the English always speak about example, weather; give examples for london 1802 different kinds of weather/climate all around the Earth; the connection between weather and agriculture.

weather/seasons and The Properties of Water Essay sports; what's your favourite season? why? what do you do then? connection between weather and 1802 clothing; everyday clothing (school/work/home) vs clothes for special occasions; difference between men's and women's clothes; describe a special set of eleven paulo, clothes (worker/sportsman/infant/etc.); what clothes do you like wearing? why? what's the connection between man and 1802 nature?

the peace of The Properties, nature vs life in a busy town; quiet and pleasant places in nature; the (wild) world of meaning, animals and plants; describe your favourite plants and animals and their life; different living creatures: mammals, birds, reptiles, insects; beasts/birds of prey, apes, fish, trees, bushes, flowers; describe an animal and a plant, tell about its environment; do people need going out?

what do we look for in nature? observing plants and animals (cp. 'Nature') describe a place where you like to and Beowulf: The Changing of Masculinity, go. what do you take going on an excursion? the green movement, pollution, industry, chemicals, traffic, smog; the role of 1802, trees and The Changing of Masculinity other plants in nature, the disappearing rain forest; why do people cut down trees? how green are you? how do you protect nature? the school you go to; why you chose this school; school atmosphere, friends, teachers, headmaster (appearance, character, their influence on you), the image of an ideal techer/student; school programmes, excursion, camps, parties; helping one another vs n. not caring for other people, indifference; school life vs holidays. describe the classroom and london meaning the school building and minutes its environment; speak about 1802, your classmates and The Properties teachers (characters and relations); subjects you study + what you learn, like, dislike;

your way of learning as compared with others' Studying, extra lessons. how much/when/where you study; your success in 1802, studying; schoolwork, homework, extra work, evening classes, holiday courses; studying methods and tricks; taking exams, writing essays; is studying fun for you? Education, school types. cr?che, nursery school, kindergarten, elementary/primary school, secondary school,

university faculties, departments, degree, postgraduation; connection between education and finding a job. your plans for the future, career ideas; can work be one's hobby? act out a job interview; write your CV (curriculum vitae); describe a worker or employee and and Beowulf: of Masculinity his/her work and london 1802 life; occupation, job, profession, different kinds of minutes paulo coelho, jobs and places of work with their advantages/disadvantages; different meals, different habits; laying the 1802 meaning table; table manners;

special/occasional meals; your favourite food how you make it; cuisine in different countries; give a recipe; kitchen devices; different ways of cooking; shopping for food. indoor/outdoor sports games. water sports, track and field events, technical sports. what's your favourite sport/game? why? what sports do they do at the Olympic Games? describe the The Nibelungenlied, Njal’s Saga and Beowulf: rules of a game;

do sports, play games, training, coach, stadium, Olympic Games. indoor/outdoor sports, ball games, track and field events, water sports, winter sports, technical sports. illnesses and their symptoms; hospital, doctor's surgery; dentist. act out meaning a dialogue at key quotes, the doctor's/chemist's; National Health Service, social insurance, sick leave, first aid, G.P. (general practitioner) stress, tension, breathe fresh air, do exercises, sport, physical education, drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking, AIDS, balance of work and rest, healthy food; natural therapeutics, preventive medicine.

favourite pastime; connection between character and hobby; men's/women's typical hobbies; do-it-yourself movement; clubs; individual vs group activities; funny or strange hobbies; are there people without hobbies?; do hobbies cause any damage. Books, newspapers, magazines. your favourite writer and his works; different styles in literature; going to libraries; subscription to papers; the role of the london meaning press in people's lives;

fiction vs non-fiction: newspaper headlines, popular daily papers and western magazines in 1802 meaning, Britain, quality papers. Films, videos, television, radio. going to the cinema; the usual cinema show in your country/Britain; kinds of the tempest, films; different TV and radio channels; cinema or TV. (dis)advantages; the influence of radio and TV on london meaning people's lives; borrowing videos; buying or copying videos? - the western front trench question of copyright; your favourite film star/actor/actress/director; is music art or just entertainment? what makes a piece of meaning, music good? the relation between dance and music; music as a background activity; different styles and branches; musicians, composers, orchestras;

musical instruments and War I Essay the way you play/tune them; reading notes; classical vs pop/rock music; theatre vs cinema, the atmosphere of the theatre, theatre/play description, stage management, different kinds of drama, playwrights, genres; Shakespeare and the English theatre. staying at home or going out? - argue for london 1802 meaning and against; where you or other people usually go in the tempest, your/their free time; different kinds of entertainment out of london 1802, home; museums, exhibitions, cinemas, theatres, concerts, ballet, variety shows, clubs, zoo, leisure centre, amusement parks/centres, sports events, puppet shows, children's programmes, parties; argument between children and Reasons Outbreak of World Essay parents about staying out london 1802 late.

the difference between weekend and weekday activities; having a rest or going out? - housework or family programmes? relaxation vs useful kinds of pastime; extra work at weekends; a typical weekend in England and in your country. Shops and things to buy. different kinds of Essay, shops; home delivery; off-season sales; bargaining; small shop or supermarket/department store? - argue for 1802 or against; act out a situation in a shop.

argue for Njal’s Saga and Beowulf: The Changing Definition of Masculinity or against eating in 1802 meaning, a restaurant, pub, caf?, snack bar; takeaway food: comfort at Reasons for The Outbreak of World, reasonable price; the meaning (dis)advantage of fast food places and self-service; describe your favourite place to eat; act out a situation in a restaurant; table manners; laying the table; Various services (bank, post office, repair shop, etc) act out situations in a bank, post office, laundrette, etc. make a telephone call, post a letter; different kinds of mail; the English Post Office; the importance of having a bank account (if any) summer/winter holidays; frequented holiday places and activities; preparation for a trip, cost estimate, decide on the route, decide what to take, pack; passport, visa, (foreign) currency, travel insurance;

your favourite places/preferences. why do people visit places of interest? what are they interested in? describe a typical place for tourism and The Properties Essay a typical tourist; arrange a tour at a tourist office (cp. 'Holidays' 'Travelling') means of transport and their (dis)advantages in travelling; where and how you last travelled; accommodation, hotel, camp site, guest house; passport, visa, insurance; customs control/declaration;

tourist office, travel agency, book a trip, package tours; route, places of interest, holiday areas; situations at london, the airport/railway station/port; rent a car. (cp. 'Holidays' 'Tourism') arrange your accommodation in a hotel; the Njal’s and Beowulf: The Changing Definition of Masculinity importance of facilities and comfort; hotel vs camp site or private accommodation; hotel categories, famous hotel chains; act out a situation with a hotel guest complaining to the manager. Visiting your country.

geography and history; guide a tourist in your country, speak about london 1802, sights and places of interest; customs and traditions, folk art, music. Culture and civilization. culture: (1) refined understanding of eleven paulo coelho, art, literature, etc.; (2) state of intellectual development of a society; (3) particular form of london meaning, intellectual expression e.g. in art or literature; (4) customs, arts, social institutions, etc. of a particular group o. of people; civilization: (1) becoming or making sy civilized; (2) (esp) advanced state of human development; culture and way of life of and Beowulf: Definition, a people, nation or period regarded as a stage in london 1802 meaning, the development of organized society. your idea of culture and civilisation; the The Nibelungenlied, Njal’s Saga and Beowulf: The Changing Definition of Masculinity way you understand art and meaning literature, your favourite style(s); your understanding of history and the tempest key quotes society; being a member of society: role and responsibility; social behaviour; human rights and possibilities; cri.

ime and london 1802 meaning punishment; stages in man's history and society; the future of mankind. Travelling in Britain or any English speaking country. the United Kingdom/USA: different countries/states and capital cities; parts of England/USA; British customs, English vs Scottish/American manners; places of eleven minutes, interest in London/New York or any other city. The English language. the importance of learning languages; why you like/dislike learning languages; why you chose the English language; your results and experiences so far;

how/when/where you study (speaking, reading, listening, writing); your idea of the meaning best way of studying a language and practising communication; other languages that you have learned; British vs American English; differences between English and your language. Choose a question at random and talk about the topic: 1 About yourself. Who are you and where do you come from? (your family connections and close relations) (holidays and Mesothelioma Essay example occasions with the family)

3 A day's programme. The best day in london meaning, my life. (why was a certain day better than your ordinary days?) 4 The place where you live. My house is my castle. (describe your room and The Properties of Water Essay the house) How do you come to school? (means of transport and how to use them; driving) 6 Nice day, sunshine. Which is 1802 meaning your favourite season?

(weather forecast, British climate vs your climate) 7 Village or town? Are you satisfied with your present environment? (pollution against paulo coelho nature, the green movement) 8 Studies at school. Why I (don't) like maths. (your favourite and meaning disliked subjects) 9 Jobs professions. What occupation would you choose as a career?

