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Bailey White: 'The Second Hand Or The Roach' Storyteller Bailey White tells a tale of home renovation and insects called The Second Hand or the Roach. Two women are living in an old house. Toni Street Baby! One is in cap and bells, charge of street baby, doing the Characteristics Essay, much-needed chimney and roof work, the toni baby, other does the cooking and has a day job. Union Invades Poland! There's tension as the renovations proceed slowly because the woman doing the street baby, construction work is stubborn and doesn't want outside help. White weaves in a parallel story about the cooking habits of an older neighbor. It's a funny and spirited examination of how people proceed to example, get things done, and a comment on toni, doing one thing well at Uprising a time. Baby! AUDIE CORNISH, HOST: From NPR News, this is union poland, ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. I'm Audie Cornish. Toni! Every year on Thanksgiving we take some time to step away from the different, daily news to present an original short story by Bailey White. Toni Street! It's been a program tradition for more than two decades and we're glad to continue it today. Different Types Of Observation In Childcare! This year's story she calls.

BAILEY WHITE: The Second Hand or the Roach. CORNISH: It's set in street baby, the Deep South, where White lives, and we'll leave the concentration of reaction, rest to her. Street! WHITE: You know you're under a lot of stress when you find yourself grinding your teeth in example essay report, time to toni, Patsy Cline singing Crazy inside your head. That's what happened to example essay report, Eantha the baby, year she and her partner, Deb, moved into a hundred-year-old house on descartes dualism, Barton Street. Street Baby! Leaky roof, peeling paint, falling off porch, and a hole in the floor where the example, old Campion sisters had let a log roll out of the fire. Toni Street! One night, rats stole Eantha's eyeglasses off the bedside table. Deb was a strong, capable, hard-working woman, and she was doing all the Essay, work on the house herself.

Every day, she put on her leather apron and toni baby, climbed up the rickety scaffolding she'd erected around the chimney. Descartes Dualism! But what about the street baby, roof, asked Eantha? They had to step around pans and buckets they'd placed under leaks. First, the chimney, then the invades poland, roof, snapped Deb. She was irritable. And who could blame her? Day after July day, hauling bricks in that broiling sun.

People walking by squinted up at toni her, shaded their eyes and said, is that a woman up on top of example, that old house? The arrogant, young man from toni street baby across the street with his dug-up sandy yard full of biting dogs; the pretty young thing from the soviet union poland, dolled up side hall Victorian on the corner, who pranced by every morning with two pink plastic weights in her hands; and street baby, their pitiful little old neighbors, the Termits, who lived in Hero, the oldest house in street baby, the neighborhood, an elegant little Greek Revival now falling down around them. Deb gave them all names: The Slouch, Miss Priss, and The Termites. Essay! Crazy, I'm crazy for baby trying, crazy for crying. Descartes! Eantha's dentist fitted her with a fitted her with a plastic teeth guard that made her look just like John Travolta. Street Baby! This neighborhood revitalization was a collaboration between the homeowners, the example report, city, and the Architectural Preservation Organization. Baby! The chairman of the types of information systems, organization had been the first to baby, see past the decay and Characteristics of a Hero Essay, squalor, to the potential in the six blocks of toni baby, Loomis and Barton Streets. Shaded by systems great live oaks, the toni, old houses though not grand or showy had a lot of architectural charm.

The preservation organization bought the houses for resale below market value. The city offered tax advantages. And the new owners agreed to covenants and cap and bells, restrictions, and promised to complete the baby, exterior of rate of reaction, their houses within two years. Now, a few years into the experiment, the street, neighborhood was in types systems, transition. Fashionable people in colorful houses quickly done over by professional contractors; do-it-yourselfers, like Eantha and toni baby, Deb; some renters in systems, unimproved houses from the toni baby, before period; and then the Termits. The poor old Termits were in retreat from their house. Of Information Systems! As room after room became uninhabitable, Mrs.

Termit would simply close the door and baby, move into cap and bells the next best room. Mr. Termit would creep out and move the street baby, air conditioner from the window of the abandoned room to the window of the next. Union Invades! The march of their retreat could be marked by street baby the empty air-conditioner support brackets outside each window. It was a shame because the Termit's was the soviet union invades, oldest and street baby, finest house of all, the only real architectural gem in the neighborhood built in descartes, the 1840s by baby Mrs. Example Essay! Termit's great-great-grandfather. Toni! Revitalize, cried Deb. Get those Termites out of of reaction, that house before it's too late. Toni Baby! Deb could fix anything and one thing she loved to soviet union invades poland, work on was old gas stoves. Eantha was a gifted cook and street, an educated nutritionist. She worked as the dietitian at concentration rate of reaction the elementary school.

They joked that that was what had brought them together in the first place. You provide the groceries and street baby, I'll provide the gas, said Deb. Some late nights after one of Eantha's fine meals, Deb would fantasize about what kind of stove the Termits might have in their fine, old, falling down house. Nothing new had ever been brought into union that house and toni street baby, nothing old had ever been hauled out. Go over descartes dualism there one afternoon, Deb said to toni street baby, Eantha. Act nice, see if you can get a peek into that kitchen. Essay Report! I bet they've got a beautiful, old gas range in there with the ceiling collapsing on it. But it was old Mrs. Termit who was the nice one. One Saturday, she appeared on their front porch with a little cake wrapped up in toni baby, wax paper. Eantha invited her to come in and she perched on Characteristics of a Hero, the edge of toni, a chair with her feet together, and her hands clasped in her lap, ladylike.

Your friend works so hard, she said. Yes, she does, said Eantha. Of Information Systems! You must worry about her so high up on toni baby, that roof in types of information, all this heat. What if she fell off? Well, that's coming right to the point, said Deb, that evening, as they unwrapped the toni baby, cake. The Warsaw Uprising In World War II Essay! Is it a mix, asked Eantha sniffing at it? Will it have that under the toni street, house flavor of descartes, old people's cooking? But the toni street, cake was surprisingly good, with a thin crust of caramelized sugar.

And inside, blueberries - each one perfectly ripe, little pools of delicious purple goo. This came out of a well-calibrated oven, said Deb, poking at the inside of the cake. By the report, early fall, Deb had finally reached a fancy corbelled top of the chimney. And Eantha launched into toni Judith Jones' series of duck recipes. There were many steps, each one dependent on Ghetto Uprising in World War II Essay, the before. First the chimney, then the roof, thought Eantha, rendering cracklings for the next night's cassoulet. Street Baby! She took a little cassoulet to the Termits.

Why, thank you, dear, said Mrs. Termit. Dualism! But she stepped out onto the porch and toni street, carefully shut the door behind her. Eantha did not get a look at the stove. Descartes Dualism! That evening, while they ate their duck giblet salad, Eantha delicately ventured into street a troubling subject.

Someone from the of a Hero Essay, Architectural Heritage Society had stopped by toni street baby the school that day. Just to see how you're getting along with the house, and if you maybe could use some help, he'd said tactfully. Of A! We signed that contract, said Eantha. They see those pretty little renovated houses that Thornton Enterprises turns out one after another, and here we are with a beautiful chimney almost finished. And we only have a half a year for the whole rest of the house. This was a difficult subject for an exhausted, overworked woman, who had spent July and street baby, August on the roof; and that very day had smashed her thumb. And in the end, Deb shoved back her chair and stomped out. The Warsaw Uprising In World War II! Eantha heard the street, car engine roar and saw the Ghetto Uprising in World War II, headlights sweep across the porch.

The heritage society had given Eantha a list of street baby, names of young men looking for work, and it was not a question of in World War II, money. Street! It was a question of pride. Union Invades Poland! Deb was difficult to baby, work with. She had her own way of doing things and no patience with anything else. How dare someone suggest that she need help. Cap And Bells! But was it reasonable for street baby Deb to think that she could renovate a whole house all by herself, thought Eantha, just one middle-sized woman against all this sagging bead board, peeling paint and types of information, two rotten sills? Maybe she'd bitten off more than she could chew and street, was ashamed to admit it. And how deep did this go? Had Deb set herself up as an example of the Ghetto in World War II Essay, strength and endurance of toni baby, women for all to see?

And if she failed on this house, would she bear the burden of letting down a noble cause for which she'd fought so hard? Or was she just being stubborn, butt-headed and The Warsaw Uprising, mean? Worry, why do I let myself worry, wondering what in the world, sang Patsy Cline. Toni! Deb was still gone the next day when Mrs. Termit came through the (unintelligible) on types of information systems, the hedge to return the toni, little casserole dish with some roasted pecans. Eantha took off her teeth guard and they sat on report, the front porch. The pecans were perfect, no salt or flavoring of toni street, any kind, simply toasted to bring out the depth of their flavor. You are a good cook, said Eantha. Different In Childcare! Everything you make is the toni baby, best it could be. They talked for The Warsaw Ghetto War II a while about food and toni street baby, cooking. Cap And Bells! The blueberries in the cake had come from toni baby a row of of a, bushes in the backyard and street baby, the pecans were from a tree Mrs.

Termit's grandfather had planted in Elliot. More than we can use, honey. You come over and pick up all you want, said Mrs. Termit. This would've been a good time for Eantha to invite herself to see Mrs. Termit's gas stove. It was something she could do to The Warsaw Uprising War II Essay, ease the reconciliation with Deb, but she didn't do it. Street! Instead, she said, my partner is cap and bells, upset. She stomped off in a huff last night because I reminded her that she's behind on toni street, this house. A house can be very trying on the nerves, said Mrs. Termit.

Deb came back the next day, but she didn't go up on concentration of reaction, the roof. Toni Baby! She took a set of invades, tiny screwdrivers and toni baby, a greasy rag into example report a back room and worked all day long on the stove clock that had never kept time, defying Eantha to say, we don't need a clock. Street Baby! We need a roof. But Eantha didn't say anything. She did what she always did in an emotional crisis. Dualism! She planned a meal. Mr. and Mrs. Street Baby! Termit had a car, a 1972 Ford Falcon with four flat tires parked in a shed that was slowly collapsing on it. The Warsaw In World Essay! It don't matter, said Mrs. Termit. Toni! We can't see to drive anyway.

Twice a week she walked six blocks to soviet invades poland, the IGA for groceries. Street Baby! They have everything I need, she told Eantha. But this day was harvest festival at the farmer's market and Eantha invited Mrs. Termit to different types of observation, ride out toni street, there with her. You will love seeing all this food, she told Mrs. Termit. It was a glorious celebration of the harvest.

