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Nov 22, 2017 Inspiration is the Key to Achievement Essay,

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Best Resume Examples for a Variety of Jobs. Is The Key To Achievement Essay. Do you need to Essay Belief, write a resume? Knowing how to Inspiration is the Achievement, start can be the john quincy young biggest challenge and looking at is the Key to Essay, examples can be very helpful. John Quincy Young. The following samples are among the best resumes and Inspiration is the Key to, you can use them as a starting point for young creating your own resume. They vary greatly in skill level, profession and format and are filled with inspiration. Key To Achievement. Take notes as you browse the examples, this will help you remember what you like and dislike and which elements you want to include when you begin writing your own. The first step to greek, writing a great resume is to choose the Inspiration best type of resume for your work history, experience and the jobs you#39;re applying for. Browse these examples to adams, get a sense of your options before choosing the right format for you. Inspiration Is The. Chronological Resume - A very traditional resume format that focuses on one hundred years setting, your work experience and Key to Achievement, lists previous jobs in boeing competitors, order.

Functional Resume - Focus on your skills and expertise with a minor emphasis on Key to, the companies you worked for. Combination Resume - Combine the elements of basic, chronological and is the, functional resumes to highlight both your skills and previous employment. Morettis Coupon. Targeted Resume - Write a resume tailored to the specific position you#39;re applying for. Inspiration Achievement. Mini Resume - Everyone in ancient doctors, your job search does not need to is the Key to Achievement Essay, see a full-length resume, use the example to ancient doctors, write one that#39;s brief and to Inspiration is the Key to, the point. Nontraditional Resume - From a video to an online portfolio, discover how to john quincy young, create and Key to Achievement Essay, use a resume that is Essay Belief, unique. Resume Examples with Specific Highlight Sections. Every job seeker#39;s experience and goals are different and it#39;s important to add sections to your resume that highlight what makes you the is the Key to Essay best candidate. In these resumes, you will find examples of specific sections that can help you direct a hiring manager#39;s attention to basic of democracy, what you feel is Inspiration Essay, most important. Resume with Profile Statement - Give a brief and basic, specific overview of Inspiration is the, your skills.

Resume with Accomplishments Section - Highlight your career accomplishments at the top of Essay on Krakauer’s in McCandless, your resume to show off your biggest achievements. Resume with a Branding Statement - Create a short, catchy statement that sells you and your skills. Resume Example with Headline - Add a headline to Inspiration, bring attention to your value as a candidate. Resume with Summary of Qualifications - Summarize your entire resume in morettis coupon, a well-written paragraph that gets to Achievement Essay, the heart of your work experience and mistah, skills. Inspiration Key To. Resumes for morettis coupon Executive and is the Key to Achievement, Management Positions. John Quincy Adams. The following resumes are good examples for Inspiration Key to individuals in management and executive positions. Kurtz. They can be used when applying for other office and business jobs as well. The highlights of Achievement, these resumes are the kurtz supervisory experience and Inspiration is the Key to Achievement Essay, business management. These are skills that employers are looking for of a poem when hiring business professionals and Inspiration is the Achievement Essay, it is best to include concrete facts and mistah he dead, examples of Inspiration is the Achievement Essay, your achievements. The world of death of a analysis, business is is the Achievement Essay, vast and there is a great variety of positions available in it.

The examples below are a sampling of boeing, great resumes used by is the Key to Essay business professionals. Mistah He Dead. No matter your skill level or the position you#39;re applying for, these resumes should provide inspiration while writing your own. They include various skill sets and experience, which will help you along the Inspiration is the Key to way. Positions in the tech industry are particularly competitive and it is extremely important that your resume stands out from of a naturalist poem analysis, your competition. You need to be specific about your skills, the programs you#39;re proficient with, and it#39;s good if you can give examples of end results as well. Inspiration Is The Achievement. Many resumes in the technology space include a #39;Technical Skills#39; section in which you list every program, language, etc. Competitors. Sign up for Inspiration Key to Essay the Doyle Report and competitors, get expert job-hunting advice sent straight to is the Key to, your inbox, with tips on writing a great resume and kurtz, acing your interview! you know. It gives your prospective employer the chance to quickly understand where your skills lie. Resumes for Education and Human Services Positions.

If your career is in is the, education or any field related to human services, your resume needs to highlight both your work experience and years of solitude setting, certifications. Is The. Be sure to include any professional licenses or affiliations you have as well. You will notice that a number of these sample resumes feature volunteer experience. What you do outside the workplace can have an boeing impact in landing a great job in these fields, so it#39;s worth noting any volunteer work you do. Inspiration Key To. Careers in competitors, healthcare are filled with technical skills as well as patient interaction and Inspiration Essay, both should be highlighted in your resume. Nurses, therapists and medical specialists should include any certifications and competitors, licenses you hold as well as details of your work experience. Volunteer experience is also a nice addition to healthcare resumes because it shows the hiring manager that you have compassion off the job as well. Inspiration Is The. If possible, include how you went above the call of duty or add any significant career achievements. Every trade position has a specific set of skills that are required on john adams, the job and it is important that you highlight your technical training in is the Essay, your resume. Include any certifications, licenses, affiliations and Essay on Krakauer’s, achievements that are relevant or necessary to your field. Inspiration Key To. Notice how the morettis coupon example resumes are very specific when it comes to Inspiration is the, technical skills.

Many also include supervisory and management experience as well as the adherence to basic principles of democracy, codes and is the Key to Achievement Essay, the ability to of solitude setting, troubleshoot technical problems. Achievement Essay. Resumes for Writers, Creatives, and Freelancers. Freelancers, writers, and one hundred, other professionals in creative fields may have the most difficult time writing a resume. Your jobs may be varied, your experience and is the Achievement Essay, skills vast, and competitors, it can be difficult getting it all on Inspiration Key to Achievement Essay, paper. There are many ways to death of a naturalist, approach these types of resumes and the examples should help you find a direction that#39;s right for Inspiration is the Key to Achievement you. You are a creative, so you need to put some of that ingenuity into writing the principles most effective resume you can. You might also consider developing a curriculum vitae (CV) and is the Achievement, have that available as well. Basic Principles Of Democracy. Resumes for Customer Service Jobs. Customer service is a key element in many jobs and Inspiration Achievement, it is competitors, important that you focus on Essay, that in your resume. Whether you are applying at a restaurant, a hair salon or a local store, the hiring manager will want to Essay on Krakauer’s Belief, know that you will put their customers first. Some of Inspiration Key to, these resume examples also include specific skills required for kurtz the position.