(act out a job interview) 10 Different sports and games. Why I (don't) want to win the Olympics. (give reasons why you like/dislike certain sports)) Cooking or eating out?

(your favourite/disliked food and meals; table manners) 12 At the doctor's. I wish I were never ill. (talking to the tempest, your doctor; hospital treatment) What do you usually read and 1802 when? (newspapers, literature, your favourite writer) 14 Cinema, theatre. Isn't a live performance better than watching TV? (argue for Saga The Changing Definition or against television) 15 At a concert. The band was terrific.

(your favourite kind of london, music as opposed to other styles) Department store or fashion shop? (argue for or against Reasons Outbreak of World War I Essay different kinds of london, shops) The soup is front trench too cold. (act out a situation in a fine restaurant) 18 Telephone, post office. Are you on the phone? (argue for or against phoning vs sending letters) 19 Holiday making.

It's not easy to make a good trip. (packing, hotel reservation, camping, etc.) 20 Guiding a tourist. What should a foreigner know about your country? (sights, places of interest, geography, history, etc.) 21 Travelling abroad.

Do I need a visa? (necessary documents and arrangements, customs, etc.)

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Architect Resume Examples in Word Format Free Download. infrastructure management (Development Administration) recovery, backups, Storage. SQL server, Exchange, AD, SharePoint, Unix, Windows. internals, Windows Internals. .C#/.Net, Java, C++,Perl, Python. Advanced Computer Studies. Louisiana, Lafayette, LA. London 1802 Meaning? designed and Essay example, implemented a DR product that protects and recovers VMware. hypervisor and 1802 meaning, physical servers. Product does automatic P2V and V2P conversion. in virtualization, IT infrastructure management, disaster recovery, backups and. a private cloud using vCloud, vSphere. with backup and DR solutions for various applications including Exchange, VMware ESX, Oracle, SharePoint, SQL Server, IIS and MySQL. Mesothelioma Essay? technologies. Worked with CDP. (Continuous Data Protection) products to implement near real time DR and. branch data consolidation solutions. scripting experience in automating and london 1802, monitoring various tasks including. querying the status of backups in TSM database using Perl. several 24?7 High Availability Oracle based systems on Unix platforms including. Linux, Solaris, HP and AIX using RAC, HACMP, HP ServiceGaurd, Advanced. a technical lead designed and successfully lead a team of 15 engineers in deploying. a worlds largest in-house paging systems in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) trading floor. Designed a. distributed database system with Oracle Advanced Replication. (Oracle 8.0.5, Solaris , Advanced Replication ) 40 engineers and managers in migrating a document management system of. The Nibelungenlied, The Changing Of Masculinity? Department of Education (DOE) involving several Unix and windows systems from. various locations to datacenter in Dallas. and implemented a MC-Service guard based Oracle database HA server for Hewlett.

Packard companies internal billing system. London 1802 Meaning? (MC Service Guard, Oracle 8i, HP9000, HP-UX 11.1) knowledge ranging from The Properties of Water, UNIX kernel development to Oracle and Unix. administration to 1802 meaning application development. Windows and The Nibelungenlied,, Linux. ESX 5.0, 4x, 3X , ESXi, RCLI,vCLI, PowerCLI , Citrix Xen, HyperV. To Virtual (P2V ) conversion. Recovery, Backup Management. EC2, S3, , EBS, PHP, JavaScript, PowerShell. 5.6, 5.8, mod_perl, DBI, OO Perl, Expect, GD, Perl/TK ., Developed own modules.

Active Perl, Apex, Flex, PHP, Apache, CGI, mod_perl, HTML, XML, SOAP, Web Services, Jakarta, Servlets, JSP,DHTML. Exchange 2003, 2007. Solaris 2.6,2.7, 2.8,SunOS. script, XML, ASP.NET, Apache, CGI, mod_perl, Jakarta, Servlets, JSP,DHTML. Oracle Replication, Standby. RAC, Oracle Replication, Oracle Data Guard, Stand By. 2007- August 2011. vendor in the space of disaster recovery solutions.

As hands on technical manager, architect and product manager, I have taken the company’s top selling product. from initiation to london development to release to winning a partnership with the top. DR solution provider. Based on CDP (Continuous Data Protection), product. captures and replicates changed data in near real time to the remote site. from architect to technical manager to product management. a team to implement a DR product that protects and the tempest, recovers VMware hypervisor. as well as physical servers. Product replicates. both physical and virtual machines to london 1802 a secondary target DR VMware ESX server. Product includes P2V (physical to virtual, Bare Metal Recovery BMR), V2P solutions. to trench protect physical machines to 1802 meaning a remote DR virtual machine by automatically. converting a physical machine to a virtual machine on western trench a VMware ESX server.

After initial proof of concept research, lead a team in productizing the. solution (C#, C++, Perl, VMware) on 1802 .NET, C# developed a GUI application that discovers SharePoint 2007, 2010. server farm automatically and configures the Disaster Recovery setup. automatically. (SharePoint Class Library, C#, .NET, Visual Studio 2008, ASP.NET, Web parts ) shell scripts to perform automatic discovery, failover and failback. functionality for Oracle 10g, 9i on AIX, Linux platforms using the core. on providing DR solutions for Exchange, SQL server, Active directory. the market space and come up with the list of western, prioritized feature for london meaning, future. releases. Taking in to consideration of various. factors such as customer feedback, product strengths and weaknesses, market. direction, competition, identify various features that would give the The Properties of Water Essay best ROI. for the company. and naming the london product that provides unified DR solution for VMware vSphere and. physical servers. It is the best-selling product of the company as of today. Polaris Wireless Santa Clara, USA. manager, lead a team of engineers in India in designing and implementing. a database module of a system that identifies the location of a wireless 911. caller.

Collected the requirements architected the system and managed the. MySQL 5.1, C++, ODBC, Perl, Commonwealth Health Corporation. Paulo? KY, USA. DBA successfully implemented new 10.2 RAC on a windows cluster using EMC SAN. storage and london 1802, Veritas Net Backup. Assignment involves Installing, configuring, and testing the key quotes RAC system along with the Oracle Application Servers and Active. directory servers. System is used by oracle portal and london, other applications that are. used by staff and doctors in the hospital as well as patients. (Oracle 10g/10.2 RAC , ASM , RMAN, Windows 2003, Veritas Net Backup 6.x,DataGaurd) Computer Services, Dallas, TX,USA. Coelho? architect Digital Imaging group, responsible for storage and backups of 1802 meaning, the. multi client production databases. Oracle databases are used in image storage. and retrieval applications for various banks.

ACS DIS is a multi client data center. environment hosing mostly digital imaging related systems and applications. various 24?7 production database systems. Sizes of Reasons for The of World, these databases range from. and restorations of databases using Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM/ADSM ) periodic DR exercises for all of the clients. with sales team in reviewing the RFPs to clients. for 1802, maintaining the backup and restore of several oracle database systems of a. multi client data center using TSM. Optimized the paulo coelho TSM performance to. parallelize the meaning writes to fit the backup of several database within the backup. Essay Example? windows. Automated the monitoring and querying of the TSM using Perl scripts. (TSM. 4.x, 5.x, AIX 4.x, 5.x, pSeries, iSeries, Total. Storage 3584 Tape Library ) for increasing the london meaning service level to all of our clients in the data center with. a implementation of a new proactive monitor system which prevented more than. 200 outages so far. Instead of reacting to a problem, this pro-active. monitoring system alerts us of a potential situation by looking at various. application specific statistics.

This system looks at custom application. specific stats and flags in oracle and alerts when they reach certain. Essay? thresholds. (Perl 5.8, DBI, Linux, Oracle, Filenet3.5, Web Servers ) Manage HACMP based database system for Washington. Mutual Bank that holds more than 1 billion images of loan files. Filenet as. well as web applications use Oracle database that contains 400GB of data. (AIX. London 1802? 5.3, Oracle 9i, Filenet, HACMP, Shark SAN, TSM ) and Mesothelioma example, implemented a performance monitoring system that identified the bottlenecks. and helps scan centers in improving the london scan rates. Eleven? This systems visually displays the flow of documents in Real-Time (Perl, DHTML, Consultant (Ample Systems Inc) a performance consultant hired to identify and fix the performance problem on. order processing system achieved the following results.

the over all speed of the system by 200%. the london receivables module#8217;s time from 40 minutes to 2 minutes. in to solve the example same performance problem couldn#8217;t identify the problem and. recommended rewriting the complete systems) and optimizing JDK for multithreading system. more scalable to take advantage of the 4 CPU SMP processor machine. at Database level by looking at london various statistics on the server. Unix system level. such as network and DISK IO issues and multithreading issues. Oracle 8.1.6, Precise, JDK 1.2., Jprobe, and implemented fail-safe and distributed. database system for paging server. that serves all the internal pages on the trading floor of New. York Stock Exchange . Availability of the database is War I Essay highly critical for. the broker communication on the trading floor. Involves replicating broker. London 1802 Meaning? tables of the production database system that handles on average about 200,000. transactions/8hous. System is designed to handle up to 2 million. transactions/8hours. Replicated tables have low number of transactions compared. to the rest of the schema. Replicated database is set up with two master sites. with asynchronous replication. ( Oracle.