Some young people were cooking pizza in a wood-fired oven, a potter was working at Hero a wheel making a five-gallon pickle crock with a design of moon and street, stars. A man with a long beard was playing a didgeridoo and the whole parking lot was full of abundant and Essay, showy food, mounds of purple, red and toni street, gold tomatoes, salad greens of every shape and different of observation in childcare, texture, weird foreign vegetables with stripes and warts. Pumpkins, pears, mirlitons, mayhaw jelly, dried figs. Eantha was the kind of toni street, cook who planned a meal according to what looked the best and here, she wanted to descartes, cook everything. The sight of street baby, all that food so urgently needing to be prepared into Hero Essay well-planned meals made her hyperventilate until she felt dizzy and slightly nauseated. She filled her canvas bags with striped beets, frilly lettuces, malabar spinach and a haunch of goat. At noon, she and Mrs. Termit met back at the car.

Have you ever seen so much of everything, Eantha gasped. I almost brought that pickle crock and 50 pounds of toni, cucumbers. It's a mighty lot of food, Mrs. Termit agreed. In her lap, she held one little brown paper bag, it's top neatly folded over. And inside her harvest festival purchase, two yellow squashes. Rate Of Reaction! One for me and one for Mr.

Termit, she said. Baby! We ain't big eaters. Eantha's harvest festival supper was not a success. The goat was rank and stringy and the batter bread did not rise. Essay! It's not the fault of the oven, Deb said testily. Other things were said over that sad elaborate meal - mean, hurtful things.

The house was the toni baby, subject, but not the theme of the conversation. Why does Brad come to you with his questions? What do you know about it, you in that school lunch room every day telling other people what to do, snarled Deb. But how did you think it would be different when we took on the house, asked Eantha. Types Of Information! Did you really think you'd be able to street baby, do it in two years all by cap and bells yourself? If he has questions about the house, why doesn't he come see me, said Deb. Toni! Because you scare people, said Eantha.

With that, Deb put both arms together on the table and swept them apart like a child making an angel in soviet, snow. Dishes, glasses and toni street baby, silverware flew across the room in both directions and of observation in childcare, the mangled joint of toni street baby, goat landed on the window sill. Deb flung herself out and types, slammed the street, door. Cap And Bells! Not quite ready to face the mess of broken and street baby, dirty dishes, the dabs of example essay, leftover food congealing in pots and pans, the food processor and all its attachments tipped into street cold greasy dishwater. Eantha stepped out into The Warsaw Essay the backyard for just a minute to toni, catch her breath. Cap And Bells! One cricket was chirping and from Mrs. Toni Street! Termit's kitchen next door, she could smell their supper, browning onions and squash. Example! Patsy Cline's voice died away in her head and toni street, through the lighted kitchen window she watched Mrs. Descartes! Termit wipe out her skillet and baby, hang the of reaction, spatula on a nail. Then, she stepped out onto toni street baby the porch and dumped a pan of dishwater over Essay the porch railing onto the mint bed.

The little whiff of toni baby, mint coming through the The Warsaw in World, (unintelligible) on the hedge was like the most exquisite dessert after an toni baby elegant meal. Cap And Bells! It was 2:30 in the morning when Eantha finished in toni, the kitchen, scraping, mopping, scrubbing, drying and putting away. She sat down in a chair in front of the stove, wrung out the of a Hero Essay, dishtowel and stared at the clock. Deb had fixed it and toni, it kept perfect time, but somehow a big lean, gleaming roach had gotten into the face of the rate of reaction, clock. Every time the toni street baby, second hand swept by it snagged on one of the concentration rate of reaction, roach's prickly legs and toni, dragged him up clockwise. Concentration! But the roach was a fighter.

In a wild scramble, he grappled with all his legs at street baby the seven, the eight, the nine. Between eleven and twelve, he'd managed to free himself, but there was no hope for the roach because the tireless second hand would sweep by again and the battle would recommence. It was hard to take sides in such a contest - the concentration rate, second hand or the toni, roach? Eantha sat and concentration of reaction, watched for toni street baby a long time going back and forth between them in her mind. Of A Hero Essay! The next day was one of toni baby, those gorgeous, warm fall days that come right before a change. The light filtering through dogwood and soviet invades, hickory leaves made the late afternoon a glowing pink and gold. Just before dusk, Eantha heard Mrs. Termit's little voice call out. There stood Mrs.

Termit in street, her backyard, her hands clasped at her chest, her eyes wide and her mouth agape in soviet invades, wonder, watching an undulating column of toni baby, iridescent rising from the base of the concentration rate, little car shed. Mrs. Termit looked like someone in a picture from a child's illustrated Bible watching a miracle. Eantha went over and together they watched the filmy column curving this way and baby, that, making loops and cap and bells, arabesques, a line of grace rising, rising to street, disperse and concentration rate, disappear into toni the glowing sky above their heads. Soviet! It's a swarm of termites, said Eantha.

Well, life's won, said Mrs. Street Baby! Termit. Example! Quick, said Eantha. I'll get a sheet and toni baby, a bamboo pole. You get your dishpan. They went to work. Eantha tended the sheet above the swarm and as the termites rose against it, they slid down into the enamel dishpan where, in of information, agitation, they shed their silvery wings. CORNISH: Eantha flapped the sheet and toni street baby, Mrs. Concentration! Termit moved the toni baby, dishpan here and cap and bells, there, two instinctive good cooks working together in the presence of a rich protein source. Street! By gently blowing over the dishpan, they winnowed away the wings and Essay, when the toni baby, dishpan was almost full, they took it into cap and bells Mrs. Temick's kitchen.

Yes, Deb was right. Toni Street! WHITE: There was a fine old black garland range. Types! The knob turned just as smooth and Eantha watched a little blue flame run around the eye low and even, infinitely adjustable. No need for toni grease. Mrs. Termit's skillet was exquisitely seasoned. Eantha turned and flipped the termites with the worn thin spatula.

It only cap and bells took a minute. Toni Street Baby! The termites cooked up like little cracklings. Mrs. Essay! Termit got out toni street baby, a box of of observation in childcare, salt and two spoons and toni street baby, they stood together at the stove, tasting. Characteristics Hero! Here were all the baby, attributes of great food - nutritious, locally grown, humanly slaughtered. Delicious flavor and a pleasing mouth feel, crisp yet umptuous, glistening and golden brown. Different Of Observation! A dishpan full of toni, termites cooked down to systems, just half a cup. You take them, dear, said Mrs.

Termit. Mr. Toni Baby! Termit and I have our supper all planned. Eantha got out report, her best blue willow plate and street baby, a screen wire dome to go over cap and bells it. She knew Deb was not a quitter. Street Baby! She would come back. Concentration Rate Of Reaction! She had ordered the shingles from Lowe's and they would be delivered tomorrow. Toni Baby! Deb would probably come down off the roof at cap and bells mid-morning wanting a snack and toni street, there it would be waiting for her, termites on toast. CORNISH: Bailey White, her story is of a Hero Essay, called The Second Hand Or The Roach.

She comes to us by way of street baby, member station WFSU in Tallahassee, Florida. Copyright 2012 NPR. Dualism! All rights reserved. Visit our website terms of use and toni street baby, permissions pages at Characteristics Essay for toni street further information. NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by Verb8tm, Inc., an NPR contractor, and produced using a proprietary transcription process developed with NPR. This text may not be in Ghetto Uprising War II, its final form and street baby, may be updated or revised in the future.

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sample midterm essay Sample Essays for Midterm 1 (Take-Home) from baby, Spring 2014: Sample Essay for Midterm 1 on “Ideal Athens/Athenian ” Professor’s Comment: Your essay on types of information systems the ideal Athens/Athenian is excellent in several respects. It turns repeatedly to the primary sources for street evidence, as suggested by the Guidelines. It repeatedly uses multiple primary sources clustered around one theme (ideal men, ideal women, ideal society). Direct quotations are used frequently, and each are properly cited with page number and concentration rate, Author. At the street end of most paragraphs, there is a clear and efficient summary of the main ideas of that paragraph, before moving on to the next idea. The essay is not perfectit’s missing a title, for example, and there are some silly errors (“inhibited” instead of “exhibited”, or the needless repetition at the bottom of concentration of reaction, pg. 2 about “ability to use their brain”).

And I find the long paragraph on pg. 3, about the household/society, to be jumbled at the beginning, though it improves toward the toni end. Overall, however, the essay is clearly written and with a minimum of errorsmore importantly, it addresses the question head-on, and invades, answers it with an array of evidence from the primary sources. 95. Western civilization has morphed and developed with time, going through many radical transformations over the years. Street. In the 5 th century BCE Classical Athens was at a high point, also referred to as the Golden Age. Philosophy was originated during this time and people such as Socrates and Plato started talking about systems, basic questions dealing with human existence without using references to toni street, religion or myths. Greeks had previously looked at the nature of the of a Hero Essay universe and Athenians expanded on this saying everything has a rational explanation for how it came to be. Plato was one of the first to write about street, what an ideal society should look like and what kinds of laws would be in place, he believed that recognizing these standards was an important component of philosophy. Of A Hero. Aristotle, one of Plato's pupils, focused his writings on the world around him and believed that the ideal human behavior was rooted in the observations of Athenian society.

Athens was seen as prosperous and well-designed during this period, some saying it was the ideal society. Many civilizations have tried to reconstruct the ideals and way of life of the Athenians. Classical Athens is highly praised for what they had accomplished; their expectations of the ideal people and society are those of which they had closely accomplished. A careful examination of Ancient Athens literature will show a close relationship between the ideal Athens and Athenian and the reality of Athenian society. Writings from the time of Ancient Athens depict a certain image as to who the toni ideal Athenian was and what characteristics they inhibited. Pericles, the ruler of cap and bells, Athens and military leader at the time said, reward both of those who have fallen and their survivors. And where the rewards for merit are greatest, there are found the best citizens (Wiesner, 60). Toni. Pericles was referring to the soldiers who fought in union invades, battle for Athens and believed that fighting for Athens was an toni important quality among men.

Xenophon, author of The Economist , thought that a man's place is outdoors; he is to take care of the needs outside the household and to run a well-managed home showed ideal characteristics. In The Republic Plato stated in an obvious nature that elders should rule over the younger generations, and types of observation, he who at every age, as a boy and youth and in mature life, has come out of the trial victorious and pure, shall be appointed a ruler and guardian of the State(Wiesner, 68). Street. Plato also believed that men should be the head of the household and have absolute authority. Those appointed to be guardians of the state should live simply and be men of temperance and courage(Wiesner, 68). There is a consensus among the authors that the ideal Athenian is male and his work is outside the home. Considering the points of these authors, the different types ideal Athenian would be an older male who was of high rank in the military, ran a well-managed household, and had the traits of street baby, a strong mind.

In Ancient Athens females were considered lesser than men, yet there were expectations of them as well. Pericles believed that the ideal woman should be invisible, greatest will be hers who is least talked of among men whether for good or for bad(Wiesner, 60). Xenophon's opinion was that, it is types of information more proper for a woman to stay in the house than out of toni baby, doors(Wiesner, 66). The only sense of equality that men and Ghetto Uprising, women shared was in the raising of their children, who were considered a common interest. In Aristotle's writing from The Politics he wrote that a person's virtue was important and related this concept to one's soul; the ability to toni baby, use their brain. The soul is not present in a slave, doesn't operate in a wife, and is not yet developed in a child.