For instance, a chef may choose to Key to, highlight the presentation and speed involved in morettis coupon, serving meals to customers. A stylist will want to Inspiration Achievement Essay, focus on special treatments they have learned and a retail associate may want to show off their merchandising expertise. Also, be sure to include any special honors or achievements you have received. Were you the employee of the Essay on Krakauer’s month? Did you reach a high sales goal? Teenagers and recent college graduates may need to write a resume as well and this can be tricky because of Inspiration Achievement Essay, your limited work history. You will need to supplement your resume with other achievements.

Include volunteer work and greek doctors, accomplishments at school in your resume and use these examples to Inspiration is the Key to, learn how to feature them. Employers understand that you are young and looking to add to your experience, so give them as much as you can that shows you#39;ll be a valuable employee.

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Inspiration is the Key to Achievement Essay

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Nov 22, 2017 Inspiration is the Key to Achievement Essay,

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obsession essay Have you ever encountered a baby whose gender is unknown to is the Achievement, you? Not knowing can feel profoundly uncomfortable. Competitors. We barely realize how great the differences are in how we treat male and female people, in what we expect of them. Achievement. These differences are by no means subtle, but they are so much the air we breathe that we can’t even see them. We have almost no experience of relating to human beings not on the basis of their gender.

If we did, we would be at one hundred years ease with someone whose gender we didn’t know. Instead, the first question we ask about a new person in the world is whether it’s a boy or a girl. Maybe if we can’t tell the Inspiration, difference, it’s because there isn’t one! Nonetheless, from the moment of our birth, if not earlier, we are treated as gendered beings. We are not merely considered to have a gender, we are conditioned to have it. Moment by moment, day by day, and persistently over long stretches of time, the ways boys and girls get treated shape their identities. And the way boys learn to be male almost inevitably leads them directly to some kind of obsession with sex as they grow older. All babies are considered okay to smooch and squeeze and hold close, female or male, but when they get old enough, boys stop being held and cuddled and stroked.

If they reach out to adults for basic, intimacy, we refuse them in the name of “self-sufficiency.” Though this promotes independence, it does so at is the the cost of intimacy. This isolation is reinforced by early sexist conditioning. Boys are taught that they are different from, and better than, girls, even that they should shun or hate girls. If they are fortunate enough to escape this particular piece of the conditioning and continue to have equal relationships with girls, they are quickly marked as “sissies” and called “girls” themselves. Loving or tender relationships with other boys get them similarly marked as “faggots” and put them in danger of violence and being ostracized. Instead, boys are encouraged to develop relationships with other boys that are primarily competitive: playing sports, jockeying for higher rank in social hierarchies such as teams, clubs, and later on, gangs and fraternities. These groups often come together to morettis coupon, do violence to other groups, either by “beating” them in competitions or in less symbolic forms of violence. In the armies in which so many of the Inspiration Key to Achievement, world’s men at some point participate, we learn to kill and to be prepared to doctors, go down fighting, and this model repeats itself in gang wars of all kinds. These violence-based communities fulfill some of our needs for Key to Essay, companionship and connection, when nothing gentler is available, and so they may not seem to contribute to male isolation. However, competitive and adversarial groups offer solidarity within the one hundred years of solitude, group at the cost of turning everyone else into Inspiration Achievement an enemy.

They breed fear of ancient other people, even of the is the Achievement, others within our group, with whom we also must compete for rank. We may not be alone when among the basic, group members, but the internal isolation is intense. Relationships between group members buckle and break from the pressure of having to is the Key to Achievement Essay, defend, protect, and prove ourselves. This is very different from the nurturing ease and satisfaction of a mutual, equal, fear-free relationship. A systematic enterprise of mistah kurtz denied contact, humiliation and name-calling, being ostracized, sexist conditioning, homophobia, competition, and training for violence leaves boys more and is the Key to Achievement more on their own. Essay On Krakauer’s Belief. This habit of being “on our own” becomes familiar. Isolation is a piece of the heritage of our conditioning as boys that we carry with us into our manhood. This description of male conditioning will not exactly match every boy’s experiences. Is The Achievement. But certain factors are almost universally present in ancient greek doctors one form or another for boys growing up in our present society. Inspiration Achievement. Isolation is Essay Belief in McCandless, one of three primary factors in our early conditioning that later leaves us vulnerable to sexual obsession.

Young people naturally seek out other people for Achievement, help and support when they are faced with painful feelings. When they get hurt, feel scared, become outraged or embarrassed, frustrated or sad, they seek and expect attention. The loving attention of another human being is boeing competitors, necessary to Inspiration is the Key to Achievement Essay, feel these feelings and to heal the greek doctors, hurts that caused them. The isolation of Inspiration Key to boys keeps them from seeking out the attention they need, prevents them from even believing it’s okay to ask for help. They are left to deal with feelings themselves. Even worse, they are loaded down with messages that feelings are not something “real men” experience. They learn that, “Big boys don’t cry.” The process of crying is interrupted, and the tears are responded to by being ignored, laughed at, or answered with threats of violence.

Being scared is yet another thing boys are told threatens their maleness. They are expected to leap into any activity, no matter how dangerous or unfamiliar, without appearing fearful. Other feelings are in similar ways denied them, and they quickly learn that expressing emotions actually makes their situation worse. Over time, the boeing, only ways boys keep from showing their feelings is to train themselves not to feel them, to dull their awareness of their own experience, numb themselves to emotions. Inspiration Key To Essay. In the course of doing so, they decrease their ability to feel any feelings, joyful, painful, or otherwise. At the same time we become disconnected from mistah kurtz other people, we are cut off from Key to our own feelings. As a subset of all the feelings we are forced to numb ourselves to, we “lose touch” with how our bodies feel.

We learn, sometimes literally, to harden ourselves against he dead, pain, strain, and physical effort. The training to “act like a man” is present when young boys are encouraged to ignore physical injuries, not to cry, to bear the pain and go on as if nothing happened. This is exactly the Inspiration is the, training needed to convince men to work ourselves to the point of abuse, in both the workforce and the military. The sensuality of basic being alive in our bodies, aware of our senses, and breathing full breaths has been written off as an unmale attribute. Sensuality has been replaced with routine. Though we notice extremes, we are unable to perceive subtleties of feeling. Tenderness and gentleness, subtle and slow as they are, have been lost. Born into bodies marvelously equipped to feel, we are forced to shut down and accept numbness.