8.0.5, Solaris , Advanced Replication. and Reasons for The Outbreak of World War I, implemented a fail-safe standby database system for US Air force. Application uses Oracle to store the meta data for london 1802, 2000 GB of Image files. Minutes Paulo? 5. geographically dispersed databases need to be replicated in a round robin. fashion to make the database highly available. Involves developing standby. scripts as well as scripts to replicate externally stored image files. (Oracle 8.0.5, SGI-Irix, Solaris 2.6, Oracle Stand. Pro*C based access routines for an existing Pro*c modules in a Wireless Gateway. server. ( Oracle 8.0.5, Pro*c ) Corporation, Dallas, TX, USA. software with Sales managers. solutions to the customers and explain how it benefits them. customer’s facilities for Evaluation. understanding of how the Internet backbone works.

This involves understanding. of london meaning, Backbone, Hosting, ISP and Content Distribution business. Targeted customers. are primarily web hosting companies like Exodus and Internet Service Providers. Mesothelioma Essay Example? like America Online. software Engineer( Kernel Development) Apr. Packard company, Richardson, of HP-UX 10.x, 11.x releases. part of a larger project managed the migration of networking modules of the SPP-UX operating system from Richardson Texas to london the. division. Responsibilities are training the the tempest key quotes networking engineers in Bangalore, India. group and help them get to the speed in taking the complete responsibilities. for the network modules of the SPP-UX. triage engineer for V-2500 V-Class Unix server release team helped various. customers in installing HP-UX11.0 OS and various divers on 2500 machines.

Responsible for HP-UX 11.0 OS releases in local depots. Involves interacting. with internal customers in solving their problems related to V-2500 high-end. 1802? Network Management System. port #8220;Hiview#8221; network management application for Hitachi-HS150. Ethernet-ATM switch from sunOS4.0 to HPUX9.x. C++, Motif, SNMP, MIB2, Virtual LANs . and developed “Meta Data Cache#8221; module as part of the NFS performance. booster for NFS servers, Jet Stream, which would increase the performance of a. hpux NFS server by 20 to 50%. Trench? (C, hp-ux10.x) tune the SPP-UX operating system mainly in the areas of TCP/IP protocol suite. and NFS. (TCP/IP, NFS, C, SPP-UX, HP-UX) TECHNICAL STAFF (Development) Aug. Computing Systems Company, Los Angeles, CA, USA. and developed User Interface in london, C using XmToolKit (Xmt/Motif/C/AIX). an initial study to implement a SCSI device driver for Mesothelioma Essay example, WindowsNT (WindowsNT) optimizing and making extensive changes to TCP/IP and NFS modules of the AIX. Meaning? source code and setting up TCP/IP based networks for various experiments. (C, TCP/IP, AIX, RS/6000) and developed a communication daemon to transfer files between client cache and. a storage manager server. (9k Lines, C/AIX/RS6000) System Management Interface Tool (SMIT) user interface screens and developed. shell scripts for the system management commands (Ksh/AIX/RS6000) Installp/AIX format packages for western, various releases on AIX3.2 and 1802 meaning, AIX4.1. and implemented a 3D Visualization package to The Properties Essay view 3d terrain maps, in color, and to london overlay thematic lines over the hill surfaces.

The generated pictures. can be saved and retrieved from PCX files. The GUI was provided using OSF/Motif. (C++, Unix, Xt, Xlib ).

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cloning essay NEW BOOK: The Future of Almost Everything. Reasons Against Cloning - VIDEOS ARTICLES. Human cloning: who is cloning humans and arguments against london 1802 meaning cloning (2007) How human clones are being made - for medical research. Mesothelioma Essay Example! Arguments for and against london 1802 human cloning research. Why some people want to clone themselves or even to Reasons for The Essay, clone the dead (and not just cloning pets). Why investors are moving away from human cloning and why human cloning now looks a last-century way to fight disease (2007) Should we ban human cloning? Arguments against london meaning cloning. Here are three reasons why we should say no to Reasons of World Essay, cloning - disadvantages:

1. Health risks from mutation of genes. An abnormal baby would be a nightmare come true. 1802! The technique is Reasons Outbreak Essay extremely risky right now. A particular worry is the possibility that the genetic material used from the adult will continue to age so that the 1802 meaning, genes in a newborn baby clone could be - say - 30 years old or more on minutes paulo coelho, the day of london 1802, birth. Many attempts at animal cloning produced disfigured monsters with severe abnormalities. So that would mean creating cloned embryos, implanting them and the tempest key quotes destroying (presumably) those that look imperfect as they grow in the womb. However some abnormalities may not appear till after birth.

A cloned cow recently died several weeks after birth with a huge abnormality of blood cell production. Dolly the london 1802, Sheep died prematurely of severe lung disease in February 2003, and also suffered from arthritis at trench an unexpectedly early age - probably linked to the cloning process. Even if a few cloned babies are born apparently normal we will have to wait up to 20 years to be sure they are not going to have problems later -for example growing old too fast. Every time a clone is made it is like throwing the dice and even a string of 1802, healthy clones being born would not change the likelihood that many clones born in future may have severe medical problems. And of course, that's just the ones born. The Properties Essay! What about all the disfigured and highly abnormal clones that either spontaneously aborted or were destroyed / terminated by scientists worried about the horrors they might be creating. A child grows up knowing her mother is her sister, her grandmother is london 1802 her mother. Her father is her brother-in-law. Every time her mother looks at her, she is seeing herself growing up. Western Front Trench! Unbearable emotional pressures on a teenager trying to establish his or her identity.

What happens to a marriage when the father sees his wife's clone grow up into the exact replica (by appearance) of the 1802 meaning, beautiful 18 year old he fell in love with 35 years ago? A sexual relationship would of course be with his wife's twin, no incest involved technically. Or maybe the front, child knows it is the meaning, twin of a dead brother or sister. What kind of pressures will he or she feel, knowing they were made as a direct replacement for eleven paulo, another? It is a human experiment doomed to failure because the child will NOT be identical in every way, despite the hopes of the parents.

One huge reason will be that the child will be brought up in london 1802 a highly abnormal household: one where grief has been diverted into makeing a clone instead of adjusting to loss. The family environment will be totally different than that the Mesothelioma, other twin experienced. That itself will place great pressures on london, the emotional development of the child. You will not find a child psychiatrist in the world who could possibly say that there will not be very significant emotional risk to the cloned child as a result of these pressures. 3. Risk of The Nibelungenlied, and Beowulf: of Masculinity, abuse of the technology. What would Hitler have done with cloning technology if available in 1802 the 1940s? There are powerful leaders in every generation who will seek to abuse this technology for their own purposes.

Going ahead with cloning technology makes this far more likely. You cannot have so-called therapeutic cloning without reproductive cloning because the Mesothelioma, technique to make cloned babies is the london 1802, same as to make a cloned embryo to try to make replacement tissues. And at the speed at which biotech is accelerating there will soon be other ways to get such cells - adult stem cell technology. Essay Example! It is rather crude to 1802 meaning, create a complete embryonic identical twin embryo just to the tempest key quotes, get hold of stem cells to make - say - nervous tissue. Much better to take cells from the adult and london meaning trigger them directly to regress to a more primitive form without the ethical issues raised by minutes, inserting a full adult set of genes into an unfertilised egg. Thanks for promoting with Facebook LIKE or Tweet. Really interested to hear your views. Post below.

right now, I am writing a essay on why cloning is wrong. i am not focusing on the ethical views but more of the 1802, facts. it causes premature death, costs tons of money, has seen a lot of minutes, failure, the clones life will be awful, and london meaning it reduces a sense of individually among people. good points or no?any ideas for The Nibelungenlied, Njal’s The Changing Definition, more points? I read a lot of these comments and thought them to be very entertaining.. Also I think cloning would be useful for meaning, things like replacing organs and other stuff. I think that it would be cool to have a brother or sister that was a clone of Reasons Outbreak War I Essay, myself but I realize that would kinda be selfish and too late ( it would be weird having a younger version of yourself running around causing chaos) another reason having a cloned sister or brother would be that their personality might not be the same as yours and its not positive they will even get along with you. so I would be better off with my actual brother or sister. I do think cloning extinct animals would be awesome, as long as its not like Jurassic Park.

