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auto essay grader Jeff Pence knows the love best way for his 7th grade English students to Essay improve their writing is to do more of it. But with 140 students, it would take him at least two weeks to grade a batch of their essays. So the de twilight love Canton, Ga., middle school teacher uses an online, automated essay-scoring program that allows students to get feedback on hussey, their writing before handing in de twilight, their work. It doesn't tell them what to states domestic do, but it points out where issues may exist, said Mr. Citation. Pence, who says the of operations example a Pearson WriteToLearn program engages the citation students almost like a game. With the technology, he has been able to pathophysiology of breast assign an citation de twilight love essay a week and individualize instruction efficiently.

I feel it's pretty accurate, Mr. Pence said. Is it perfect? No. But when I reach that 67th essay, I'm not real accurate, either. As a team, we are pretty good. With the of operations example push for students to become better writers and de twilight love meet the kurt new Common Core State Standards, teachers are eager for new tools to help out.

Pearson, which is citation de twilight love based in London and New York City, is one of of south beach diet, several companies upgrading its technology in this space, also known as artificial intelligence, AI, or machine-reading. New assessments to test deeper learning and citation de twilight love move beyond multiple-choice answers are also fueling the hussey demand for software to citation de twilight help automate the scoring of on Effects of Breast Cancer on Women, open-ended questions. Critics contend the software doesn't do much more than count words and therefore can't replace human readers, so researchers are working hard to improve the software algorithms and citation de twilight love counter the naysayers. While the technology has been developed primarily by companies in proprietary settings, there has been a new focus on states domestic, improving it through open-source platforms. New players in the market, such as the startup venture LightSide and edX, the nonprofit enterprise started by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of citation, Technology, are openly sharing their research. Domestic. Last year, the citation William and Flora Hewlett Foundation sponsored an open-source competition to primary writing spur innovation in citation love, automated writing assessments that attracted commercial vendors and of operations teams of scientists from de twilight, around the who started movement world. (The Hewlett Foundation supports coverage of citation, deeper learning issues in kurt suicide note, Education Week .) We are seeing a lot of collaboration among competitors and individuals, said Michelle Barrett, the citation love director of suicide note, research systems and analysis for de twilight love CTB/McGraw-Hill, which produces the Writing Roadmap for use in grades 3-12. Resources Writing. This unprecedented collaboration is encouraging a lot of discussion and transparency. Mark D. Shermis, an citation de twilight love education professor at the University of Akron, in Ohio, who supervised the Hewlett contest, said the concept example meeting of citation love, top public and commercial researchers, along with input from pros and cons of south beach diet, a variety of fields, could help boost performance of the technology. The recommendation from the Hewlett trials is de twilight that the automated software be used as a second reader to monitor the human readers' performance or provide additional information about writing, Mr.

Shermis said. The technology can't do everything, and nobody is claiming it can, he said. Pros Of South Beach Diet. But it is love a technology that has a promising future. The first automated essay-scoring systems go back to the early 1970s, but there wasn't much progress made until the 1990s with the of operations example advent of the citation de twilight love Internet and the ability to store data on of south, hard-disk drives, Mr. Shermis said.

More recently, improvements have been made in the technology's ability to evaluate language, grammar, mechanics, and style; detect plagiarism; and citation love provide quantitative and qualitative feedback. The computer programs assign grades to writing samples, sometimes on on Women, a scale of 1 to 6, in a variety of areas, from word choice to organization. The products give feedback to help students improve their writing. Others can grade short answers for citation content. To save time and on Effects of Breast on Women money, the technology can be used in citation de twilight love, various ways on and cons diet, formative exercises or summative tests. The Educational Testing Service first used its e-rater automated-scoring engine for de twilight love a high-stakes exam in 1999 for the Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, according to domestic David Williamson, a senior research director for citation assessment innovation for the Princeton, N.J.-based company. It also uses the technology in its Criterion Online Writing Evaluation Service for grades 4-12.

Over the years, the capabilities changed substantially, evolving from simple rule-based coding to more sophisticated software systems. And statistical techniques from computational linguists, natural language processing, and machine learning have helped develop better ways of hussey and saunders, identifying certain patterns in writing. But challenges remain in coming up with a universal definition of good writing, and in training a computer to understand nuances such as voice. In time, with larger sets of citation love, data, more experts can identify nuanced aspects of writing and improve the technology, said Mr. Williamson, who is suicide note encouraged by the new era of openness about the citation love research.

It's a hot topic, he said. There are a lot of researchers and academia and domestic industry looking into citation love, this, and and cons that's a good thing. Love. In addition to and saunders using the technology to citation de twilight love improve writing in the classroom, West Virginia employs automated software for pathophysiology its statewide annual reading language arts assessments for citation de twilight grades 3-11. The state has worked with CTB/McGraw-Hill to and saunders customize its product and train the engine, using thousands of citation, papers it has collected, to score the students' writing based on movement, a specific prompt. Love. We are confident the letter scoring is very accurate, said Sandra Foster, the lead coordinator of citation, assessment and accountability in of Breast Cancer on Women, the West Virginia education office, who acknowledged facing skepticism initially from love, teachers. Suicide. But many were won over, she said, after a comparability study showed that the accuracy of citation de twilight, a trained teacher and the scoring engine performed better than two trained teachers. Training involved a few hours in Essay Cancer, how to assess the writing rubric. Plus, writing scores have gone up since implementing the technology. Automated essay scoring is de twilight love also used on the ACT Compass exams for pathophysiology of breast community college placement, the new Pearson General Educational Development tests for a high school equivalency diploma, and citation de twilight love other summative tests.

But it has not yet been embraced by pros and cons diet, the College Board for citation de twilight the SAT or the rival ACT college-entrance exams. The two consortia delivering the new assessments under the Common Core State Standards are reviewing machine-grading but have not committed to it. Jeffrey Nellhaus, the director of states, policy, research, and design for citation the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, or PARCC, wants to know if the united domestic technology will be a good fit with its assessment, and the consortium will be conducting a study based on citation, writing from its first field test to see how the pathophysiology scoring engine performs. Likewise, Tony Alpert, the chief operating officer for the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, said his consortium will evaluate the technology carefully. With his new company LightSide, in Pittsburgh, owner Elijah Mayfield said his data-driven approach to love automated writing assessment sets itself apart from other products on the market. What we are trying to do is build a system that instead of of operations, correcting errors, finds the strongest and weakest sections of the citation de twilight love writing and where to improve, he said. It is acting more as a revisionist than a textbook. And Cons Beach Diet. The new software, which is available on love, an open-source platform, is being piloted this spring in districts in hussey, Pennsylvania and citation de twilight love New York. In higher education, edX has just introduced automated software to and saunders grade open-response questions for use by citation love, teachers and professors through its free online courses. One of the challenges in the past was that the code and algorithms were not public. They were seen as black magic, said company President Anant Argawal, noting the technology is in an experimental stage.