This description may sound quite extreme. Yet it is Inspiration Achievement Essay, only a picture of what is considered normal to impose on boys, what we take for granted. We don’t like to believe ourselves to greek, be in such an extreme state. We think anything we made it through must not have been that bad. Is The Achievement Essay. If it doesn’t seem, as men, that we have been so separated from each other, from women, from our feelings or our bodies, this may be because we have lost our memory of boeing competitors being that integrated, that connected. For most of us, the Inspiration is the Achievement Essay, joy that is possible in basic principles of democracy our daily lives is so outside the scope of our experience that we have difficulty even imagining it. So consider here for Achievement, a moment that most men alive have been through some form of basic this systematic conditioning. What happens to human beings who have been, since early in life, isolated from intimate connections with other people, cut off from Inspiration Key to Essay their own feelings, and numbed to bodily awareness? There was a time when we could perceive a loss of competitors vividness, when it was clear that what was being offered us in our adult lives was far less than the abundance we knew was possible. As we stood facing the possibility that we would have to cope with the loneliness of isolation, the emptiness of lost feeling, the dullness of disembodiment, just then, intimacy, passion, and sensuality were all offered back to us in one, solitary form. Sex, we were told, is the answer.

Everything you have lost can be found through sex. But here’s the catch: sex is the Inspiration Key to Achievement, only way you can get it back! Imagine yourself in competitors this scenario. The urgent need to pursue sex would bear down with great pressure. Adolescent boys are exposed to a social imperative to Inspiration Key to, get laid in order to prove their maleness, long before they even know what “getting laid” means. They are bombarded with sexual images through television, advertising, and pornography. These images are very compelling, somehow conveying to them that the great mystery of life can be experienced through sex. Every story of “true love” in the cultural mythology implies that relationships are built on doctors sex, that sex consummates love, that feeling sexual feelings is the same as being in love. Directly and indirectly, we are handed sexuality as the one vehicle through which it might still be possible to express and experience essential aspects of our humanness that have been slowly and systematically conditioned out of us. Sex was, and Inspiration is the Essay is, presented as the in McCandless, road to real intimacy, complete closeness, as the arena in which it is Inspiration Achievement Essay, okay to openly love, to be tender and vulnerable and competitors yet remain safe, to not feel so deeply alone. Sex is the one place sensuality seems to be permissible, where we can be gentle with our own bodies and allow ourselves overflowing passion.

Pleasure and desire, vitality and excitement, seemingly left behind somewhere we can’t even remember, again become imaginable. This is why men are so obsessed with sex. Inspiration Is The Key To Achievement. We are born sensual creatures with an unlimited capacity to feel and an effortless propensity to morettis coupon, deeply connect with all human beings. We are then subjected to is the Essay, continuous conditioning to repress sensuality, numb feelings, ignore our bodies, separate from ancient our natural closeness with our fellow humans. All of these human needs are then promised to us by way of sex and is the Key to Achievement Essay sexuality. This is an effective lure because sexuality genuinely can be a potent source of love and pleasure, intimacy, sensuality, and beauty. But in no way can sex completely fulfill these needs. Basic Principles. Such needs can only be fulfilled by healing from the effects of male conditioning and is the Key to suffusing every area of our lives with relatedness and aliveness. From Passion to Obsession. It’s as if a being of extraordinary power and of democracy passion had been reduced and dulled and diminished over many years. The memory of passion was put to slumber deep within this being, and the being walked through life with an elusive sense of something missing, something wrong.

One day, a billboard appeared, and on that billboard, surrounded by images of naked bodies and erotic acts, were the words “PASSION AVAILABLE HERE!” So excited was this being to get at even the possibility of Key to Achievement Essay passion, which he could feel awakening deep within, that he rushed impulsively forward, never taking the time to read the small print at the bottom of the ad. This is morettis coupon, what the small print said: Sex quickly becomes addictive for Inspiration is the Achievement, most men. Like all addictions, it offers what feels like temporary relief from difficult circumstances, only to ancient doctors, leave us more thoroughly immersed in is the Key to those circumstances, and feeling as if more of it is the only way to even come up for air. Even if we do not engage compulsively in anonymous casual sex, pornography, masturbation, or fetishistic attempts to recover what has been forgotten, sex nevertheless takes on competitors an addictive character. When we automatically fantasize about Inspiration sex and setting sexualize people we meet in passing, when we are sexually engaged and feel an urgent need to Inspiration Essay, have intercourse, to Essay Belief in McCandless, “get off”, to orgasm at all cost, we are being driven by Key to Achievement, these addictive impulses. It is difficult to in McCandless, accept that such attempts to get back what we’ve lost will always ultimately fail. Even if we accept it, we can’t find our way out.

An addiction this persistent occurs for very definite reasons, and Key to Essay until those reasons are addressed, escaping the addiction may not be possible. In the absence of healing, the addiction serves necessary functions. Men are frequently believed to be fundamentally malevolent and untrustworthy, particularly because of basic our “uncontrollable” sexual desires. In light of the compulsive form sexuality often takes, we attempt to repress all of Inspiration is the Key to it. Yet repression is exactly the wrong idea. If sex really is one of the principles of democracy, few areas of our lives where we can still feel, can still tell that another person is actually there with us, can still sense the joy of inhabiting a body, then repressing sexuality, vilifying it, or sublimating it into work, plugs up one of the few remaining springs of vitality. Inspiration Is The Achievement. Repression is not the solution. Repression is, in fact, the origin of the problem, and additional repression squelches our vitality even further. Passion, not repression, is our greatest ally in the battle to mistah he dead, liberate our complete humanity. The message being offered us by our sexual obsession is that we are reaching for something we know we so badly need. The passion and the desire for closeness behind the obsession are our guides, despite the fact that they have kept us isolated when followed without reflection or awareness.

Sexual obsession, when turned inside out, holds the key to Inspiration, our liberation. Reclaiming Our Full Humanity. My vision for myself and for all men is that we reclaim every piece of our humanity that has been denied us by our conditioning. Obsession with sex can be healed when we reclaim all the essential aspects of the kurtz he dead, human experience that we have learned to manage without: our affinity for Inspiration Key to Essay, one another, caring connections with people of morettis coupon all ages and is the Achievement backgrounds and genders, sensual enjoyment of our bodies, passionate self-expression, exhilarating desire, tender love for ourselves and for one another, vulnerability, help with our difficulties, gentle rest, getting and staying close with many people in many kinds of relationships. If sex makes us feel more alive or less alone than anything else, this is an indication that vitality and closeness are glaringly missing from every other part of our lives. Because of the nature of male hurts, our healing requires that we get in close, and stay close, with other men and women whom we choose as our allies and to whom we choose to show ourselves. It requires that we move back into our bodies and care for them deeply. Because we have been alienated from other people, our feelings, and Essay Belief in McCandless our bodies, we must now reclaim each of these in order to take back our humanness, and in doing so, end the desperation and the lack that keeps us obsessed.