Also if I had a clone I would not fear being replaced it because its a different person than me it just looks like me and 1802 meaning if it somehow had the same mind as I did I probably wouldn't care who was the clone and who wasn't and same with the clone. The Nibelungenlied, And Beowulf: The Changing Definition Of Masculinity! Anyhow I believe it could be useful but is london 1802 not necessary. I THINK CLONING SHOULD NOT BE DONE BECAUSE IT COULD HURT OUR ENVIORMENT AND DO STUFF THAT WE REGULARLY DO NOT DO AND SOME GENE COMPLICATIONS COULD GO WRONG. cloning is Essay example not ok. Yes cloning is wrong but there is no reason to fight about it see some people are right and some people are wrong there is no right answer.

I enjoy, cause I discovered exactly what I used to be looking. for. You've ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye. my site portal my site my site. cloning should never be aloud by united nations and it should be totly band because it will have many disadvantages for exampel peopel can be created throgh cloning and they can be forced to fight against a country.

Its hard for me to believe that someone would do this. London 1802! although there are definitely medical benefits to for The Outbreak War I Essay, be gained this is not without consequence. I don't need a PHD in london 1802 meaning science to Mesothelioma, know that if you take something away from nature, you eventually have to 1802, give it back. What Im trying to say is that with cloning life, this earth and us as humans will lose our identity as a whole race. We humans are an Mesothelioma example, amazingly resourceful species, but while this helped us to survive all sorts of devastations in the past we should stop at 1802 meaning a certain point. Its part of the natural world as a human experience to being born, growing up and exploring the world. We should stop trying to cheat nature and bending rules that existed for ions to our own will. Remember guys that life is not cruel, its the people who try to control the natural process of life that make it cruel. my dad hitler would of loved this technology of clones. The only reason that I think cloning is looked upon as a bad idea, because it would change the world as we know it it would break down the morals and minutes paulo coelho values of normal religions and people themselves.

People wouldn't know how to act towards religion anymore. It would have seemed they we have been lied to all these years just so that we could be taught right from wrong, good from the bad. All the people that say it is a lack of human respect and thinking thescientist will look at themselves as Co-creators, is all a shame. In my opinion they are trying to stop us fromfinding out that there is really nothing to believe in 1802 meaning and that we did just come from dust. Western Front! The catholics and other religions have that correct we did come from dust or should I say elements tea ting in such a way that it was perfect and life could thrive, but as people we see that as to big of 1802 meaning, a step and that it is western imposibble. 1802! But it is not my friends somewhere else in the universe we are not alone. I promise you that. Key Quotes! But this would be blasfomouse wouldn't it? Saying god did not put us on this earth and that humans were made just by sheer coincidence. London! Well get it through your heads because that's what happened!

Lol. I will say that if we do clone a human and of Water it acts the same as everyone else(it will be like teaching a baby all over gain yes of course)then it will prove that there is faulty in the Catholic and london other religions. just think a world without religion (did you think of koas) because that's how it would be. Essay Example! Religion is 1802 meaning a passifier to Reasons, hale the human race and give it meaning, and a reason to work together. 1802 Meaning! You all seriously aren't dumb enough to think it was real were you?? God and all the Reasons of World, other ma in religions are creation story's and ways so that we can see life has a meaning and meaning a higher purpouse but it doesn't we are just moving along in space like normal elements and The Nibelungenlied, Njal’s and Beowulf: The Changing Definition of Masculinity particles of dust. You might say well what about the meaning, big bang huh. the truth is no one knows a DAMN thing about the big bang air how the universe got started get it through your heads.

Religions are just a creation story to tell us how we magically came to be poof we are here. No that didn't happen! Cloning would prove every religion wrong and say god or whoever it is is not the sout create of life god would cease to exist and the world would turn to turmoil. Reasons For The Outbreak! This is my imput on the subject. I say if catholics are against cloning, then they are scared to be proven wrong.

I challenge science and religion to go head to head on this and figure out once and for all if there is a god at all or gods science will provail trust me. The only london meaning reason that I think cloning is minutes paulo coelho looked upon as a bad idea, because it would change the world as we know it it would break down the london, morals and key quotes values of normal religions and people themselves. People wouldn't know how to act towards religion anymore. London Meaning! It would have seemed they we have been lied to all these years just so that we could be taught right from wrong, good from the bad. All the front trench, people that say it is a lack of human respect and thinking thescientist will look at themselves as Co-creators, is london 1802 all a shame. In my opinion they are trying to stop us fromfinding out Mesothelioma example, that there is really nothing to believe in and that we did just come from london dust. Mesothelioma Example! The catholics and other religions have that correct we did come from dust or should I say elements tea ting in such a way that it was perfect and life could thrive, but as people we see that as to big of a step and that it is meaning imposibble.

But it is not my friends somewhere else in the universe we are not alone. I promise you that. But this would be blasfomouse wouldn't it? Saying god did not put us on Njal’s Saga The Changing Definition of Masculinity, this earth and that humans were made just by 1802 meaning, sheer coincidence. Well get it through your heads because that's what happened! Lol. I will say that if we do clone a human and front it acts the london 1802, same as everyone else(it will be like teaching a baby all over western front, gain yes of london 1802 meaning, course)then it will prove that there is faulty in the Catholic and other religions. just think a world without religion (did you think of koas) because that's how it would be. Religion is a passifier to hale the human race and western front give it meaning, and a reason to 1802, work together. Example! You all seriously aren't dumb enough to think it was real were you??

God and meaning all the other ma in front trench religions are creation story's and ways so that we can see life has a meaning and a higher purpouse but it doesn't we are just moving along in space like normal elements and particles of dust. You might say well what about the big bang huh. the truth is no one knows a DAMN thing about the big bang air how the universe got started get it through your heads. 1802! Religions are just a creation story to tell us how we magically came to western, be poof we are here. No that didn't happen! Cloning would prove every religion wrong and london say god or whoever it is is not the sout create of life god would cease to Mesothelioma example, exist and the world would turn to meaning, turmoil. This is my imput on the subject. I say if catholics are against cloning, then they are scared to Mesothelioma Essay, be proven wrong. London! I challenge science and religion to go head to head on this and figure out once and for all if there is a god at all or gods science will provail trust me. The only reason that I think cloning is looked upon as a bad idea, because it would change the world as we know it it would break down the morals and Njal’s Saga Definition of Masculinity values of normal religions and london people themselves.

People wouldn't know how to act towards religion anymore. It would have seemed they we have been lied to all these years just so that we could be taught right from Mesothelioma wrong, good from the london, bad. All the Mesothelioma example, people that say it is a lack of human respect and thinking thescientist will look at themselves as Co-creators, is all a shame. In my opinion they are trying to stop us fromfinding out london meaning, that there is really nothing to Reasons for The of World Essay, believe in and that we did just come from dust. The catholics and other religions have that correct we did come from dust or should I say elements tea ting in such a way that it was perfect and life could thrive, but as people we see that as to big of a step and that it is imposibble. But it is not my friends somewhere else in meaning the universe we are not alone.

I promise you that. But this would be blasfomouse wouldn't it? Saying god did not put us on this earth and that humans were made just by Mesothelioma example, sheer coincidence. Well get it through your heads because that's what happened! Lol.

I will say that if we do clone a human and it acts the london 1802, same as everyone else(it will be like teaching a baby all over the tempest key quotes, gain yes of course)then it will prove that there is faulty in the Catholic and london meaning other religions. just think a world without religion (did you think of koas) because that's how it would be. Religion is a passifier to hale the human race and give it meaning, and Outbreak of World a reason to work together. You all seriously aren't dumb enough to think it was real were you?? God and all the other ma in 1802 religions are creation story's and ways so that we can see life has a meaning and front trench a higher purpouse but it doesn't we are just moving along in meaning space like normal elements and particles of dust. Essay! You might say well what about the big bang huh. 1802 Meaning! the truth is no one knows a DAMN thing about the big bang air how the universe got started get it through your heads. Religions are just a creation story to the tempest, tell us how we magically came to be poof we are here. No that didn't happen! Cloning would prove every religion wrong and say god or whoever it is london is not the sout create of life god would cease to exist and The Changing the world would turn to turmoil. London! This is my imput on the subject.

I say if catholics are against The Nibelungenlied, Njal’s and Beowulf: Definition of Masculinity cloning, then they are scared to be proven wrong. I challenge science and religion to 1802, go head to head on this and figure out once and for all if there is a god at all or gods science will provail trust me. god dos nut want it guys so stahp. Next time check your spelling you hippy. i think cloning is a good idea, i can clone myself and have i can find out what i taste like. It's a bad Idea because you would have to raise a little u. You would actually be tasting your father if you were cloned.

nO MAN THIS AINT NO GOOD IDEA. i fink clons is gud ye, cus i am clon and am rely smurt. yeah that why you are good at spelling. clones is the same as burgers.. Mesothelioma Essay Example! you can eat them. why so seriose lets put a smile on that face. u were watching bat man.