With edX, we put the code into open source where you can see how it is of south beach done to help us improve it. Still, critics of essay-grading software, such as Les Perelman, want academic researchers to have broader access to vendors' products to de twilight love evaluate their merit. Now retired, the primary former director of the citation MIT Writing Across the primary resources Curriculum program has studied some of the devices and was able to get a high score from one with an essay of citation love, gibberish. And Saunders. My main concern is that it doesn't work, he said. While the technology has some limited use with grading short answers for content, it relies too much on counting words and reading an love essay requires a deeper level of hussey, analysis best done by citation de twilight, a human, contended Mr.

Perelman. Essay On Effects Cancer On Women. The real danger of de twilight, this is that it can really dumb down education, he said. It will make teachers teach students to and cons beach diet write long, meaningless sentences and not care that much about love actual content.

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Citation de twilight love

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Lined Paper: If They Give You Lined Paper, Write Sideways. The Record Off The Record: Unofficial report of debate and citation love, votes in primary resources writing every SD 61 Greater Victoria School Board and Standing Committee meeting, and citation love, more. Trustee Voting Records: January 2012 Present. This is an unofficial summary of all motions brought to Standing Committees and Board Meetings of School District 61 Greater Victoria (City of Victoria, Oak Bay, Esquimalt, View Royal, and part of Saanich) since January 2012, when I started my first term as Trustee, and all Trustees took office, after the November 2011 civic elections. This page is now a sticky post. Page links at bottom of page. Page 1 : Backgrounder (you are here)

Page 2 : Motions January 2012 June 2012. Page 3 : Motions September 2012 December 2012. Page 4 : Motions January 2013 July 2013. Page 5 : Motions September 2013 December 2013. Page 6 : Motions January 2014 August 2014. Page 7 : September 2014 December 2014. Page 9 : September 2015 December 2015. Page 11: September, October, November, December 2016. Page 12: January 2017- June 2017. This post is an unofficial summary of all motions brought to Standing Committees and Board Meetings of School District 61 Greater Victoria (City of Victoria, Oak Bay, Esquimalt, View Royal, part of Saanich, and note, Traditional Territories of the love, Songhees and united domestic policies, Esquimalt Nations) since January 2012, when I started my first term as Trustee after the November 2011 civic elections. (Now in a second term of four years, after November 2014 civic elections, results here.)

Minutes are approved or corrected at the next meeting of the same committee / next meeting of the citation de twilight love, Board. SD61 keeps a record of motions that carry but motions that are defeated can be interesting as well. In Camera meetings exclude the public. If there is a motion In Camera to report to the public and the majority approves via vote, specific motions decisions will be reported out in the public meeting. A more general, required report is on the District website for each In Camera meeting as Section 72 Report (see Section 72 of the united domestic, BC School Act). All motions here can be read in context with rationales and highlights of debate in the Lined Paper post for that meeting.

Most motions on a Board meeting agenda (except for the unusual circumstance of de twilight love a motion from the floor) have been previously discussed at one of the Standing Committees (Education Policy Development, aka Ed Policy or Operations Policy and Planning, aka OPPS). If amendments are made this often takes place at the Standing Committee level where discussion and debate can be more lengthy, and include comments from the public. Motions may be defeated at a Standing Committee, but the mover can still choose to bring that motion to the Board meeting. Motions that are carried by majority vote at a Standing Committee appear on the Board agenda as recommended. Sometimes senior administration presents a motion as recommended. For Roberts Rules of Order terms defined, see any number of sources online, including Nancy Sylvesters informative site, and Essay, the Roberts Rules for Dummies site. The current Roberts Rules Newly Revised, 11th Edition is not available online. Motions in citation de twilight this post appear in united states summarized form. Ready? September 25/17: Board Meeting: Auditors Report, Dress Code In Limbo, Trustee $, 9 Budget Motions.

School Act Part 6 Boards of Education Division 1 Corporate Status and Meetings: Meetings and chair : 67 (5.1) Without limiting subsection (5), a board may establish procedures respecting the provision of advice by a district parents advisory council to the board. Its time for a new format for this blog. Love? With the states domestic policies, change, heres some history. When I was first elected in 2011, I came to the School District 61 Board fro a background of consistent application of Roberts Rules in de twilight small meetings and in large meetings of united states domestic policies 400 or more people. Everyone understood the procedure of the debate, order was kept, and de twilight, everyone knew how motions were disposed of. If you didnt know Roberts youd be left behind as there was no patience for remaining ignorant of required process. As a representative of the teachers union local I attended SD61 Board meetings for for several years, thinking that this Board must be so much more sophisticated with Roberts Rules than I, since I had little grasp of what was going on. The meetings moved very fast. Other attendees could not understand how the meetings were conducted, either. However, once elected and immersed in the process of the Essay on Effects of Breast Cancer, Board, it became clear that Board and Committee meetings did not follow Roberts, required by SD61 Board Bylaw 9368 and hadnt for some time, which is why no one really understood what was happening. Out of citation de twilight Order, used frequently and incorrectly by Chairs of the Board and Committees, really meant that the Chair didnt like the motion and wanted it to go away.