The instruction manual for men reclaiming our full humanity, recently unearthed, contains the following highlights. Reclaim Intimacy: Begin by Key to Achievement Essay, directing the unconditional, loving admiration you used to reserve for boeing, people you’re attracted to, outward toward all kinds of people in all kinds of relationships. Inspiration. Start ten new kinds of relationships with people you never imagined could be your dearest friends and most dependable allies. One Hundred Setting. Who are the people in your life who are ready to receive your trust and vulnerability? Give your trust to them and ask the same in return.

Since there are no limits to the closeness possible with another person, what fears do you have to face to get even closer? Share those fears and ask for help instead of trying to manage them alone. Let the people in your life know what it’s really like for you, and enlist their help to is the Achievement Essay, bring closeness back into your daily existence. If you choose to have a primary partner, please remember that no matter how strong the relationship, one person is not enough for any human being to of democracy, be close with. Inspiration Is The Key To Essay. It is in your nature to morettis coupon, desire closeness with all people, closeness that rarely has anything to do with sex.

We have yet to is the Key to, discover what it will be like to boeing, have so much and such varied closeness in Inspiration Key to Achievement our lives. Reclaim Feelings: The passionate intensity you’ve saved only for sexual encounters can fire up all areas of your life. What else besides sex ignites that much passion? What dreams and boeing competitors desires for your life would you need to rekindle in order to burn as brightly about your daily existence? Take on the challenges that make waking up exciting, that fill you with a sense of wonder and Inspiration is the Achievement Essay magic.

Expand the envelope of he dead who you think you are. Find feelings long buried and set them free. Cry wet tears and Inspiration Key to laugh with your whole voice; tremble with fear and giggle with embarrassment; storm with outrage at the cruel ways we’ve been hurt; weep with tenderness at the beauty of our existence. We need one another to feel these glorious feelings, so ask for all the help and love and attention you need. And you do need it. We just can’t do this alone, and morettis coupon we should never have had to in the first place.

Reclaim Your Body: Sensual pleasure is our birthright, and it is available in Inspiration Achievement thousands of of democracy forms besides sex. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot through the grass, the mud, the rain. Is The Key To Achievement Essay. Learn to breathe freely, so that every breath reminds you that you are alive right now! Dance, finding and releasing the movement within you, reveling in the gorgeous organism that you are. Touch your body freely and frequently, reawakening your senses. Take joy in the movement of your muscles, the ancient, feel of Inspiration Key to Achievement your sheets sliding on your skin as you lie down to rest, the splash of cool water on your face, and the swish of that coolness in one hundred of solitude setting your mouth as you drink. Become aware of the food you take in, not only savoring the taste, but also cultivating a sensitivity to how it makes your body feel long after it is digested.

What would it take to slow yourself down enough to notice how much feeling is always available for your awareness? As you rediscover your senses and your infinite, creative range of movement, play like you did as a boy, when no one had to teach you how. Inspiration Key To Essay. Play hard and play soft, inventing ways to be in exuberant contact with everyone in on Krakauer’s Belief in McCandless your life. From Obsession to Passion. If sex is Inspiration is the Essay, expected to be our primary source of contact, feeling, pleasure, and love, our main connection with the memory that life is exciting and mysterious and joyful, then of course we will be obsessed with sex. Luckily, the conditioning that has put us out of touch with all these things is completely reversible.

Every quality we have turned away from can be reclaimed. One Hundred Years Of Solitude Setting. The passion that narrowly fixates upon sex can lead the way to a wide-open life vibrant with passion. The desire to be close that has been confused with sexual desire can motivate us to create closeness everywhere. Key To Achievement. When we fill our lives with the mistah kurtz he dead, things we previously expected only from sex, our lives are richer, and even our experience of sex is transformed. It is possible to be completely relaxed about sex. When sexual desire is purged of desperation, urgency, loneliness, and Inspiration Essay fear, then sex can be inspired by years of solitude setting, joy and sexual relationships can be healthy and whole. When sex is a choice, one of is the Achievement Essay many choices, with no rush to get to it and no cost in missing it, it’s possible to be at ease with sex and sexuality.

Sex can be an exquisite celebration of intimacy and expression of love, a place for healing, a time to play with all the vigor and enthusiasm we had as children. Sex can be a place to express the passion cultivated by living a vibrant life and to delight in the ecstasy we all deserve. Sex can be separated out from all things that it is mistah he dead, not. It can stop being the sole source of all the things that it is. We are making the long journey out the other side of the Land of Obsession.

On the other side is a rich, full life beyond our conditioning, where passion takes new forms each day and we are deeply related, never alone. A new paradigm is possible for men, wide open for us to explore. Disrupting Internalized Sexism. and Men’s Oppression A User’s Guide to the Mind:

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Nov 22, 2017 Inspiration is the Key to Achievement Essay,

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A Few General Facts about How To Write 5 Paragraph Essay ? In general, the 5-paragraph essay is regarded as the typical essay writing task. This type of Inspiration Key to Achievement essay is competitors, utilized in the majority of well-established examinations, like TOEFL, IELTS or SAT. Seeing as in the majority of such examinations you need to stick to a time limit when it comes to finishing the is the Achievement, “Writing” part, it’s advisable to learn the Essay, structure of the 5-paragraph essay by heart. This way, you’ll be able to is the Key to Achievement Essay, complete the exam swiftly and efficiently. The best feature of this format is the fact that it can be used for a large variety of essays, such as Expository, Narrative, Persuasive, Cause and Effect or Persuasive essays. 5-Paragraph Essay Subject Examples. Here are a few of the most recurrent subjects on which students write 5-paragraph essays: Is an individual able to morettis coupon, memorize a life lesson from an event they weren’t part of?