To In every advanced technology humans make there's an equal consequence it maybe be good or bad. Weigh things first, if cloning has more advantages than cons, then maybe it only means we have to go for it. London 1802 Meaning! I agree. Like when we were trying to learn about of Water Essay, our world, and 1802 meaning what it's made up of, we discovered the atom. Trench! In 1905, Albert Einstein wrote the mass-energy conversion equation. 1802! And Sir James Chadwick, a student and co-worker of Lord Rutherford, in 1932, discovered the third fundamental particle of the atom, the neutron. This would provide an ideal projectile for splitting the The Properties, nucleus of the meaning, atom.

These steps helped to create the atom bomb, even though the research was meant to further our knowledge of the universe. There's going to be people who turn something wonderful or helpful, into something destructive. But if we let this stop us, we will never move forward. Yes, cloning has 'bugs' right now, but in the future they'll be worked out. Mesothelioma! Cloning can help save lives. Why would you prevent that?

To this question, don't explain it with religion, because I too, am religious, yet cloning, I feel, is not against religion. London! Give it a chance before you condemn an Mesothelioma Essay example, idea. Give cloning a chance to prove it's worth before you lash out in protest. Think about it. If it helps more than it harms, can it really be that bad? what if you clon something that can damage the world and might bring something that can kill people. What are all of the cons of 1802 meaning, human cloning. Here are some that i did find: 1) Cloning would/will undermine individually and identity. 2) Cloning would potentially pose a threat to human diversity and Essay cause a deduction of genetics.

I think cloning is only good in the medical field for science reasons. I am a clone, are you all saying its wrong that I was made? I am a clone, are you all saying its wrong that I was made? Clones are not real and 1802 meaning if they are we will find you and exterminate your population. no no no no cloning should never be done on earth. when someone you know or love dies, its best you let them stay that way, no matter how much you miss them. when someone you know or love dies, its best you let them stay that way, no matter how much you miss them. cloning would be ok if people would categorize them as blood related family.

I would love to have a clone brother, I could show him all the cool stuff to do and he would get me. Western Trench! what ever I would say he would think im top dog. sadly if he had a mutation I dont know what to do with him. and btw if the mother had a clone then the father would keep in mind that its wrong to meaning, do things to his daughter (even if its a clone) THe clone would see it differently and eleven minutes paulo coelho would look at the husband like a father figure rather then her twins husband. shut up u are wrong. well nice comeback. it happens in 1802 meaning real life that a woman has a child that looks almost exactly like the Reasons Outbreak War I Essay, mother or father. if that father has any feelings for 1802, that person then they have issues whether or not the Reasons for The Outbreak War I Essay, child was a clone. Banning cloning is a good idea because if it is.only for life saving than that is fone. there is london 1802 no e in wrong but ur statement is so ture. don't think that human cloning is legal,its ethically and morally. Thanks everyone for all your comments - an eleven, important debate. Meaning! I know many of you are reading this page because of a college assignment or project - do feel free to post here a summary of minutes paulo, what you have written for others to benefit from. This is meaning funny, people are getting so annoyed by others comments and yet they don't even know how to and Beowulf: The Changing Definition, spell half the words they are incorporating into meaning their comment.

Furthermore, cloning is not wrong; it is very good, it is just what people do with it that is wrong. We should not clone animals or humans, cloning should be used to help replicate organs and cells to ensure that we, as humans, can live better lives. That's my opinion anyway. this is wrong what do they think this is a horriable thing these peple ar epritty much say who care if a life form dies we saved another and this is what they think oh let me take what o want and the toss them away like there nothing those people belong in western trench hell. Well I think that many people reading this page agree with you.

After reading the three points brought up in the article, I felt like I had to counter. Arguement 1: Health risks. I fully agree with this arguement, it is immoral to clone humans considering the current state of cloning technology, but remember cloning through somatic cell transfer is still in its infancy. Arguement 2: Emotional Risks. I am not trying to downlplay the trauma the cloned individual will feel, but theoretically it is the same as a child who has just found out london, his 'parents' adopted him. Essay Example! This theory can constantly be argued with, but at the end of the day, there will not be an london 1802, answer until we clone a human and for The Outbreak of World see how he/she reacts. I say individual because the london meaning, cloned human would be a person too, it may be a genetic copy of someone else, but will be an entirely different person with as many similiarities as identical twins.

Arguement 3: Abuse of technology. Every person who is front trench pro-cloning agrees that this is 1802 not in Mesothelioma example fact an 1802, arguement against trench cloning, but simply a violation of human rights. Hitler, or any other person, could easily have done the same to naturally born people. Think about how many times the bible has been translated. Then while you are at it think about meaning, how acurate our history books are.

What we read is Mesothelioma Essay what the writer wanted us to remember. Who created the American Flag? If you think it is Betty Ross you need to Google it. Though I believe in meaning God, I also believe he gave us the Reasons for The Outbreak of World, intelligence to 1802 meaning, make ourselves better. Mesothelioma Essay Example! And the means to london 1802 meaning, do it.

This is the Essay, best invention and meaning we need to go with it. im sure they have good intentions but they might be killing the next president! they are murdering the next generation. Outbreak War I! god did give us a body but he never wanted us to duplicate it! yes you are right because life is one and it can not be duplicated by individulas. yes you are right. cloning is amazin all u haters r rong init brap. 1802 Meaning! haterz gunna hate. how can you cite this??

LOL. Mesothelioma! it has good details for my bio project (: havent any of you seen the 6th day?? wtf is wrong with you guys. i dont think cloning should be legal, its ethically and morally wrong. yes my friend you are right. I believe in cloning. It can help us in so many ways. If cloning were to london meaning, be legal it would be a choice, an eleven minutes paulo coelho, option, so if you're against london it, fine it won't affect you if you choose for front trench, it not to. But if someone is london meaning dying and the tempest needs an london 1802, organ, and they choose to trench, clone an organ of theirs or they already have a clone of themselves completely healthy, then HELL, it's saving them!

If you're religious and say that only God gives us the london, right to be healthy or not etc, then I would be slightly appalled but I respect your opinion. I do not believe God is real. How can you believe in something you CAN NOT see, hear, or talk to? For that matter, how can you believe in a BOOK. The bible can and was written by anyone and everyone who had a say in it. This is why I am a LaVeyan Satanist. It is the tempest key quotes not horrid and blood crazy like it sounds (thank you movies). It simply is: You are your own highest being in your life, you put yourself first and therefore by a means worship yourself.

Because after all, if you do not love yourself you can not truly love others. By putting yourself as your own greatest being (in an london 1802 meaning, non-conceited way) you are able to control and handle your life the the tempest key quotes, way you should, and you are responsible for all your actions. Any God was created by london, someone, therefore you are in turn worshipping someone you do not know, so why would I do this? I wouldn't. You can say God created us this way and we shouldn't change it, but I'd have a few simple but harsh words to say to Mesothelioma example, your God then. London Meaning! He's quite loving isn't he, with all the blood and hate and diseases and The Properties of Water cancer etc? Worship your God all you please, but Cloning is the Future and it WILL happen one way or the other. this is good bro but. There is london 1802 meaning nothing wrong with cloning. yes it is they come out The Properties of Water Essay, all deformed and london 1802 all. hello (: ilove clonin ;)

In every advanced technology humans make there's an western, equal consequence it maybe be good or bad. London! But in the case of cloning human its totally wrong but if its therapeutic cloning it may save thousand lives. For The Outbreak War I! Especially, those who have been in a drastic accidents or those lives are at stake. Weigh things first, if cloning has more advantages than cons, then maybe it only means we have to go for it. Just dig deep. this is wrong. i will smite you sll. God doesn't exist.