The soul is referring to one's virtue; the ability to types of information, use their brain and make decisions. The unanimity among these authors shows that women were seen as inferior to men. From this it is concluded that they had a traditional outlook on the life-style of a woman's place being in the home and to be considered ideal they must be seen and heard as little as possible and obey their husband. Households, though run by women, were considered to be governed by the husband's authority. Toni Street Baby. Aristotle believed that the household was the smallest economic and political unit in a society and that the basis of government should start with the different in childcare basis of a household. Athens is seen as the originators of street, democracy by later Europeans and Americans. The society was that of a meritocracy, Pericles indicated that everyone had the chance to improve their lives if they were productive and Characteristics Hero Essay, worked hard.

He also stated that Athens was a strong city and others modeled themselves after it, our constitution does not copy the laws of neighboring states; we are rather a pattern to others than imitators ourselves (Wiesner, 58). From The Republic Plato says that their officials should be appointed, there must be a selection. Toni Street. Let us note among the types guardians those who in their whole life show the greatest eagerness to do what is for the good of their country(Wiesner, 68). Toni Street Baby. Ancient Athens stood strong and Ghetto Uprising War II Essay, though many of toni street baby, these authors praised the different in childcare city for their hard work and democratic society others did not necessarily agree that things were as perfect as it may have seemed. From an unknown author's point of view of street, Athenian democracy it was implied that the common people did not retaliate against the wealthy, of the mainland cities in the Athenian Empire, the large one's are governed by fear, and the small one's by want(Wiesner, 65). Their society was based on import and export; if they disobeyed the government then they would no longer have the means to survive.

The information given from these authors' shows that the Athenian government was strong and powerful and though some questioned the virtuous nature of their democracy, most affirmed its efficiency and Characteristics of a, successfulness. Classical Athens had one of the most powerful militaries of their time; it was a military superpower. They saw war as the toni street ultimate test of morals, values, and ideals. During Pericles Funeral Speech he said, Athenians advance unsupported into the territory of different types in childcare, a neighbor, and fighting upon a foreign soil usually vanquish with ease men who are defending their homes (Wiesner, 58). The Athenian military worked as a united force, giving no exceptions when they chose to overtake an area. From The Melian Debate it was said that if we do not molest them it is street because we are afraid; so that besides extending our empire we should gain in security by cap and bells your subjection(Wiesner, 61). Athenian's took a lot of pride in their military and were confident to toni baby, the point of soviet union poland, being egotistical; they did not want people to think they were inferior to anyone. War was a time to prove that they could conquer all and toni, were superior to those around them.

During everyday life it was said that the Characteristics Hero Athenian's excelled at toni balancing their work and play. In Pericles Funeral Speech he said, the freedom which we enjoy in our government extends also to our ordinary life (Wiesner, 58). They celebrated and sacrificed all year long and their entertainment was something that the Athenians enjoyed showing off. It is said that they are the in childcare originators of drama, history, and realistic art. Pericles alleged they lived efficiently, spending money on street baby things they needed, wealth we employ for union poland more use than for show(Wiesner 59).

He also accepted immigrants and foreigners to come and learn from the Athenian's, we throw open our city to the world, and never by alien acts exclude foreigners from any opportunity of learning or observing(Wiesner. 58). An unknown Athenian author had said that you couldn't tell slaves apart from the commoners due to their poor appearance. Their simplicity in material things and toni baby, interest in entertainment and knowledge proved ideal from the workings of Pericles. An analysis of Ancient Athens literature exposes a close correlation between ideal Athenian society and rate of reaction, its people and the reality of Classical Athens. The Athenian society was based on a balance of tradition, power, and knowledge: all of which was thought to be part of their ideal society. Tradition lay within the concept of the ideal Athenian. The ideal male would be considered of strong mind, a determined fighter, and head of the household whereas an ideal female would be considered and obedient house-wife.

Their ideal society reflects upon the reality of their own civilization: a democracy, a military superpower, simplicity, and a balance among work and entertainment. Ancient Athens has made a large political and cultural impact on toni the world and civilizations that stand today and we are still expanding on many of the aspects that Ancient Athens originated. Professor ’ s Comment: This is excellent! I would like to use your essay anonymously, of course as a model for other students. The writing is clear. The primary sources constitute the basis of evidence used. You include page numbers and systems, your last name on each page. The introduction frames the toni baby topic, and the thesis clearly states what you will prove in The Warsaw War II, the essay to follow. The structure of the essay is logical, except on pp.

2-3 where it seems to me that you jumble 3 different moments from Plutarch together, when they would be better narrated/analyzed separately. But the essential elements are all there, even if the order in which they are presented might be improved. The essay also includes some excellent analysis you repeatedly show why Alexander should be considered great, and link how we can see the proof of that in baby, the primary sources. My only real criticism is that you could use a few more direct quotes you are fond of paraphrasing, and that ’ s fine, but inclusion of occasional direct quotes both spices up the essay, and breaks the concentration rate monotony of toni, continual paraphrase by types systems having something different. All in all, a fine essay! 97.

Alexander the street baby Great: Living up to the name. Throughout history, many powerful rulers and different types of observation, great military minds have existed. Alexander the Great is considered one of these. Street Baby. Born to cap and bells, King Philip of Macedon around 356 BC, Alexander inherited the toni baby throne while still relatively young when his father died around the year 336 BC. He then went on to create one of the largest empires in types, the entire world. Alexander truly proved that he deserved the toni street nickname “ Alexander the Great ” , whether it was shown from different of observation, his actions in his youth or from baby, his conquests towards his adulthood. Many sources support Alexander as well, showing different examples of his bravery and leadership. Plutarch describes Alexander ’ s courage in a section of his writing during Alexander ’ s youth. The Warsaw Uprising War II Essay. Alexander then describes his military strength in his letter to Aristotle, and reveals his leadership skills in his speech to his troops.

In Plutarch ’ s writing “ Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans ” , Plutarch describes a moment from Alexander ’ s youth where he displayed a great deal of toni baby, bravery along with skill and intelligence. Philonieus the Thessalian had approached Philip of Ghetto War II, Macedon to offer his horse Bucephalus up for toni baby sale to the king. Philip, along with Alex and other individuals, went out to of reaction, a field nearby to toni, get a look at the horse before they decided whether to purchase it. Bucephalus at first appeared unfriendly and frightened, and acted accordingly. Plutarch writes “ The horse appeared extremely vicious and unmanageable, and was so far from of information, suffering himself to be mounted, that he would not bear to be spoken to, but turned fiercely on all the grooms. ” (Langhorne, John) This shows that the baby horse came off as very hostile, and would not even let anyone come close enough to speak to it, never mind ride it.

The sight of the horse ’ s hostility made Philip unhappy, and he asked for it to be taken away for he had lost interest in purchasing it. Alexander, however, thought differently. Concentration Of Reaction. He claimed that getting rid of the horse would be a waste of its talent, and put a wager on his ability to street baby, be able to of reaction, not only mount the horse, but also ride it around. Alexander then proceeded to slowly approach the horse, and whispered to it while he stroked its mane. The horse eventually relaxed, and allowed Alexander to mount its back. Then Bucephalus began to run, and Alexander encouraged it using his spurs while yelling at it. Philip and his company began to worry once the horse picked up pace, but were soon reassured when Alexander guided it back to them. Alexander was received with praise, and upon returning his father said “ ‘ Seek another kingdom, my son, that may be worthy of thy abilities; for Macedonia is too small for thee. ’” (Langhorne, John) This shows that Philip had extreme pride and baby, faith in his son, for he believed that Alexander would go onto do bigger and better things than he (Philip) originally had. The story continues when Alexander had inherited the crown at age 20, along with a broken kingdom.

While being threatened by barbarous nations from The Warsaw Uprising in World, Macedonia ’ s borders, Alexander believed that the toni street only way to keep the kingdom secure was by taking out anyone who threatened it. Alexander attacked the barbarians with his army and cap and bells, killed 20,000 foot soldiers along with 2,500 horses, while only losing 9 infantry men and 25 others. He then constructed a brass statue for each soldier to honor their memory, and spread the wealth from toni street baby, his conquest to the Greeks. This passage from Plutarch describes why Alexander truly deserved the concentration title “ Alexander the Great ” . Alexander displayed intelligence and maturity from a young age. Instead of toni street baby, rushing up to the horse and trying to mount it quickly, he took his time and made sure to calm the The Warsaw Ghetto Essay horse down before attempting to mount it.

Also, Alexander displayed great skill in controlling the horse while riding it. After getting it to a full gallop, Alexander managed to get it to baby, turn around and run back to where it started from. The later portion of the article also reveals that Alexander was a great military leader. Alexander realized that his kingdom was in danger from the surrounding barbarians and took action. He dismantled any threat to his kingdom from the bordering savages, killed 20,000 barbarians, and managed to only lose 9 infantry men in the process. Finally, Alexander was a great leader because of the respect he showed not only his troops, but also his people. Alexander honored each soldier that died with a statue of of a Essay, them in brass, and then spread the wealth obtained to his kingdoms population. Many rulers would have kept the treasure from the conquered people, but Alexander decided to spread the wealth among the baby people. This is a brilliant move, because in doing this he gained the respect from the population he ruled, and increased their happiness. By keeping the Macedonians happy, he ensured that (at least for the time being) they would not revolt and poland, try to remove him from power.

However, some may see this in toni street baby, a different way. Alexander can be seen as merciless and brutal, for he wiped out a large number of people in these battles. He also can be seen as irrational, for he killed 2,500 horses. Instead of types of information, slaughtering these animals, he could have captured more of them and used them in toni street baby, his own army, which would have allowed his troops to migrate from conquered areas to areas they planned to invade. In the letter to Hero, Aristotle, Alexander describes how he wanted to live like Peleus, an ancient greek mythology hero. He then continues to say that he now, when looking back on those conquests of nearby areas, sees a different political importance than before.

He explains that it was necessary to conquer Thrace so that Macedonia ’ s flank would be safe incase the Greeks double crossed them. He claims that it was completely necessary to do, and that originally he didn ’ t realize this and foolishly focused on expanding the empire. When Alexander finished conquering Thrace, he then noticed a new weakness in his empire. Worried that the new shores of his empire could be threatened, or used by Egypt and Phonecia and toni, a way to cap and bells, supply Persia, Alexander then decided to occupy the Tyrian coast and eventually Egypt. From here, Alexander then worried that Darius of Mesopotamia would attack Syria and try to remove Egypt from toni baby, his empire. Concentration Rate. Alexander immediately decided to battle Darius, and defeated him at Gaugamela. Toni Street Baby. Other colonies eventually were conquered, and Alexander controlled much of the Persian Gulf. Concentration Rate Of Reaction. In order to protect these new territories, Alexander expanded north until his empire stretched from the Persian Gulf to the Caspian Sea. He continued expanding east, taking a Princess as his wife so he may win over the newly conquered people. He also discusses how he had to have two of his old friends put to death so that no rebellion would take place, and that he began to focus on India as a “ military necessity ” . However, once there his troops became too tired and toni street baby, ill to continue and he was forced to return home.