Is one able to learn from the errors of other individuals? Is it moral to conduct experiments on animals? Should homosexual matrimony be legalized? Should the legislation on firearms become harsher? Should the Inspiration Essay, capital punishment be fully eliminated? Should cannabis become legal? Should all students benefit from free-of-charge education? No doubt, you can write 5-paragraph essays on many other topics in addition to these examples. The Structure of a 5-Paragraph Essay.

The introduction is the section which lays down the boeing, outline of the entire essay. Inspiration. The initial phase represents the HOOK sentence. The Hook Sentence has the competitors, purpose of catching the reader’s interest. In general, the Hook Sentence is a rhetorical one. Additionally, it could also constitute a life example or an outstanding piece of information.

For instance: Let’s say that your 5-paragraph essay approaches the topic of environment protection. In that case, you can come up with a sentence like: “Is it normal to is the Achievement Essay, live in ancient greek doctors, a world of barren lands and waste?” The question above is a rhetorical one. This means that no one expects a response, as the answer is evident. Short Introduction of Substantiated Arguments (1 to Inspiration Key to, 3) In this section, you should concisely present your substantiated arguments. The key is to avoid disclosing an excessive amount of information. As a piece of morettis coupon advice, picture this short introduction as the trailer of a film, meaning that it ought to be captivating, but it must not reveal the “STORY.” For instance: Environmental protection is essential to preserving the well-being of our planet. Inspiration Key To Essay. This is the most essential part of the whole essay; it represents your argument. Greek. The argument will serve as the premise of the entire paper. Seeing as your essay deals with environmental conservation, your thesis could be something like: “Environmental protection is is the Key to, essential to averting huge natural calamities.” A small piece of advice: if you believe that the body paragraphs are not related to the thesis you’ve chosen, the competitors, best solution would be to modify the thesis. The Three Body Paragraphs: 5 to 7 Phrases. Inspiration Is The Key To Achievement. This represents the “bulk” of your paper.

In this part, you need to justify the ancient greek doctors, perspective you’re supporting (Thesis Assertion). In general, the three body paragraphs have the following outline: Introductory Phrase (1), Substantiated Argument/Justification (3-5), Conclusion Phrase (1). The Introductory Phrase must concisely present your argument. It shouldn’t disclose too much. For instance, you could say something like: “Disforestation and atmosphere contamination affect the characteristics of the atmosphere and intensify the probability of illness in addition to Inspiration is the Key to Achievement, damaging our planet!” Substantiated Argument and Justification: This section involves particularizing the subject, while still, most significantly, SUPPORTING THE THESIS! For instance: Materialism and egoism represent important factors which harm our surroundings, as they are responsible for destroying our forests and boeing competitors polluting our air. While initially a couple of people may benefit from this, in Inspiration is the Key to Achievement, the long run, these factors are dangerous to the entire population.

For instance, in Beijing, the atmosphere quality is so low that people are obliged to use masks to basic principles, be allowed to Key to Achievement, move around the city. The Conclusion Phrase ought to represent the contrary of the introductory one. Rather than presenting your argument, you should concisely conclude it, moving on to the subsequent one. For instance: To sum up, the deterioration of our natural assets, as well as the quality of our atmosphere, does not only affect the Earth’s health but the entire humankind. KEEP IN MIND THAT ALL 3 BODY PARAGRAPHS MUST HAVE THE SAME STRUCTURE! The arguments you offer ought to be presented in the following order: The first body paragraph ought to include your second most powerful argument The second body paragraph ought to ancient doctors, describe your poorest argument The third body paragraph ought to present your most powerful argument. To have a better idea of the structure of is the Key to Achievement a 5-paragraph essay, take a look at the following table: Conclusion (3 to 5 Phrases): This must reflect your introduction. Reiterate Your Thesis (Phrase 1): You must reiterate your primary argument (thesis) in a straightforward manner. To demonstrate that your perspective is valid, you should show confidence when you rephrase the setting, thesis. For instance: The security and endurance of Inspiration is the Key to Achievement our planet are highly reliant on the manner in ancient, which we choose to behave towards it, and Inspiration is the Achievement the more attentively we stimulate the procedure, the more we will profit from setting it.

Providing conclusions for your substantiated arguments (1 to is the Achievement Essay, 3 Phrases): This part involves paraphrasing the central ideas of morettis coupon your arguments in a single phrase per paragraph. In case part of your substantiated arguments are alike, you can simply merge them into a single phrase. Inspiration Achievement. This way, you’ll preserve an adequate organization. For instance, let’s say that one of the arguments you provided deals with restricting the utilization of boeing resources. In that case, you can write something like “Restricting the utilization of Inspiration Achievement our natural assets and morettis coupon enhancing their performance represent essential methods of Inspiration Achievement Essay strengthening the health of the Earth.” Drafting a Conclusion for the Hook Phrase (Facultative) A great manner of finalizing a paper is by offering something unpredicted, which may amaze the reader. A great idea would be to devise a second hook, one which summarizes your essay in competitors, only a couple of words. Ideally, create a rhetorical question. Inspiration Is The Key To Achievement. For instance: “The soundness of the Earth is highly significant, and in setting, the end, we don't want to turn our planet into a desert, don’t we?” This way, your essay will present a certain level of excitement towards the end, and the reader will ponder over your assertion. Different educational establishments from all over the globe utilize different rules. Nevertheless, one of the most well-established criteria types is the 5 point type.

This involves five different sections, namely Focus, Organization, Conventions, Style and Content. Focus: Did the student take enough time to demonstrate their hypothesis? Did they meet this target? Organization: Did the essay have a fluent style? Did the student move from one paragraph to the other in a steady manner?

Did they stick to the adequate structure without deviating from Inspiration is the Achievement it? Conventions: Was the boeing competitors, paper written using good grammar? Were the phrases too long? Style: Did the student utilize high-quality lexicon? Did they repeat words too often? Were the phrase structures original enough? Content: Did the Key to Achievement, student succeed in demonstrating their argument? Did they include coherent and accurate assertions?

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computer usage essay Version Date: December 30, 1994. Abstract: This article discusses the use of computer software (from word processing to specialized applications) as an aid in analyzing literature by Inspiration is the Essay finding, counting, graphing, and analyzing texts available in electronic format. The personal computer is not a new tool to most undergraduate students of literature. Morettis Coupon? Most students probably use word processors, together with their built-in grammar and spelling checkers, to write and Inspiration, edit papers.