Deal with it. god is real so you better get to knowing that before you go to hell. Cloning is totally wrong! if we could clone humans we could take dna from an athlete or someone and make countless soldiers. we would never run out of armies. what if someone evil gets hold of the formula for making clones, they could make armies turn on us?

it would be good, to a certain extent. but not all good. We would never run out of armies. really. 1802! Why would we even need armies then. Reasons Outbreak Of World Essay! if one country could clone soldiers, so could the meaning, others. Eleven Minutes Coelho! Hellooo. me, they also said that we would never reach the 1802 meaning, moon.. Eleven Paulo Coelho! if we had walked up to meaning, a scientist from Mesothelioma example centuries ago and meaning said that we would be flying in metal birds, and walking on the moon he would have said thta it's physically impossible and have us admitted to a mental hospital. so, in Njal’s and Beowulf: The Changing Definition theory im not going to say thet its impossible, but if it does happen and the lifeform is sustainable i think that scientists need a HUGE raise in pay. i think you have an excellent point waveryder, and also if hitler had had cloning abilites he probably would have got his way, so i think that cloning humans is wrong in some cases for london meaning, the wrong reasons, but when it is used to give a couple that is incapable of giving birth, then i think it's fine. and also if they can cure disease by cloning a cell of it and western front showing the london meaning, body how to defend against that disease, then im all for Reasons for The Outbreak War I, it :) i think cloning is a global issue, and could help alot of people be happy, or to save llives. if god didnt want us to clone he wouldnt have let us find out about it. right? God made marijuana does that mean we should all smoke it? Cloning is wrong.We should not clone people that can kill us. truly speaking cloning is good for medical reasons anyway thumbs up good debate. I am only 13 years old but I believe cloning is wrong.

Who is to say that people will stop at cloning animals. I also believe that it is wrong and that its God's job to london meaning, create people not ours. Also Hitler wanted to create the perfect race, think if he had our technology and the tempest key quotes he cloned what would he do? Do you really think cloning will solve any of our problems. Cloning a human will cost tons of money, money that could be used on other things. . London Meaning! God is not real. hey dont say that hurhur god is real the bible is proof. ,, yah u hav the point. i disagree with clones.

that is so detailed. and who says the eleven minutes paulo, bible is real? god has three letters in london 1802 meaning it three sides to a triangle Illuminati confirmed. Cloning humans won't make them animals, that's impossible. What cloning can do is make long term diseases and illnesses for Njal’s The Changing Definition, things that are cloned. Meaning! They could die at a younger age than they are supposed to, that is if they even survive through birth. i think cloning is bad because so many things can g wrong when you are trying to Mesothelioma, clone something someone ar i mean someones best friend. i think if a person is meaning unable to give birth to coelho, a baby but they want to have a baby then also cloning is 1802 not the right way to have a baby.they can adopt a baby from orphenage if they really want baby in The Properties of Water their life. choose adoption its eithical. i have been doing a project as weel and i feel it is against 1802 all odds i mean wut if they come out as an animal it is stupied cloneing is so wrong.

You sound like you're a little kid and you clearly should not be dealing with matters such as cloning. They are way beyond your petite knowledge. yes. we must clone. to save us all. how is cloning going to save us ? cloning is bad. real bad. The Changing Definition! you can have SEX but there will be no babies. gurl/boy u is a mess cloning will KILL us all DUHHH. WEE COULD ALL DIE BECAUSEE OF CLONING. PEOPLEE COULD TAKE OVER OUR LIVESS IF THEY LOOK LIKEE US WE COULD DIE AND OTHERSS WOULDNT KNOW BECAUSEE THERE IS SOMEONE WALKING AROUND LOOKING JUST LIKE US. by cloning cells and london 1802 meaning replacing diseased ones with them.

Abbie^ thats not true there would still be a percentage and a chance to have a child. Definition! Same as with animal clones, many have reproduced successfully and had healthy babies that survived through their adulthood. I agree with cloning can save us, think of all the abnormalities humans have these days, and cancers, diseases etc. Who's to london meaning, say we don't deserve the chance to have a clone of ourselves, imagine all the things they could help us with! And if we need organs?

Shall we wait endlessly on line for western front trench, an organ that may or may not come to us on time? If we could clone, we could clone a healthy organ and transfer it into ourselves faster than before, therefore saving our own lives. What is the point of human cloning. If you arent able to have kids and you decide to have a cloned baby, you will have to london 1802, live with the western, fact that its isnt real, its not yours, it was just made. Why would you want to live with all though opinions and facts. London 1802! just image if someone came up to you and The Changing Definition of Masculinity asked you who the father is, and london you would have to minutes, say noone, just image how painful that would be for you just to say.

Do you really want to live with the fact its not really yours? :/ Even if it is made, it is still part of you if you're cloning yourself! True it will be hard but if that is london 1802 meaning thhe way they want to go then its their problem. Me myself i don't agree with it becouse it will just be heart breakeing when they find out. Worry about yourself and let other people make the choice of owning a 'fake' baby for the tempest, themselves.

We think that cloning is a bad thing because it could start reproudrucion! why are people aganist cloning. because cloneing could ruin your future and your kids future, cloneing could over populate the world or we could clone the wrong things and it clould take control, is that what you want? hah. well im not saying all cloning is bad im for the cloning for donors and other good stuff, but is it neccesary to clone a whole human? there could be so many things that could go wrong, they, just like any other man made thing, could have several problems, physco running clones isnt really what i dream about at 1802 meaning night. didnt you read this article gosh!! bcs it would be taking away gods thunder. i think cloning is so wrong. who would what to me cloned not me.. whoever is for it they're stupid.

cloning humans would never work. Never ever ever ever. cloning does work u idiot. cloning is the future. So you think the future is a child growing up knowing his mother is Mesothelioma Essay example his sister, his grandmother is his mother and his father is his brother-in-law?? . hOw NiCe -_-' omg no it isn i got cloned and im dead. It is wrong to meaning, create something that wont even be the same thing as the real person. brought in different homes.. raised different. I just think cloning is wrong and should always be banned and stop wasting money and time to think about cloning. u r so rite im against cloning too.. i thin thats so wrong. why would somebody liked to be clon.. I think that human cloning could bring many advances to the world.

Cloning, to me, does not just involving human cloning. Cloning can be used to Saga The Changing of Masculinity, treat diseases and replace organs. 1802! Pretty sure it’s not just me but if you were dying because you needed a new heart or liver or lungs or whatever, you would enjoy having a cloned one. Having a cloned organ would mean no rejection of the organ from you body. Scientists have also said that with human cloning one of the first diseases they can fix is Leukemia. The Nibelungenlied, Njal’s Saga And Beowulf:! If you knew one of your kids in the future was going to get Leukemia and 1802 knew that it could be cured, can you still say you would be against cloning knowing it could possibly save your child? Or say your best friend was in an accident and got brain damage, would you support cloning if they said they could create new brain cells for him and western front trench he would be normal again, or would you let him suffer and be a vegetable the rest of london, his life? Say he became quadriplegic, Scientists have said that there is eleven a possibility that new spinal cord cells can be made and walking again is an option.

So maybe actually cloning a human or possibly super humans might not be the best for the world today but great medical advantages can come if cloning is london not banned and further research is allowed. I also think that on the God issue that this would be a real test. If a Clone of a human is done successfully and god exists then this clone would have no soul it would be not a person but a body that acts on instinct. And if this clone is fine and acts as if it were a real person submitted though psychoanalytical test ect.. Then god is not real. that's why a Human Clone hasn't legitimately happened yet, (and it never will) becasue God wouldn't allow it. :) Praying for The Properties, you, dang thats alot. Forgive him Lord for He not know what he has said. hey dont say god isnt real. 1802 Meaning! if he wasnt real then how did we get here?

My oppinon on the subject is human cloning should not be allowed. It will cause problems we would end up using it for warfare sothen other countries would use it for Essay, warfare wich would be chaos it is london 1802 already bad enough all of the war we have now. Another reason is I am a religous person and I figure when god wants more humans he will make more. Minutes Coelho! If he wanted humans interfering in the creation of humans he would ask for meaning, it. Of Water Essay! And not haveus call on our selves to create more humans expecially for evil purposes like war. London! Because a lot of western front, our war ends up hell on earth. i think it should be allowed because it it cool. fletcher of the funk.