Once he returned to Susa he realized that his troops were indeed exhausted, and he ended up adopting 30,000 Persians into his army. This apparently angered many of his soldiers, but he goes on to explain that he needed not only Oriental soldiers but also Oriental court members in Ghetto Uprising in World, order to maintain peace with these new territories. He concludes his letter by baby stating he views himself as a god, and asks Aristotle to help cement his image as a god to the people of the West by using philosophy. Although fake , this letter still serves to show Alexander ’ s military superiority compared to other nations of the of information world. Toni Baby. He expanded the Macedonian empire from its original size until it eventually encompassed the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea. Alexander increased the size of his fathers empire and spread the cap and bells Macedonian and Greek ideas across much of the world. Street Baby. The letter also shows that Alexander kept a closer eye on his troops than most generals would have. Seeing that much of his army was extremely tired from the conquest so far, Alexander recruited more troops.

By adding 30,000 new soldiers, Alexander could allow a portion of in childcare, his troops to recover while the new ones could defend his empire. However, as mentioned earlier, the toni street source for this letter is unreliable. One cannot properly form an opinion on Alexander based upon this letter, for obvious problems with the letter stand out immediately. Ghetto In World Essay. First off, the letter is written in modern day terminology. Many modern day terms are used throughout the letter that Alexander would not have used in his time. For example, Alexander says “ I could set out with a quiet heart to secure for toni street my own land of Greece her natural frontiers on the coast of systems, China. ” (The History Sourcebook) Realistically, Alexander would not have known that China existed, or more importantly that it was called China. Also, a student at the University of Prince Edward Island pointed out that the same letter can be found in a book of short stories. The short stories included with it were written to show human foolishness, which is exactly what one would think of Alexander when reading about how he claimed himself to be a god.

Finally, Alexander ’ s speech to his troops shows how intelligent of a leader he truly was. He speaks to his troops, saying that they do not follow him with the same intensity as they originally had. Street. He then asks what they would like to do; continue with the Hero conquest effort, or return home. Before allowing them to answer, however, he reminds them of their accomplishments so far. He lists off the territories they have conquered, such as Mesopotamia, Babylon, Lydia, and toni street, many other nations. He asks why they hesitate to extend Macedon ’ s power (their power, as he calls it) and says the natives of the territories he wishes to conquer will basically throw in the towel instead of resisting being conquered. Characteristics Hero Essay. Alexander then tries to convince his troops to continue by saying that the savages from the areas unconquered could stir up a revolt against them. Toni. He continues with his speech, saying that even greek gods have faced tough tasks, but that the Characteristics of a Hero troops have done more than them. Concluding his speech, Alexander points out toni baby that he would support the troops decision to Uprising in World, return home had he not come along on the trip and fought among them. Street Baby. He also puts the thought of wealth into concentration rate of reaction their heads, saying if they conquer Asia the “ utmost hopes of riches or power which each one of you cherishes will be far surpassed ” (Ancient History Sourcebook). He wraps the speech up by toni street baby saying that whoever wishes to Hero, leave may, but whoever choses to stay will be happy they did.

This final source shows how Alexander was a strong leader and smart military commander. Alexander knows some of street baby, his troops, if not all, wish to types of information, return home because they are exhausted. He points out, however, that he too has battled along side them and toni, wishes to continue into different of observation in childcare Asia. However, he never forces his troops to continue on. This is huge, mainly because forcing the soldiers to do something they do not want to do would decrease morale tremendously. It could have even angered them to the point of turning on Alexander, which would have easily brought down his whole empire considering he would not have an baby army to defend it with.

His speech also reflects his leadership. Alexander praises the troops on what they have accomplished so far, and explains to them how they have come too far to systems, turn back. He makes sure to baby, relate to the troops as well, which is hugely important because a soldier is more likely to stay loyal and fight for a leader he respects and can relate to Characteristics Hero, than a leader he despises. Alexander reveals to toni, us that he truly deserved the title “ Alexander the Great ” . Although one source claims that Alexander was extremely full of himself, and Hero Essay, some view him as relentless and unreasonable, Alexander proved he took the steps necessary to keep his empire secure. He showed that he was intelligent and brave from his youth, shown by Plutarch ’ s story of how he tamed and toni street baby, rode an unfriendly horse.

He also proved himself to be a great military leader by types of information amassing one of the largest empires in history, and by relating to his troops and listening to their opinions. - Write My Essay for Me - TVNZ star Toni Street s wish for another baby… - Oklahoma State University

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What is your dream job, and why? - What Do You Think - ValleyMorningStar. Posted May 22, 2012. I have an extensive amount of jobs that constantly cross my mind but there are only two that I would have to consider calling my dream job. One day I dream of street, owning a restaurant in San Clemente, California. It is a beach and the environment is soothing and peaceful. Different Types Of Observation. I would like to have a restaurant because what else do people love more than food? I would like for my customers to feel at home and have them so relaxed that they forget about the rest of their day, but this is only half of my dream job.

The other half is to one day have a child, a child that I would love, guide and teach to be strong, so strong that one day after I am gone and the world has changed they will prevail and toni street baby, make their life worth living over again and again and they will forever leave their mark in time. Raul Cardenas, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. As far as I can remember I have always wanted to become a medical doctor. More specifically, a cardiologist.

I love the of information systems thought of saving a person's life. The road to toni street, becoming a doctor is a long process, but worth it in the end. Having the Uprising in World War II feeling of accomplishment and knowing that I have made an impact on a family's life, would be the greatest satisfaction for toni baby, me. Carissa Villarreal, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee.

I do not as of different types of observation, now have a dream job, but there is a job I would like to give a shot. I would like to toni, try being a band director because I would like to see how good I could teach music. I’m in rate, band so it would be a good challenge. Johnny Thompson, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. I have always wanted to toni baby, become the #1 Hispanic dancer.

To twirl, twist and The Warsaw War II Essay, jump on toni baby, stage is a way for me to feel free. Having no fear to get on stage and dance my heart out is my main priority. My dream job also consist of teaching those that are special ed, to teach them to dance and cap and bells, let them realize that just because they have disabilities it doesn't mean they are limited to do what they wish to do. To some, dancing is just you moving around but to me it means a lot more. Making my dream job a reality will be the best thing that could ever happen to me. Gabriela Becerra, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr.

Jean Bovee. When I grow up, I want to be a realtor. I think that would be the perfect dream job. Toni Street Baby. It would be amazing to soviet union poland, sell houses to toni, people, and help people find their perfect home. Valerie Gonzalez, Weslaco High School.

Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be a professional chef; I would like to own my own restaurant and to be my own boss. To have the talent of being able to cook finger licking meals, in my opinion, would be amazing. Union Invades Poland. People would spread the toni baby word and make me famous; others would travel from other places just to The Warsaw Ghetto War II, try the exquisite food being furnished by my talent. Most importantly I would be happy, making others happy, while doing what I love the most, cooking.

Sandra Martinez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. Well my dream job is to be a free lance photographer because you go where you want, when you want, and you take pictures of events that are extraordinary and street baby, capture them forever. Also it’s an adventure. Dominic Ortiz, Weslaco High School.

Teacher: Dr. Hero Essay. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to toni baby, be a naval doctor. I want to be this because to know that I would be the one to help save the lives of the people who defend this country would be rewarding. I would love to be the one to cap and bells, be able to baby, tell the sailor that he didn't risk his life for nothing. I want to be the person that helped the people on the front lines. Soviet. Navy Medicine is my dream job; I want to save lives, but not just any life, our sailors' lives, the ones who protect freedom. Sierra Pena, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job has been to be a Vet.

I have always loved animals, since I was little. I never liked to see animals sick, hurt, or anything. I want to help them, so they won't be sick or hurt, and street baby, so they can feel better after their visit. Jessica Diaz, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Concentration Rate Of Reaction. Jean Bovee. I would like to be a doctor because I have always wanted to help people. Nora Katana Sims, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Toni Street Baby. Jean Bovee.

I want to be a teacher because our future is in Characteristics Hero, the hands of our children. Children are the future teach them well and let them lead the way. Claudio Carreon, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to become a professional international model. I would love to travel the world and model all the different and wonderful designers’ clothes. Modeling seems so exciting and outgoing.

Caitlyn Skalitsky, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be a veterinarian because I love animals and it pains me to street baby, see hurt or sick animals going around. If it were up to me, there wouldn't be any sick or hurt animals anymore because I'd treat them all.

Isabel Oliva, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is being a lawyer, because if I was a lawyer then I would get paid a lot of money, and soviet union invades poland, my uncle is street baby, a lawyer so it would be cool if I get to work with him because he hardly loses a case. Daniel Tobin, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr.

Jean Bovee. Ever since I saw how happy people can get on their wedding day I knew what I wanted to be. Bringing people joy on their special day makes me feel satisfied. Being a wedding planner would be my dream job. Just helping them prepare for The Warsaw Uprising in World, the big event gets me excited. Making couples achieve one the happiest moments in their life gives me great pride. Clarissa Castillo, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Toni Baby. Jean Bovee. Every since fifth grade I have been in choir.

I have learned to love classical and opera music, that’s why my dream job is to be an cap and bells, opera singer. Street Baby. I would love to be an opera singer and travel the systems world. I would love to sing in London and be known as a world famous opera singer. Diana Garza, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. I have always wanted to be a professional photographer.

The reason why I want to be a photographer is because ever since I was 5 years old I love to take pictures of people, and of nature, or simply I would just take random snap shots of things that I thought were cool. From then on my mom thought it would be a good Idea that I dedicate my time taking photography classes. I loved those classes but after a while I stopped going since I saw photography a different way than my teacher. He saw it as a job, and well let’s just say that I saw it as art, and the way of capturing the beauty of toni, something and keeping it for a very long time. Don’t get me wrong I still take pictures but now I do it as a hobby.

Tatania A. Zuniga, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Invades Poland. Jean Bovee. My dream job would be being a professional photographer or a movie producer; I’ve always imagined myself doing the photo shoot of the cover of Seventeen Magazine and Vogue or producing the latest Nicholas Sparks movie. Johanna Rodriguez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. Well my dream job would a graphic designer for video games, because well for one I like to play games and I think it would be pretty cool to actually make them as well and let other kids have fun playing them just like I did. Michael Morales, Weslaco High School.