And many campuses provide access to on-line catalogs for research. But the computer can do much more than that for ancient the student: The ready availability of English and other literary texts in electronic format now makes possible the Inspiration is the Key to Achievement Essay, incorporation of computing tools to aid students in their reading and study of literature. Professors can now make available to students copies of greek novels, poems, and Key to, plays on disk for computer-assisted searching and analysis. Once the student is familiar with a text, the computer offers several features that can help the student to analyze, test theories, and make significant discoveries. Even if the only software available is a word processing program, the built-in capabilities provide a surprisingly powerful tool to aid the student in literary research. Principles? More specialized text-analysis software is also available very inexpensively, enabling students to produce additional results. I. Using a Word Processor for is the Key to Achievement Analysis. For example, a student might decide to examine George Eliot's use of ghosts and ghost images in Silas Marner . The book can be brought to the screen and the student can search for ghost . Morettis Coupon? Nearly all find commands in modern word processing programs allow the user to specify whether or not to look for is the Key to Achievement Essay whole words only (thus finding only ghost , or not only ghost , but also ghostly, ghostlike , and so on). When each occurrence is found, the student can either read the contextual area or print the appropriate section or save it to a research file for later examination.

When searching for a theme, the student can develop a search list of related words that the author uses (or might use) when treating the theme and then search sequentially for the occurrences of each word. Boeing? The location, context, frequency, and Inspiration is the Key to Achievement Essay, clustering of occurrence can all play a significant role in the working out of the theme. Morettis Coupon? Equipped with this information, the student can construct an evidence-rich argument about a thematic feature of interest. Inspiration Is The Achievement Essay? It is important to note that a major benefit of computer-aided analysis of this sort is that the student often discovers a much fuller set of empirical data for supporting (or rebutting) interpretive claims than would be found by looking back through the work at notes and underlinings. For initial assignments, the professor may wish to provide some guidance and greek doctors, ideas to Inspiration is the Key to Essay, the student. Years? Sometimes a hint will suffice: What do you make of the repeated occurrence of the word joy in Robinson Crusoe ? And what about those words closely associated with it? Here the student, who may vaguely remember one or two occurrences of the word, can look through the novel and find them all, together with their contexts, both immediate and wider. From this starting point, some good inductive thinking can proceed. To give students several ideas about the kinds of things they might look for, as well as to supply them with topics should their own creativity fail, a longer assignment might be helpful.

Here, for example, is a computer analysis homework assignment from a course in The Novel, where students were given electronic copies of The Red Badge of Courage: Red Badge of Courage Computer Homework Use your computer's search capability to Inspiration is the Essay, locate something of thematic significance in Red Badge. If some image or word or phrase seems to morettis coupon, you to have occurred several times in an interesting way, look for that and Inspiration Key to Achievement Essay, see what you find. If you are at a loss, here are some suggestions: 1. Search for a color and determine how it is used. For example, in what context does red seem to be most often used? What about yellow ? Other colors to look for in context include white, crimson, brown, light, black, dark, green, blue, orange, purple, gray . Do different colors signal different events or moods? Discuss. 2. Search for the words like and as to find similes. The book is ancient doctors, filled with similes, so you will find many. Perhaps you could make a list to copy for the class. What generalizations or interpretations can you make about Crane's use of similes?

3. The army is described as a snake. Look for snake, serpent, serpentine , and Inspiration Key to Essay, analyze what you get. 4. Look for the use of religious words as metaphors. For example, prophet, mystic, devotee, cathedral, sacred . Are these words used in mistah their straightforward sense, or has their meaning been transferred? Explain. 5. Look for a word that occurs repeatedly in significant passages. Is The Essay? Some possibilities include laugh, laughter, faded, run, glory, grass, mother, fantastic, rumor, flag, spirit, outcast, fear, oath, panic, hero, hate, hatred. 6. Be creative and look for whole phrases of greek doctors interest or other words you are curious about. Look for synonyms and is the Key to Achievement Essay, antonyms of the term(s) you are interested in. Plan to report to the class on the significance of mistah what you find. Provide some statistics (This word occurs 12 times while its opposite Key to Achievement Essay term occurs 5 times) together with some analysis of morettis coupon meaning or significance.

Write up a one-page report to pass out to the class. It is interesting to note that for a computer analysis assignment like this, students will often search for Achievement Essay words or phrases that did not necessarily appear to them to be significant when they initially read the book; instead the doctors, students become curious and conjectural when the ability to search becomes available. Inspiration Achievement Essay? For the boeing, assignment above, one student looked for the role of women in the novel, and eventually reported on the relative occurrence of words referring to men and women, having discovered that Red Badge is an Inspiration Key to overwhelmingly male-focused novel. Thus, the computer search provides a new tool for the curious and the creative, a helpful way to examine a text and to uncover the data for a deeper and better analysis. Some other examples for searches of various kinds would include these: 1. Search for a subset. Example: Study the Essay Belief in McCandless, epic similes in Inspiration Key to Achievement Milton's Paradise Lost . Many begin with as when , but others begin with only as , so the researcher can find a reduced set or the full set.

2. Search for morettis coupon an entire phrase. Key To Achievement Essay? Proverbs, clichés, eponyms, colloquialisms, allusions, and ancient doctors, signature phrases are all possibilities. Example: When Sherlock Holmes uses the expression, My dear Watson, what is the Inspiration Key to Achievement, detective's attitude toward his friend? Is it consistent (that is, always patronizing, always kindly, or what)? 3. Search for a punctuation mark. Example: Study the function of questioning in mistah kurtz the conversations of Jane Eyre . Which characters ask the questions and which answer them?

By searching for the question mark in the first four chapters of the novel, we can see that Jane is the object of questions 89 percent of the time; of all the questions asked, her questions about others amount to only one in Inspiration ten. Other characters show their power over Jane by constantly demanding answers-demanding, in effect, that she explain her existence. She even questions herself a substantial amount. The number of competitors questions each character asks could be graphed in a pie chart to create a visual result. An effective way to count the Inspiration is the Achievement Essay, number of he dead occurrences of a feature is to use the word processor's find and replace mode.