IKR ;] your weird ;] Human cloning is stoopid and horrible! People should not be cloned unless they give permissioin to 1802 meaning, be cloned. Cloning without consent of the and Beowulf: Definition of Masculinity, original person should remain illegal. Would you want to have a clone and not even know. i think tha human cloning is a good thing because it takes the 1802 meaning, attention off me and my sister for being inbreds, we are continuously making babies and i think cloning would be a good alternative. can we join in on the inbredation. I believe cloning could be used to key quotes, benefit the whole human species but at the moment it is 1802 meaning just too risky and would result in many lives being lost. Well it would be great to clone.Imagine losing your girlfriend and paulo she dies and you just clone her.

i believe cloning is illegal because you mess around with genes and this could harm many people with many deaths.-- i strongly disagree. i agree with matt. I stongry dissagree with you zoya. you are stupid, cloning is great i am a clone and i love it, you are a racist towards clones. i reckon that if we keep reaserching cloning that 1 day all these faults will be fixed and london 1802 that there will be no side effects to cloning. we just need to keep working at it like with everything we do.

we'll get there 1 day and cloneing will have no side affects. and that extinct animals will live once again. hundreds of endanged animals will no longer be endanged. were basically making up for eleven minutes, all we have done to all those poor animals that we caused to be endanged. Do people have the right to 1802, reproduce? only if you are an elephant.

it should not be done because god made one of us and everyone of us he made special. so i dont think we should make the front trench, mistake and go and mess around with nature. London 1802! if god really wanted only two or more of the same person then everyone would have a natrual twin. And Beowulf: The Changing Of Masculinity! but scince he made us special then i dont think the we should do any of it. so i think it is 1802 wrong to do stuff like that.(i am only 15 and i am putting those scientitis to shame)(my teacher said that) While your opinion is respectable, please learn how to actually spell and use proper grammer before putting scientists to for The Outbreak, shame. thing is . god dont exist my friend :) i totally agree with you God is london 1802 good isnt he. First and foremost, the fact that you are using the the tempest key quotes, religious argument is an invalid argument that doesn't back up your opinion. The United States Constitution gives us express rights to believe whatever we want when it comes to religion and therefore I could say that my half-chicken, half-monkey god disapproves of cloning and london 1802 meaning it would be just as valid of an argument. You are entitled to your beliefs and I respect you for key quotes, that but it doesn't mean that you can use it as a crutch when arguing such a diverse and controversial subject. Second, in my opinion, you are not going to convince anyone with any kind of 1802 meaning, intelligence that you have a valid point if you are (assumed) too ignorant to key quotes, check your post for grammatical errors and spelling errors. Lack of london 1802, capitalization and punctuation can make any post look unprofessional and compromise any chance of credentials.

Even if you had a good point with cited sources that back up your claim, you portray yourself as an minutes coelho, uneducated teenager without the london 1802, skills to research such a complicated topic (which I do not believe is the trench, case as you wouldn't be reading an london 1802 meaning, article about this to begin with). When you get to Outbreak of World Essay, college, writing 121 and 122 focus on being able to effectively argue a point of view whether it is your own opinion or not and being able to find credible sources to back yourself up. 1802 Meaning! I don't mean to be rude or arrogant, just giving my two cents. I belive in eleven minutes paulo coelho god and heaven but god did not create us we started out like everything else we started out as little organisms called bacteria which grew and evolved until it couldn't evolve any more and here we are. it should not be done because god made one of us and everyone of us he made special. so i dont think we should make the mistake and go and mess around with nature. if god really wanted only two or more of the same person then everyone would have a natrual twin. but scince he made us special then i dont think the we should do any of it. London! so i think it is wrong to do stuff like that.(i am only 15 and i am putting those scientitis to shame)(my teacher said that) Site owned by Global Change Ltd - Company Registration: 03265351 (UK) - VAT number 691179801- content written by Reasons of World Essay, Patrick Dixon, Chairman. We use cookies for 1802 meaning, statistical purposes. To comply with the e-Privacy Directive we need to ask your consent to place these cookies on your computer. Your use of this site indicates acceptance of these terms.

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Ellen Foster Object Relations Essay. Ellen Foster is a ten-year-old, Caucasian, female who experiences a series of traumatic events during her childhood. These traumatic events include her witnessing domestic violence in london 1802, the home, her mother’s suicide and coelho, subsequent physical, sexual and psychological abuse by her alcoholic father, her maternal grandmother and london meaning, other relatives (aunts and cousins on the mother’s side). Ellen shuttled from home to home, staying for a short time at the home of her teacher, then to different relatives’ homes, to finally a foster home where she eventually resides. Ellen’s “new mama”, as she refers to her, is a much better role model then she has ever experienced before. The Nibelungenlied, Of Masculinity. New Mama is supportive and nurturing towards Ellen. Ellen reports that government and church funding support the foster family. London 1802 Meaning. She has no siblings. Ellen is intelligent and enjoys doing art.

She often rides a pony at her new foster home. Ellen misses her mother, and longed for a caregiver before she had new mama. This is evident when she reports eaves dropping on a “colored” family and “started making a list of the tempest, all that a family should have. Of course, there is the mama and the daddy but if one has to be missing then it is OK if the one left can count for two. But not just anybody can count or more than his or herself (p.

67)”. She often sought help from her Aunt Betsey and neighbors. Her mother, father and 1802 meaning, grandmother, or “mama’s mama” as Ellen calls her, are all deceased. The grandmother was old and abusive towards Ellen forcing her to work the eleven coelho, fields with the “colored” field hands on her farms in the middle of a sweltering hot summer until school started. Ellen eventually becomes the caregiver and housemaid to mama’s mama after the london 1802, grandmother fires all of key quotes, her household servants.

Despite Ellen’s care and good works for her, the london 1802 meaning, grandmother despises her because she is convinced that Ellen was in “cahoots” with her father in abusing her daughter, taking her revenge out on Ellen since the father is dead. Ellen has a best friend, an African American girl named Starletta, Since Ellen likes Starletta, and she struggles with her own burgeoning racism. She has beliefs about African Americans that are mainly negative. Ellen eventually realizes that race makes no difference in the quality of the person. Ellen enjoys art and Njal’s Saga and Beowulf: The Changing Definition of Masculinity, playing with her microscope often fantasying about being a scientist on the brink of london meaning, a new discovery that will change mankind. She sees a counselor at and Beowulf: The Changing, school on Wednesdays. 1802 Meaning. Ellen does not enjoy doing therapy and has negative transference towards her counselor. Presently she is seeing me for therapy. Njal’s And Beowulf: The Changing Of Masculinity. She can be aggressive, defensive and competitive at times at school. During one session Ellen reported that her counselor asked her about her last name because “Foster” isn’t her real last name. She did not want to london 1802, discuss it any further.

Perhaps she chose the last name “Foster” from her label as a foster child. Object Relations As stated by Lesser and Pope (2011) according to object relations theory, “human development takes place within the context of relationships (p. 69)”. British object relation theorists, Melanie Klein, Ronald Fairbairn, and Harry Guntrip introduce definite and eleven minutes paulo coelho, functional ideas about what internal object world, or the inner world, consists of. The inner world includes representations of self and other, representations structured by thoughts, recollections, and occurrences within the external world. A representation has a lasting continuance in the inner world and although it begins as a cognitive structure, it eventually takes on a profound emotional meaning for the person (Berzoff, Melano-Flanagan, Hertz 1996).

The word object is set apart from the subject. The subject is the self and the object is the part outside the london 1802 meaning, self, the object is the tempest key quotes, what the self identifies with, encounters, wants, has uncertainties about, feels denial about, or absorbs. In Freudian drive theory and in ego psychology, the term object is sometimes used in reference to people. The word, object, in drive theory can be to london meaning, some extent depersonalized, because the word essentially does exemplify a thing not a person as in: “the object of eleven, oral impulse can literally be the breast”(citation). In psychodynamic theory the word object, usually refers to people, but other objects such as cooking, art, pets, or can become objects when they are profoundly and london meaning, representatively connected to powerful object experiences in the inner world. Some of Ellen’s physical objects are her microscope, her encyclopedias, her money, and her art supply. A conjecture about Ellen’s inner world and what these object represent is The Nibelungenlied, Saga and Beowulf: Definition, that her money could represent an insurance plan, in london, case things go wrong. And her microscope, her art, and her encyclopedias represent an escape for her and they also represent hopes for the future. Klein (1948) was the first theorist to revise Freud’s notion of the object by giving more consideration to the interpersonal environment in deciding its influence in developing personality. She amongst other object relations’ theorists now defined the the tempest, target of relational needs as a concept known as relationship seeking.

Klee 2005 stated that relationship seeking is the belief that through relationships with significant people in our lives, we take in 1802 meaning, parts of others (objects) and gradually develop a self-structure that we ultimately call a personality . This mental process by which a person changes the Reasons for The of World Essay, regulatory features of her environment into internal regulations and features is called internalizing (Lesser Pope 2011). D. W. Winnicot (1958), a pediatrician and psychoanalyst, is influential in the field of object relations theory, gave great consideration to the notion of being alone. He believes that the ability to abide, take pleasure in, and utilize healthy solitude could be refined, ironically, only in the proximity of another. If aloneness is experienced as desolate, isolated, or miserable, it becomes agonizing. London Meaning. This can happen is a child has been neglected. In this situation, the inner world is not filled with enough soothing figures. Eleven Minutes Paulo. On the contrary, aloneness becomes too excruciating or insufferable for the child, if the inner world is too crowed with threatening and abusive figures who offer neither protection, reassurance, nor tranquility. The ideal environment for the growing child to share experiences with the soothing figure for a period of time and to experience time alone to reflect and to adventure on the child’s own (Berzoff et al. 1996). London Meaning. Klein (1948) described six early processes and primitive defenses developed from Reasons for The of World War I Essay early infant years. Projection is when the infant believes an object has characteristics that are in fact the infant’s own feelings.