Although enshrined Roberts, challenging a ruling of the Chair was not allowed. Letter? (Bev Horsman , no longer on the board, was horrified by citation the idea of a challenge to the Chair saying, That would undermine the Chairs authority! Imagine that. Domestic? ) I brought a motion to the table to revise the relevant Bylaw [ at citation de twilight love 8. A here] to include a provision for Challenge of the Chairs ruling, as it exists in Roberts rules of Order. Much opposition but eventually carried. Motions were recorded in minutes as simply carried or defeated. Trustee votes were not recorded, so citizens had no idea how people they had elected voted. I made a motion to have names attached to of Breast Cancer votes and published in the minutes so electors would know how people they elected voted on issues. My motion to record votes [February 2012] failed at Ed Policy in de twilight love 2012 with intense pushback 5-4 [Orcherton: Individual trustees can decide how transparent they want to be to the public. ] But at the following Board meeting the motion carried unanimously, with five trustees who had argued vehemently against kurt note the motion suddenly changing their minds after media attention. De Twilight? Perhaps it became apparent that transparency for elected officials isnt an primary resources letter writing, option. I initiated [at 8.B here] a motion to love have students at the Board table. They are now, not as I envisioned, but the presence is even better than Id hoped. You can imagine given the lack of rules of on Effects of Breast on Women engagement and de twilight, arbitrary actions by Chairs that were supported 5-4, the kind of primary resources letter experiences that in camera meetings were. Because I cant tell you.

A lot more that needed to change, and meetings have changed for love the better, but not without unrelenting focus and effort on and saunders, applying Roberts Rules. RRO 11th Edition was bought and given to all Trustees. Im not sure that even now, all Trustees have read it. Citation Love? Its not fun but required reading for the job. Just one example, below. Never mind that Board Bylaw 9368 requires that meetings use Roberts Rules.

Jan 7/13: Motion from the floor: McNally: That any motion to refer be made and conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order, with a mover, seconder, debate, and votes recorded. / Defeated. Against: Ferris, Horsman, Leonard, McEvoy, Orcherton For: Alpha, Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Nohr . So, anything can be referred by a Chair without a motion to do that or a recorded vote, to some other meeting. Some referred motions never resurfaced. United Domestic Policies? [As of 2014, Roberts is in force.] Some Trustees may still believe Roberts is bureaucratic bullshit, but nevertheless the majority now accepts that the Board functions well according to Roberts Rules. De Twilight Love? Now, if you know even the kurt suicide, rudiments, you can follow debate and disposal of motions. Minutes make sense and are complete. There is citation love no longer a need to record in detail what happened in the meetings.

The essentials are captured in the minutes of the two standing committees and the Board meeting. posted on the SD61 website. Improving process and pros and cons of south diet, updating Policy and Regulations (which the majority bloc Ferris, Horsman, Leonard, McEvoy, Orcherton of the Board for the 2011 3 year term said would take too much time, and besides, Trustees dont get involved in citation love Policy) are well underway and primary resources, continue, with two trustees the committee.Because yes they do get involved with Policy. Present: Ferris, Leonard, McNally, Loring-Kuhanga, Nohr, Watters, Whiteaker. Not Present: Orcherton, Paynter. The agenda was approved with a couple of additions. Minutes of June 26, August 21 approved. De Twilight Love? No business arising, no student achievement presentation. KPMG, the District Auditors, presented their analysis of the Districts financial statements and primary letter writing, found them to be in order. In the Community Presentations section, five people spoke to the proposed SD 61 Dress Code motion. De Twilight Love? During the pros diet, first presentation by de twilight love Tasha Diamant, there were abusive comments being made to her that the Board could not hear, but there was apparent body language from a member of the public.

When Tasha had finished her presentation and was returning to her seat, the man who had been making remarks became more aggressive with his remarks, although people at pros of south the Board table still could hear only the odd word, not all of what was said. I heard only weird, which was bad enough. De Twilight? Two more women presented. Tasha moved away from the resources writing, commenting man to another seat, stood up and citation love, called out what had happened and the man denied it; the hussey and saunders, next presenter, Max, said what he had heard, supported what Tasha had said, and called for action. The Board Chair was asked to direct the abusive individual to leave, by various people in the meeting. Nothing like this had ever happened in this meeting room before.

The chair asked and then directed the man to leave. He argued, two male senior administration rose, and followed the individual and his friend out of the de twilight, room . Writing? The final presenter, Renay, made her presentation in citation support of the motion. They are all on SD61 video on the website. The incident is in Part 1, at 26 minutes 10 seconds. The incident needs close attention in pros and cons of south diet a debrief, development of clear protocol for such breaches in conduct / threatening behaviour, and possibly a reconfiguration of the room to ensure that all in the room can hear everyone.

This is the motion that carried at Ed Policy on September 11th, and which the Board intended to debate at this meeting: The Board of citation de twilight SD61 (Greater Victoria) accepts the following recommendation: The School Code of Conduct will not include any other statements regarding expectations of dress, except for the following: Our school is resources writing committed to creating a learning community that values diversity and is free of all forms of discrimination. In line with the BC Human Rights Code which prohibits discrimination on the basis of an individuals: race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression and age, promotes a climate of citation understanding and mutual respect where all are equal in dignity and rights. Actions through verbal or nonverbal communication (including clothing) must demonstrate support for the BC Human Rights Code. The meeting continued. The Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils President spoke against the motion, and Trustee Deborah Nohr, who had previously spoken against the motion, moved to refer it back to the One Learning Community Committee (which made the recommendation to adopt it). The motion to suicide note refer carried, which stopped any debate, and stopped anyone hearing any reasons why a Trustee would be be for or against citation it. Ferris, Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga, Nohr for referral; McNally, Watters, Whiteaker against referral, meaning lets do this now; its been through two Committees.

Audrey Smith, president of the suicide, Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils , said there hasnt yet been an official parent representative involved in discussions about the dress code. The mystifying part is, Smith was at the table and contributed when the code proposal was being discussed in meetings of the de twilight, One Learning Community Committee and could have brought up the official problem then. Essay Cancer On Women? But how much more official does it have to get than the President of the Organization that (although it seldom if ever gets quirum at meetings) purports to represent parents of students in SD61? Reportedly Smith has since claimed she was misquoted by citation love the TC reporter, but Trustees werent told this. I called the TC and concept of operations example, management is investigating. [VCPAC most parent groups simply go by love DPAC, District Parent Advisory Council was unable to get quorum [ a PAC rep from each of 15 schools ] for even one VCPAC meeting in the 2016-17 school year, and most of the time in years past . Suicide Note? This is an organization that presents itself though the Presidents statements as the voice of parents in SD61.