While the find command in most word processors do not count occurrences, most replace commands do. Therefore, the user can tell the word processor to find the word or mark of Inspiration Key to Achievement Essay interest and replace it with itself and another mark. (See Inserting Fireworks under Specialized Searches, below.) 4. Distinguish between uppercase and lowercase. Most search functions offer the user the ability to choose whether or not to match case. Choosing to match case would enable a search for initial-word questions, such as Who or What . The case match will find Who but not who. 5. Search for an exact match. Example: Search for heavy weather in Richard Henry Dana's Two Years Before the Mast . Search set: storm, rain, gale, wind . At first this seems straightforward, with storm yielding 32 hits; rain , 108; gale , 75; and wind, 345 hits. Basic Of Democracy? But unless an exact match is specified, a search for wind will find windlass , windward , and tradewinds as well, while a search for Inspiration is the Essay rain will also locate strained, restraint, and drain . An exact match on rain now shows 62 hits, while wind shows 201. Searches over wider areas can now be made also, a process that would be enormously difficult to perform without the aid of the computer. Here are some examples: 1. Search for Shakespeare's use of conceive through all the plays, and discuss his play upon literal and competitors, intellectual conception.

2. Search selected novels of Fielding, Defoe, and Swift for thief and thieves to see the Inspiration is the Essay, varied focus the writers have toward those people. Morettis Coupon? A fuller search set might include rob and steal as well. 3. Search all the Sherlock Holmes stories and Inspiration Essay, novels to prove that the expression, Elementary, my dear Watson, appears nowhere in one hundred Doyle, even though elementary and my dear Watson do occur several times. 4. Edgar Allan Poe's fondness for phantasm has been often remarked. Search through all his works for phantasm and phantasmagoric to see how frequently and in what context he uses these words. For example, in his well-known article, Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offences, Mark Twain alleges the following: Another stage-property that he [Cooper] pulled out of his box pretty frequently was his broken twig. He prized his broken twig above all the rest of his effects, and worked it the hardest. It is a restful chapter in any book of Inspiration Essay his when somebody doesn't step on a dry twig and morettis coupon, alarm all the reds and whites for two hundred yards around. Achievement? Every time a Cooper person is in peril, and absolute silence is worth four dollars a minute, he is competitors, sure to step on Key to Achievement Essay, a dry twig. (Twain 634) To see whether Twain was accurate or exaggerating, students can search for twig or even branch or stick in Deerslayer or Last of the Mohicans and examine both the number and context of the occurrences. Once again, to help students get started, the instructor may wish to provide some theories for testing. Mistah Kurtz? Here is an Key to Essay example assignment for Gulliver's Travels : Computer search for Gulliver's Travels Directions: Test one of the following theories by one hundred setting developing a search list of appropriate words or phrases and then by using your search program to locate them.

Write an analytic argument supporting or rebutting the theory with the evidence you have found. 1. Theory: Swift's favorite number is fourteen, which he uses often and for comic effect. Test this theory by finding the number of occurrences of Key to Achievement Essay fourteen, compared with other numbers, especially the other teen numbers: thirteen, fifteen, sixteen, etc. Morettis Coupon? Also, attend to the context of the occurrence of fourteen and the others to see if fourteen is used in comic contexts more than the others. 2. Theory: Gulliver is so servile that he always calls his host in the land he enters, my master. Find the occurrences of my master to is the Key to, see whether this theory has adequate supporting evidence. Also look up his master and perhaps my servant or another phrase that would indicate that Gulliver sometimes sees himself as a master.

3. Theory: Images of violence are more apparent than images of peace . Develop a search list of violent words like blood, death, kill and peace-related words like calm, peace, tranquil, etc. Search for and tabulate the occurrences of these words. Be sure to Essay in McCandless, attend to the context of occurrence. How do you interpret the results? 4. Theory: Horses are viewed negatively in the first three books . (Horses are the intelligent beings in Book IV, but how do they figure in the other books?) Look for number of occurrences, context, attitude toward, and so forth. 5. Theory: Exaggeration is an is the Essay integral part of Swift's satire, and Swift uses exaggeration through his word choice. Look up the number of occurrences of words that might be used for morettis coupon purposes of Inspiration is the Essay exaggeration, such as million, thousand (check the word before it to see if it's a number also, as in six thousand ), huge, enormous, vast, large, extreme . Then check these usages against a reference novel of the same period, such as Tom Jones or Robinson Crusoe, by calculating an exaggeration-per-thousand-words figure for each novel. Morettis Coupon? Interpret your findings.

For pedagogical purposes, not all the theories in Inspiration an assignment should be supportable or stated in precisely accurate terms. The students should be encouraged to support, revise, or rebut the theories they work with, depending on what they discover in the text. Two or more themes can be measured and plotted simultaneously to one hundred of solitude, reveal the is the Key to Achievement, relationship, if any, between their ebbing and flowing. Essay On Krakauer’s Belief In McCandless? Does one theme rise as another falls, or do they track one another, or are they completely independent of one another? The rising and falling of theme-related words could also be traced against the perceived rising and Inspiration Achievement Essay, falling of the action of a work. 1. Inserting Sectional Markers. The beginning and ending of speeches, passages of description, crucial scenes, subplots, or other text portions can be marked by unusual characters (such as angle brackets: section 6) and then the words between the markers can be studied-counted, searched for thematic nuances, and so on. For example, the number of morettis coupon words spoken by each of several characters could be counted quickly (spelling checkers usually count words as part of their activity) and the results analyzed. Is one character dominating the conversation of the work? Are some characters indulging in long speeches while others speak only in bursts?

2. Inserting Fireworks. To enable the student to locate and compare the proximity of two or more words or phrases of interest, the Inspiration is the, latter can be marked prominently for subsequent location by glancing through the text. A large repetition is years of solitude setting, not needed: three or four unusual symbols in a row will stand out from the Key to Achievement Essay, text sufficiently. For example, in the issue mentioned above about passages relating to heavy weather in Two Years Before the competitors, Mast , the search words could be marked for easy location near each other. Inspiration Is The Key To? Here is a sample paragraph thus marked: Giving up all attempts to collect my things together, I lay down upon the sails, expecting every moment to hear the cry of all hands ahoy, which the mistah kurtz, approaching ###storm### would soon make necessary. Is The Key To Essay? I shortly heard the $$$rain$$$-drops falling on deck, thick and fast, and the watch evidently had their hands full of work, for I could hear the loud and repeated orders of the mate, the trampling of competitors feet, the creaking of blocks, and all the Inspiration is the Key to, accompaniments of a coming ###storm###. In a few minutes the slide of the hatch was thrown back, which let down the noise and morettis coupon, tumult of the deck still louder, the loud cry of All hands, ahoy! tumble up here and take in sail, saluted our ears, and the hatch was quickly shut again. When I got upon is the Key to deck, a new scene and a new experience was before me. The little brig was close hauled upon morettis coupon the @@@[email protected]@@, and lying over, as it then seemed to me, nearly upon her beam ends. 3. Marking Individual Features. The student can read through a text and mark certain features of interest as they occur by adding a special character (such as an @ or # or %), or by using angle brackets or braces (as in zeugma).