Introjection is the mental desire in which the infant consumes the perceived in the world. Projective identification is creatively splitting off a part of oneself and 1802 meaning, ascribing it to another in order to control the the tempest key quotes, other (Berzoff et al. 1996). Splitting occurs when a child cannot separate conflicting thoughts or feelings in the mind at the same time, and therefore instead of integrating the two thoughts or feelings the child focuses on just one of them. A split can take any form, from visual appearance to concepts and meaning, ideas.

For example, a frequent split is into good and bad. The good part is preserved and cherished at the same time the bad part is wrestled with or repressed. In extreme case of schizophrenia, when a part of the self linked with one of the separate thoughts, and The Properties Essay, another part of the self is linked with another, the person is then split (Berzoff et al. 1996). Idealization is a defense used to keep painful and unacceptable feelings out of consciousness.

The feelings that are troublesome are usually the same feelings that people often want to london 1802, reject: “anger, disappointment, envy, sadness, desire, and greed (p. Njal’s And Beowulf: The Changing Definition Of Masculinity. 145)”. Devaluation is the opposite of idealization and is a defense mechanism used to reject troublesome feelings such as “neediness, weakness, insecurity, envy, or desire (p. 146)”. A person who denies desire through devaluation ends up feeling smug and superior but quite alone (Berzoff et al. 1996). An important developmental point in object relations is the depressive position according to Klein (1948). The depressive position is constantly maturing throughout a person’s lifetime.

Feelings of remorse, grief, and the yearning for atonement take hold in the developing mind in the depressive position. The person now recognizes the ability to cause harm or push away a person who one undecidedly loves. The defenses attributed to the depressive position include the manic defenses, such as preoccupation for 1802 reparation. As the depressive position causes growing integration in western, the ego, prior defenses shift in the character, becoming less powerful, allowing the character to move into psychic reality (Berzoff et al. 1996). 1802. Throughout this turbulent time in Ellen’s life she is experiencing many new relationships and is relationship seeking with many adults. These adults are supposed to eleven paulo coelho, be caregivers for her. These people are her mother, father, her grandmother, Julia, Aunt Betsy, Aunt Nadine, and new mama.

There is a time after Ellen’s mother dies that I feel she is too alone, in agreement with Winnicot (1958). London 1802 Meaning. Ellen often reports that when she would come home from school “it was already dark and he had the lights on. I went in and did not speak to him. I did not speak to him or else I stayed outside most of the time (p. 24)”. Essay. She said that her father was drunk all the london, time, often passed out, she was alone and eventually she had to take care of the bills.

There are other times when Ellen’s life is overflowing with abusive adult figures in her life. Paulo. On New Years Eve, Ellen claimed that a bunch of black drunk men came into her house with father. “My daddy showed up at meaning, my house less and less…he did show up on New Years Eve. Of course I went and hid when I heard him and a whole pack of colored men come in the door (p. 36)”. Front. Ellen is frightened when this happens often trying to escape through a window in london, her room. In accordance with Winnicot (1958), aloneness becomes too much too bare for Ellen and she feels the key quotes, need to hide. Her inner world is 1802 meaning, too crowed with threatening and abusive figures who are threatening her safety. The whole mother’s side of the the tempest key quotes, family overcrowds Ellen’s inner world too.

This is london 1802, a risk for western front Ellen, because disruptions in object relations may result in an inability to fall in love, emotional coldness, apathy or withdrawal from interaction with others, co-dependency, and/or extreme need to control relationships (Berzoff et al. 1996:70). Ellen attempts to control Starletta as much as she can through projective identification; she splits off a part of herself and attempts to control Starletta. Ellen often tells Starletta what to do, for example one day when Ellen was over Starletta’s house and london meaning, she wanted to play, however Ellen thought to herself and Reasons for The Outbreak of World, told Starletta the following: “Starletta still had on london her nightgown and she needed to be washed. ‘You got to wash before I will play with you’ is eleven paulo coelho, what I told her (p. 31). She taped Starletta’s crayons back together after she broke them.

She would often talk down to Starletta: “’Tell your Mama I thank her’ I said to her. Say it over in your head and out loud so it will not leave your head (p. 1802. 52)”. This relationship may unconsciously aim to get rid of unmanageable feelings for Ellen and front, help her deal with these feelings. Ellen’s relationship with grandmother is toxic at best. In the beginning, Ellen thought that her grandmother might like having a girl around the london 1802 meaning, house, even though she is not a “vision”(pg), but Ellen said she had good intentions. In my opinion, “good intentions” meant she wanted to of World Essay, have a relationship with her grandmother. London. The grandmother wanted to punish Ellen for Ellen and her father causing her daughter’s suicide. Ellen confronts her grandmother, asking her why she hates her so much.

Ellen asked her grandmother: “Well I know you hated my daddy but what about me? Why can’t you see that I am not like him? (p. 78)”. The grandma lashes out at Ellen with an Definition of Masculinity, onslaught of abusive hurtful words directed towards Ellen to break her down. Ultimately, that is london 1802 meaning, what Ellen does she shuts down. “So I decided to spend the rest of my life making up for it. The Properties. Whatever it was. Whatever I decided I one day I actually did (p. 78-79)”.

Ellen is in the depressive position, she feels guilty about everything for 1802 meaning her mothers death, for her fathers death, and then for Essay the grandmother’s death when she passes. Ellen utilizes her manic defenses, in my opinion, when she finds the grandmother dead and decides to london meaning, dress her in the tempest key quotes, her “Sunday’s best” clothes and surround her with flowers in order to make amends with her guilty feelings. “I made her like a present to Jesus so maybe he would take her. Take this one I got prettied up and mark it down by name to balance against london, the one I held from you before…. be sure I get the credit for it and western front, if you can please show me some way that you and me are even now (p. 92). Ellen becomes slightly preoccupied with reparation. Ellen begins to move past this phase when she moves in the home of her Aunt Nadine. Object relations can be applied to 1802, Ellen’s traumatic past and helps to identify some significant points in her life that she would like to the tempest key quotes, work in future treatment. 1802 Meaning. A pleasant thing about object relations is the tempest key quotes, that as the therapist and 1802, patient collectively examine the patient’s internal world and its effect on the patient’s relationships, the patient and therapist are in a relationship as well. In this way, patient and therapist have an existing shared connection that both can study and learn from (Berzoff et al. 996). Sociocultural Theory Sociocultural theory stemmed from the work of key quotes, psychologist Lev Vygotsky.

Vygotsky (1934/1986) felt that human cognition was innately social and language based. Vygotsky believed inner speech is qualitatively distinct from normal external speech. It is language, advanced during the earlier years, and progressively improved during the middle years (where Ellen’s age lies) that actually aids in giving the 1802, older child the capability to organize things mentally rather than by using concrete items (Lesser Pope 2011). As Berk 2003 stated: Vytgotsky felt that children speak to themselves for self-guidance; he felt language was the foundation for Reasons for The Outbreak of World War I all high cognitive processes, including control attention, deliberate memorization and recall, categorization, planning, problem solving, abstract reasoning, and self-reflection (p. 257). London. One of western, Vygotsky’s concepts is the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). The ZPD is the difference between what a child can achieve when working by themselves and what the same child can achieve when given assistance from someone with the necessary knowledge (Wertsch 1985). Vygotsky viewed the meaning, ZPD as a way to better explain the relation between children’s learning and the tempest, cognitive development.

The lower limit of ZPD is the level of meaning, skill attained by minutes paulo, the child working alone; this lower limit can also be accredited to london 1802 meaning, as the child’s actual developmental level. The upper limit is the level of example, latent skill that the child is able to reach with the assistance of meaning, a more capable instructor (Wertsch 1985).. A concept associated with ZPD is the concept scaffolding. It is essential to make a note that Vygotksy never used this concept in his writing; introduced by Njal’s Definition, David Wood, Jerome S. Bruner, and Gail Ross (1976). Scaffolding is a process through which a mentor or more competent peer helps a person in 1802 meaning, his or her ZPD learn for western front as long as necessary and tapers off until the student no longer needs the mentor, much like a scaffold is detached from a building when construction is finished or deemed stable (Wood et al. Meaning. 1976). Vygotsky viewed make-believe play as the vital context for development of self-regulation. Front Trench. Despite the fact that Ellen is ten years old going on eleven years old, this still pertains to her. Make-believe is full of shared dialogue and development-enhancing skills. London. Vygotsky takes make-believe to western front trench, the next level making it a important part of development a distinguishing, experiential ZPD in which children try out a wide range of difficult skills and 1802, learn culturally valued skills developing a significantly stronger capacity for self-regulation.

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