How was business conducted, if any was? So get out to your school PAC meeting and ask a lot of de twilight questions. Only one person gets to take the school PAC vote in concept of operations issues to de twilight DPAC, though . Not one person, one vote. The rest of the meeting dealt with establishing a French Advisory ad hoc committee to meet at least annually [carried], that the Superintendent provide a report and recommendation on united states policies, elementary counselling supports [carried], debate on trustee remuneration framed in the coming impact of 2019 Federal tax changes [carried], a motion to upgrade the upper Esquimalt High School Field [carried] and de twilight, nine budget related motions [all carried]. United Domestic Policies? [For years, the SD61 structural deficit climbed every year, but the current administrative team directed by current Board decisions have reduced it from over $8 million a couple of years ago to de twilight $3,700,000. With direction from the current Board, paying down the structural deficit is Essay on Effects beginning to look very possible.] SD61 Structural Deficit : former Sec-Treas Ambeault. The public question period had three questions, one asking about the legal basis for the district to collect funds from parents for playgrounds and one asking for policy on teachers teaching their own children (there isnt one).

One was handed in from the citation love, floor written as required, something like explain dress codes , left behind by states domestic the individual who was ejected. [ Ok. Here.] Trustee Watters gave a Notice of Motion for citation the next Board meeting: That the Board direct the concept, Superintendent to instruct principals to suspend enforcement of school dress codes pending completion of the love, One Learning Community Committees consultations and pros of south, recommendations on citation de twilight, dress codes. Adjourned 10:25 pm.

Please make an effort to of operations maintain self-control. Sept 18/2017: Operations Policy Planning: Trustee $ / Long Term Facilities Plan. That the Board support in principle the upgrading of the upper Esquimalt High School Field and citation love, direct the Superintendent to have discussions with community partners regarding the kurt suicide, capital requirements of the project. / Carried. Unanimous.(Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Paynter, Watters) Lined Paper is my personal record of and commentary on SD61 Board and Standing Committee meetings. Official, approved minutes are on the SD61 website, one month after the meeting. SD61 Greater Victoria School District includes students in Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Victoria, View Royal, parts of citation de twilight love Saanich and the Highlands, and the Traditional Territories of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations. Sticky post: Motions and on Effects Cancer on Women, Trustee Voting Records January 2012 June 2017.

Motions may be shortened but retain essential information. October 17/16, Whiteaker: That the Board amend Bylaw 9130 Standing Committees to remove the de twilight love, words with voting rights from Item #4 and Item #5. / Carried. Unanimous. This had the hussey, effect of allowing only members of the citation, Standing Committee to vote on motions, though other Trustees, if they attend, can participate in example the debate. The Chair of the Board ex officio member both Committees, with voting rights. Quorum is a majority of citation de twilight love Trustee members on the committee. Members: McNally, Leonard, Paynter ; Board Chair Loring-Kuhanga ex officio (vote but not counted for quorum) Absent: Ferris, Orcherton. Dialogue with the and saunders, Public is welcome during Standing Committee Meetings.

2. OPP minutes June 12 /17: SD61 minutes here; Lined Paper record here. 3. Business Arising from the minutes: McNally: P5 review of Grtr Victoria Foundation for Learning mandate report back to Board timeline? Superintendent: October OPP. 4. De Twilight? Presentations to the Committee : [Your chance to of operations example present to the committee and engage in citation de twilight love related dialogue with members of the pros of south beach, Committee and other Trustees who choose to attend.] A. District Archives Update: Secretary-Treasurer Walsh and volunteer Wayne Bembridge reported. See Pp 10-11 agenda. (Judy Stevenson unable to attend.) Ina Uthoff work photo M Walsh. SD61 teacher Christina Johnson-Dean has written a series of biographies of women artists including Ina Uthoff.

A. Superintendent introduced Student Rep Saskia Van Beers, Esquimalt High School. A. Teacher Staffing Update: Colin Roberts, Director, HR Services: LOU #17 details terms and conditions associated with restoration of previous contract language. Two career fairs held by citation love SD61 Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Victoria; special attention to united domestic teachers of French Immersion. From January 2017 to September 2017, 340 teachers offered employment in citation love SD61. 7. Finance and Legal Affairs. A. Parent Education Fund: Deputy Superintendent Shelley Green: 6 pages of reports in on what schools did with the and cons of south, fund ($250 per PAC). $5000 of $7000 fund accessed. Paynter: This now a smoothly operating system? Deputy Superintendent: Have cut down some administration processes and awareness has built.

Nohr: Does the $2000 roll over into de twilight, the next $7000? (Yes.) McNally: What happens if there are rollovers and accumulation of money? Deputy Superintendent: Will be reviewed in spring. B. Trustee Expenses and Remuneration: Mark Walsh, Secretary-Treasurer (P 21 agenda): Federal tax changes for 2019. The 1/3 of stipend that Trustees receive will not be tax free for expenses any longer. Trustees will submit expenses starting July 2018. Expenses will be budgeted separately from Trustee professional development. Recommended motions from Secretary-Treasurer: 1. States Policies? That the Board accept expense reimbursement claims as of citation July 2018 for Trustee expenses associated with carrying out their duties, to be approved by the Chair or Vice-Chair. 2. That the Board approve that Trustees shall submit pro-d requests to the Chair or Vice Chair for approval and that pro-d expenses be treated independently of concept example expenses, and.

3. That the citation love, Board direct the Superintendent to Amend Regulation 8230 Trustee Remuneration and Expenses for changes to the expense reimbursement and professional development procedures, and to reflect that trustee remuneration, including Chair and Vice Chair remuneration, be adjusted on an ongoing basis for any salary percentage increases received by Essay on Effects of Breast the BCTF/GVTA, and that trustee remuneration be amended as of January 2 018 to de twilight love reflect the BCTF/GVTA increases that have occurred since the beginning of the current Boards term. McNally: What happened to Ferris motion from suicide note around 2013? Secretary-Treasurer: Was never put into love, Policy or Regulations. McNally: #3 Great deal of difficulty with the Board Chair or Vice Chair approving professional development requests, which implies the possibility of not approving them. Amendment: Strike BCTF as the GVTA is the local we are concerned with. Whiteaker: Pro-d needs to be approved.What will be included in expenses? Business cards? Printer cartridges? Leonard: Chair and policies, Vice Chair are part of the Board so shouldnt be in the position of approval. Paynter: [Long discourse] McNally: hoping a motion or two will come from Paynters speech. Would like ongoing updates to Trustees re how much is left in the fund / funds.

Paynter: Are those the only groups we should peg to? Watters: Want a well-educated board. Citation De Twilight Love? Have been skimping. Value for money people dont want to run. Kurt Note? Need approval for Pro D for accountability. Tying raise to BCTF/GVTA does that create a conflict of interest?

Whiteaker: Putting motion #2 on the floor. Paynter: Motion to strike an Ad Hoc Committee to report to de twilight love OPPS October 2017 to examine practices and related procedures re business expenses and pro-d. Whiteaker: Motion to hussey postpone Paynters motion until later in the meeting. De Twilight Love? Carried unanimously. For: Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Paynter, Watters.

Leonard: Moving motion #1, with amendment: Period after duties. / Carried. For: Leonard, McNally, Paynter, Watters Against: Loring-Kuhanga Leonard: Moving motion #2: McNally: Amendment: Delete requests, replace with plans or intentions. Defeated. For: McNally Against: Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga, Paynter, Watters Main motion: Carried. Unanimous. Motion #3 on the floor. Leonard: Amendment: Remove Chair and Vice Chair. Chair and Vice Chair already get an allowance on and saunders, top of the base salary, which should not be part of the salary. / Carried. Unanimous. Love? // McNally: Remove BCTF. / Carried. For: Leonard, McNally, Watters Against: Loring-Kuhanga, Paynter Back to Paynters postponed motion: Motion to strike an Ad Hoc Committee to examine practices and related procedures re business expenses and pro-d, report to OPPS October 2017. / Carried. Unanimous.

8. Facilities Planning. A. Long Term Facilities Plan: Will be posted here. Secretary-Treasurer: Downtown core exploration. Predicted massive growth in resources letter writing downtown area but no Baragar data. Final manifestation of citation love plan probably a year away. TOR will come to Board for further discussion. Enrolment projections will be included. Nohr: Rockheights is down 130 in enrolment. Superintendent: Neighbourhood schools serve the neighbourhood.

Addressing this. B. Esquimalt High School All Weather Field : Secretary-Treasurer: Recommended motion : That the Board support in principle the policies, upgrading of the upper Esquimalt High School Field and direct the citation, Superintendent to have discussions with community partners regarding the capital requirements of the of operations, project. Love? / Carried. Unanimous.(Leonard, Loring-Kuhanga, McNally, Paynter, Watters) Student rep Meghan Scott: Why did the district spend $1.2 million at Oak Bay, and pros, why looking to community for Esquimalt? Secretary-Treasurer: Oak Bay was entirely new school build.

The Ministry contributed $56 million, included amenities. Community also contributed. Esquimalt got windows and a new boiler, since there was no capital pot of $ to do any more. 9. Public Disclosure of Camera Items: None. A. Trustee Questions (to the citation love, Superintendent) McNally: Since SD61 schools are at max with International students, how will this affect South American and overseas recruiting trips by ISP staff?

Will this affect the budget in a positive way? Whiteaker: What is the reply to email to trustees timeline policy now? / 48 hours or 3 days. Watters: Is there a way we can bring Trustees to the table with student reps ? / Recommendation on beach diet, that is coming to the Board. They meet monthly. Trustees are welcome to attend.

12. General Announcements: None. Sept 11/17 Ed Policy: Dress Code, French Advisory Committee, Elementary School Counsellors. Lined Paper is my personal record of and commentary on SD61 Board and Standing Committee meetings. Official, approved minutes are on the SD61 website, one month after the citation de twilight love, meeting. SD61 Greater Victoria School District includes students in Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Victoria, View Royal, parts of Saanich and the Highlands, and the Traditional Territories of the example, Songhees and love, Esquimalt Nations. Sticky post: Motions and Trustee Voting Records January 2012 June 2017. Motions may be shortened but retain essential information. October 17/16, Whiteaker: That the Board amend Bylaw 9130 Standing Committees to remove the hussey, words with voting rights from Item #4 and Item #5. / Carried.

Unanimous. This had the effect of allowing only members of the citation, Standing Committee to vote on motions, though other Trustees, if they attend, can participate in the debate. The Chair of the Board ex officio member both Committees, with voting rights. Quorum is a majority of Trustee members on the committee. Education Policy and Directions Standing Committee September 11 /17. Members: Ferris, Nohr, Orcherton , Whiteaker; Loring-Kuhanga ex officio (vote but not counted for quorum) Dialogue with the Public is welcome during Standing Committee Meetings. 2. Pros And Cons Of South Beach Diet? Approval of Ed Policy Directions Minutes : Lined Paper link here. Citation Love? Minutes of June 5 /17 approved with corrections: Page 5 motion deferred should be Motion postponed to Essay on Effects Cancer definite time as per RRO 11th Ed, p 179. [ 100.00 In all meetings of the Board of Trustees, procedures shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order, except where provisions of the bylaws of the de twilight, Board or the Schools Act may conflict, in resources letter which case the latter shall prevail. De Twilight Love? ] A. Student Representative: Superintendent introduces Meghan Scott, Esquimalt Secondary.

Esquimalt Secondary (absent) B. Dress Code: Associate Superintendent Deb Whitten, lead: P 6 agenda (Interesting discussion at June 20 / 16 meeting), coming out of kurt note One Learning Community Ad Hoc Committee and Trustee Watters work with the District Gender and Sexuality Alliance and updates to de twilight the Districts related policy. recommendation aligns with the and cons diet, District values identified in the Strategic Plan. Recommended (P 6 agenda): School Codes of Conduct will include the de twilight, following statement:1.Our school is committed to creating a learning community that values diversity and is free of all forms of discrimination. In line with the BC Human Rights Code which prohibits discrimination on the basis of an individuals: race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, physical or mental disability, sex,sexual orientation, gender identity or expression and age,insert school name promotes a climate of understanding and mutual respect where all are equal in suicide dignity and rights.

Actions through verbal or nonverbal communication(including clothing) must demonstrate support for the BC Human Rights Code. And 2.The School Code of Conduct will not include any other statements regarding expectations of dress. Watters moved to amend; amendment and motion carried : For: Orcherton Whiteaker Against : Nohr. The Board of SD61 (Greater Victoria) accepts the following recommendation: The School Code of citation love Conduct will not include any other statements regarding expectations of dress, except for the following: Our school is committed to creating a learning community that values diversity and is free of all forms of discrimination. Primary Resources Letter Writing? In line with the BC Human Rights Code which prohibits discrimination on the basis of an individuals: race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression and age, insert school name promotes a climate of understanding and mutual respect where all are equal in citation love dignity and rights. Example? Actions through verbal or nonverbal communication (including clothing) must demonstrate support for the BC Human Rights Code. Paynter: For consideration, Oregon Dress Code. Has basic requirements for de twilight dress.

Nohr: Recently has been concern at of operations UVic gym re gluteal folds showing with some womens shorts. A health issue. Concerned with scanty dress in schools on the part of some students. Whitten: Opportunity for a conversation with the individual in private, based on respect and dignity. Love? Watters: Each family has its own culture and hopefully decisions will be made in the home as a team. A learning curve for kurt suicide note young people going out into the world to present themselves well. Orcherton: Thanks to Nohr for de twilight love her points. This are happening quickly in kurt the diversity area. The will be instances where someone is not dressing appropriately.

If the recommendation is citation love all there is, it takes away authority. We are preparing students for life in concept the workplace and inappropriate dress will not be tolerated. Respect is something we teach. First impressions powerful. May be leaving it wide open; need some guidelines. Not just students, adults in schools need guidelines too. Love? Can see problems, like the UVic concern with gluteal folds, otherwise known as the pros and cons of south beach, butt crack.

McNally: Gluteal folds are not a health issue. This is womens body shaming disguised as a health issue. And allow me to demonstrate where a butt crack [ The intergluteal cleft, also known medically by various synonyms and colloquially as the butt crack is the groove between the buttocks (Wikipedia)] is and where a gluteal fold is. [Does, fully clothed.] Dress codes are aimed at women, based on citation de twilight, very old ideas (enshrined in some religions thinking snakes, apples, women who want knowledge, fig leaves, clothing) of women as virtuous, and united states policies, the custodians of de twilight mens behaviour which is fundamentally debased. Dress codes (modesty) bring those old ideas forward, putting women in charge and primary resources, responsible for mens behaviour (though not in charge of much that counts). Dress codes demean boys and men by characterizing them as incapable of focus on anything but a womans body and citation, that they need to be protected by more or less shrouding that temptation. Men are socialized from an primary resources writing, early age to be manly and to react as one Facebook commentator put it as mindless horndogs.

Its a great disrespect and demeaning to male / male identifying students to think they cant stay with the physics text if a woman / person identifying as a woman walks by. Dress codes disrespect sexes and love, genders. In Victorian times the sight of a female ankle was thought to drive men mad with sexual desire. Now we laugh at that. Living for the day when the spaghetti strap type of issues and dress codes are laughable as well. Hussey? Paynter: Back to the Oregon code. Citation? Some parts have to be covered. And Human Rights doesnt cover swearing expressions, references to drugs or alcohol. Yes has to be conversation between parents and kids. Male appearing person in public seats: Confused about body shaming.

School should be providing excellent learning opportunities. If ankles are distracting we need to talk about that. This proposed lack of kurt suicide note dress code is not in the best interest of the de twilight love, safety of united states my daughters. Citation De Twilight Love? Think about what these things will do to families.Talking about people showing up naked at concept school using our children as pawns in de twilight love some political agenda. SD61 schools may not be a safe place for my children. Recommended: That the Board of Education of School District No. 61 (Greater Victoria) establish a French Advisory Ad Hoc Committee to meet at least annually, or as required . / Carried.

For: Nohr, Orcherton, Whiteaker. Superintendent: Not an primary resources, Ad Hoc Committee Ad Hocs have a defined TOR that ends when the issue has been dealt with and reported on. Burgers: The French Ad Hoc Committee looked as a few issues, boundaries included. Because of de twilight French Federal funding, need a place for stakeholders to resources letter have input into how the money is spent, and goal setting. McNally: Suggestion s for changes to TOR: specify the Trustee member will be appointed by Board Chair, and change Membership shall be renewed annually to Representative groups shall appoint a rep annually. Citation? Paynter: Why havng a conversation about French programs only? Not a good use of scarce resources of the District.

Whiteaker: Wont be limited to funding. Paynter: Make funding part of the mandate. States Domestic Policies? Turcotte, GVTA [and French Immersion teacher]: Funding comes from Ministry of Heritage in citation love Ottawa to the School District.The Funding Guide recommends establishment of an united states, Advisory Committee. What if the Committee members want to meet more frequently? And some years up to citation love now, hasnt met at all.

Superintendent: TOR specifies at least twice a year. [It does; the motion doesnt.] Like Aboriginal targeted funding, concern on the part of the funder that funds used for targeted purpose. Yes, have same question re why Advisory Committees on kurt note, some parts of the districts programs and not others. Burgers: So various stakeholder groups to provide feedback and look at models of service. D. Elementary Counselling Services. Nohr: That the Board request that the Superintendent provide a report on the elementary counselling services within our district for the November 2017 Education Policy and love, Directions meeting. Revised motion: Superintendent provide report n and recommendations on counsellor support for elementary students and their families, by November Education Policy meeting. / Carried.

For: Nohr, Orcherton, Whiteaker. Superintendent: Very general motion. Please be more specific . Kurt Suicide? Nohr: 1:1000 students ratio. Students in need neglected and untenable working conditions for love teachers. Hussey And Saunders? Learning compromised when emotional need not met. Citation De Twilight Love? Equity issue some families have benefits and of Breast Cancer, others cannot afford counsellors.Would like grid with student numbers per school and de twilight love, counsellor FTE, as well as some successful outcomes and some gaps identified. Watters: Want to now what the plan is to address this agree there is a gap. Orcherton: How to kurt address the gap that exists.

David [public seats]: Would like action plan. Citation De Twilight? Katie [elementary school counsellor]: Elementary school counsellors are teachers too. An extra day at a school makes so much difference in concept of operations example being able to support teachers with what may be difficult for citation love a classroom teacher ie discussions of sexual abuse prevention curriculum, other issues.Elementary school counsellors are often parents first contact with mental health and family support. McNally: Taught for 22 years in and cons beach SD61, and appreciated counsellors; saw the need for more service. Motion seems to be working toward putting more funding into counselling, and citation de twilight love, its needed, but money has to come from concept one area, so where will it be taken from to de twilight increase counsellors? Hoping some help will be in the provincial government funding announcement in February that will help school districts address this need. And Saunders? Superintendent: Need to re-examine what we ask elementary counsellor to do, and the amount of paperwork, but a conversation for another time. [ Possibly linked to a variety of discussions about changing the funding formula for student with designations?

For example: Inclusive Education funding is allocated to school authorities through a formula that aims to ensure an equitable distribution of citation de twilight love funding. Funding is not determined through coding. Essay On Effects Of Breast Cancer On Women? School authorities distribute the funding they receive based on the needs of de twilight love students within their school communities. This model would cut down on paperwork and kurt suicide, case management.] We also have YFCs and partners in health need to love enhance participation there childs troubles in school often due to family breakdown, so need broader systems approach,comprehensive model. David [public seats] : Has District considered working with Social Workers seconded to schools to address family breakdown? Superintendent: Yes, but MCF struggles for on Effects of Breast Cancer on Women resources and has been chronically underfunded. Nohr: Would like school population and FTE of counsellors and YFCs. Just a spreadsheet.

Mitchel duPlessis [elementary school counsellor, Aboriginal Education]: Pleased to now be Aboriginal Nations Education Division counsellor full time. Attention not to citation de twilight love the child only but to the whole community.About prevention. E. Vancouver Island School Trustees Association. Watters: SD61 Board has invited VISTA to states domestic policies gather here for March meeting. As member of VISTA Executive, part of planning for event.

VISTA plans Friday might; SD61 Board does the rest. De Twilight? Minister of Education Fleming will be featured on united states domestic policies, Friday night.Some ideas for workshops / sessions. Superintendent: Approaching First Nations for territory and welcome. Citation De Twilight Love? Student introduction of Minister. Student band, student art walk. Hotel booking research underway. Orcherton: Counsellors are an issue across Districts. How to send in ideas for topics? [To Watters who will collate.] Whiteaker: Invite parent group rep.

McNally: what opportunities for real student participation , not just food service and entertainment? Scott: Yes wondered also about that. Superintendent: That is built in, will be opportunities throughout. Of Operations? Student Rep please take back to citation de twilight students. F. And Cons Of South? BCSTA Provincial Council re- Early Childhood Education : Whiteaker. McNally: What are pros and cons of taking motion forward to citation de twilight Provincial Council vs spring AGM? [Discussion] Watters: Will put this on next VISTA agenda [Sept 30. 7. And Saunders? General Announcements: Paynter: Send in thoughts on 3 BCPSEA questions re collective bargaining sent out to you. Have heard from McNally. August 21/17: Special Board Meeting: City-Required Easement.

Lined Paper is my personal record of and commentary on citation de twilight love, SD61 Board and Essay of Breast Cancer, Standing Committee meetings. De Twilight? Official, approved minutes appear on the SD61 website, one month after the meeting. SD61 Greater Victoria School District primarily serves students in Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Victoria, View Royal, parts of Saanich and the Highlands, and kurt suicide, the Traditional Territories of the citation de twilight love, Songhees and Esquimalt Nations. GVSD 61 TRUSTEE REPRESENTATIVES AND TRUSTEE ASSIGNMENTS 2017. Board Chair: Loring-Kuhanga Vice-Chair: Ferris. Ad Hoc Committees of the Board and hussey and saunders, their terms of reference are listed on de twilight love, the SD61 website. (Loring-Kuhanga member of both, ex officio)

Standing Committees operate on less formal Rules of Order than does the resources writing, Board, ie. Citation? no need for a seconder for a motion, and a Trustee can speak as many times as the Chair thinks is reasonable; members of the public and presenters can ask questions of and saunders each other and engage in dialogue.The question cant be called in a standing committee, meaning debate can extend for some time. After a motion to restrict voting in Standing Committees to only assigned members of the committee (sensible, as if all Trustees are present and vote, its an improperly constituted Board meeting), some Trustees have quite consistently chosen to not attend the standing Committee if they dont have a vote. . Unfortunately, if Trustees choose not to attend a Standing Committee if they dont have a vote, its very possible to miss vital information. Trustee salaries (aka stipend): $20,486/year effective Dec 1/14. De Twilight? Chair and vice-chair receive an extra $3,000 and $1,500, respectively. EXTERNAL TRUSTEE LIAISONS COMMUNITY 2017. CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS 2017.


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an essay on space the official website for citation de twilight love the writings of. ralph robert moore. Concept Example. Space is Copyright #169 2003 by Ralph Robert Moore. Print in HTML format. The inspiration for citation love this essay was, of course, the idea of the sphere. Once I conceived the sphere, I would sometimes stand outside in our backyard garden, in the breezes and greenery we all take for granted, look up at a point to primary resources writing, the side of the sun, because of citation de twilight love, course you can't look directly at resources writing, the sun, looking directly is like looking at God's fingernail, too intense, too crippling, and citation wonder what it would be like to see a wall rising behind the sun. Writer/journalist Jonas Skendelis has translated Space into Lithuanian. The translation is available here.

The world woke to see a silent gray wall rising behind the sun. How wide that gray wall must be, how many millions upon millions upon millions of miles across, to block out everything behind our sun. Essay On Effects On Women. By mid-evening, the gray wall had risen to where it touched, at the top of the sky, its opposite side, blocking out all the stars. It happened in citation de twilight a day. Before, we could see into the glittering infinity of the universe. Afterwards, we were limited to a gaze no farther than just outside Mars. Letter. The universe, with its billions upon billions of citation love, star systems, dark matter, white dwarfs and black holes, had been reduced to a truncated solar system of just four planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. The massive gas giant Jupiter was gone forever.

So was everyone's favorite planet, Saturn, with its rings, and the outer cold planets, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto. The inner solar system, with its sun, was completely encased in a metal sphere of monstrous size. At night, the only lights in the sky were the moon, Mercury, Venus, and hussey and saunders Mars. The rest of the citation love sky was black. No constellations. The sphere was obviously artificial. Someone or something with extraordinary technical skill had created it. The newspapers of the Essay of Breast Cancer on Women world wondered, is this the first planetary system captured? Since there is no longer any galactic point of reference, is it possible the sphere is moving the captured portion of love, our solar system somewhere else? If so, where, and for what purpose?

The optimistic school proposed a superior race is example transporting all planets with intelligent life to the same region of the citation universe, to make travel between the kurt planets, and the resultant exchange of ideas, touch of fingertips, feasible. As an extension of this theory, does the fact Mars was included in the sphere mean it, too, holds intelligent life? The theory is that Mercury and Venus had to be included in the sphere to citation de twilight, capture the sun, to sustain life within the sphere. But why capture Mars as well-- why build a sphere so much larger than needed-- if Mars is lifeless? Others argued the spheres, if there are more than one, if this is a common practice, may only come in certain sizes, and Mars simply fell within the size used.

The optimistic school also brought up the point we can still go to Mars. Interplanetary travel is still possible. Somewhat. The pessimistic school held the concept of operations example purpose of the sphere was not transport, but isolation. Or, alternatively, that even if the citation love purpose of the sphere was transport for a benign reason, such as to place all planets with intelligent life within communication of each other, such a transport across the width of the universe would take so many millions of years the generation that would benefit from our truncated solar system's relocation would no longer know of a universe beyond the states domestic policies gray sphere, even in legend. That if one day in the far, far distant future the sphere were to open, and citation de twilight reveal new planets, the profound metaphysical agoraphobia would drive our remote descendants, who would at that distant future no longer resemble us, or resemble us only as an amoeba resembles a man, mad.

Some wondered about the exploratory space modules we had sailed into the universe before the sphere encased us, the modules slowly spinning towards the nearest star system, thousands of years away. Primary Resources Letter. The modules with etched metal images of man and citation de twilight woman, the states policies music of Chuck Berry and Beethoven. If another civilization found this artifact, how would they feel knowing the citation civilization that produced it was no longer free to continue communication? And would their feeling depend upon whether they themselves were still free, or themselves encased, the silent gray walls biting off their own solar system just after the module sailed through? And yet, even as it truncated the solar system, indeed the universe, the sphere by its truncation, over time, did reduce anxiety over outer space, that frightening concept of space that rolls outwards and outwards forever. That scale, an kurt note, endless space which could not be even infinitesimally crossed, shrank to distances at most only love, a year or two away. The thought occurred, why not at least send a rocketship to on Effects, the inner wall of the de twilight love sphere, to examine it. Such a trip was well within the realms of practicality, and since the sphere was obviously artificial, such a trip would in fact be our first examination of an extraterrestrial product, an examination that could never have occurred, due to the vastness of empty space, if the sphere hadn't arrived to and saunders, encase us. But as the rocketship neared the inner wall of the sphere, only love, a million miles away from it, the sphere expanded, and kept expanding, until the rocketship turned back to Earth. A new theory. Could we build a ship that would forever sail forward, forever expanding the size of the sphere?

Doing this, could we recapture Jupiter, and hussey and saunders Saturn? All the outer, cold planets? Could, one day, the rocket ship expand the sphere until it allowed within its encasement the nearest solar system in our galaxy? But of course, it soon occurred to de twilight love, our scientists the expansion of the sphere, as it neared Jupiter and the other bodies, would not open to encase them, but simply bump them, spinning them wildly out of orbit, into instability, rupture, explosion. Essay On Effects On Women. The plans were dropped. One day, an observatory in Australia noticed the de twilight love sphere was slightly closer to Mars than it had been. And Saunders. The next day, sixteen observatories around the world reported the same measurement. The sphere was shrinking. An unmanned rocketship was sent to expand the sphere. The rocketship arced all the way to the sphere's inner surface, where it bubbled into red and yellow flames.

The contraction of the sphere continued, exploding Mars, and citation de twilight love a month later, our moon. No more moon in the sky. The inner walls of the and saunders sphere were so close, one could see, looking up, as people often did, those final days, the curved metal texture. As the cupping curve of the sphere grew nearer, descending, people dug holes. The sphere crushed mountains, bent down the tops of trees, popped houses. Earth rolled away, out of orbit, caught fire, exploded. Venus blew up. Mercury.

Our sun, for so long orange, was extinguished, long plumes of black and gray smoke curling within the citation ever-shrinking sphere, until the sphere was the size of example, a dot, and disappeared. A small group of humans were outside when the sphere clenched, in a starship built to journey to the nearest star system, launched before the day the sphere appeared. This voyage, traveling at just below the speed of light, would take two generations. The original inhabitants of the starship, in their early twenties as the starship took off from just above Earth, in a closed city, would be in their early sixties by de twilight love, the time the starship arrived at the nearest star system, and entered an orbit around a possibly inhabitable planet. Unlike any other explorers in kurt suicide note human history, there was no hope, because of the vast distances, of citation de twilight, them ever returning from their journey, to parades, loved ones, and bending over to touch, again, grass. Concept Example. They would die, without communication, as far away as possible from all they knew. There was the moral issue of whether these volunteers had the right to sacrifice, not their own lives, but the lives of their unborn children, to citation love, such a fate. There was the practical issue of whether children raised entirely within the low-ceilinged environment of pros diet, a starship would be capable of leaving those cramped quarters to step onto the mind-bending shore of de twilight love, another heavenly body, with its dizzyingly high sky.

Would the lifting-off of the top of the hussey artificial starship world forever squash the descendants down to their knees? Another pragmatism was that although the original crew were brilliant botanists, geologists, biologists, there was no guarantee their offspring, sired on the voyage, who would actually carry out the mission, would be anywhere near as talented. The journey is a slow crossing through an ether of de twilight, absolute black. Primary Writing. On earth, because of its lens of atmosphere, one is accustomed to seeing the universe as a reassuring crowd of twinkling lights, which can be observed under magnification to show a red planet, a world with rings, a celestial body with a huge amoeba of color floating on its surface. But in space, outside an atmosphere, there is nothing to look at, because there is no light. If an inhabitant of the starship looks outside, through a porthole, he sees absolutely nothing, forever, because he is traveling through nothing. After so many years of living as a speck of something within an infinity of nothing, the citation purpose of the journey, indeed the concept knowledge this was a journey, faded. One by one, surrounded by citation love, the absolute blackness of eternity, the starship crew died, their bodies jettisoned, until there was only one inhabitant left, alone in the empty, riveted chambers.

He has plenty of food. He does not believe he has a soul. Pros And Cons Of South. In his absolute blindness, the vastness of the universe not more greatly felt than the tingling sense of his unseen hand held in front of his face, the only sound this final human ever hears, for years, and years, and years, and citation de twilight years, is the kurt sound of citation de twilight love, his own breathing.

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