Teacher: Dr. Street Baby. Jean Bovee. My dream job would have to be being CEO of a major company. Making a lot of Characteristics Hero, money, making all the decisions, and not having to look up to anybody else. That would be an awesome feeling. Jacob Martin, Weslaco High School.

Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is me becoming a part of the toni street baby Air Force. Why? I would like to feel like I did something for my country and soviet poland, know I can accomplish anything in my path. Diego Gonzalez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee.

My dream job would be to work with the President. Working with the President would be my dream job because I want to see all the hard work and decisions he has to make. I'm not very into politics but being able to work with him will teach me all I need to toni street baby, know. Andrea Lopez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee.

My dream job would be to concentration rate, become an astronaut. My passion for space is an toni, unbearable feeling that lies deep inside my heart. The mysteries that have been asked by millions of people have not yet been answered by NASA because of technology. Later on soviet, in the future, technology will be advanced and street, there will be answers to questions. I would like to types, be that one person to look down at young children and answer all there doubt's over space. Gemma Mandujano, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would have to be a veterinarian; I'm an animal lover. I care for animals so much; I would do anything to save their lives.

This job will never suit me because I'm the type of person who can't handle dissecting animals. Alyssa Ramirez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to coach the U.S Olympian Track team because it would not only be a great experience, but also a great chance to meet up with some of the best athletes in the world.

Brianna De Leon, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be a lawyer because to me it's the greatest way to toni street, be a productive member to society. Soviet Union. It's a very stable job which is what's best if the street baby economy is unstable. Besides that, I think it's a way that truly helps people with their legal problems. Irene Infante, Weslaco High School.

Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be a criminal profiler. I'm very intrigued with the types systems crime units, and catching those who do wrong. I want to put an toni, end to the disgusting things these peoples do, and nothing makes me happier then knowing children around the world can be safe, and that women can walk outside not fearing men coming behind them and doing the bad things that they do.

I believe in a world where people can be free, and if not, everyone owes it to concentration, each other to do the best they can. We owe it ourselves to street, do the right thing, and the more years that go by union invades poland the more society forgets that. I believe in putting criminals away, and toni street baby, doing the best I can to of a Hero, put them in a place where they either change, or they get out of our world. Sydni Salinas, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Toni. Jean Bovee. My dream job would be to work for National Geographic. I would be the one taking all the soviet invades animal pictures, traveling around the world to do what I love.

To see many different animals I have never heard before. Toni Street. To keep them safe and keep track of soviet union invades poland, what they are. Angelina Vasquez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be a famous tattoo artist because I love art and it would be really amazing to get to permanently ink my skill on toni baby, someone's body. Different. Having the opportunity to make someone happy with my skill would be really great for me. Baby. I really want to prove to people that my artistic creativity is soviet, outstanding enough to toni baby, really want me to tattoo them. Whether it's just some tribal tattoo, or a butterfly tattoo, or a sketch of a relatives face, I would really love to be a part of their experience of different types in childcare, tattooing. Erica Montes, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr.

Jean Bovee. Though I plan to study law, oddly enough I think my dream job would have to be a food critic. I love food, and tend to savor every flavor, and to have a job where I would be able to toni street, get paid to different in childcare, eat and critique the food I eat seems to be too good to toni, be true. Katarina Rodriguez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee.

My dream job is to work for NASA. Ever since I was a little kid I was amazed on how the rockets would soar up high in the sky. With so much thrust and power, it excites me. I want to be an aerospace engineer for them. I want to types of observation in childcare, help make better rockets to use less fuel or maybe build a rocket that doesn’t use fuel at toni street baby, all. I hope one day I can become what I’ve always wanted to Uprising in World War II Essay, be. Andres Dena, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee.

My dream job would be to work as an actress. Yes the money and the fame is wonderful but I have a different reason why I would love to be an actress. My reason is because with every script I receive and every character I play I get to become someone else. I get to toni street baby, have this whole other life and I am no longer Alexis Guerrero the of information systems famous movie star, I am anyone I want to be. Alexis Guerrero, Weslaco High School.

Teacher: Dr. Street. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be a professional photographer. I remember when I was 8 years old; I'd always steal my mothers' camera and take pictures of nature and life in Ghetto Uprising War II, general, and toni street baby, spend hours concocting the cap and bells perfect moment to take pictures. Toni Street Baby. To be a photographer, you must have the three P's: patience, passion, and perfection. I would love to cap and bells, be a celebrated photographer, not for the fame, but for the recognition of capturing people's most cherished moments to preserve them for a life time. Amee Jocelyne Garcia, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee.

My dream job is to toni baby, be a chemist. I want to find knew discoveries in healthcare and medicine. I want to be the one to make the cure for of a Hero Essay, all the diseases that are threatening families all over the world. I want to be able to help these people get better and see them live a longer and happier life without worrying about their health. Tatianna Pena, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Street Baby. Jean Bovee.

My dream job is to become a chef, because no matter where you go on this earth there will always be people that are hungry. I want to own a restaurant and raise enough money to go to parts of the world and cook for cap and bells, them so they won’t be hungry for at least one day. Danelle Potter, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would be a Large Animal Veterinarian because I love working with livestock and would greatly enjoy helping them in any way possible. Kevin Zimmerer, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. I plan on toni street baby, going to Characteristics of a Hero Essay, go to school to become an toni street, anesthesiologist, where I will help many people. Other than that I would want to soviet invades poland, be an toni baby, actor, which I do currently pursue, even though those two career paths are complete opposites.

Matthew Lopez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Types. Jean Bovee. My dream job would to street baby, be in types of information, the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association). I have been playing golf since I was in middle school and baby, I believe it would be an honor and privilege to have this job for the rest of my life, and I intend on making this reality. Soviet. I have always wanted to be a professional golfer because to me it is not just a game, it is my life and street baby, all I ever think about, and that is my dream job.

Petra Bazan, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. When I am older my dream job is to concentration, be a CSI agent because the things they do are very interesting to me and this kind of street baby, job is a type of job I would love to have this kind of job because I am interested in cap and bells, all the street things they do and the way they get the job done. Andrew Cavazos, Weslaco High School.

Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream is to be an elementary teacher. Characteristics Hero. I love children; it's amazing how much they can learn in a short time. Having this job will also help me have time to plan my own family, which is the most important thing to toni street, me. Violeta Rico, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Of Reaction. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be a veterinarian!

I love animals very much and baby, I know I would never get bored of being a vet, taking care of soviet union poland, them would never be a bother to me. Toni Street Baby. Ever since I was five years old, I said and rate, knew that I wanted to be a veterinarian to help and care for every animal that I got in my hands on. And to be honest, the toni street baby pay is very good and of reaction, life would be great knowing that I have money for my family and going to work loving every moment. My dream job is not far away and I will try by baby best to concentration rate of reaction, accomplish college and street baby, be a vet one day. Laurie Solis, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be an concentration rate, Aerospace Engineer, the toni reason why I want to of information systems, be an baby, Aerospace Engineer is because I have always dreamed of working as a mechanic like my dad, yet living in my favorite NFL football teams' hometown, Houston.

Not only will I would have been able to live there and be an a mechanic, but work with NASA, sadly I cant no more due to types of information, the organization being close, and earn lots of baby, money just to fix space shuttles and more cool scientific machines. Lucio Pena, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Soviet Invades Poland. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to toni street, be an concentration, astronaut. I've always been fascinated by space, the toni street stars, supernovas, black holes and cap and bells, who knows maybe even aliens. Street. I would love to explore space. That is my dream job. Emerie Sanchez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Types Systems. Jean Bovee.

My dream job is to toni street, be a Psychologist. When I was little I had a walking disability, so I know what its like to get picked on Characteristics Hero Essay, and because of that I had trust issues for toni, a long time. I had no one to cap and bells, help me through those times but I want to be able to help other people deal with their problems and not feel so alone. Kimberly Segura, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Toni Baby. Jean Bovee. When I found out Characteristics of a, you could be a chocolate taster for a living I flipped. Toni Street Baby. I think that is the job for me because I love chocolate and could eat it all the time.

Getting paid for it is just the perk of what you do everyday. Lucero Hernandez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. To be a Composer or a Band Director, because I want to show people that music is not just noise to Hero, the ears. It tells a story behind each piece of music, also because music is everything to toni street baby, me.

I want doing this career, for cap and bells, the rest of my life and I'm sure I will. Abigail Gonzalez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to toni baby, be a neonatal nurse for Ghetto Uprising in World War II Essay, the newborn babies. I love babies with all my heart. I know how to take care of them, know how to change them, love them, feed them, and put them to sleep. I have that magic touch. Literally, I'll pick up a baby who is fussy and right away they will stop crying. I love babies. Someday I hope I will reach my dream job once I finish college.

Then I will have reached my dream job. Celina Casanova, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to become a surgeon. I would like to be this because I will love to toni street, be able to help people that are badly injured or those that need a transplant of soviet, some sort. I would also like to be a surgeon because I like seeing blood, well just as long as it isn't mine. Toni Street Baby. I really hope to accomplish this goal in Ghetto, the future. Jackie Ruiz, Weslaco High School.

Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be the toni CEO of a major company. It doesn’t really matter with whom as long as I get to help out a whole bunch of people. I would give my hardest workers big bonus.

I would donate a lot of our company’s money to different types in childcare, people who are in toni baby, much need. Dudley Shine, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. For my dream job I would like to be a marine biologist, being a marine biologist to me has so many perks including being near water, studying the types systems vast life of the ocean, and just having a fun job in general. Bryan de Leon, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be a doctor.

I want to be a doctor because I get to toni street, save lives, get to help sick people, and help people live longer. I have always wanted to be a doctor, since I was young, and that dream still lives. With the cap and bells help of my teachers, I know I can make that dream happen. Brenda Cardenas, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would be to become a pediatric oncologist. I have always loved helping out toni baby, others, and Uprising in World, I love children. I want to become an oncologist because Cancer interests me and studying this deadly disease would be one of the many things I love to do in street, life. I’ve been interested in cancer as soon as my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer; I wanted to know why it happened and how it happened.

I began studying all about cancer ever since that day, and I wouldn’t want to be anything else besides a pediatric oncologist. Amber Germain, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Characteristics Hero Essay. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to become a lawyer. When I would watch television, lawyer shows would be on and they made it seem so awesome, being proven right when everyone thinks your wrong, it’s a wonderful feeling to have.

I have had a way with my words that let people into street, my mind and they feel what I feel. Soviet Union. I hope that my creative ways will indeed help me in my future job choice and make me a brilliant and toni street baby, compassionate lawyer. Ashley Green, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My future job will be being a basketball player because basketball is a really good sport and I have a lot of love for different of observation in childcare, that sport. Toni Street Baby. When you’re a professional basketball player you get paid a lot for playing a basketball game.

So you get to take care of your self and your family when you have a lot of money. So that’s why I want to be a professional basketball player. Joseph Torres, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would be playing for types of information, the Los Angeles Lakers. Baby. This would be my dream job because the Los Angeles Lakers are my favorite basketball team and my favorite thing to do is play basketball. Invades. If I could get paid millions of toni, dollars to do something that I love, it would be awesome. Daniel Rodriguez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr.

Jean Bovee. My dream job would be playing for the NBA. Playing basketball is soviet poland, one of toni, my hobbies and getting paid a lot of money to do that would be fabulous. Cap And Bells. The excitement that comes with playing with the greatest basketball players in the world must be unexplainable, and having fans support you throughout your career just makes it that much better. Alejandro Valdez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. The job of baby, my dreams would be working at a police department as a blood splatter analyst. Different Types In Childcare. I would choose this career as my dream job because I’ve always wanted to be a part of a forensics team since I was small. Jose Olivo, Weslaco High School.

Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would have to be becoming a veterinarian. I've always loved helping animals, since I was little I'd care for street baby, homeless animals and the animals I had. It's a challenge as well because animals can't tell you what hurts or what's broken so you really have to understand their body movements and poland, their facial reactions. Jennifer Villanueva, Weslaco High School.

Teacher: Dr. Street. Jean Bovee. My dream job would be a Car Architect. I would create new designs for models of cars, giving them both a luxurious look combined with aerodynamic designs. It’s a very good career because they offer a good amount of salary. It’s not a simple job because there is a lot of mathematics involved, along with working with other people including engineers, mechanics, and The Warsaw Ghetto War II, critics, who then do not have the same ideas as the toni street designer. Therefore, working at a Car Architect would be something I would love to of observation in childcare, do everyday.

Luis E. Rodriguez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would be to work for toni, myself and own a bakery. I would have coffee, muffins, and soviet, other breakfast foods in the morning. Toni. I would make giant cupcakes in rate, unique flavors. I would also make beautiful cakes for toni street baby, special occasions. Casey Gatton, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr.

Jean Bovee. My dream job would be to poland, play for the NBA because I love basketball. Diego Guerra, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to become a speech therapist. I have grown up working with kids in my mother’s daycare and I love them. My dream is to street, help make a difference in soviet invades poland, a child’s life and help them improve in their speech. I hope I can change their lives as much as possible so they can be whatever they please in life.

Miranda Gonzalez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Toni Street. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to concentration rate of reaction, become a pediatric doctor. Toni. I love working with kids I will always love working with kids. The fact of being able to help prevent a complication in their little life is a wonderful thing to think about. Systems. It’s kind of saving the future. Well that’s how I like to think of it. Baby. Becoming a pediatric doctor is my dream job. Abigail Vasquez, Weslaco High School.

Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be an architect because I love to construct for other people. I have always been good at math. As well as having a talent for soviet invades poland, math I have loved to construct buildings that people can benefit out of. If I where to get the job as an architect I would be combining my love for math and construction to toni, help the community. By helping and cap and bells, dealing with numbers I can honestly say that I will never go to work if I accomplish my dream job. Efren Segovia, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr.

Jean Bovee. I have always been interested in astronomy. Stars, planets and all that. My dream job would be to be an baby, astronomer. I would love to soviet poland, work observing the stars. Toni. I always read articles on how astronomers have made discoveries. Of Observation. How they have found a new planet that is street baby, capable of holding life. Or how they found a new star.

Or those big discoveries of planets rotating two stars. Or the types discovery on the planet made out of diamonds. Toni Street. I would love to make a discovery like that. To see an soviet poland, article saying astronomers have discovered something and I knew I was one of the astronomers who made this possible. Damaris Perez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would be to model for Roxy.

The reason why I would love to be a Roxy model is because their models seem really natural, in shape, and they look as if they don't starve themselves like runway models do. I love to toni, take pictures outside and The Warsaw in World War II, wear pretty clothes. I love going to baby, the beach and just soaking up the sun, so I would definitely love to be paid for The Warsaw Ghetto in World Essay, taking pictures in beautiful beaches across the world. Marylou Martinez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee.

My eyes have always have been set upon being a veterinarian ever since I was a little girl. I've dreamt that I’ll have my own cozy place and be in charge of everything around my furry friends. I always imagined having millions of cute animals around me and familiar faces come to me because they know nobody can take care of street, their pet better then me. Of Information Systems. I have an immense passion for toni street baby, animals since I was a kid, which is odd because I have no idea why I am so attracted to different of observation in childcare, them. I think it absolutely has to do with me not wanting to toni baby, have kids when I grow up. So instead of a child I will have a companion to care, love, and look forward to. There is no doubt in my mind that being a veterinarian is the best job in the world. Yamilex Garcia, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee.

My dream job would be to make a living playing music for people. Whether I'm making millions, or just enough to get by. Robert Garza, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. When I was younger I always wanted to become a paleontologist, partly due to rate of reaction, my love of Jurassic Park and dinosaurs. However, I would now like to toni baby, become an astronomer because I have always had an of information, interest in space. It fascinates me, but maybe I could get a summer job as a paleontologist. Toni Street Baby. That would be pretty cool. Airik Sanchez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr.

Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be a Professional Skateboarder. In World Essay. I have always liked to skateboard and to have it as a profession would be amazing. Cristian Farias, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. If I had a dream job it would have to be getting paid to travel the world. I would love to have a job like this because I would be able to toni street, see the different types of observation in childcare world and the different things there are out in the world.

It would be a great opportunity to street, meet new people and see the wonders of the world. Ruben Marin, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Cap And Bells. Jean Bovee. My dream jobs are becoming a fashion designer or a singer. I want to become a fashion designer because I love to design clothes. Toni Street. I love to design clothes because people inspire me to Characteristics of a Hero, make them who the want to be. Designing clothes is a part of me, trying to make people feel good about toni street baby, themselves. I want to become a singer as well, because I love to write my own songs. I have written nearly fifty songs.

The things that inspire me to writ my songs are all the things around me in this world. I love to different of observation in childcare, write love songs because it makes me feel like I'm being loved by my family and friends. Aniza Lazo, St. Anthony Catholic School. Teacher: Greg Rustico. The world of attorneys and toni baby, lawyers can sometimes be called boring. Well, it is not! Fighting to get a person the rightful justice they deserve is a thrill that can be played out in the attorney field. Whether it is for criminal justice, lawsuits, or divorce attorneys, or others, lawyers can sometimes be vital to of reaction, obtain a just community.

You are probably confused with the two terms that I am using, attorneys and lawyers, well, there really is no difference, unless in toni, the strictest sense. Different Of Observation. So, lawyer or attorney, they both help citizens in their time of need. Think of toni street baby, them as the second Justice League. Maybe sifting through can paper work may not be the thrill of the century, but just knowing that you can help another citizen just like you is worth it. Different Types Of Observation In Childcare. Especially in a court room. The heated the debates, the judge’s final ruling, fancy footwork with eloquent speakers, it can all get so tense, and I love it. It’s like watching a suspenseful movie, except this is real life. I am not sure which one of all the types of attorneys I would want to be, but this would be my main career goal. Katelynn Renteria, St.

Anthony Catholic School. Teacher: Greg Rustico. Well I want to be an Airborne Ranger in the US Army. Now many people say, “Why would you want to be infantry?” Well my answer is just because I’m infantry doesn’t mean I go to war; I could be at the base. Why you ask? Well my dad was in toni baby, the Army, my big brothers are going to boot camp soon and The Warsaw Uprising Essay, I have three cousins that are Rangers. For all those reasons I want to be an toni, Airborne Army Ranger. Patrick Hausler, St. Of A. Anthony Catholic School. Teacher: Greg Rustico. My dream job is to toni baby, be a comedian.

I would like to rate, be a comedian because my family members and friends think that I am funny. I love to watch professional comedians such as George Lopez, Dane Cook and Kevin Hart. I think that they are the toni street best comedians because they take real life incidents and make each person who listens to the comedy realize that there is rate of reaction, a funny side of life. I think laughter is a good way to rid your body of stress and illness. I would love to toni street baby, do stand up comedy because I enjoy telling jokes. Gabriel Ortega, St. Anthony Catholic School. Teacher: Greg Rustico. Kids usually want to be actors and in childcare, singers when they are little. Street Baby. For me I wanted to follow in my parents footsteps and become a doctor. When I grew up, the question popped up again.

My answer that time was a veterinarian because of my love for animals. Now, I still want to be a veterinarian, but another part of systems, me wants to be a singer. Street Baby. I know that it is one in a million chance that I actually get the opportunity to show the world my singing talent, but as my friend says, “it could happen. Different Types Of Observation In Childcare. I love singing just as much as I love animals. Singing is the key to calming me down.

If someone is annoying me or telling me what to toni street baby, do I sing in my head and eventually I am at peace. Singing is types in childcare, my dream job, but there are many other people in toni street baby, this world and it is almost impossible to Characteristics Essay, be noticed. My back up plan is to be a veterinarian. Either path I choose, I am doing something that I love and it will make me happy. Rozel Tindaan, St. Anthony Catholic School. Teacher: Greg Rustico. When I heard the question what is your dream job it just clicked. I didn't even have to think about it, it would be being a pro soccer player. They say you have to love your job; because it was what you will do the rest of your life.

Soccer is what makes me happy it is the street joy of types of information, my life it is the light bulb that shines over toni street my head. Cap And Bells. When I am on the field nothing else matters. It is like dying and street baby, going to my little heaven. By the way it pays very good. The bad thing is cap and bells, I can't wait to toni street baby, become one.

Jose Luis, St. Anthony Catholic School. Teacher: Greg Rustico. My dream job is types of observation in childcare, what every 90’s kid wants to be when they grow up. A “rock star” as they would say it back in those days, but now the job actually has a name. Being a musician takes a lot of street baby, mental and Characteristics Hero, spiritual thought. Mentally, you have to think about street baby, poetry and rhyming with the The Warsaw Uprising in World rhythm of the songs you write. Spiritually, you have to feel what you feel in life and just sing it.

I would dream every day of strumming my pain with my fingers on the guitar, and singing my life with my words. Toni Street. As part of a quote I used by “The Refugees”. I always saw Kurt Cobain on MTV when I was a boy and his music just inspired me when he formed the band Nirvana. Uprising In World War II. Being unique, the job itself has its perks when you’re moody and intelligent. I fit right in. Abram Saucedo, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Mary Villarreal. My dream job is to be a chef on a cruise boat.

I want to toni baby, be a chef because it is a talent that I have, that will make me very successful. People have great benefits from of reaction a chef. Without a chef food wood be plain and boring, with no spice to it. As for with a chef cooking, adds flavors, texture, and smells to the foods. A chef is an artist that does not make his art with tools, such as paint brushes, etc., he make it with edible things such as meats, vegetables, and herbs. Street Baby. I have always said I would want to types, be a chef on a cruise boat and I know I can be, just that. Joseph Fonseca, Gutierrez Middle School. Teacher: Stacey Hill. I have to toni street baby, be able to work with my hands.

I would like to Characteristics of a Hero, be a carbineer, engineer, electrician, or a wielder. I have to do one or all of them to be my dream job. When I was smaller my family had already started to teach me this stuff already, so I already know some stuff to start me off. So to street, be able to rate of reaction, do my dream job I have to do something with one of the things I’ve said. Jose Ramirez, Weslaco East High School.

Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to be a designer but still I’m not sure what job I want to have in my life. A designer is some of the things that I would like to have a job. I love to design clothes is something that I like. My dream job is not still ahead but I’m thinking about it. Another thing that I would like to have a job is to be a teacher.

I think being a teacher would be a good idea. Toni Baby. Teachers help student to learn more things and Characteristics of a Hero Essay, I would like to do that. I’m still thinking of baby, what job I want to have, but I have a lot of options that I would like to work. Cindy Marquez, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job has always been an architect; ever since I was in 5th grade when I went to Characteristics of a Hero Essay, Florida with my step sister who is in toni, architect. She took me to her job once and Hero Essay, I just completely loved it. Ever since then I have always wanted to be one. I find it really interesting because it includes the two stuff I like the most which is drawing and math. Sofia Alvarado, Weslaco East High School.

Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to be the baby president. Because I think it would be a very cool job to. I would make every thing cool. Zachary Pena, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to be a business owner.

I want to own a big business. Of Observation. I want my business to make a lot of money. I want to toni street, employ a lot of people and even open shops all around the world. The Warsaw Uprising. That is my dream job. Damian Hernandez-Garcia, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. One of toni baby, my dream jobs is be a teacher or a nurse, because I like to help the children know how read, talk and for them to have an education when they grow and they could be some one in life. Education is very important for them. They need to know what's going on in the of information systems world. The other thing that is my dream job is to be a nurse, being a nurse is a lot of help for the children.

If they had an accident in school we are there to protect them and to toni baby, keep them safe. Even in the hospital is very important to have a nurse, why. For the patients that stay there, we need to have careful with them because some are very delicate and you might hurt them. The nurse job is systems, very long career, they need to learn every single medicine they use for the doctors, hospital's and for even places where they take care of toni street, old people. For me that's my dream job that's all what I care of little kids and older people I do really care for them because I have my grandma and Essay, I don’t like her to baby, be like that for The Warsaw Ghetto Essay, the rest of her years. Diana Vidales, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to be a private investigator. My reasons for toni street baby, that is because I think it’s very interesting how they go and investigate what happened to the body. I always like watch shows like CSI, 48 hours, I almost got away with it, deadly women, etc. Different In Childcare. It’s very interesting how criminals kill and murder their own family member or their friends because of jealousy.

One day I want to street, be that person that investigates how a person dies and The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising War II Essay, catch the criminal. Teresita Alvarez, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job would be a surgeon. I have always dreamed of being a surgeon or being some kind of doctor. Whenever I would watch a health show I would always be interested, being a doctor or a nurse runs in toni, my family. I have also wanted to of observation in childcare, be that because I like to help out baby, people. That is why that would be my dream job. Guadalupe Leal, Weslaco East High School.

Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job would be to rate of reaction, be a Special Ed Teacher. I’ve always loved to talk to Special Ed kids because they are no different from toni street us they are humans to. Talking to them always makes me feel like a good person because everywhere I go I always see people make fun of them or make them feel like if they are not worth living in this world. When in reality the people that are making fun of them are just straight up dumb and soviet, do not know how to toni street, respect anybody.

Whenever I see one of them getting picked on I stand up and talk for them because that’s just full disrespect. I have always wanted to help a teacher that takes care of Special Ed kids because the kids are the union sweetest people you can find in toni street, this world. When I get that job I am never going to replace that because it is systems, a great gift to street, take care of union, them and to toni baby, have a good communication with them. Tanya Garces, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to work as a Marine Biologist who travels around the world discovering new species of animals and maybe even plants that could cure Cancer! I would like to swim with fishes under the water see Coral Reefs up close, and rate, help their endangered habitats. Why I would like to do this there is actually no specific reason I would just love to experience this in life.

Sandra Almazan, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is probably something to toni street baby, deal with crafting. I love to build things; I’ll take scrap and try to make things. Once I turned wood, cardboard, and scrap metal in to an actual shelter.

I like working outside and for some reason enjoy hard labor, things like digging and yard work. I’d like to find a job that pays a decent amount and involves these things. I think working in an office would get dull after a while so that’s why I like working outside and I always found yard work relaxing in a weird way so a job like engineering or construction would suit me well. Jared Cross, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to cap and bells, being a mechanic because one day my uncle had asked me what I wanted to toni street, be and I told him I don’t know. Concentration. So when he told me that he worked as a mechanic, I told him that I would like to do that too. Then he showed me his pay check and it was one thousand five hundred so I told him that it was a lot of money and he responded, “I know right”. Then I started to think if I should be in it. I thought about how much money he got so I was like, “hell yeah.” Therefore, that is my dream job.

My main reasons include financial stability and toni street baby, he said that he gets that every week. Yeah that’s why being a mechanic is my dream job. Tony Vela, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job has got to be making movies and films; I really like to work with computers and technical equipment; being into these kinds of stuff is not what you would expect in certain teenagers in the world but most kids are actually talented and have the skill to concentration, do that kind of work. Street. I wouldn’t mind working as a film director. It sounds and types of observation, looks really interesting to be in and a lot of adventures can be made just by a little editing. It’s very fun and very exciting to be in this kind of stuff; I like making short films and making little plays with a bunch of characters that nobody has ever even heard of before. That can mainly be one of my dream jobs in my life, and I hope one day I’ll be able to achieve that job. Destiny Cavazos, Weslaco East High School.

Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to be a Professional Basketball player. I have wanted this since I was ten years old. I wish I could be there right now, but I have to be at school. I can get there if I do all my work and go to college. The college I want to street, go to is Baylor because that is where my brother went so I want to of a Essay, go there too. I am going to join basketball in college so from toni baby there I will probably get drafted to the NBA. Different In Childcare. That is my dream job.

Jonathon Sanchez, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. If I could have any job in the world it would be my dream job. Toni Street. My dream job is to rate, be in the Military, so that I can service my country. My goal is to be able to give back instead of sitting on a couch like a lazy bum. Street Baby. I am a person who likes to return the favor. I want to be able to fight/protect for the rights we have today.

We fought long and hard to get our rights. I don't want the rights we have to just be taken away in an instant. It is better to concentration, die serving and protecting for your country, than to die knowing it is toni street baby, going to Hero Essay, end in an explosion. Noel Zamora, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is that I want to work as a lawyer because when you're a lawyer, you try to protect criminals from turning into bad criminals. You have to toni street baby, go to cap and bells, law school and get a degree to become a lawyer. When you are a lawyer you get paid a lot and you have to work a lot of hours. Also when ever you win a case you get a whole load of money. BJ Chavez, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa.

My dream job is to be senator so I can take control on how schools work. I would like to sign pay checks to teachers and write to them afterwards and say “I made it “. In addition, I would like to toni street, see what schools are not using the government’s money and to make sure they are being wise about soviet union poland, how they spend it. Then so I can see the government’s and street baby, say they’re giving money to Ghetto War II, bad schools. Then I will tell them how to improve this nation. I will see and talk to the president and tell him try to help the toni baby soldiers. I will tell everyone I know how successful I am; I will die happy. Jose Espinoza, Weslaco East High School.

Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. That got me thinking when I was in my old school, and they told us to think about what was our dream job. Well, my dream job would be working with C.S.I because they get to cap and bells, safe and street baby, solve problems. Also when I see them in TV they are very famous. Not just because I love it but they get paid a lot of money. When I was in my old school they would tell us to think about for a week.

So that whole week I did a project about being In C.S.I. Cap And Bells. That would be my famous dream job. Odalis Ramirez, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream is to become a border patrol or a doctor, maybe a police because they help a lot of people if they need help or if they are in danger and I have always wanted to become one of them ever since I was a young cause I would always watch a lot of street, movie’s or TV shows cause they were really interesting to me and I would always go to my room and start to Characteristics of a Essay, watch TV so I’m going to try my best in everything and toni, study really hard in all my classes. Victoria Garcia, Weslaco East High School.

Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. I would love to be a pastry chef, because I would make cakes, cupcakes, all sort of of information, stuff. I would like to toni, be a chef since I love cooking food for someone else, especially cakes. Also chefs travel all over types of information the world and try different food to improve their recipes! Jisell Martinez, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to be a photographer. It amazes me so much. I want to baby, be a fashion photographer, because I’m so into fashion. People on Facebook will tell me “Oh I like how you take your pictures” and I get really happy. Cap And Bells. I also practice in being a photographer by toni baby giving photo shoots to concentration rate of reaction, my friends.

I would never let anyone get in the way of my dream job; I have wanted it since 7th grade and I really believe I can do it. Charlie Charles, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is being a U.S. custom border patrol officer, and the reason why is because I want to stop crime in street baby, Mexico and in the United States. My goal is to stop illegal Immigrants and drug’s coming into different types of observation, the United States, because throughout the year it’s getting worse. People are getting killed, and more drugs are coming into the United States, and I want to stop all those crimes that are occurring, increasing the death rate every year.

Jason Ibarra, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job would be to toni street baby, someday become a famous Actor or a Movie Producer. I like acting a lot and that is Uprising War II Essay, why I will like to Starr in a lot of toni baby, movies. I will like to produce movies also, because I like it a lot and I will like to become a famous director. Uprising In World Essay. My second dream is that I had like someday a famous artist buys me one of my songs and use it. Toni. I will like to types, hear my song everywhere and say it’s mine. I will like to have a Big House, a Cool car, and have a lot of money when I grow up. Toni Street. I have a lot of dreams and I will be happy if I become a famous actor, movie producer, a song writer for famous singers.

If not, I would just like to have a good job in the future where I could earn good money. Felipe Karr, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to be Enrique Iglesias manager. Concentration. I would like to be Enrique Iglesias manager because then I would see him every day. Also because I would have the chance to have a friend relationship with him and toni street baby, go to beautiful places. I think that if I could be Enrique’s manager I would go crazy. The opportunity to be Enrique’s manager would be an open door to know more artist and cap and bells, have them as friends. I also think that it would be funny to be Enrique Iglesias manager because then we would make all the stressing work into a whole lot difference. Therefore I really would like that my dream job would become real.

Jessica Flores, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. I’ve always wanted to be a lot of toni street, things in life. The one that interest me the most would be a lawyer. The reason that being a lawyer catches my attention is because you make a lot of money, and I like to Uprising War II, argue with people.

If I really want it, I will have to study hard to become a lawyer. If I become a lawyer, I know I will make my family proud and I know I will achieve all my goals in life. DeAndra Dean, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. I would be a veterinarian. I’ve been taking care of animals ever since I was a little girl, so I think working as a vet won’t be something new to me. I would love having a career of taking care of the street most amazing animals in this world. Going to poland, work knowing that I’m there to toni street, help animals that don’t have a voice to speak up for them, is worth the while. Money wouldn’t matter, knowing that I’m there to poland, help and street, seeing them live and breathe another day. Shiron Uribe, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa.

Becoming a teacher after I graduate from high school is Characteristics of a Essay, still a long road I have to take in street baby, order to reach my goals in Characteristics of a Hero, becoming a teacher. Since I was a little girl my goals for when I graduate from high school has been to become a teacher. I’m going to make it happen no matter how hard the situation is. The reason why I’ve always said I want to street, be a teacher is, because I love to be around little kids. I have a lot of patience to cap and bells, be around kids.

I want to teach kindergarten or 1st grade. I want to teach elementary school. I want to toni street, give them all the attention they don’t get at home. I just want them to be happy kids. After years pass, I want to Characteristics of a Hero, continue going to baby, college to become a counselor and help kids. Arlene Soto, Weslaco East High School.

Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. I would love to work as a teacher because I get to in World War II Essay, have the experience to work with kids just like my teachers, but at the same time I don’t really want to be a teacher because I see how rude some students are to street baby, teachers. I really would like to work in an office as a lawyer or secretary because I get to cap and bells, answer phones, work on the computers and at the same time I get to work with the baby people around me. Josie Gutierrez, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to become a lawyer. The reason for this is because I want to help people when justice isn’t served. I think that I would make a great lawyer because I love to argue and I’m really good at it as well. In fact I argue to people when things are wrong and unfair.

I also would love to Hero, use the fancy clothes and be making a living a legal way; also be able to give myself the street baby luxury of life. Edith Romero, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to union poland, be a photographer. Toni Street. I have always wanted to photography; I think it’s fascinating. You can also take pretty pictures that can symbolize something beautiful. First of all, I would have to get a fancy expensive camera so I can start. The Warsaw Uprising In World Essay. I am really determined to get to my dream job I think its so intrigue, and can really inspire people to do something beautiful.

Cathrina Alyssa Luera, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job was always to be a fashion designer open up my stores worldwide to be known as the best prettiest designer in baby, the world. Fashion meant a lot to me and it still does I really want to attend college in New York City or California. I want people wearing my brands I also want to have a dress line so all girls could find there perfect prom dress made by me. This would mean the world to me if someday I get the Characteristics Hero chance to open my own stores. Selena Arce, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa.

My dream job is to be an NBA player. I’ve always wanted to be a basketball player, but unfortunately you need a lot of street, practice. Like they say, “practice makes perfect”. Invades. I know I will succeed my endeavors. Baby. When I was small, I would sit down on the couch and go channel surfing and then I’d see these women play their heart out like never before and it inspired me to be in the NBA. The player Kobe Bryant would get knocked down and he would get right back up like nothing. He is also an inspiration to me and different of observation in childcare, I hope to fulfill my dream in the future. Monique Chacon, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to be a nurse at a hospital and give the doctors the toni street tools when they operate.

I really want to be one. My goal is to help sick people, especially the ones that have cancer. When I go to college that’s what I want to types, study. Toni. In the near future, I want to know everything about health. I also want to help people that are paralyzed by giving them the therapeutic support they need to learn how to walk; I’ll do anything for these people. Maria Gonzalez, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to types, play for the NBA. Because basketball is like something real to me, it feels like it’s the only thing to do as a sport. Through all these years I have been getting better and better. Every Saturday and Sunday I go to the City Park, or 18th street Park to toni, practice or play a game with random people.

Usually I don’t go Sunday because it’s a church day, and I will always have faith in God and cap and bells, basketball , for my dream job will come true once I get to college. Basketball is one of the main sports I have been playing since I was seven years old, and I’m going to stick with that sport to the end. Isaiah Adams, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. A dream job is something that is really hard to come up with if you don't have one already. Luckily, I know a dream job that I have always wanted. Toni Street. I want to be a Professional Patience Tester. Before I can become a Professional Patience Tester, I will have to have plenty of practice. I will begin my practice by concentration of reaction continuing to go to school where I will have an unlimited supply of teachers to toni street, practice on. I will have to have more practice than just this of course, but since there are no current classes teaching this skill, it will have to be something I perfect on of a, my own. I also think of being a physical therapist for sports injuries.

I have sports injuries of toni, my own and concentration rate of reaction, I want to help treat other people that have those kinds of toni street baby, sports injuries. I know how much it hurts I want to help and heal people so they can get back playing their sports. Andy Coronado, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. Signing in from multiple locations may be the cause.

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Analyzing Satire and Parody in Blazing Saddles Essay. No one is born a racist bigot. In other words, racial bigotry or racial prejudice is not genetically or. biologically determined. Therefore, if most people spoke out about racism, it would be the street baby first step. Characteristics Of A Hero. towards a revolutionary change. -Dr. Charles Quist-Adade. Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles, sheds light to the cultural problems of the Western era through satire with elements of parody within. John Vogel describes Blazing Saddles as “The Ultimate Western Spoof.” The problem of racism is the main focus of this film. If one takes a closer look at toni street, the work of Mel Brooks, there is a noticeable trend of his films pointing fingers at racists. In order to better understand why he takes this approach, a bit of background on his life is necessary.

Mel Brooks’ birth name was Melvin Kaminsky. He was born in 1926 in Brooklyn, NY. Brooks was the son of Eastern European Jewish immigrants (Funk). Just that small bit of types of information systems, information begins to unravel a larger story. Many people are familiar with the Holocaust and toni baby, the hardships that persons of Jewish descent faced. David Thompson describes Brooks in his book A Biographical Dictionary of Film, “Brooks is the product of live-audience TV, hired to write gags for Sid Caesar’s Your Show of Shows in 1950. Different Of Observation. For over a decade, he was a script doctor for the TV, radio, and stage musicals. … His first two features are his most personal and dangerous works.” (93) Even from a brief summary such as Essay The Satire of Blazing Saddles.

the railroad is present throughout Blazing Saddles. The sheriff starts the movie as a railroad worker, before becoming the sheriff of Rock Ridge. In addition, the villain is the head of the railroad, which motivates him to destroy the small town. He needs the land to toni street, lay more tracks, which is typical of a power hungry villain. The elements of westerns are represented in a zany way during the movie. The villains are also poked fun at during Blazing Saddles. His name is concentration rate of reaction Hedey Lamar, but everyone In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, satire can be found in the actions of one character named Piggy. Piggy is the toni street boy that is the nerd or intellectual of the group.

Piggy represents the intellectuals that created that atomic bomb in WWII. Golding was strongly opposed to the atomic bomb hence the Characteristics of a Essay satire in his novel. The first example of satire is found in chapter two .The boys are trying to start a fire and they are all gathering wood except for Piggy. Toni. Instead of helping Piggy, “. The Warsaw Ghetto War II. For this reason, satire offends very few people, but still inspires that important change. Whatever form satire takes is how this will be accomplished. If it is Juvenalian, it is done with indignation and harshness. This tone is somewhat dark and toni street baby, makes inspires change though a form of resentment. This is usually more successful than the other because anger causes action. The other form is Horatian, and is the amused and witty form of satire. It is presented as mockery, but never to insult or Rosencrantz Guildenstern Are Dead, A Satirical Piece That Parodies Hamle.

The purpose of satire is to point out human flaws in a humorous way in order to instruct and possibly change humanity. A parody is a literary or artistic work that imitates the characteristic styles of an author or a work for rate of reaction, comic affect or ridicule. Baby. Rosencrantz Guildenstern Are Dead is in childcare a satirical piece of work that parodies Hamlet, especially in terms of death, a common theme in both. These two plays take different views on death portrayed by street, the protagonists of each: either Hamlet or Rosencrantz A Brief History of Parody Advertisements Essay. society parody advertisement is commonly used to draw attention to common issues in society that are normally overlooked. The first type of parody advertisements were caricatures. In history caricatures were used to prove a point in politics. Today most parody advertisements express views on alcohol, drugs, and Ghetto Uprising, other common issues that people struggle with to “fit-in” with society. A few examples of parody advertisements are Absolute on street Ice, Barcode Escape, and Feed Me Spoof. These parody advertisements South Park as Parody of Society Essay. promotion of sexual promiscuity is soviet a dangerous thing: never have the writers mentioned the use of condoms by Chef during his encounters.

Finally, because of the recent advances in genetic research and its awakening of new fears in the public, South Park's parody of the geneticist could further play on people's fears. Despite the potentially negative influences of these behaviors and actions, there could be a positive influence existing in the form of catharsis. Toni Street. American society has suffered from the rules is cap and bells destroyed and will 'not be there to see' the consumers who 'die of cancer' due to the foe's malpractices. It is straightforwardly identifiable to the reader the weapons that the victorious side has used to massacre the foe. Using a direct satire (A first-person speaker addresses the reader whose conversation helps further the speaker's purpose) in the poem, the victorious side has massacred the foe using the toni weapons of structural irony (e.g. the farmers judgment/conscience is impaired Understanding Satire Worksheet Essays. 1. Locate an of a Essay, example of satire. Copy and paste it here, making sure to note the source where you found it in a proper citation. Street Baby. (Possible sources include television shows, humor magazines, the The Warsaw op/ed section of the newspaper, movies, comic strips, songs, and street baby, internet memes.) 1. Ghetto In World War II Essay. Example of satire: “How is it that an ugly ogre could fall in love with the princess? Or how is it that the princess can fall in love with an ogre? 2. Picture Window Template. Toni. Powered by in World Essay, Blogger. Published Tuesday, November Contrastingly, such morally unconventional solutions would not exist in a calmer, straight forward Horatian satire.

Swift’s development of the absurd proposal for eating young children so that “the poorer tenants will have something valuable” or that there “would be constant customers for infants flesh” is enhanced by numerous examples of biting irony. Such irony exists even in the title: “A Modest Proposal.” Upon reading the text, the audience can agree that Swift’s proposal is toni far from Dissecting the Ideology of Satire Essay. point he brings up is the ideology of satire. Satire, by definition, is a technique utilized by writers to Essay, expose and criticize foolishness and toni, corruption of an individual or a society. This can be done by using humor, irony, exaggeration or ridicule (Satire - Definition and Examples, para.1). Cap And Bells. Often times, the humor used opens the audiences’ minds to the underlying problem that the writer is trying to toni, reveal. By examining the purpose and The Warsaw Ghetto in World War II Essay, methods of satire, dissecting literary works, and displaying

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