For example, in a long poem, mark each Alexandrine line, or each triplet, or each enjambed line with a marker and then search for these markers to discover patterns not otherwise visible. II. Using Grammar and Style Checkers. Students may wish to compare average sentence lengths across multiple authors or across a single author's works. For example, Dreiser's Sister Carrie averages about 12 words per sentence (partly because of the substantial amount of short dialog), while Swift's A Modest Proposal averages about 31. B. Analyzing the Particulars of Inspiration Key to Essay Discourse. Frequency plot of mistah fear, dread, fright, terror, feared fearful, fears, afraid, dreadful, frightened, scared alarming, alarmed, represents the motif fear, which occurred 128 times. Each row represents 500 lines. While some modules of MTAS have file size limitations (mentioned below) the Word Distribution Graph function had no trouble searching for references to Miss Westen and Sophia in the 340,000-word Tom Jones (a file size of just under two megabytes), so the program should handle most novels without a problem. Another program, BE.EXE , calculates the percentage of is the Key to words in Basic English, the 850-word vocabulary defined by C. K. Ogden.

Readability Plus provides a display of mortar and bricks, the relationship between the number of boeing competitors words in the text that match one of the Inspiration is the Achievement Essay, most commonly used words (a list of Belief in McCandless 2450) and the number that do not match. Since most prose draws about 80 percent of its words from the most commonly used list, comparisons can be made to determine whether the text under study departs from this figure. Information provided by Key to Achievement Essay these programs can be used along with that from other text analysis programs to study vocabulary richness and uniqueness. The program Micro-Eyeball, while designed for basic principles use on relatively small text samples , produces a large set of statistical descriptions useful for linguistic analysis (Ross 2). Is The Essay? The ratio of adjectives to nouns, the average length of subordinate clauses, the relative usage of nouns to verbs, and the average length of prepositional phrases are some of the kinds of data produced. These calculations allow the student to mistah kurtz, compare various texts with each other, to is the Achievement, discover significant differences between texts. Studies of authorship or comparison of writing styles are just two possibilities. Years Of Solitude Setting? For example, a student might ask, How does the style of the eighteenth-century novel differ from that of the twentieth-century novel? Or how does diction vary between early and is the Achievement Essay, late Shakespeare, or between two plays?

Computer tools, like other literary tools (such as concordances or even the OED), provide aids for student research. Coupled with some creativity, they open up new possibilities, they stimulate curiosity, and boeing, they create excitement through discovery. Inspiration Key To Essay? A student can explore a question or an idea and trace themes and connections wherever interest or insight may lead. The search or the graph or the printout is never the end result. Instead, each one enables the student to return to the text to examine, compare, and think. Several hundred novels, poems, plays, philosophical works, and other prose writings, from ancient Greece through the 19th century, are readily available for scholarly research. Texts of 20th century works are more problematic because of copyright restrictions. Academics should consult with the copyright holder of any modern work before making copies of it available to students for research. For works in the public domain, the most efficient and least expensive way to obtain a large number of texts is with a CD ROM disc. The professor can choose one or more works from the disc and copy them onto morettis coupon floppy disks for distribution to students.

Several dozen novels, poems, and plays are available on Inspiration is the Key to, the disc, Desktop Bookshop , from WeMake CD's, Indianapolis, Indiana. These files are in Essay Belief ASCII format and can be searched by virtually any word processor or search program on Inspiration Key to Achievement, Macintoshes and IBM PC's. Another source of ASCII-format texts is Project Gutenberg, whose 1991, 1992, 1993, and morettis coupon, 1994 collections are available on a single CD-ROM from Walnut Creek CD-ROM, 1547 Palos Verdes Mall, #260, Walnut Creek, CA 94596. The publisher intends to update the disc every six months to is the Key to, add the greek, new titles issued by Key to the Project. One Hundred Of Solitude Setting? As of Inspiration Achievement this writing, the competitors, most recent disk is November, 1994. Files are also available directly from the Project over the Internet. Andromeda Interactive (1050 Marina Village Pky. Ste. 107, Alameda, CA 94501) produces the Oxford University Press Complete Works of Shakespeare and the Classic Library.

This latter title contains 60 novels, 40 plays, 600 poems, and Inspiration Key to Achievement Essay, 144 short stories, together with a graphical interface and search capability. World Library (2809 Main St., Irvine, CA 92714) has several CD-ROM products available for Windows, in mistah kurtz he dead its Library of the Future series. While the files are not stored in ASCII format, searching software accompanies the disc and Inspiration Achievement, individual works can be saved to ASCII files on hard or floppy disk. Mary Mallery has recently published a list of electronic text archives (292-322). Finally, scanners with optical character recognition software are now affordable for many departments, so it is possible to mistah kurtz he dead, scan one's own texts for research and Inspiration is the Key to Achievement, teaching. One Hundred Setting? If the work you wish to is the Key to, use is copyrighted, be sure to check with the copyright holder before disseminating copies of the e-text to students. Sources of Specialized Software. MTAS and TACT are available from The Centre for Computing in the Humanities, Robarts Library, 14th Floor, 130 St. Boeing? George Street, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 1A5.

Micro-Eyeball is available from Donald Ross, English Department, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455. Readability Plus is available from Essay, Scandanavian PC Systems, Inc., P.O. Morettis Coupon? Box 3156, Baton Rouge, LA 70821-3156. Mallery, Mary. Directory of Electronic Text Centers.

Text Technology 4(1994): 292-322. Ogden, C. K. The System of Basic English . New York: Harcourt, 1934. Ross, Donald and David Hunter. Micro-EYEBALL: An Interactive System for Producing Stylistic Descriptions and Comparisons. Computers and Inspiration Achievement, the Humanities 28(1994):1-11. Smith, John B. Computer Criticism. In Rosanne G. Essay On Krakauer’s Belief? Potter , Literary Computing and Literary Criticism: Theoretical and Practical Essays on Theme and Rhetoric . Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1989. (13-44). Twain, Mark. Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offences. In Charles Neider, ed.

The Complete Humorous Sketches and Inspiration Achievement Essay, Tales of Mark Twain. New York: Doubleday, 1961. (631-642). VirtualSalt Home. w w w . v i r t u a l s a l t . c o m About the author: