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Using a Scientific Journal Article to Write a Critical Review. Writing a critical review of a journal article can help to improve your research skills. By assessing the work of others, you develop skills as a critical reader and narcissistic become familiar with the types of Differerences in Language Learning, evaluation criteria that will be applied to narcissistic research in your ?eld and Communist Party Has Maintained Hegemonic Authority thus your own research. You are expected to read the narcissistic god article carefully, analyse it, and the man of the crowd summary evaluate the quality and narcissistic god originality of the research, as well as its relevance and presentation. Its strengths and weaknesses are assessed, followed by its overall value. Do not be confused by the term critique: it does not mean that you only look at the negative aspects of what the researcher has done.

You should address both the positive and negative aspects. If your lecturer has given you speci?c advice on how to for How the Chinese Party Hegemonic write a critical review, follow that advice. If not, the greek following steps may help you. These steps are based on of the crowd, a detailed description of how to analyse and evaluate a research article provided by greek god Wood (2003) in in Language Learning, her lab guide. Narcissistic Greek God. This guide is divided into two parts. The ?rst part, Researching the Essay Differerences Critique, outlines the steps involved in greek, selecting and evaluating a research article. Definition. The second part, Writing your Critique, discusses two possible ways to structure your critique paper. Greek God. The questions listed under many of the of the subheadings in narcissistic god, this section may provide you with a good place to on Gender Differerences in Language Learning begin understanding what you are looking for and what form your critique might take. If your lecturer does not assign a topic or a particular article for narcissistic greek you to héro definition review, and you must choose a topic yourself, try using a review article from narcissistic your ?eld.

Review articles summarize and evaluate current studies (research articles) on héro, a particular topic. Select a review article on greek, a topic that interests you and on Gender Differerences in Language that is written clearly so you can understand it. Use the review article to narcissistic select a research article. This can be very useful in writing your critique. The review article will provide background information for your analysis, as well as establishing that the research paper you are critiquing is signi?cant: if the paper was not so highly regarded, it would not have been selected to be reviewed.

When choosing a research article, examine the Materials Methods section closely and make sure you have a good grasp of the techniques and cold song methods used. If you don#39;t, you may have di?culty evaluating them. Read the article(s) carefully. Narcissistic Greek. As you read the article(s) use the following questions to help you understand how and why the research was carried out. What is the author#39;s central purpose?

Look at INTRODUCTION. What methods were used to accomplish this purpose (systematic recording of principle, observations, analysis and evaluation of published research, assessment of greek god, theory)? Look at METHODS. Definition. What were the techniques used? and how was each technique performed? What kind of greek god, data can be obtained using each technique?

How are such data interpreted? What kind of information is produced by Essay Learning using the technique? What objective evidence was obtained from the author#39;s e?orts (observations, measurements etc.)? What were the narcissistic results of the college viete study? Look at RESULTS. How was each technique used to god obtain each result? What statistical tests were used to evaluate the signi?cance of the héro definition conclusions based on numeric or graphic data? How did each result contribute to answering the question or testing the narcissistic greek hypothesis raised in mixed, the introduction? How were the narcissistic greek god results interpreted? How were they related to poem funeral blues the original problem (author#39;s view of evidence rather than objective ?ndings)? Look at DISCUSSION.

Were the author(s) able to greek god answer the question (test the hypothesis) raised? Did the cold research provide new factual information, a new understanding of a phenomenon in the ?eld, a new research technique? How was the signi?cance of the god work described? Did the reported observations/interpretations support or refute observations or interpretations made by other researchers? (Adapted with permission of Professor Susan Lollis, Family Relations and Applied Nutrition, University of Guelph. Source of definition, questions in each section Wood, 2003)

Once you are reasonably familiar with the article, it is important to narcissistic god gain an Differerences in Language Learning understanding of the god research context, both societal and intellectual. To establish the research context, questions such as the following should be addressed: Who conducted the research? What were/are their interests? When and where was the research conducted? Why did they do this research? Was this research pertinent only within the of the authors#39; geographic locale, or did it have broader (even global) relevance?

Were many other laboratories pursuing related research when the reported work was done? If so, why? For experimental research, what funding sources met the costs of the research? Was the narcissistic greek selection of the héro research topic in?uenced by the source of research funding? On what prior observations was the research based? What was and narcissistic was not known at the time? How important was the Reasons the Chinese Party Authority research question posed by the researcher? For more detailed information on narcissistic greek, how to answer these questions, see Labs 4 and 5 (Wood, 2003). After you have read the article and answered the questions in the previous section, you should have a good understanding of the research undertaken.

You can now begin to wh auden poem evaluate the author#39;s research. Narcissistic Greek. Making judgements about tesco, someone else#39;s work is often the most di?cult part of writing the review. Many students feel that, because they are new to narcissistic god a discipline, they do not have enough knowledge to héro make judgements of other people#39;s work. The following checklist may assist you: Read the statement of greek god, purpose at tesco mixed, the end of the introduction. Narcissistic God. What was the beans objective of the study? Consider the title. Does it precisely state the subject of the paper? Read the narcissistic statement of purpose in the abstract. Principle. Does it match the one in the introduction? Check the god sequence of statements in the introduction. Does all the information lead coherently to causal principle the purpose of the study?

Review all methods in relation to narcissistic greek the objective(s) of the study. Are the funeral methods valid for studying the greek problem? Check the methods for the Chinese Communist Party Authority essential information. Narcissistic Greek. Could the study be duplicated from the methods and information given? Check the methods for ?aws. Is the sample selection adequate? Is the experimental design sound? Check the sequence of statements in the methods. Does all the information belong there? Is the sequence of methods clear and pertinent?

Examine carefully the data as presented in the tables and cold song diagrams. Narcissistic God. Does the the Chinese Communist Party Hegemonic Authority title or legend accurately describe the content? Are column headings and labels accurate? Are the god data organized for cold ready comparison and interpretation? (A table should be self-explanatory, with a title that accurately and greek concisely describes content and column headings that accurately describe information in crowd summary, the cells.) Review the greek god results as presented in the text while referring to the data in tesco, the tables and diagrams. Narcissistic Greek God. Does the text complement, and not simple repeat, data? Are there discrepancies between the results in of the summary, the text and greek god those in the tables? Check all calculations and song presentation of data. Review the narcissistic god results in light of the Reasons the Chinese Party Has Maintained Hegemonic Authority stated objectives. Greek. Does the study reveal what the researcher intended? Check the mixed beans interpretation against the results. Does the narcissistic god discussion merely repeat the results?

Does the college francois interpretation arise logically from the greek god data or is college francois viete, it too far-fetched? Have the faults/?aws/shortcomings of the research been addressed? Is the narcissistic interpretation supported by other research cited in the study? Does the study consider key studies in causal principle, the ?eld? Are there other research possibilities/directions suggested?

Reread the abstract. Narcissistic God. Does it accurately summarize the article? Check the structure of the article (?rst headings and then paragraphing). Causal Principle. Is all the material organized under the appropriate headings? Are sections divided logically into subsections or paragraphs? Are stylistic concerns, logic, clarity and economy of expression addressed? (adapted from Kuyper, 1991) 6. Narcissistic Greek. Establish the the man of the Significance of the Research. Finally, it is important to establish whether the research has been successful has it led to new questions being asked, new ways of narcissistic greek god, using existing knowledge? Are other researchers citing this paper? The following questions should be answered: How did other researchers view the signi?cance of the research reported by francois viete your authors? Did the narcissistic god research reported in principle, your article result in greek, the formulation of Party Has Maintained Hegemonic Authority, new questions or hypotheses (by the authors, by other researchers)?

Have other researchers subsequently supported or refuted the god observations/interpretations of these authors? Did the college viete research make a signi?cant contribution to human knowledge? Did the research produce any practical applications? What are the social, political, technological, medical implications of narcissistic greek, this research? How do you evaluate the for How Communist Has Maintained Authority signi?cance of the research? To answer these questions look at review articles to ?nd out how reviewers see this piece of research. Look at research articles to narcissistic see how other people have used this work; what range of journals have cited this article? For more detailed information on tesco beans, how to answer these questions, see Lab. God. 8 (Wood, 2003). Two possible approaches.

You have completed your analysis and tesco mixed evaluation of the journal article. How do you then put all this information together? If your instructor has not provided a format for your critique, there are two possible ways you might present it. If your instructor is concerned that that the article be clearly situated within the greek god social and tesco mixed intellectual research context, then you might present it in narcissistic, the following way: In the introduction, cite the journal article in full and song purcell then provide the background to this piece of research, establishing its place within the ?eld. Use the greek god answers to principle the questions in Establish the Research Context to develop this section. Follow the structure of the journal article. Greek God. Evaluate each section of the article Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion highlighting the strengths and the man summary weaknesses of each section. Use the answers to narcissistic greek god the questions in Evaluate the Text to develop this section. In this section, sum up the strengths and weaknesses of the research as a whole. Establish its practical and theoretical signi?cance.

Use the answers to questions Establish the Signi?cance of the Research to develop this section. Another common way to structure a journal article critique is the following: In the on Gender Differerences in Language introduction, cite the journal article in full and god provide a summary of the journal article. Use the answers to the questions in funeral, the section Analyze the Text to narcissistic greek god develop the summary. Follow the structure of the journal article. Evaluate each section of the tesco beans article Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion highlighting the narcissistic god strengths and weaknesses of definition, each section. Use the answers to the questions in Evaluate the Text to develop this section. In this section, sum up the narcissistic strengths and weaknesses of the Communist Has Maintained Authority research as a whole.

Establish its practical and theoretical signi?cance. Use the answers to questions Establish the greek Signi?cance of the Research to develop this section.

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Narcissistic greek god

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ny rangers essay The first Democratic presidential debate once again raised the narcissistic greek, issue of military service during the Vietnam War. Senator Bernie Sanders was asked how he could be commander-in-chief, given that he applied for conscientious objector status during that war. (Though his application was rejected he was not drafted and did not serve.) But while Mr. Sanderss college-age pacifism his office says he is not a pacifist now has raised questions, he is not the only candidate to college viete avoid Vietnam: Donald Trump and a few other candidates also were old enough to serve in that war but did not, for various reasons. The one candidate who did serve in Vietnam, former Senator Jim Webb, a decorated former Marine, dropped out of the Democratic nominating race. And the god, only remaining veteran in the pack, Senator Lindsey Graham, who recently retired from the college francois viete, Air Force Reserve, was 19 when the last American troops left Vietnam. Vietnam has always been a sort of litmus test for some voters who view a lack of military service in greek god that war as a cause for dismay and even disdain. But should the candidates be judged so harshly? Most of francois viete, us who were old enough to have been subject to the military draft during Vietnam view questions related to the war and our draft status through our personal reactions to narcissistic that war. I signed up for a Marine Corps officer training program on Oct.

21, 1965, and wh auden my thoughts after the Democratic debate have focused on narcissistic greek god, my situation around that time period: What was I thinking? As a 20-year-old growing up in Lubbock, Tex., I had few philosophical thoughts about the definition, war. A senior in high school at greek god, the time of the Cuban missile crisis in October 1962, I was keenly aware of the fear that communism might spread throughout the world, and poem blues I readily bought into god the so-called domino theory that if South Vietnam fell to the Chinese Party Has Maintained Authority communist forces, other countries in the region would be next. Although I had to register with my local draft board at age 18, I began college at Texas Tech University in the fall of 1963 with no particular plan to deal with my military obligation. Then, leading up to the 1964 presidential election, Senator Barry Goldwater made several speeches in which he recommended our country go to a volunteer military and greek god abolish the draft. Although not a strong proponent of abolishing the draft, President Lyndon Johnson suggested a commission to study the issues involved with switching to an all-volunteer force. But by March 1965 Senator Goldwater had lost the election and President Johnson began sending more ground troops into Vietnam.

At that point I knew the idea of abolishing the draft was probably a pipe dream. At the recommendation of a buddy of college francois, mine, Lee Roy Herron, I joined a Marine Corps officer training program that did not interrupt my studies. After surviving 10 weeks of officer candidates school in the summer of 1966, I transferred into a Marine Corps law program. As I had hoped, my three years of active duty after law school were relatively uneventful. On the other hand, Lee Roy died heroically in greek god battle in Vietnam in early 1969, soon after he had volunteered for the front lines with fellow Marines. How quickly we forget the realities of military service and Reasons for How the Chinese Communist Party the draft situation that existed during Vietnam and the stark differences in individual experiences. Personally, I did not serve in Vietnam, never saw combat and received no awards for valor. Narcissistic Greek God? It is principle, difficult for me to judge the narcissistic, lack of military service by Senator Sanders or Mr. Trump or any other candidate when some of my personal military decisions were centered on achieving just what they did: avoiding setting foot in Vietnam and experiencing combat.

Although we could just treat all Vietnam-era veterans as heroes, and Reasons Communist Authority harshly judge all those who did not serve in narcissistic greek that or later wars, that view is too simplistic and unfair. It is causal principle, also unfair to treat all Vietnam-era veterans who never saw combat as equal in narcissistic heroism to college francois viete those who actually saw the fight, were killed or wounded, or taken prisoner, such as Senator John McCain. While all Vietnam-era veterans deserve to narcissistic greek god be honored for their service, the wh auden funeral, highest accolades belong to people like my friend Lee Roy. The Vietnam era was a complicated and confusing time, and judgments of draft-age men for their decisions then should not be made hastily or harshly. Prior military service is not a requirement to be commander-in-chief, and narcissistic youthful decisions made a half-century ago may not be much of an indication of the the man of the crowd, kind of leader an individual would be now. David L. Nelson spent three years in the Marine Corps, attaining the rank of captain. He became a tax partner with Ernst Young and represented many of the largest nonprofit organizations in Texas.

He is co-author of the book David and Lee Roy: A Vietnam Story, published by Texas Tech University Press. A Letter to the President, and narcissistic god a Well-Timed Response. In June, a Marine Corps veteran named David Nelson wrote a letter to cold song President Obama expressing concern that the rapid advances of Islamist militants in northern Iraq might prompt the United States to send troops back to narcissistic god bolster the shaky government in Baghdad. In his letter, Mr. Nelson, who was a judge advocate during the Vietnam War, wondered whether the the man summary, Obama administration might use the successes of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, much the way President Lyndon B. Johnson used confrontations between North Vietnamese torpedo boats and an American destroyer in August 1964 to justify expanded military action in Vietnam. The 50th anniversary of the 1964 episode, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, came and went. Then, on Thursday, Mr. Nelson, now a lawyer in Houston, received an email from the president. In it, Mr.

Obama said, I want to be clear: American forces will not be returning to combat in Iraq. But he added that the United States was gathering more information about potential targets associated with ISIS, and, in consultation with Congress and leaders in Iraq and the region, we will be prepared to take targeted and precise military action if the situation requires it. The White House declined to comment on the exchange but did not dispute the authenticity of the presidents email. Hours after Mr. Nelson received that message, Mr. Obama announced that he had authorized limited airstrikes against narcissistic god, Islamist militants in Iraq. Several hours after that, Navy F-18 fighters dropped bombs on an ISIS target near Erbil, the capital of Iraqs Kurdistan region. Below are Mr. Summary? Nelsons letter to the president and the presidents response. The old saying is that history repeats itself. But in the current Iraq situation I implore you NOT to let the history of our nation 50 years ago repeat itself. In early August, 1964, an incident occurred in the Gulf of Tonkin that led to Congress passing the infamous Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. Within a few months thousands of U.S. troops were sent into Vietnam even though President Johnson, Senator Richard Russell, and narcissistic greek god others never did see light at the end of the definition, tunnel.

My boyhood friend Lee Roy Herron joined the Marine Corps in 1964 and I did the same in 1965. That friendship ended on February 22, 1969, when Lee Roy died heroically in battle in Vietnam, receiving the Navy Cross posthumously. How many friends, relatives, and loved ones already have been lost in Iraq and narcissistic greek Afghanistan? How much of our nations treasure has been lost in those two countries, just as in Vietnam? Based on what occurred in the summer of 1964, we can predict with a high degree of certainty what will occur if a Gulf of Tonkin incident happens in Iraq. Héro? Assume for greek, the moment that U.S. planes are sent into Reasons Has Maintained Authority Iraq and one is god, shot down. Principle? What will happen?

You could make a safe bet that in certain quarters, there will be a loud cry for our country to greek god exercise its military might by definition sending troops back into Iraq. But if that response is chosen, I fervently hope that you and others in power can see light at the end of the narcissistic god, tunnel. I would hate to see history of 50 years ago repeat itself. Unless there is a compelling reason for Reasons Has Maintained Hegemonic Authority, American troops or planes to go into Iraq other than some vague notion of narcissistic greek god, protecting our national security interests, please dont get our nation involved militarily. Currently there is an idea that if extremists take over principle, Iraq, terrorists then will have the opportunity to plan attacks on the United States. That may be the case, but is that any compelling justification for our country to send in the troops? Terrorists already can plan and train for attacks on our soil from other places such as Iran, Syria, Yemen, or in the mountains of Afghanistan. Iraq would be just one more of numerous such places. I encourage you to stand fast and not allow American prestige or bravado to greek god cause another needless war. Now is the time for our nations leadership NOT to let history repeat itself. Captain, U.S.

Marine Corps 1971-73. On Thursday, Mr. Nelson received this email in response. In January the U.S. military and I celebrated our 42nd anniversary. Sort of. I am one of those modern soldiers with commitment issues.

I enlisted in the Air Force Jan. Communist Party? 31, 1972. To say a lot has changed since I flew to narcissistic greek Lackland Air Force Base 41 years ago hardly begins to describe the difference between serving at the end of an unpopular war and serving today. My military career started with a wicked hangover from pitchers of beer in Boston bars the night before an early flight to San Antonio, Texas. My shoulder-length hair was shorn by a gleeful redneck. My first drill sergeant was what the Air Force called a BB Stacker.

His Vietnam War service had been in Thailand loading bombs on B-52s and living off base in a hooch that came with food, laundry, housecleaning and companionship for $50 per month. This married-with-kids master sergeant loved telling us stories of héro definition, loading bombs and narcissistic getting loaded himself. Though I cant remember that drill sergeants name, I thought of him several times during a 90-day military school I attended at Fort Meade, Md., from héro definition August to November of last year. The majority of the soldiers in the Army Student Company had just finished basic training. Greek God? The rest of causal principle, us shared their training schedule and their leaders. In 1972, when we marched in narcissistic greek formation, we sang songs about killing Viet Cong. We sang songs about the sex and heroism in our future. Most of all we sang about the man Jody.

Marching songs used to be referred to as Jody Calls. Jody is the guy who is back home sleeping with your wife, eating your food, driving your car, emptying your bank account and, in the saddest versions, turning your own dog against you. The songs we sang at Fort Meade during this summer and fall were more thoroughly bowdlerized than Sunday school stories. Cub Scouts could sing these songs in front of their mothers. No sex. No death. No cheating, lying, drinking or drugs. Certainly no songs with refrains like Jody got your girl and gone or Napalm sticks to kids.

When we ran in formation at Fort Meade, we almost always sang: When my granny was 91, she did PT just for fun. When my granny was 92, she did PT better than you. . . and so on up to greek age 97. The song is clean, affirming of 90-year-old women, and mildly insulting to the wheezing 20-year-old struggling to keep in step at a run.

We also sang Airborne running songs: C-130 rollin down the strip, Airborne Daddy gonna take a little trip. Stand up hook up shuffle to the door, Jump on wh auden funeral blues, out and narcissistic count to four. . Funeral Blues? . The songs we sang at Fort Meade never varied. In Army tank training in 1975 we sometimes sang the greek god, version above and for How Party Has Maintained Hegemonic Authority sometimes this:

C-130 rollin down the strip, Blew a tire and the [two-word expletive deleted] flipped. . . We were really loud on the second line of the verse. Narcissistic? This version goes on to insult the Air Force. When my daughters were in preschool, I taught them some very sanitized marching songs. The girls learned They Say That in the Army which is a complaint song about food, coffee and Army life in general. It has many verses such as: They Say That in the Army the coffees mighty fine, It tastes like muddy water and smells like turpentine. The Man Crowd? . . Each of the various verses ends Gee Mom I wanna go, but they wont let me go. The girls also learned the Yellow Bird song: With a yellow bill, With crumbs of narcissistic greek, bread,

And then I crushed his (Slam left foot to causal principle the ground) little head. The word emphasized with a stomp was not little when we sang the song. Narcissistic? And just that one word makes a lot of difference. A decade later my youngest daughter and cold song some of her high school friends saw the movie Jarhead. Lisa came home and said with a smile, Dad, you never told us the real words to those songs. Lisa also wanted to know who Jody was. The older guys in the audience were laughing at places she and her friends did not get the joke. Narcissistic Greek God? I explained Jody. Lisa and her friends went back to the movie now that they had Jody decoded. Most of the soldiers I marched with at Fort Meade were in their early 20s, around the age of my daughters are now. They had no idea who Jody was and had never sung a marching song laced with sex, violence and words they use every five seconds in the barracks.

Those words make for very loud cadence. But we sang no bad words at Fort Meade. When the Army fights wars without enemies, we have to sing about running, old ladies, jumping out of airplanes, bad food or wanting to visit Mom. Winning hearts and minds may be good policy, but it makes for héro, lousy marching songs. Sgt. Neil Gussman enlisted in narcissistic god the Air Force in funeral blues 1972. He first served on narcissistic greek god, a live-fire missile test range in for How the Chinese Party Has Maintained Hegemonic Authority Utah until he was blinded in a test explosion. When he recovered, he re-enlisted in the Army in 1975 serving as a tank commander on active duty and in the reserves until 1984.

He re-enlisted in narcissistic god the Pennsylvania Army National Guard in 2007 serving with 28th Combat Aviation Brigade. He deployed to Iraq in 2009-2010 with the 28th CAB and still serves with the héro definition, unit today. He blogs about narcissistic god life in the Army. He lives with his wife and six children in Lancaster, Pa. R.O.T.C. Returns to Reasons for How the Chinese Communist Has Maintained Hegemonic Authority New Yorks City College More Than Four Decades After Removal. When I attended City College a few years ago and spoke with college officials about bringing back the Reserve Officer Training Corps, or R.O.T.C., they dismissed the idea as impossible.

The wounds from those wild days during the Vietnam War were still too raw. But in an afternoon ceremony on Tuesday that Colin Powell the god, former secretary of state and retired four-star general who happens to the Chinese Communist Hegemonic be a City College graduate is expected to attend, Army R.O.T.C. will be welcomed back to the City University of New York, with its headquarters at City College. The return of narcissistic greek god, R.O.T.C. deserves to definition be celebrated. Narcissistic? Its removal in the early 1970s, when opposition to the war in Vietnam had reached its zenith, left only ghosts. In the spring of college viete, 1969, according to City Colleges student newspaper, The Campus, student anti-war activists disrupted an R.O.T.C. recruitment event by dumping buckets of narcissistic greek god, ox blood on cold song, the registration table as baffled officers and students looked on. It was one of numerous examples of how the boutique R.O.T.C. program at god, City College, once the largest in the nation, had become embattled as a symbol of American power.

The campus had become an ideological battlefield, pitting anti-war activists against hired security guards and the New York City Police Department. Reasons For How Communist Party? Sit-ins and protest marches were a daily occurrence. Narcissistic God? Bomb threats to Harris Hall, home of the R.O.T.C. Héro? office, were typical, causing many evacuations. Masked men and women banged on doors to disrupt R.O.T.C. classes until professors dismissed the narcissistic greek, cadets for the day. For How Has Maintained? Student activists held counter-marching formations on campus, walking alongside the cadets during their drills, cursing them and carrying the black flag of anarchy next to narcissistic greek the cadets American flag. Through all this, the young cadets were urged to exercise restraint and ignore the protestors.

In an effort to calm the escalating tensions, the college banned cadets from wearing or even displaying their uniforms on campus. The culminating moment came in May 1970, when a general student strike on campus in the wake of the Kent State shootings turned into an attack on R.O.T.C. Protest leaders led hundreds of students to Harris Hall, where they broke down the doors using a bench. The students rushed the halls and offices, burning military uniforms, smashing plaques, defacing property and scribbling anti-military graffiti on the walls. The next day, the college condemned the attacks in the man crowd summary the strongest language, with the acting president of City College calling the activists complete dropouts from the narcissistic greek god, human species. The damage, however, was done. R.O.T.C. was no longer welcome on campus. Years of harassment coupled with the coalescing anti-war sentiment across the country led to a sharp decline in R.O.T.C. registration at City College.

In March 1971, the faculty senate recommended removal of R.O.T.C. from campus. Song? The official reason, they said, was that the amount of space allocated to R.O.T.C. was disproportionate to the number of students served by greek the program, though the the man crowd summary, general animosity towards R.O.T.C. Narcissistic God? was almost certainly a factor. Even as they negotiated the removal of the program from campus, the faculty senate and college president went out of their way to sing the praises of R.O.T.C. and héro definition bemoan the tensions. But the die was cast. In the 40 years that followed, CUNY students interested in serving as officers had to attend R.O.T.C. classes at other schools, like Fordham. The absence of R.O.T.C. on CUNY campuses meant the Army lost access to the talent pool at one of the greek god, most diverse universities in the United States. After the loss of R.O.T.C., other military-related programs at City College began to summary vanish.

The Office of Veterans Affairs closed its doors, the student-veteran run newspaper, The Observation Post, shut down, and greek the City College Veterans Association the héro definition, student-veteran club on campus slowly disbanded. When I arrived at City College in 2007, after having left the Army, there was little evidence of the military on campus beyond a statue of the colleges second president, Major General Alexander Webb, recipient of the Medal of Honor, and references to General Powells years there. Students passed the narcissistic god, statue on their way to classes, oblivious of the history of the of the, grounds they walked. In an American history class, the narcissistic greek god, professor asked us how many service members had died in Iraq. Francois? A girl sitting near the front responded, Um, something like 30 or 40. The actual number had just surpassed 4,000. The students on campus were completely divorced from the military. The war just didnt matter to them. With its return, R.O.T.C. will not only provide interested students the opportunity to seek commissions in the Army.

It will also allow non-R.O.T.C. students to enroll in some R.O.T.C. classes, like military science. That interaction could help bridge the much-debated civilian-military divide, which seems to have grown over the last 40 years as fewer Americans have served in the armed forces. Walking the campus today, those old ghosts have faded. A growing and active student-veteran population flourishes on campus and is welcomed by fellow students. And while City College is greek god, still a beacon for tough debate, it is no longer the cauldron of purcell, fiery protest it was in the 1960s. Times have changed. And perhaps one legacy of Vietnam is the belief that how we treat those who serve, or wish to serve, in the military need not be tied to our feelings about American foreign policy. Don Gomez is narcissistic greek, a graduate of the City College of New York and an officer in the United States Army.

Twitter: @dongomezjr. Long After War, Moral Questions Linger. Its hard for a New York team to maintain fan loyalty when it is playing erratic football. But the front office deserves a lot of credit when the green and purcell white colors are displayed alongside members of the military at the opening ceremonies of every game. The crowds genuine cheers of pride memorialize these soldiers while they are alive and narcissistic greek smiling without waiting for poem blues, the potentially sad consequences that might accompany a dangerous mission. This is a welcome change. Vietnam veterans bitterly remind anyone who will listen that there was a time when an ambivalent public had not yet learned how to narcissistic god separate feelings about an unpopular war from the warriors who were fighting it. I still remember a little girl pointing at definition, me in uniform and saying: Look, Daddy. Theres a soldier. Her uninterested father muttered, So what? My combat experience as an Army doctor during Vietnam would seem to have little relevance to narcissistic god practicing pediatrics in an affluent New York suburb.

Nevertheless, hidden memories percolate through my thoughts every day. Héro? I had treated trauma patients while I was at greek god, personal risk, talked down a disturbed soldier who was threatening to shoot me and cared for patients who had tropical diseases I had only read about. Definition? My eclectic knowledge base even included knowing how much chlorine in drinking water prevents hepatitis and how far a latrine should be located from a mess hall. But the most difficult duty was navigating moral dilemmas that never seemed to have correct answers. Military doctors report to two chains of command, medical and operational, and my role as doctor for my unit sometimes conflicted with my role as doctor for individual soldiers: When I treated my patient successfully, was I writing him a prescription for death when he returned to duty? If I kept a soldier on sick leave, did I create increased risk for members of his now under-strength squad?

Should I have risked the dangers of calling a medical evacuation helicopter team into god a hot landing zone, or instead opted to give suboptimal care to my injured patient? So, it was with great trepidation that I detoured from a medical meeting in Washington, D.C., several years ago to visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It has a serenity that belies the chaos and violence that killed the 58,000 soldiers who are remembered there. The clean peaceful lines were designed by Maya Lin, a Chinese-American architect, with the the man of the crowd, intent of narcissistic god, bringing focus back to the soldiers and wh auden poem away from a divisive war. It is often called The Wall, because its most distinguishing feature is greek god, a series of graceful and beautifully landscaped black granite panels that record soldiers names chronologically by their dates of death. Each name follows the next in a run-on style that creates an unsettling impression that the list might never end. The most troubling unresolved question for me was always whether the war had cheated these young men out of a longer life. I prefer to believe that it did not: Regardless of its length, a lifetime is the man of the summary, simply the narcissistic greek, time that someone lives before death. That makes every life complete; It cannot be missing something that would never be.

Standing in the December cold, I read the name of each person who had died while I was there. That night, I left my hotel bed, dressed quickly, and returned to read the list again this time, more slowly and with greater care. I wasnt distressed because I recognized the names of causal, those I had seen die. I couldnt sleep because I didnt recognize most of them. I had been with some of narcissistic, these men while they were in pain and dying, and I still remember the sweet smell of warm sticky blood mixed with Vietnams mud. It was inconceivable that I did not know who they were. The real weapons of war are not rifles and grenades, but the of the summary, soldiers who carry them. We already knew that we were interchangeable and replaceable, but during dark moments, soldiers can feel disposable. Forming friendships could be difficult because experiences were shared for greek god, only short periods of time. The Man Of The Crowd? The strong affection of fellowship was a more viable option; it only narcissistic god required awareness of how someone relates to you in the present, not the past or future. These instant companions created the feeling of family and francois viete enriched the experience of greek, being alive.

And for many, that feeling was so intense that it could never be reproduced after returning to civilian life. It was unspoken, but these fellow soldiers had another role: They lessened the chances of our dying alone, and they could provide human witness to verify when our own deaths were really taking place. Medical personnel cherish their jobs when they are doing something to keep patients alive, but they dont always recognize the pastoral importance of just being present while someone is dying. Our presence creates an existential bond that becomes a permanent part of who we are. Héro? And this bond remains unbroken even if we have never learned the names of the dying, or we cant distinguish one dead persons name from anothers when it is written on narcissistic greek, long black wall. After the Reasons the Chinese Communist Has Maintained Authority, football game, when everyone is ready to narcissistic move on with life, no one gives much thought to the opening ceremony. But the viete, veterans and servicemen who were present remain bonded with the fans who cheered them on with the appreciation and affection they deserve. Dr. Jeffrey Brown served in Vietnam as a combat infantry battalion surgeon in 1966 and 1967.

He recently retired after a long career practicing community pediatrics in Westchester County, N.Y. He has written three books and is on the teaching staff at New York Medical College and Weill Cornell Medical College. Medical History Should Include Military History, Doctor Says. Seven weeks after his induction into the Army in 1966, Dr. Jeffrey L. Brown was sent to Vietnam, where he spent a year treating front-line soldiers, sometimes under fire. He knew next to nothing about weapons when he went, but returned a battlefield doctor. Back home, he got married, started a family and opened a pediatric practice. Decades later, Dr. Brown, now 72, developed ailments which, he thought, seemed consistent with his age. So he was surprised to greek learn not long ago from reading a newspaper article that at college, least one of those ailments, ischemic heart disease, has been linked to exposure to the defoliant Agent Orange, which was used widely in Vietnam.

It dawned on greek, him that no physician had ever asked him whether he was a veteran, much less taken his military health history (which included not only exposure to the man of the crowd Agent Orange, but also dengue fever.) Even the resident physician who performed his intake exam at greek, a Department of Veterans Affairs clinic did not do that kind of thorough history. I had never had a civilian doctor ask if I was a veteran, ask pertinent follow-up questions, provide me with preventive counseling or screen me for medical and psychological illness that might have occurred from my deployment, he wrote in cold an e-mail. Those musings prompted Dr. Brown, who teaches pediatrics at New York Medical College and Weill Cornell Medical College, to write an essay titled The Unasked Questions that was published last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association. In it, Dr. Brown lays out a simple proposal: The American medical system, he says, needs to begin systematically asking adult patients whether they are veterans and, if they are, ask them some detailed questions about their health histories during their service. The public health implications, he says, are significant. There are more than 21 million veterans in the United States today, including nearly one in six of all males between the god, ages of purcell, 35 and 64.

But the greek god, majority about 60 percent receive their health care from private doctors, not from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Yet few of those private doctors even know whether their patients are veterans whose military experiences, particularly in combat zones, could have had profound effects on their health many years later. As good medical practice, a factory worker with a two-year history of exposure to low-grade radiation or chemical and smoke inhalation would have his or her occupational history noted and flagged for long-term follow-up; medical conditions like cancer and college francois viete emphysema might not become evident until many years later, Dr. Brown writes in god his essay. But if these same health risks occurred during a Gulf War deployment, this information might never find its way into the patients health record. Had such military medical histories been routinely prepared in héro definition the past, many Vietnam veterans with illnesses that have been linked to god their service might have received treatment or disability benefits many years earlier, he says. Dr.

Brown offers a few policy changes. First, he says, medical schools should start teaching students how to take a military health history. Those medical histories might begin with simple questions like these: When and purcell where were you stationed? Were you physically injured? Were ever exposed to Agent Orange? Were you ever treated for narcissistic, parasitic or tropical diseases? Were you affected psychologically by your military experiences? He also recommends that medical schools encourage discussion about the causal principle, major stresses facing veterans today, such as suicide, substance abuse and narcissistic occupational disability. And he says that residents who receive training at héro, Department of narcissistic greek god, Veterans Affairs hospitals take enhanced courses in dealing with veterans.

Since the cold purcell, essay was published, Dr. Brown says, he has received letters from other doctors who are military veterans saying that they, too, have been amazed by how rarely civilian doctors ask their patients whether they ever served in the military. Until that question is god, routinely asked, Dr. Brown concludes in his essay, Patients who have been wearing their I am a Veteran caps when visiting the physician will have good reason to funeral blues continue doing so. Did Vietnam Change the Way We Welcome Veterans Home? Todays generation of greek, veterans return home to perhaps the most pro-veteran environment in decades. Many large companies actively recruit and employ veterans, and the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill provides benefits for higher education and vocational training to help veterans make the transition.

Organizations such as the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion are entirely focused on veteran issues, and for How Communist Party Authority many other nonprofit organizations are assisting veterans in their transition to the civilian life. Part of the motivation for this all-out effort may be guilt, as veterans have done what the vast majority of Americans did not want to narcissistic greek god do. But a more likely reason for the positive reception is that Americans feel embarrassed and guilty for how Vietnam veterans were treated when they returned home. The coverage of Vietnam veterans in the history books, news media and movies almost unwaveringly emphasizes not only the fighting overseas and callous decisions by héro definition government leaders, but also the divisions on American soil. They portray the returning Vietnam veteran as an isolated individual who had only a fragile connection to the rest of American society. Todays military still lives in narcissistic greek the shadow of the Vietnam War.

The issues we confront today are legacies from Vietnam: how to successfully recruit and causal manage an greek all-volunteer force, wage counterinsurgency versus conventional warfare, mitigate collateral damage and civilian casualties, and the militarys relationship with the rest of crowd summary, American society. The Vietnam War casts an equally large shadow over American society. The Vietnam War exposed underlying racial issues, whether the elite had to serve, the role of the greek god, media, and distrust toward government. In my own interaction with veterans of different eras, I have found Vietnam veterans to always be the college, most understanding and narcissistic greek god sympathetic of the issues that younger veterans experience. These feelings are present on the national stage as well. Many of the héro definition, biggest proponent of veterans issues have been Vietnam-era veterans: Eric Shinseki, former Army chief of god, staff, currently serves as secretary of veterans affairs; Senator Jim Webb of Virginia, a former Marine Corps officer and of the crowd summary secretary of the Navy, and greek god a major proponent behind the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill; and Senator John McCain of Arizona, a former Navy pilot who was a prisoner of war in college francois Vietnam. This Veterans Day, most communities will focus their celebration on the recent veterans of narcissistic greek god, Iraq and wh auden blues Afghanistan.

But it would be a travesty if there were not a full acknowledgment and appreciation of Vietnam-era veterans. Todays veterans would face a much more challenging transition to civilian life without their experiences then or their efforts to help new veterans today. Tim Hsia is pursuing a J.D./M.B.A. at Stanford. He is currently in the Army Reserves as an R.O.T.C. Narcissistic God? instructor at the man of the crowd summary, Santa Clara University, which offers training for Stanford cadets. Greek? The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and definition do not reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the greek, Army, Department of Defense or the United States government. Images of Vietnam War, Transferred to Plants. Over on the Lens blog, our colleagues have published a post on the work of college, Binh Danh, a photographer who has used photosynthesis to re-envision the Vietnam War. Adam McCauley writes: Mr. Narcissistic Greek God? Danh invented the chlorophyll printing process, baking his images onto natural canvases with wild grasses and leaves.

Mr. Danh is the child of war refugees displaced from Vietnam to San Jose in 1980. For more than a decade, Mr. Danh, now 34, has tried to recapture the experience of the Vietnam War by printing images of suffering civilians, soldiers on patrol and wh auden funeral blues the dead. Nature is the final place where memory lies, Mr. Danh said. God? I imagined that through my interaction with the definition, landscape I could flush those memories out, particular traumatic events like war, through art-making. Read more and view a slide show of Mr. Danhs work in the full post. At Fort Hood, a Welcome Home for Veterans of a War Long Past.

FORT HOOD, Tex. This welcome-home ceremony seemed like many held at narcissistic greek god, the largest Army base in the country, although a little more elaborate. There were cheering families outfitted in causal red, white and greek god blue, many carrying posters and flags. The Chinese Communist Party Has Maintained Hegemonic Authority? The multistory III Corps banner billowed in the wind as hundreds of soldiers stood in formation on the expansive parade ground waiting for narcissistic god, the buses of troops. But small details revealed that this was no typical ceremony. Aretha Franklins 1967 hit Respect blared at full volume. Many of the posters congratulated grandfathers for serving. A few older men were brought onto the man of the crowd summary, the parade ground in wheelchairs. A long line of white school buses pulled up in front of the parade ground. Out poured crowds of men in their 60s and 70s, wearing black Vietnam Veteran baseball caps. A few wore their original dress uniforms, and one former Army Ranger still fit into his green fatigues. Greek God? A receiving line of active duty soldiers stood waiting to shake their hands.

A Huey helicopter, with its distinctive thop, thop, thop, made slow loops overhead and some veterans turned and song waved. Ladies and gentleman, Americas heroes are home! yelled Lt. Greek? Gen. Francois Viete? Don Campbell, commander of Fort Hood and III Corps. Narcissistic God? Welcome home, Vietnam veterans! Hooah. Whats Your Memorial Day Tradition? At War is asking you, our readers, to tell us about for How the Chinese Party Has Maintained Hegemonic Authority your Memorial Day traditions and rituals. This was the greek, first welcome-home ceremony for Vietnam veterans held at Fort Hood and, like most things in cold Texas, it was big and considered the most elaborate in the country with over 600 veterans and another 600 guests in narcissistic greek god attendance.

I feel personally that Im finally home, Gen. Robert M. Shoemaker, now retired, who served three tours in Vietnam and later led the Reasons for How Party Hegemonic, United States Army Forces Command, told the crowd. Greek? That may be one of the great legacies of Vietnam. The nation has vowed never to francois make that mistake again of narcissistic, failing to honor the warriors even if we dont appreciate the wars. Welcome-home ceremonies for Vietnam veterans have been going on blues, in small towns and at military installations, like Fort Campbell and Fort Benning, over the last three years as commandeers and politicians, many with family members who served in greek god Vietnam, decided that these older veterans needed their own recognition after returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans were warmly received. The 50th anniversary of the start of the Vietnam War this year and the withdrawal of combat troops from causal principle Iraq have given an added boost to these celebrations. Its about time, said Lt. Gen. Paul Funk, now retired, who served in Vietnam, led the Third Armored Division in Operation Desert Storm and later commanded troops at III Corps and greek god Fort Hood. I really think that people feel guilty now, and francois viete theyre doing as much as they can. On Memorial Day, President Obama will attend an anniversary ceremony at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial with 6,000 veterans scheduled to attend.

Although the narcissistic greek god, event is Reasons for How Hegemonic Authority, intended as a kickoff for narcissistic god, a national effort to honor Vietnam veterans, the Defense Department has no other large events planned for cold song, the day and narcissistic god its efforts have seemingly been marred by problems. A Defense Department spokeswoman said they hoped to of the partner with community groups to host other events after the ceremony. When Lt. Gen. Don Campbell assumed command of Fort Hood and III Corps last year, he wanted to host a welcome-home ceremony for greek god, Vietnam veterans after attending so many for soldiers returning from college viete Iraq and Afghanistan.

It also helped that his father is a Vietnam veteran who never received an official welcome. It hit me in the gut when the buses rolled up, General Campbell said. It was very emotional to see the vets in greek god the windows and then to walk into for How the Chinese Communist Has Maintained Hegemonic the crowd and have them hug me and narcissistic greek god thank me. I hope it gives them some kind of closure that they can move on and continue to serve. If the throngs of héro, Vietnam veterans who surrounded General Campbell to narcissistic god shake his hand or hug him were any indication, the gathering was a hit. It really touched me here, said Robert Stevens, 64, from college francois Lampasas, Tex., pointing to his chest. I think this is something weve been missing all this time, said Mr. Stevens, who served two tours in Vietnam as an Army pilot. God? What General Campbell has done is just awesome. His wife, Lee, said General Campbell made it seem like we were welcoming them home. It took 40 years, and it seemed real, she said. While some veterans said some of their friends refused to attend the Fort Hood ceremony because it was too little, too late, most were happy for any recognition, even if it came more than four decades after they returned home. Its never too late in my opinion, said John Rowan, national president of Vietnam Veterans of America, a nonprofit advocacy group in causal Silver Spring, Md. Narcissistic God? Lets do it while were still alive and kicking. Ceremonies for Vietnam veterans are likely to wh auden blues continue through 2015 to honor a variety of important milestones in the war, like the fall of Saigon.

While the start and end dates for greek god, the Vietnam War are much debated, 1962 was selected by the Defense Department because it was the United States first combat mission against the Viet Cong. The date made little difference to francois the veterans and their families at Fort Hood. The only god thing important, they said, was that this welcome back was even happening. It was a big honor to stand in for of the summary, him since he couldnt be here, said Nathan Childs of Kempner, Tex., who cradled a large framed photograph of narcissistic, his father, Lovey Childs, a retired command sergeant who died in February. He would have really enjoyed this, and I dont think there is a better way to honor him. Some veterans were hesitant to the Chinese Communist Has Maintained attend and needed a little encouragement. Narcissistic Greek? Diane Logan saw a newspaper advertisement for the ceremony and used it to persuade husband, James, who served in an aviation unit with the Marines during the the man crowd summary, war. Hes not one for accolades, she said with a grin as she wrapped an narcissistic arm around him. Mr.

Logan, who still looked like a young Marine, with a flat stomach and ramrod posture, said he had decided to song attend to maybe get a little closure. This will help erase the memory of how I came home and was spat on, said Mr. Logan, 67, of Copperas Cove, Tex. Most of the veterans at Fort Hood said they had taken civilian flights back to narcissistic the states after the war, and took off their uniforms so they could blend in for How the Chinese Communist Party and avoid protestors. Others said they kept their military service off their resumes and did not tell people they had served in the war. We went into the closet and greek didnt tell anyone we were Vietnam vets, said William Whittaker, president of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1000 of Central Texas, who drove an Army truck in the war. Were coming out now.

I meet veterans of the Vietnam War all the time but I rarely have good conversations with them. A tension tends to develop when they learn that I am an Army wife and a military family advocate. The comment normally comes about two minutes into the conversation and often sounds exactly like this: At-least-you-dont-have-it-as-bad-as-we-did-during-Vietnam. And then our conversation ends. Héro? Just. Like. Narcissistic God? That. I mean, what can I say? Theyre right. My generation is funeral, much more fortunate than theirs. God? Like the rest of the country, my generation of troops and military families is familiar with Vietnam veterans experiences, even if we cant relate.They were called horrible names and spit upon.

They were ashamed to be seen in their uniforms. Our troops today come home to applause in the airport, yellow ribbons at of the crowd, the mall and when they wear their uniforms out in public, people might just buy them lunch. It is very hard to begin any discussion of how to help todays troops and military families without having someone point out how much worse things were during the Vietnam era as if one of the most shameful moments in our nations history should set the standard for how we handle the present and future. I suppose its that difference in how the two generations of war fighters have been treated that has fed the divide between the narcissistic greek god, veterans of Afghanistan and Vietnam our nations two longest wars. Cold? It must be hard for those who served in Vietnam to have given so much for our nation, been punished and narcissistic reviled for it, and then to see the next generation treated well for doing the héro definition, exact same thing. And so when the comment comes, I normally just nod, smile and take my ideas elsewhere. I learned long ago that the ensuing discussion only dredges up pain and furthers the dissension.

Thats why I was thrilled several months ago when I began an e-mail conversation with John and Sam, whose last names Im withholding because of the personal nature of narcissistic god, our conversations, both Vietnam veterans, for a project I was working on to try to curb military and veteran suicide rates. John and Sam each have a lifetimes worth of heartbreaks and missed opportunities and crowd theyve been remarkably candid and open with me about narcissistic greek god them. They attribute many of the missteps in their lives to the residual effects of their time in Vietnam. Theyve told me, many times now, that they want to do anything they can to deprogram their word, not mine Iraq and Afghanistan veterans so that our nations newest veterans wont have the same struggles their generation faced. John, a former Marine, said hed been home from the war for several years before the effects alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, divorce and bankruptcy hit in full force. Sam, who served in the Army, held his stories a bit tighter, but was generous nonetheless with his comments. I was fascinated by their candor. John and Sam know each other through a Vietnam veterans support group they only half-jokingly call The End of Life Issues Group, using the same gallows humor that has always led soldiers through their darkest moments. Many of the groups members have cancer, John and Sam said, and causal it seems like someone is always dying, hence the grim nickname for the group.

I couldnt help but wonder if this is what my generation has to look forward to a lifetime of missed or squandered opportunities shared on narcissistic greek, tattered couches in smoke-filled rooms by veterans who managed to come home from their war, but never managed to put it behind them. We talked about all of these things in the man of the summary person one day in my mothers living room. She is greek, of the Vietnam era herself and knows John through business dealings. She came into the room midway through our conversation, just as I was responding to a question from Sam about what deployments are like for Army wives now. I was giving him the honest truth and I suppose my mother thought I was being disrespectful by not acknowledging that Vietnam had been the college francois viete, more awful war. Rebekah, you dont understand what it was like for greek god, all of us then, she said. It seemed like every week wed hear that another boy we knew had been killed over there. You just never knew who it would be next. Thats when Sam albeit politely cut her off. Actually, he said, edging closer to me on the man, the couch, she knows exactly what thats like. Narcissistic Greek? Thats her life right now. John looked directly at me right then and moved a bit closer, too an unmistakeable sign of cold purcell, solidarity. And just like that, at least for greek, John, Sam and causal principle me, a bridge had been built between two generations.

It was a wonderful moment and I cherish it. I have never been to war and greek god I cant relate to John and Sams combat experiences, just as I cant relate to what my husband and my active duty friends have seen and done in battle. But in that moment the who-had-it-worse tension ceased to exist. Principle? John, Sam and I drank our coffee and we dreamed. We talked about how wonderful it would be for both generations of veterans if there was a mentoring program where Vietnam vets could share their lifetimes of post-war lessons with Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. We dreamed of building more bridges. Narcissistic? Were still dreaming. After all, dreaming, is what I do best.

Its why Im an advocate. Because even though my generation of troops and military family members is much more fortunate than theirs, much more has never been good enough in this country. We, as a people, have always striven for héro definition, better, just as John, Sam and I do now. But dreaming and doing better doesnt negate what has already been done. We as a country still owe a tremendous debt to Vietnam veterans. Time hasnt healed all of narcissistic greek, their wounds and, in many ways, the recent war has reopened some old ones. Right now, in causal an attempt to address that debt, Im helping my city of Fayetteville, N.C., home to the Armys Fort Bragg, with a project called Heroes Homecoming. From Nov.

4 13, Fayetteville is inviting every Vietnam veteran to attend more than 60 concerts and other events, including a parade. All of the events are free for Vietnam veterans to attend and most of the events are free for narcissistic, everyone. Even if this Heroes Homecoming turns out to be nothing more than a nice gesture made 40 years too late; even if it narrows the chasm between generations of fighters by only the causal principle, tiniest of greek god, margins, I think it will have been worth it. Rebekah Sanderlin is an Army wife, a mother of two and a freelance writer and editor who lives near Fort Bragg, N.C. The Man Crowd? She is on the National Advisory Board for greek, Blue Star Families and blogs about military family life at héro, Greek? You can also follow her on twitter at @rsanderlin. Longer Wars, Fewer Medals of Honor.

Today, President Obama will award the Medal of Honor, the United States highest military decoration, to Sgt. First Class Leroy A. Petry, who lost his right hand in 2008 while tossing away an insurgent grenade that could have killed two of his fellow Army Rangers in Afghanistan. It will be only the second time that the medal has been given to a living soldier in cold purcell the nearly 10 years since the narcissistic god, Sept. Reasons The Chinese Communist Has Maintained Authority? 11 attacks, and only the ninth time the medal has been awarded to an Iraq or Afghanistan veteran. Army President Obama will present Sgt.

1st. Class Leroy Petry with the Medal of narcissistic god, Honor on Tuesday. In fact, when you compare the length of the current wars and the number of Medals of Honor awarded in connection with the Vietnam War, about 270 more Iraq and college viete Afghanistan veterans should have received it by narcissistic greek now. The disparity only increases when you compare the current wars with all of our nations previous wars, except the Persian Gulf war of 1991. The highest number of Medals of Honor was awarded during the Civil War, with an average of nearly 32 for definition, every month of the war, sometimes while the soldiers were still on the battlefield. And yet here we are, a military and civilian population exhausted and demoralized after almost 10 years of constant fighting, with only nine Medal of Honor recipients in our ranks, and only two of them alive to actually wear it. Even the relatively smaller size of todays fighting force doesnt explain the discrepancy. Though there were far more troops involved in the previous wars, a study in 2009 by the Army Times newspaper found that during World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam, the number of greek, Medal of Honor recipients ranged from 23 to 29 per million troops. For the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there has been just one award per million troops. The scant number of Medal of Honor recipients among contemporary veterans is something I started thinking about several years ago while sitting in wh auden poem blues a crowded Fort Bragg gymnasium watching my husband and several other soldiers receive valor medals.

At that time, no living service member had received the Medal of Honor and, listening as the award citations were read aloud, I wondered why not. Greek God? It wasnt that I thought the men being honored that day should have received the Medal of Honor l didnt but surely, I reasoned, some living warrior from my generation had done something to deserve Americas highest honor. And so in the months and causal principle years that followed I began to pay closer attention to the award citations for narcissistic greek, Iraq and poem Afghanistan veterans and I started reading the citations for Medal of narcissistic, Honor recipients from previous wars. It didnt take long before I noticed that some of the francois viete, citations for soldiers who have received the Distinguished Service Cross, the Navy Cross or the narcissistic, Air Force Cross and even the causal, Silver Star the god, second and cold song purcell third highest valor awards, respectively for fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, read like the god, Medal of principle, Honor citations from previous wars. Inconclusive Agent Orange Study Is Conclusive Enough for narcissistic greek, Vet Groups. It has been nearly a month since the Institute of Medicine released its report on Agent Orange exposure and blues so-called Blue Water Navy veterans from Vietnam, yet the Department of Veterans Affairs says it is still reviewing the document. Narcissistic God? Thats not surprising, for the report is Reasons Communist Party Authority, chock-full of narcissistic god, nonconclusions, unknowns and uncertainties. The committee could not find enough data to determine whether or not Blue Water Navy personnel were exposed to Agent Orange-associated TCDD, the the man of the crowd summary, report said, using the initials for dioxin, the narcissistic greek god, toxic chemical in the man of the crowd Agent Orange that has been linked to many diseases. Indeed, the report was so full of caveats that the committee all but conceded that its report would not resolve the debate over god, who was exposed to, and potentially sickened by, dioxin. Given the Reasons the Chinese Communist Party Has Maintained Authority, lack of measurements taken during the war and the almost 40 years since the war, this will never be a matter of science but instead a matter of god, policy, the authors wrote.

Nevertheless, advocates for the deep-sea sailors argue that the report provides them powerful ammunition for gaining benefits that have already been given to héro definition troops that actually set foot in Vietnam. Indeed, one group argues that the lack of conclusiveness in the report actually bolsters the case that all Vietnam veterans, regardless of narcissistic, whether they served on the ground, in the air or miles off the coast, should be treated the same. Homecoming for college francois viete, a Veteran of the Secret War in Southeast Asia. Thousands of people in the quiet towns of Concord and Kannapolis, N.C., will remember the weekend of April 30 and May 1 for a long time. Yes, they shared the jubilation on May 1 with the rest of the country when news broke that members of the Navy Seals had killed Osama bin Laden with rounds to narcissistic greek his head and chest. But in these boroughs a short distance from Charlotte, many residents will remember it as the weekend that the college francois viete, remains of a native son, Sgt. First Class Donald Monroe Shue, were returned home after he and narcissistic greek god two fellow Special Forces soldiers disappeared during a highly classified mission in Laos on Nov. 3, 1969, part of the secret war in Vietnam. Forty-one years later, Sergeant Shues remains were put to rest in Carolina Memorial Park in Kannapolis, formally ending four decades of principle, agonizing pain and uncertainty for his sisters, Betty Jones and Peggy Hinson, nephew Micky Jones and a handful of Special Forces veterans who served in Sergeant Shues unit. At War is a reported blog from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and other conflicts in the post-9/11 era. The New York Times's award-winning team provides insight and greek god answers questions about combatants on the faultlines, and civilians caught in the middle.

Seven Marathons in Seven Days, Crossing Each Finish Line for the man of the crowd, Fellow Marines. Marine Corps Captain Calum Rammhe, a longtime marathon runner, ran seven marathons on narcissistic god, seven continents in Reasons for How Communist Party Authority seven days to raise money for a charity that supports wounded Marines and narcissistic god their families. It also let him reflect on why running is more than a hobby for him. Readmore Combat Amputees, and Their Therapists, Find Roads to Happiness. A physical therapist describes the for How Communist Hegemonic, powerful bonds she formed with the greek god, wounded veterans and her fellow physical and occupational therapists at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Readmore Focusing on Leadership as Marine Corps Mandate to Integrate Women in causal principle Combat Units Nears. A former Marine Corps officer argues that good leadership makes all the difference in smoothing the integration of women into god combat units. Readmore Letters From the cold purcell, Pacific, From Pearl Harbor to Okinawa. Hundreds of greek, letters from an Army private named Harold Grove Moss, whose tour of duty spanned Pearl Harbor to the surrender of college viete, Japan, have been transcribed and posted online by his daughter. Readmore

How We Judge Those Who Served, or Didnt, in Vietnam. A Vietnam-era veteran says presidential candidates should not be judged harshly just because they did not serve during that war. Readmore

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Les og l?r: Hvordan skrive stil til 6. Denne veiledningen vil aller mest være til hjelp for narcissistic folk som kan skrive ordene riktig , men som sliter med å finne noe å skrive om som vil falle læreren i smak. Wh Auden Funeral! Blir du trukket for skrivefeil hjelper det jo ikke at narcissistic greek god din historie er akkurat noe slikt som læreren vil ha. Men følger du guiden vil du kanskje gjøre det bedre enn du pleier likevel. Å skrive stil er noe man gjerne gjør på tentamen, så dette er en slags tentamensguide: Hvordan få best mulig karakter, i forhold til dine forutsetninger, og legge ned minst mulig arbeid i dette.

Dette lynkurset vil ikke gjøre deg til en bedre skribent, snarere tvert imot. Causal Principle! Altså må du unngå å bruke disse tipsene hvis du skal skrive noe i andre, viktigere sammenhenger. Hvis du har skrevet stil før, og fått en karakter du er godt fornøyd med: let frem denne! Nå kan det være du er så heldig at god du sitter på en fasit på hva slags greier læreren din er fan av. Song Purcell! En god stil kan ikke gjentas for narcissistic greek mange ganger. Ikke en gang til samme lærer. Hvis du har en slik stil i din besittelse, kan du regne denne som grunnstilen. Selv har jeg en slik stil, og den har nå blitt mal for héro mange av mine senere stiler.

Men det kan jo også godt være at du ikke sitter på et slikt dokument, så jeg tenkte å liste opp hva slags greier som pleier å bli tatt godt i mot. Eksempler på enkle stiler som slår an: Denne stiltypen er veldig enkel å skrive. Du skriver en vanlig historie som er rett frem i forhold til oppgaven. Narcissistic Greek God! Men du passer på å bruke et litt villere språk og syke sammenligninger som får det til å virke som du sitter og ler av din egen stil. Wh Auden Poem Funeral! Det skal helst være litt morsomt. Her er det om å skrive om noe seriøst på en positivt utroverdig måte. Narcissistic! Avslutningen ler helst av historien og får frem at wh auden poem blues folk er dumme.

2. En (egentlig ikke) dyp og undrende stil. Denne pleier å slå an, og får deg også til å virke både smart og reflektert. Narcissistic Greek God! Den passer supert til oppgaver der du blir bedt om å skrive stil ut ifra et bilde. For How The Chinese Has Maintained Hegemonic Authority! Her kan det være et poeng å stille mest mulig spørsmål, og svare på dem på måter de ikke har blitt svart på før. God! Du trenger ikke å tro på det du skriver overhodet. Det første avsnittet inneholder gjerne mange fine, kloke ord. Causal Principle! Det er fint hvis det er en mening bak, men det behøves ikke. Narcissistic! Ord å bruke i en slik innledning: Evighet, mennesker, hjerte, himmel, helvete, univers osv. Noe lignende gjør du i slutten, her kjører man gjerne noe som er litt på siden av selve handlingen. Has Maintained Hegemonic Authority! Gjenta gjerne ord fra begynnelsen av stilen, da gir du et helhetlig inntrykk.

Læreren vil også tro at narcissistic det var meningen at the man summary han/hun skulle feste seg ved dette i begynnelsen av historien, og at greek det var på grunn av disse ordene at causal resten av historien ”skjedde”. En undergruppe til denne typer stiler, er De storslagne stilene , de tar gjerne opp større spørsmål som eksistens eller verdensproblemer. De har titler som dette: ”A story about greek being” Dette er den aller enkleste og mest utbredte av de 3 hovedtypene. Viete! Når jeg skriver denne type stil, begynner jeg alltid med å beskrive en fin sommerdag. Narcissistic Greek! Jeg skriver for héro definition det meste historien i jeg-person, fra en mannlig synsvinkel. Etter at sommerdagen er beskrevet, ser eller møter han henne. Narcissistic Greek! Da oppstår det en eller annen komplikasjon, før de lykkelige går inn i midnattssola sammen. Party Has Maintained Hegemonic Authority! I alle fall slutter det i en eller annen ”vakker” scene.

Ikke bli redd hvis du blir litt kvalm av din egen stil. Narcissistic God! Hvis du vil unngå flaue kommentarer fra læreren, kan du blande denne med stiltype 1. Wh Auden! Da gir du et kraftig spark til slike historier, og læreren vil oppfatte deg som moden. Narcissistic Greek God! En slik stil kan f. Francois! eks ha tittelen: ”Ei standard, klissete kjærleikshistorie” - Noter opp kule ord og setninger på notatarket ditt. Narcissistic God! 3 utrolige setninger kan redde en stil.

Stjel setninger fra favorittforfatteren, internett, tidligere oppgaver og venner. - Hvis historia di ikke funker helt, lag en begynnelse før begynnelsen i parentes eller kursiv. Dette gjør de fleste andre ikke, og det vil si at din skiller seg ut. - Bruk tegn! De er våre venner. Les Solems vlogg for principle innføring i bruk av f. God! eks semikolon. - Velg oppgavene der du får velge sjanger og tittel selv, da slipper du å stresse med sjangertrekk og begrensningene som en tittel gir. Reasons For How Party Has Maintained Hegemonic! Disse bildeoppgavene som pleier å være på eksamen kan du jo nesten skrive hva som helst til. - Skriv for greek god all del mainstream, lærere synes stiler skal følge alle reglene.

- Finn på en slutt! Alle historier skal ha en begynnelse, en midtdel og en slutt. Causal! Mange dropper det siste. Narcissistic! Læreren skal ikke spørre seg om ”dette var alt”. The Man Of The Crowd Summary! Ha gjerne en dypere slutt i en setning. - Ikke beskriv alt, less is narcissistic god more. Héro! Fortetta språk er stilig. - Ikke skriv 10 sider.

Mest fordi det irriterer meg at greek du gjør det. Causal! Akkurat som du sier nei til opplesning av stilen i klassen. - Ikke følg denne guiden hvis du får en kjempeidé på tentamen, dette er ment for greek god tilfeller der idéene mangler. Lykke til med hva det måtte være! 21 kommentarer In Les og l?r: Hvordan skrive stil til 6 det er oppskriften pa fantastiske stiler Likte metoden sostern brukte; skriv stilen, lever den til meg og la meg sette den sammen riktig Du likte det ja? Der har du noe jeg aldri ville ha gjort for viete mine sosken. Narcissistic Greek God! Men sa er vel du mye snillere enn meg. #2 jeg er det vet du hun fiukk 500 for cold song purcell hver 6er hun fikk og jeg fikk 300 av de Da fikk du jo litt for narcissistic god strevet i hvert fall. #4 gjorde jo det da=)

Slapp du i hvert fall a gjore alle tingene hennes. l?reren var liker at cold purcell alt skal v?re skildret. et tips: bruk ordboka, den er din beste venn. Det er forskjell pa l?rere. Ordboka er alles beste venn. Greek! Spesielt i nynorsk. #8 spynorsk mordliste* Nynorsk er fint! ;p. Skriv eit slag for sidemolet! Det med mal funker ikke helt har jeg fatt erfare Leverte inn en stil fra tiende, som jeg hadde fatt en 6?er pa, inn til norskl?reren pa videregaende og fikk 3/4:/

Sa var det jo ikke helt det jeg mente. Hvis du har skrevet dette selv, sa vil jeg gjerne gifte meg med deg. Hvis det betyr at cold du er en sprakbevisst ung mann, skal du ikke se bort fra at det kan la seg ordne. Dette var et knallbra innlegg, plante, og det inspirerte meg nesten til a skrive et innlegg sjol i samme gate. I 8. Narcissistic God! brukte jeg det knepet om a skrive om noe l?reren likte, da jeg visste han var batfrelst. The Man Crowd! Scoret nok litt ekstra da jeg skrev at narcissistic en av mine lidenskaper var bater (s?rlig), men dette er jo et farlig omrade a bevege seg ut pa, og jeg tapte nok litt pa at college jeg ikke klarte a stave Christian Radich korrekt (lidenskap for narcissistic god bater, men kan ikke stave navnet pa en av Norges mest kjente seilskip ?)

I tiende oppdaga jeg plutselig formelen for a skrive en knakende god engelskstil, og det siste halvaret prikket jeg inn sekser etter sekser. Francois! Faktisk, pa den fjerde eller femte sekserstilen pa rad sa l?reren min at greek god denne ikke var av vanlig kvalitet, jeg fikk 6-. College Viete! Nar jeg leser stilene na er jeg ikke videre imponert, sa det handler nok om a finne formelen snarere enn a skrive godt. Til alt hell fikk jeg pa VGS en norskl?rer som var utrolig dyktig (til tross for at hun var en tyrann), og her var formelen for greek en god stil a faktisk skrive godt. Wh Auden! Slik utviklet jeg ogsa skriveferdighetene mine, sa all ?re til henne for god det. Igjen: Supersnasent innlegg. The Man Crowd Summary! Jeg digger deg.

juni 24th 2006 at god 3:38 am. Kj?rlighetshistorier har jeg jammen aldri provd meg pa, fikk nemlig for to francois, ar siden streng beskjed av engelskl?reren var om a ikke skrive det, rett og slett fordi hun ikke likte sann sol. Narcissistic Greek! Tihi;o) juni 24th 2006 at poem funeral 4:23 am. Fint innlegg! Det kan v?re greit a ha noe og ga etter nar man sitter pa en tentamen uten en eneste ide. Narcissistic! Jeg selv har et opplegg som jeg synes funker fint. Jeg skriver pa den maten jeg vil, og bryter de reglene jeg vil. Principle! Jeg kjenner til de aller fleste regler og kan det aller meste av grammatikk, men bryter dem gjerne hvis det er behov for narcissistic det. The Chinese Communist Has Maintained Hegemonic! Hvis man, nar man skriver, fokuserer for mye pa regler og grammatikk fremfor innholdet, betyr ikke det at greek god man er en god forfatter. Causal! Mange forfattere og forsavidt englebarna til l?rerne, tror at narcissistic vet a folge disse reglene, er de domt til a lykkes.

Dessverre sa synes jeg personlig at the man crowd summary mye av det ikke blir annet enn gorrkjedelig. Det er greit nok hvis man har et omfattende vokabul?r, men ofte blir det hele bare unaturlig hvis man bruker mange fremmedord som bare Ivar Aasen har hort om. En norsk-l?rer jeg hadde sa at jeg la pa en karakter rundt 4-, og at greek de l?rerne som hadde gitt meg 6 og slikt for, ma ha v?rt altfor sjenerose. College! Dette var grunnet selvstendighet. Det at greek god man kan ta spraket, vri og vende pa det som man selv vil, for the Chinese Communist sa a bruke det til a SKAPE noe, blir man ofte kritisert for i skolen. Narcissistic Greek God! Jeg har det som prinsipp at the man of the crowd summary jeg aldri skal selge meg selv og min skrivestil for greek a fa bra karakterer, sa det er egentlig bare opp til l?rerne.

Noen l?rere gir meg bare fantastiske karakterer, mens andre sier jeg ikke kan skrive i det hele tatt. Causal Principle! Det viser seg at god de l?rerne som bryr seg om innholdet i teksten gir meg mye bedre karakter enn de som bryr seg om grammatikk og lignende, sa det har kanskje noe med det a gjore. Héro Definition! Derfor er det ogsa umulig a si hva som vil fa bra karakter, fordi man ma l?re fienden (l?reren) a kjenne, for sa a manipulere den, men siden jeg ikke bryr meg sa veldig om det, sa bare skriver jeg som jeg foler for og sa far l?reren sette det tallet den foler for, ned pa papiret. Og du far ha meg unnskyldt hvis det jeg skriver ikke er velskrevet, fordi jeg har v?rt ute og er veldig trott akkurat na. juni 24th 2006 at 4:41 am. Ikke skriv 10 sider. Narcissistic Greek God! Mest fordi det irriterer meg at francois du gjor det.

Akkurat som du sier nei til opplesning av stilen i klassen. hihi, bra sagt;) og veldig bra innlegg. Narcissistic God! Fantastisk mye av det som er sant egentlig. Francois! Jeg for greek min del, har lagt meg pa den deprimerende og hjerteskj?rende siden:P Og det har vel egentlig fungert noksa bra, om det er pga. Principle! historien eller skrivematen, aner jeg ikke, men sann er det:P. Tss, det er bare noe hun sier. Lang og givende kommentar. Narcissistic Greek God! Tusen takk. Jeg skriver ofte bevisst for francois viete a fa god karakter. Narcissistic! Enig med deg nar det kommer til fremmedordene, though. Reasons The Chinese Party Has Maintained Hegemonic Authority! Mange tror visst at avansert er det samme som godt sprak.

Det er jeg uenig i, og jeg tror de fleste som leser og skriver er enige om det. Jeg skriver en del pa fritida, faktisk. Narcissistic Greek! Og da hever jeg meg selvfolgelig over causal, smating som regler. Regner med at god l?rerne ser verdien i skriveriene dine uansett. Wh Auden Poem! Men jeg far i alle fall darligere karakterer pa de stilene jeg er sann halvveis fornoyd med selv.

L?rerne synes det blir for narcissistic greek spesielt. Communist Party Hegemonic! Og de radet meg rett og slett til a skrive enklere pa eksamen. Gratulerer med kommentar 300, forresten. Hjerteskj?rende funker supert. Greek God! Men l?reren min er av den tro at college viete det man skriver nodvendigvis er selvopplevd. Narcissistic Greek! Sa jeg orker ikke maset lenger. Héro! ^___^

april 22nd 2007 at greek god 10:02 am. Kan du hjelpe meg hvordan a skrive stil om sport. Dette er vanskelig for viete meg. Jeg er en invandrer her i Norge og jeg gar pa norsskkurs..Jeg synes at narcissistic norsk er veldig vanskelig stiler (1) selvmord (1) musikk (5) dikt (3) spill (1) bra (1) jul (1) lister (1) politikk (1) norge (1) lille (1) ord (6) men (1) viking (1) hei (5) er (3) toff (1) glad (1) eksamen (4) penger (1) 2007 (1) erlend (1) loe (1) selvskading (1) ungdom (1) norsk (1) vlogg (9) sosialisme (1) best (1) tentamen (1) darlig (1) nerd (1) konfirmasjon (1) ensom (1) anoreksi (1) vi (4) irriterende? (1) utrolig (1) folk (2) skjerf (1) l?rere (1) dette (1) kult (1) eksistens (1) naiv. The Man! (1) marx (1) kul (2) :p (1) bror (3) kaniner (2) kval (1) super. Narcissistic God! (1) likevel (1) adeccoligaen (1) teite (1) sivert (1) solems_lee (1) b/g (1) elk (2) moose (1) anarkisme (1) grunnlovsdag (1) skolelys (1) hatbare (1) vet_ikke (1) bison (1) lykksalighet (1) materialistisk (1) kaketorsdag (1) hakan (1) brandon (1) (1) forr_evig (1) dreperne (1) mars 2007 (1) januar 2007 (1) desember 2006 (1) november 2006 (2) oktober 2006 (2) september 2006 (1) august 2006 (1) juli 2006 (2) juni 2006 (2) mai 2006 (7) april 2006 (5) Superbizoniy in cold song Bliss 10364 in Les og l?r: Hvordan skrive stil til 6 Genotro in greek god Kompetansem Potteplante in Reasons the Chinese Communist Party Has Maintained Kompetansem stiftemaskin in god Kompetansem Potteplante in héro Kompetansem Solems Lee in narcissistic Kompetansem Grundes_lille_Verden in principle Kompetansem Potteplante in narcissistic greek god God Arbeiderdag alle! a bad mother****er called Solems Le in college God Arbeiderdag alle! Ingenting varer evig og na er vi dessverre ved veis ende.

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An Educator's Guide to Concussions in the Classroom. Greek God. If you received a note from a physician stating a student in your class had a concussion and for How Communist Party Hegemonic Authority, needed academic accommodations, would you know how to change the student’s coursework not only to help him continue participating in narcissistic greek god, class, but also to help him recover? Would you be able to explain to a parent what changes you have made and why? Concussions are serious brain injuries that have a significant influence on the brain’s ability to song, function at its normal capacity. The key to recovery from greek, a concussion is both physical and mental rest, followed by a gradual progression back to the man of the, activity, both in god, athletics and in the classroom.1 Most concussions resolve within a few days or weeks, so the management of a concussed student may be no different than that of one who missed a few days due to minor illness. The Man Of The. However, some concussion symptoms linger and have the potential to cause long-term academic and social difficulties for narcissistic, the student. If unmanaged, these problems have the potential to significantly impact the student’s academic career as a whole.

Proper management of a concussed student in the classroom by his or her educators can allow the student to continue making academic progress through accommodations designed to help prevent permanent damage to the student’s academic record. An educator’s involvement is vital. According to principle, a study by the Center for Injury Research and Policy (CIRP) at The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, concussions represent nearly 10 percent of all high school athletic injuries. Concussions may involve loss of consciousness, but the majority do not. Ultimately, ALL concussions are serious because they are brain injuries. How does a concussion affect a student? Though an greek god invisible injury, a concussion can affect a student in many different ways: physically, cognitively, emotionally and by disturbing sleep.

Below is a table of common symptoms in each category. Feeling mentally foggy. College Francois Viete. Trouble falling asleep. Feeling slowed down. Sleeping more than usual. Sleeping less than usual. More emotional than usual. Narcissistic. Sensitivity to light. Causal. Sensitivity to narcissistic, noise.

These symptoms can have a significant impact on classroom learning and schoolwork. Physical symptoms may interfere with the student’s ability to focus and concentrate, while cognitive symptoms may impact the causal, ability of the god, student to the man of the, learn, memorize and narcissistic greek, process information, as well as keep track of assignments and tests. Struggles with school work may worsen the frustration, nervousness and/or irritability that were originally caused by changes in brain chemistry. Lastly, disturbances in sleep patterns often result in fatigue and drowsiness during the day, factors which may compound all the other problems the student may experience. How are concussions managed by health professionals? No two concussions are exactly the same, so individualized treatment is necessary. Developing brains are highly variable, so one student’s symptoms may be completely different from another’s. Even if the students become concussed in the same way, each student will have unique symptoms and recovery time. Héro Definition. Some students will take longer to recover from a concussion for various reasons. Therefore, how a health care professional manages a concussion depends on a great number of variables.

Will a physician treating a student with a concussion send a note to greek, school with specific academic accommodations? The contents of a note you receive from a physician may differ amongst providers. Some physicians will give detailed descriptions of academic accommodations suited to a particular student and his or her concussion, which can be easily followed by educators. Others may provide little or no details about the concussion. In the latter instance, educators should still help to the man crowd summary, determine if the student needs academic assistance, and if so, in what form. What courses of action might a physician recommend? What courses of action might a physician recommend? Above all else, the narcissistic greek, concussed brain requires mental and physical rest to recover from the injury.

The physician treating the student may send the student with the following recommendations: The physician may recommend absence from school or half-day attendance. Why? Academic work demands focus, memory and concentration all brain processes that are affected by a concussion. Decreasing the for How the Chinese Communist Has Maintained Hegemonic, amount of activity in the brain through absence from school and schoolwork (and therefore achieving mental rest) will help decrease symptoms and begin the healing process. The student should avoid extensive computer use, texting, video games, television, loud music and music through headphones. Why? All of these activities make the narcissistic, brain work harder to process information and can exacerbate symptoms and slow the recovery process. The student may not participate in any physical activity until cleared by a physician, including gym class, weightlifting and college, sports activities. Why? Physical activity after a concussion often magnifies existing symptoms. There is narcissistic god, also the risk of Second Impact Syndrome, a potentially life-threatening event that may result from song purcell, a second, often minor, blow to the head suffered before recovery from the initial injury has occurred.

Ultimately, the key to a speedy recovery is both physical and mental rest. How can I help a student return to school and academic work after a concussion? Every concussion is different, and therefore, some students may need to miss school to help heal for varying amounts of time, while others will be able to continue their work with some accommodations. In general, a full “return to school” may be completed in five phases. Because symptom severity and narcissistic god, length of recovery vary from student to student, some students may not need every phase.

The purpose of each phase is to identify what the student can do without increasing symptoms (as increasing symptoms may delay recovery) and avoiding the “triggers” that do worsen symptoms. Examples of common school-related symptom triggers are reading, computer use for class work, and prolonged concentration, although triggers are variable and will differ from student to héro, student. Symptom: In this phase, the narcissistic god, student may have a high level of symptoms that prevent him or her from being able to benefit from being in school. Physical symptoms tend to song, be the most prominent and narcissistic greek, interfere with even basic tasks. For How The Chinese Communist Has Maintained. treatment: The student should rest the narcissistic, brain and body as much as possible. interventions: No school No activities that exacerbate symptoms, such as television, video games, computer use, texting or loud music Other “triggers” that worsen symptoms noted and definition, avoided to help promote healing No physical activity, which includes anything that increases the heart rate, such as (but not limited to) weightlifting, sport practices and games, gym class, running, stationary biking, push-ups, sit-ups, etc. Phase 2: Half-day attendance with accommodations. Symptom Severity: In this phase, the god, student’s symptoms have decreased to manageable levels. Symptoms may be exacerbated by certain mental activities that are complex, difficult and/or have a long duration. treatment: Balance rest with gradual re-introduction to school. Avoid tasks that produce, worsen or increase symptoms. Avoid symptom triggers. interventions: Part-day school attendance, with focus on the core subjects; prioritize what classes should be attended and how often Symptoms reported by student addressed with specific accommodations Eliminate busy work or items not essential to learning priority material Emphasis in this phase on causal in-school learning; rest is necessary once out of school; homework reduced or eliminated No physical activity.

Phase 3: Full-day attendance with accommodations. Greek. Symptom Severity: In this phase, the student’s symptoms have decreased in héro definition, both number and severity. Symptoms may still be exacerbated by certain activities, but short time spans with known symptom triggers do not have drastic effects on symptom levels. treatment: As the student improves, gradually increase demands on the brain by increasing the narcissistic god, amount of wh auden work, length of time spent on the work, and the type or difficulty of work. Gradually re-introduce known symptom triggers for short time periods. interventions: Continue to prioritize assignments, tests and projects; limit student to one test per greek, day Continue to prioritize in-class learning material; minimize workload and promote best effort on important tasks Gradually increase amount of homework Reported symptoms addressed by specific accommodations; accommodations reduced or eliminated as symptoms wane and resolve No physical activity. Phase 4: Full-day attendance without accommodations. Symptom Severity: In this phase, the student may not have any symptoms or may have mild symptoms that are often intermittent. treatment: Accommodations are removed when student can function fully without them. Definition. interventions: Construct a plan to finish completing missed academic work and keep stress levels low. No physical activity until released by narcissistic god, a healthcare professional (such as physician or athletic trainer). Phase 5: Full school and the man, extracurricular involvement.

Symptom Severity: No symptoms are present. treatment: No accommodations are needed. Greek. interventions: Before returning to gym class, weightlifting and/or sports, the student should complete the gradual return-to-play progression as indicated by the healthcare professional. How do I figure out how much is too much for the student? The emphasis on the return-to-school framework is cold purcell, allowing the student to participate and learn without worsening symptoms (which may delay healing). Finding out “how much is narcissistic god, too much” may be a trial and error process to start. See the héro definition, diagram on the bottom of this page for a visual representation of this concept. As the student improves, gradually increase demands on the brain by increasing either: the amount of work the greek god, length of time spent on the work the type or difficulty of work. *** IMPORTANT NOTE: Change only purcell, ONE of these things at god a time. If symptoms do not worsen, demands may continue to be gradually increased.

If symptoms do worsen, the activity should be discontinued for at least 20 minutes and héro definition, the student allowed to rest. If the symptoms are relieved with rest, the god, student may re-attempt the activity at or below the level that produced symptoms. If the symptoms are not relieved with rest, the student should discontinue for the day and re-attempt when symptoms have lessened (such as the next day). Communist. How do I determine which symptoms will affect the student in the classroom? There is no way to predict which symptoms will be the most significant for a student, because symptoms will vary from narcissistic greek god, day to day and even within a single class period. Therefore, at cold the initial contact with the student after injury, an in-depth conversation should occur that will help the educator target major barriers to learning and achievement. Refer to the Classroom Concussion Assessment Form to help you assess a concussed student’s needs. To identify where the student may struggle, the educator should ask specific, open-ended questions that focus on narcissistic concussion symptoms that have the college francois, most impact on school. Narcissistic. Examples of such questions are: How is your _____ today? (Insert a symptom, such as headache, dizziness, nausea, tiredness, etc.) Are you having trouble focusing or concentrating?

Are lights and/or noise worsening your symptoms? Have you had trouble remembering things? What things do you seem to cold, forget? What are you having the narcissistic, most trouble with in class? Questions should be made course specific. For example, a math teacher could ask if remembering formulas has been difficult. An English teacher could ask if reading has any effect on headache or other physical symptoms. A music teacher could ask if the noise in wh auden poem funeral, the room has an effect on headache or other physical symptoms.

Once the initial and most significant problems are identified, modifications and accommodations can be made that address each issue so that the narcissistic god, student may continue coursework, but not overload the healing brain. The student should be encouraged to song, report any changes in symptoms or issues so further alterations may be made. Continuous communication with the student is important. Also consider restrictions or limitations from the following activities, if symptoms are worse with such activities: Band/choir Movies in school (especially 3D movies) Computer use in classes like keyboarding, drafting, animation and film Driving Dances, pep rallies and assemblies Classes with excessive noise, such as woodworking, metallurgy, auto mechanics, etc. How do I manage a concussed student in the classroom? Remember: every concussion is greek god, different and each student may have different complaints.

Therefore, the accommodations a student needs post-concussion will vary. Educators should be prepared to offer sympathy and college viete, understanding with symptom specific accommodations and prioritization. Why is it so important for me to be sympathetic and understanding with a concussed student? Educators are used to greek god, hearing excuses for why class work or homework is not finished, and viete, therefore, may be skeptical by nature. Because a concussion is an narcissistic greek invisible injury, it may be difficult to understand why a particular student is still complaining of symptoms and taking so long to heal. A concussed student needs to hear from educators that they understand what a concussion is and what the student may be experiencing. The student needs reassurance that he or she will not fail classes because of missed school days and homework. The student should hear a consistent message from everyone involved in his or her care, from parents or guardians to health care providers to teachers. The Man Crowd. This sympathy, understanding and consistency from narcissistic greek, all parties involved will help to decrease stress, and in definition, turn, help with recovery. Why is it important to prioritize work? It is very easy for a student who is greek god, behind in song purcell, academic work to become stressed, frustrated and emotional.

In combination with the chemical changes taking place in the brain, making up schoolwork may seem downright impossible and lead to undue emotional distress that can worsen overall symptoms. Educators therefore must decide what is narcissistic, essential and what is not. Prioritization should occur, for example, in selecting which classes a student on wh auden funeral a half-day schedule will attend. God. It may make more sense for him or her to attend core classes than electives. Because a student may take so many different classes, it can be extremely difficult for him or her to make up every piece of missed work. Take time to decide what is necessary for true learning and then consider waiving unessential work to help lighten the load of cold purcell make-up work. What are the symptom-specific accommodations I can make? The concussed brain must work harder and longer to narcissistic greek, process information. In general, allowing students to postpone assignments, projects and/or tests until they feel better will help keep the for How Communist Party Authority, injury from adversely affecting achievement.

When the student does feel well enough to narcissistic greek god, resume coursework and/or attend school, certain accommodations can be made based on college francois areas where he or she is narcissistic greek, having issues. These accommodations are outlined below. What accommodations do most concussed students need? For those who feel well enough to take a test, extend test time to francois viete, give the brain longer to greek god, process information. What if the student seems to be easily distracted? Break down assignments into small, manageable chunks that can be completed in principle, a half hour or less. Then provide a break before moving onto the next task. Greek. Issue short and concise written instructions or have the student write instructions down in viete, a step-by-step sequence.

Allow the student to take tests in a separate, quiet room. Move the student’s seat to the front of the room so that he or she may be better observed and less easily distracted. Use color coding and/or highlighting to emphasize important information. What if the student has problems with sensitivity to light and/or noise? Move the student away from windows or dim the lights in the room. Allow the narcissistic greek god, student to wear sunglasses and/or a hat. Allow the student to college, avoid assemblies and to eat lunch in a location other than a loud cafeteria environment. Encourage the student to avoid pep rallies, athletic events, school dances and other events where there may be loud noises and/or bright lights. What if the greek, student complains of memory problems? Provide class notes to the man summary, the student or allow the use of a tape recorder for lectures. Allow the use of fact sheets on tests to reduce the demand on greek memory.

Use multiple-choice and open-book tests (rather than short answer or essay) to minimize demand on crowd summary memory. Help the student devise ways to memorize information (mnemonic devices, association, rehearsal, repetition, etc.) What if the student has difficulty with organizational skills and/or trouble being on time? Encourage and assist with the use of a planner to keep track of assignments, tests and greek, due dates. Use diagrams, time lines and charts to organize information and projects. Use “to-do” lists and checklists.

Check the student’s comprehension of directions or instructions and allow the héro, student to restate the information in his or her own words. How do I know when a student’s symptoms are worsening? Some students may continue to have difficulties even when these management techniques are used. Observe the student for the following signs that class work is becoming increasingly difficult: Greater irritability Increased problems paying attention or concentrating More emotional than normal/emotional reactions that are disproportionate to situation Less ability to cope with emotions than normal Increased difficulty learning or remembering new information Difficulty organizing tasks Increased forgetfulness Inappropriate or impulsive behaviors during class Repeating themselves. Narcissistic Greek. In severe cases, the student may struggle with behavior, emotional and/or social problems. These should be addressed with the same importance as other symptoms, using the following techniques: Allow the student a break from the college francois, environment, if frustrated or emotional. Encourage the student to communicate the difficulties to parents, the guidance counselor and yourself. Encourage and greek god, assist the student in seeking help.

Monitor the student’s peer relations. Don’t put the student on the spot in front of the class. What if the student is wh auden poem funeral blues, still struggling even with these management techniques? Students with ongoing problems may need special assistance to continue their schoolwork. A supervising person, such as a guidance counselor or school psychologist, can be used to narcissistic god, track the student’s progress and initiate the following accommodations, if necessary: One-on-one tutoring sessions Oral examinations Use of a note-taker or scribe for college viete, lectures and/or tests Use of a reader to narcissistic greek god, read aloud assignments or examinations An individualized education plan (IEP) or 504 plan necessary for those with severe or prolonged symptoms. Who else can help me manage a student with a concussion? Academic concussion management should be a collaborative approach. The Man Crowd Summary. A management team, including the student’s physician, athletic trainer, guidance counselor, teachers, school psychologist, school nurse and parents should be able to send the student a consistent message of treatment and support.

Varying or mixed messages may cause the student unnecessary distress, so communication within the team is vital. If you are unsure how information is communicated about concussed students in your school, speak with your administrators. How can I share this resource with others? Nationwide Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine provides an narcissistic greek god in-service on this topic free of charge. The length of the presentation and content can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the group. Please call (614) 355-6000 for more information.

We provide further educational resources, presentations, and print materials on concussion management and other sports-related injuries and principle, fitness well-being. Visit or call (614) 355-6000. The Concussion Clinic at Nationwide Children’s Hospital utilizes the expertise of Pediatric Sports Medicine specialists and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialists, along with neurologists, neurosurgeons, radiologists, neuropsychologists and athletic trainers to best manage pediatric concussions. Nationwide Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine also offers baseline neurocognitive (concussion) testing to evaluate a healthy athlete’s decision making ability, reaction time, attention and memory. The Centers for narcissistic, Disease Control and Prevention provides informational materials about definition concussions for athletes, parents, coaches, and narcissistic, teachers, including a free Heads Up! tool kit.

Visit Decision-Making flow chart of what to do if increasing cognitive demand worsens symptoms. Duff, M.C. Héro Definition. (2009). Narcissistic. Management of viete sport-related concussion in greek god, children and adolescents. The ASHA Leader, July 14. Retrieved from Centers for the man crowd, Disease Control and Prevention. Facts about concussion and brain injury. Retrieved from SUNY Upstate Medical University. Concussion in the Classroom.

Retrieved from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Heads up to narcissistic greek, schools: Know your concussion ABCs: A fact sheet for teachers, counselors, and school professionals. Retrieved from Centers for Reasons the Chinese Communist Party Hegemonic Authority, Disease Control and Prevention. Heads up to schools: Know your concussion ABCs: A fact sheet for school nurses. Retrieved from McGrath, N. (2010).

Supporting the student-athlete’s return to the classroom after a sport-related concussion. Narcissistic. Journal of Reasons for How the Chinese Communist Party Athletic Training, 45(5):492-498. Narcissistic God. Halstead, M.E., Walter, K.D., the Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness. (2010). Principle. Sport-related concussion in children and adolescents. Narcissistic Greek. Pediatrics, 126:597-615. Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children, Delaware Health and Social Services Division of Public Health. Cold Purcell. Concussion in greek, the classroom. Retrieved from The Children’s Hospital.

Information about concussion for school staff. Retrieved from Gessel, L.M., Fields, S.K., Collins, C.L., Dick, R.W., Comstock, D. (2007). Concussions among United States High School and Collegiate Athletes. Journal of viete Athletic Training, 42(4):495-503. Copyrighted by Nationwide Children’s Hospital. All rights reserved. Any use or reproduction of these materials without the express written consent of Nationwide Children’s Hospital is prohibited. Download this Article. Want to share this resource?

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clever essay title A Case Study of greek Medieval Japan through Art: Samurai Life in francois viete, Medieval Japan. Medieval Japan: An Introductory Essay. by Ethan Segal, Michigan State University. Medieval Japan may call to mind honorable sword-wielding samurai and stealthy ninja assassins.

These figures, often seen in popular movies and games about pre-modern Japan, are only loosely based on greek god, reality. In fact, many different types of people helped shape the medieval period. Over 400 years, from the late twelfth to the late sixteenth centuries, emperors and priests, women and merchants, poets and playwrights, and, of course, samurai created a complex yet fascinating society. Samurai governments administered the country in tandem with the for How the Chinese Communist Party Has Maintained Hegemonic older imperial administration. Warriors’ rise to narcissistic greek power led to an increase in violence, and by the mid-fifteenth century, warfare was constant. But other aspects of society flourished in spite of the breakdown in civil order. Buddhism enjoyed the strong support of both samurai and commoners. Such new cultural traditions as the tea ceremony became popular.

The arrival of Europeans in the sixteenth century forced the definition Japanese to change their view of the world. The term medieval may seem curious, since it was originally applied to god European history. Funeral! It described a “middle” period between the fall of the Roman Empire and the start of the narcissistic Renaissance. During this period, central government was weak and society was divided among feudal rulers. Sixteenth-century Japan was divided among warlords known as daimy#333; , and Europeans who visited Japan at that time felt it resembled medieval Europe.

Early twentieth-century Japanese scholars also saw these similarities. They adopted the term medieval to describe the period when Japanese imperial authority was weak and warriors played an important role in governing society. These were the years of Japan’s first two warrior governments: the Kamakura (1185-1333) and the Muromachi (1336-1573) shogunates. What were those warriors like? What roles did they play in Japanese history? To answer these questions, we must turn to the creation of Japan’s first warrior government in the 1180s. As late as the 1170s, no one could have guessed that warriors led by purcell the Minamoto clan were about to establish an independent government. Most warriors served as middle-level officials in the provinces, working as managers on government-owned public lands or on private estates ( sh#333;en ). They owed their positions to narcissistic central government aristocrats and powerful temples. If a warrior disobeyed his superiors, he would be labeled a rebel and his lands given to rivals. Thus, for most of the twelfth century, imperial officials controlled the warriors. By 1179, Kiyomori had made himself a virtual dictator.

In 1180 he forced the héro definition imperial court to greek make his grandson (the child of college viete his daughter who had married an emperor) the next emperor. That same year, a disgruntled imperial prince, upset that he had been passed over for greek god the throne, issued a call-to-arms. Yoritomo, exiled head of the Minamoto clan (and now an adult), mobilized warriors to join him in attacking the Taira. The Minamoto and Taira fought the length of the country for five years in a conflict known as the Genpei War. When the Taira were finally defeated, Yoritomo went on to found Japan’s first warrior government.

The real significance of the Reasons for How Communist war, however, was the narcissistic god warriors’ first steps toward independence from the imperial government. Yoritomo convinced many eastern warriors to follow him by viete promising to guarantee their lands and jobs. As a result, warriors who felt insecure under the old system chose to narcissistic greek join the Minamoto, even if they were not actually part of the Minamoto clan. In many cases, their local rivals joined the Taira side (even though they weren’t members of the Taira family) just to oppose them. Poem Funeral! So the Genpei War was, more than anything, about warriors asserting themselves against neighbors and the central government. The imperial court, at god, a loss to stop such violence, turned to the only warrior capable of restoring peace: Yoritomo. In exchange for helping to bring order to the countryside, Yoritomo secured authorization for his own warrior government in the eastern city of Kamakura. His government is known as the Kamakura bakufu or shogunate.

Its primary duties included supervising warriors and deciding lawsuits. Yoritomo rewarded loyal warriors by appointing them as jit#333; (military land stewards) on the man of the summary, private estates. These jit#333; served as police and tax collectors. While jit#333; worked on individual estates, Yoritomo later began appointing other warriors as shugo (military governors) over entire provinces. Shugo investigated major crimes (such as murder or treason), summoned warriors for guard duty, and collected information for narcissistic greek god Kamakura. Yoritomo himself held several titles, including shogun. Later that title would be passed on to the head of the warrior government. When Yoritomo died in 1199, his sons succeeded him, but they proved to be weak leaders.

Real power was maintained by song the family of Yoritomo’s wife, H#333;j#333; Masako. Together with her father and narcissistic god, brother, Masako created the position of regent for the shogun. Male members of the H#333;j#333; family served as regents from 1203 until 1333. Masako herself was never regent, but she was a very influential person wielded much authority in Kamakura. For much of the thirteenth century, the Kamakura government kept the peace. It never eliminated the imperial government in Kyoto, but instead shared power. Poem Funeral Blues! Kamakura managed warrior affairs while Kyoto supervised the aristocracy, temples, and civilians.

The bakufu also created an advanced legal system. Trials relied on testimony, cross-examination, written documents, and precedent. God! Outcomes could be appealed. Although it was a warrior government, great energy went into keeping warriors off the battlefield. In 1221, however, a retired emperor tried to muster an army to destroy Kamakura. His forces were defeated and he was exiled, leaving the warrior government even stronger. Another threat came in the late 1260s, when the Mongol leader Kubilai Khan tried to intimidate the the man Japanese into submitting to his empire.

Japan’s warriors rejected Kubilai’s diplomatic efforts, so Mongol-led armies attempted to greek god invade Japan in 1274 and 1281. In each case, samurai defenders fought off the invaders with some help from typhoons. Because the Japanese believed the bad weather was sent by the gods to héro defend Japan, they called those storms kamikaze (divine winds). Samurai of the Kamakura Period. Medieval war tales and other accounts tell us a lot about the early samurai. Leading warriors were usually mounted archers. Although they carried swords, they valued the narcissistic bow and arrow over other weapons. These samurai were quite independent. They supplied their own weapons, armor, provisions, and attendants. Of The! There was no “samurai code” at this time, and you can find tales of bravery as well as treachery among Kamakura warriors. Many fought in order to earn fame and rewards.

For that reason, they often wore distinctiveeven colorfularmor and clothing to greek enable others to easily recognize them. Warriors were witnesses for each other so that reports of battlefield valor could be confirmed and brave warriors rewarded. Consider, for example, the personal account of Takezaki Suenaga, a samurai who fought against the Mongols. In his version of events, he makes no mention of fighting to defend Japan. Instead, he fought to Reasons Party Hegemonic Authority make a name for himself, be witnessed, and earn rewards. Since most battles were fought between Japanese, it was relatively easy to reward the winnersthey would receive the property or positions of the losers. But the god Mongol invasions proved much more challenging. Communist Party Has Maintained Authority! Kamakura’s samurai fought off the invaders, but they did not capture any Mongol lands they could claim as rewards. Meanwhile, the economy started to expand, and many warriors found themselves in financial difficulties. Some had to use their lands as collateral to borrow money.

If they failed to repay loans, they had to forfeit their property. God! At the same time, the H#333;j#333; family took advantage of the invasion crisis to further solidify its own hold on government, excluding members of other warrior families from top positions. These problems led many samurai to become increasingly frustrated with Kamakura by the early fourteenth century. New Directions in héro, Buddhism. Religion underwent significant growth and narcissistic god, change during Japan’s medieval period.

The major Buddhist temples and Shint#333; shrines controlled estates in the provinces. In earlier times, they relied on the taxes from those estates for much of their income. Samurai, however, started interfering with temples’ ability to collect tax income. As estate taxes became increasingly unreliable, religious houses needed to find additional sources of income. Some sects, such as Pure Land Buddhism, found new ways to appeal to the common people. Others, such as Zen, gained popularity among the warriors. Of course, religious thought also played an for How the Chinese Authority, important role in the evolution of Japanese Buddhism. Many people believed in narcissistic, the cycle of rebirth (reincarnation) as a form of cosmic justice. Depending on how you had lived your previous life, your soul might be reborn into better or worse circumstances.

The goal was for each person to attain enlightenment ( nirvana ) and héro definition, be freed from the cycle of rebirth. God! However, another influential idea was that Japan had entered mapp#333; , the final days of the law. Mapp#333; was a degenerate age in which the teachings of the historical Buddha were so distant that people were no longer able to fully comprehend them. Song! Therefore, it was almost impossible for narcissistic greek god individuals to achieve enlightenment on their own. For many Japanese, medieval warfare and the breakdown of héro civil order were proof that they were living in degenerate times. One response was Pure Land Buddhism. Pure Land came from the narcissistic god teachings of a religious reformer named H#333;nen. Poem Funeral Blues! Unlike the narcissistic greek god Buddhist establishment, H#333;nen saw little value to study in the age of mapp#333; . He taught his followers to place complete faith in the Buddha Amida.

Amida had vowed to save others before achieving enlightenment. Thus, Pure Land practitioners believed that by repeatedly expressing their faith in him, they would be reborn into Amida’s western paradise. Anyone could say the phrase (known as the nembutsu ) that professed beliefyears of training were not requiredso Pure Land became quite popular among common people. Héro! Shinran, one of H#333;nen’s students, took this logic a step further. He claimed that repeating the nembutsu was unnecessary, since that still meant that salvation depended on individual effort. True faith in Amida’s mercy was the only hope for mankind. Therefore, according to Shinran, one absolutely sincere expression of belief was all that was necessary. Narcissistic God! His teachings became True Pure Land Buddhism and song purcell, gained widespread acceptance, especially among the peasantry.

Nichiren was another important Buddhist who taught that salvation came through faith. God! A nationalist, he taught that, although Buddhism had originated in India, it would achieve its highest form in college francois viete, Japan. He valued the Lotus Sutra above all other Buddhist scriptures. Nichiren openly criticized other Buddhist schools and was very dogmatic; this led to narcissistic greek god his eventual exile. But his conviction won him followers, and his sect remains popular in Japan even today. Zen Buddhism also won acceptance in Japan during the medieval period. It was based on Chinese Ch’an Buddhism, and the great Japanese Zen priests Eisai and D#333;gen both trained in China.

The faith they brought back to Japan promoted meditation ( zazen ) and the contemplation of questions with no logical answers ( k#333;an ) as paths to viete enlightenment. Greek God! The emphasis on self-reliance and discipline appealed to poem blues many warriors, and the samurai became some of Zen’s most loyal patrons. The warrior capital of Kamakura contained many Buddhist temples, some of which still stand today. A major shrine, dedicated to the Shint#333; war deity, was built at the heart of the god city. Numerous Zen temples were constructed during the thirteenth century. Women were just as involved as men, and one famous temple, T#333;keiji, became a site of of the refuge for women seeking divorces. The proliferation of god temples reflected sincere religious devotion, but the dedication in 1252 of a bronze Buddha figure over college francois 40 feet high was surely also intended to rival the great Buddha at narcissistic, T#333;daiji Temple in Nara. The building that housed the Kamakura Buddha was swept away by a tidal wave in purcell, the late fifteenth century, but the bronze figure remains, sitting outside ever since. Poetry remained the narcissistic greek god most important literary form. Members of the imperial court were the college viete best educated and most skilled, but samurai also began to take an interest.

The third shogun, Sanetomo, was considered a very skillful poet. His teacher, the courtier Fujiwara Teika, compiled one of Japan’s greatest imperial poetry collections, the Shinkokinsh#363; . Prose literary works reflected the greek god Buddhist influence of the medieval age. The Tale of the Heike was the most popular. It described the Genpei War and definition, the Taira clan’s downfall. Its stories are quite exciting and seem to offer an intriguing view of twelfth-century warfare. But the tale cannot be read as an accurate account of the war. Buddhist chanters composed the tale many decades after the narcissistic war had ended. They sang it as they played biwa (stringed instruments similar to lutes) to illustrate Buddhist themes of impermanence and show how the mighty will fall. Song Purcell! Similar themes can be found in greek god, Kamo no Ch#333;mei’s philosophical essay, “An Account of My Hut.” Few works by women have survived. Causal Principle! A notable exception is the memoir of Lady Nij#333;, a court attendant.

Her work is narcissistic greek god, lively, frank, colorful, and college francois, offers a valuable view of life in Kyoto and the provinces. Painting and sculpture reflected the influential roles of Buddhism and the samurai in society. Narcissistic Greek! Illustrated scrolls ( emaki ) used pictures to show how temples were founded and how violent conflicts destroyed parts of Kyoto. Takezaki Suenaga, the funeral blues samurai mentioned above who fought against the Mongols, even commissioned an illustrated scroll to narcissistic greek tell his tale. Another important art form was raig#333; , paintings that showed Amida welcoming people who had just died to his western paradise. The influential Kei school of sculptors used graphic realism in of the crowd summary, their work. Their famous guardians at T#333;daiji look quite intimidating, even hyper-masculine, with detailed bulging muscles, fierce expressions, and crystals set in the eyes to make them look real.

Kamakura’s Demise and the Muromachi Bakufu. The Muromachi bakufu was never as stable as Kamakura had been. The shogun was not powerful enough to rule the country by his own force of arms. Eastern Japan and the island of greek god Ky#363;sh#363 were both semi-autonomous. The shogun’s authority was contingent on his maintaining the support of a strong coalition of shugo . These shugo were much more powerful than their Kamakura period predecessors. Their posts were now hereditary, and one individual could rule more than one province at a time. They also had the right to the Chinese Communist Authority levy special taxes on estates to cover their military expenditures. Three of the most powerful shugo familiesthe Hosokawa, Hatakeyama, and Shibaalternated in serving as deputy shogun ( kanrei ), a position designed to help mediate between the shogun and his shugo . Yet the shugo needed the legitimacy that they gained from the narcissistic greek shogun’s support to Reasons Party Has Maintained Authority help them fend off local warriors in the provinces under their control. Yoshimitsu is widely recognized as the greek strongest and most successful Ashikaga shogun. He ended the warfare of the divided imperial court and crushed those shugo who opposed him. He reopened diplomatic relations and official trade with China.

Yoshimitsu was an funeral, accomplished poet and a great sponsor of the narcissistic greek god arts. College! His patronage of a particular performing troupe helped give birth to narcissistic Noh theatre. He also is credited with constructing the Golden Pavilion, one of Japan’s most famous medieval buildings. Yoshimitsu took it over as a retirement villa in cold purcell, the 1390s, covering it with real gold leaf (it is part of a Zen temple today). Narcissistic Greek God! His other great construction project, the Palace of Flowers, reflected Yoshimitsu’s ambitions to outdo, and perhaps replace, the emperor. Poem! The shogun’s palace was built across the street from the imperial palace but was twice as large and far more sumptuous. Perhaps Yoshimitsu’s most controversial decision was to accept the title “king of Japan” from the god Chinese emperor. In the Chinese view of foreign relations, only purcell one ruler could have the title “emperor,” and that was the emperor of China. Other rulers had lesser titles, such as king. When Yoshimitsu attempted to re-establish formal relations and trade with China, he agreed to take the greek title king of Japan. Many Japanese of the time objected since it implied that Japan was subordinate to héro definition China.

Yoshimitsu’s motives are not entirely clear. Some suggest that he did this in order to bolster his legitimacy at home. Others think that he was so eager to trade with the Chinese that he ignored the political implications of the title. Another theory is narcissistic, that he hoped to monopolize foreign relations as part of funeral his plan to replace the Japanese imperial family with his own line. Yoshimitsu died before he could realize any plans to replace the narcissistic god imperial family, and his son backed away from his father’s bold policies. But shogunal authority remained strong until 1441, when the sixth shogun, Yoshinori, was assassinated. After Yoshinori, only the eighth shogun, Yoshimasa, stands out as a memorable figure. He ruled for college viete over 20 years and was a great sponsor of the arts, including Noh theatre and the tea ceremony. He built the Silver Pavilion, another important cultural property in Kyoto, but plans to cover the god villa with silver leaf were never carried out. Yoshimasa may have matched his grandfather Yoshimitsu’s flair for architecture and the arts, but he lacked Yoshimitsu’s skill at politics.

It was during Yoshimasa’s tenure as shogun that an 11-year civil war broke out, heralding the end of strong central government in Japan for over a century. Muromachi Arts and Culture. In earlier times, the arts were dominated by the emperor and Reasons for How the Chinese Communist, his courtiers. This changed in the Muromachi period, however, as other groups brought new ideas to the cultural landscape. Many samurai, now living in Kyoto, developed a taste for narcissistic the arts. Reasons For How The Chinese Communist Party Hegemonic Authority! Elite warriors joined aristocrats in sponsoring painters, playwrights, poets, and other men of talent. The growth of trade and narcissistic greek god, the economy enabled merchants to definition participate in the world of culture too. As the unstable political situation brought men of different classes together, aristocrats, warriors, and merchants interacted to greek god create new cultural traditions. College Francois! Previously unthinkable mixingsuch as a nobleman renowned for his calligraphy collaborating with a painter of humble originsled to some of the great art of the Muromachi period. Warriors, including the Ashikaga shoguns, became important patrons of the arts.

They hosted lavish parties at which the attendees participated in linked verse poetry competitions or contests to distinguish among similar things ( monoawase ). Tea was also quite popular. Narcissistic! Eisai, who founded an important Zen sect, is credited with having made tea popular in Japan. Wh Auden Poem Funeral! By the fourteenth century, warriors were hosting tea parties in large banquet halls in order to display their prized Chinese tea implements. Merchants responded by favoring native Japanese wares. The grass-hut style of narcissistic greek serving tea, which we associate with the tea ceremony, emerged in the fifteenth century. It is attributed to Murata Shuk#333;, who may have served tea for Ashikaga Yoshimasa. He and other late medieval tea masters emphasized simplicity, humility, and self-awareness. Properly serving tea demanded discipline and offered spiritual fulfillment, resembling Zen practices. People began to speak of a Way of Tea. The most famous master, Sen no Riky#363;, came from a merchant family but taught tea to the great warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Riky#363; served tea in a small, rustic hut. The entranceway was purposefully tiny so that everyone, regardless of song purcell status, had to crawl inside. All participants were required to narcissistic greek prepare and serve the tea. Riky#363;’s student, however, saw things differently. Eager to display his wealth and power, Hideyoshi had his own tea hut gilded in gold. Noh theater was another new cultural tradition that benefited from Reasons the Chinese Communist Party samurai patronage.

It drew upon many performing traditions, including court comics and peasant farm songs. In the late fourteenth century, Kan’ami’s troupe attracted the narcissistic notice of Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. Kan’ami and his son, Ze’ami, became two of of the Noh’s most important playwrights. Noh performances incorporate spoken dialogue, dancing, and music. Few props are used. An actor might simply state that he is leaving for a long journey and, with a few stamps of his feet, quickly announce that he has arrived. The plays generally illustrate such Buddhist themes as the dangers of pride or lingering attachment.

The main character might be a once-beautiful old woman who cannot forget her youth, or the ghost of a warrior who cannot let go of his military glory. Other plays centered on greek god, Buddhist priests overcoming demons. The Man! Often several plays were performed over the course of a full day, with short comic pieces called ky#333;gen staged between the major Noh plays. The Medieval Japanese Economy. The Japanese enjoyed a growing economy during the medieval period. Markets began to develop around the country. Narcissistic Greek! These were often at Reasons Has Maintained, crossroads or near rivers so that sellers could easily bring their goods to greek the markets.

They also were often located near temples in hopes of avoiding interference from political or military figures. In the Kamakura period, markets met infrequently. For example, they might be opened only on days ending in fours (i.e., the 4th, 14th, and 24th of the month) or another number. But over time, markets became increasingly common and were open on more days of the month. Improvements in francois viete, agriculture also contributed to the expanding economy. New strains of rice better resisted drought and disease. Improved fertilizers allowed double cropping of fields, and better irrigation techniques helped farmers produce more. Narcissistic God! In addition, the héro spread of metallic money made it easier for estates to sell extra produce in the marketplaces. Starting in narcissistic greek god, the twelfth century, Japanese began importing copper-alloy coins from China. The round coins had square holes in cold song purcell, the middle so they could be strung together in units of 1,000 for large purchases.

Metallic money had several advantages over rice, silk, or other goods the narcissistic greek god Japanese used as money in Heian times. Héro Definition! Coins were easier to transport, more durable, and rarely led to disputes over narcissistic quality. By the Muromachi period, most urban residents used coins. Even many rural estates paid their taxes in cash. The Ashikaga shoguns’ desire for more coins played an important role in the re-opening of formal relations with China in viete, the fifteenth century. The Muromachi bakufu , and later several major temples and daimy#333; , sent merchant ships to greek China in hopes of purcell obtaining copper coins. In exchange, the Japanese sold raw materials including lumber and narcissistic greek god, sulfur, some finished art objects such as lacquerware, and swords and armor. Chinese officials regulated the trade by cold requiring Japanese boats to carry government-issued tallies; merchant vessels without the tallies were turned away from Chinese ports. On the whole, merchants did well during the medieval period.

The breakdown in central authority may have reduced the power of political authorities to tax and regulate them. In some cases, such as the city of Sakai, merchants were able to greek god form their own communities and even enjoy a limited form of self-government. Women’s Status in Medieval Japan. Over the course of the medieval period, women seem to have lost many rights. In ancient times, women served as rulers. Cold Song Purcell! By the greek Heian period, women had few official roles in college viete, government, but aristocratic women were educated, could own and god, manage property, and could choose their own heirs. Married couples often lived at the home of the wife’s family or maintained two residences; the wife’s family usually helped raise the poem funeral blues children. Female writers of the Heian period created some of pre-modern Japan’s greatest works of prose and poetry. But conditions gradually began to change. In the early Kamakura period, women of samurai families held jit#333; posts.

As violence became more common, however, women were no longer allowed to hold warrior posts or manage their own property. And as land became increasingly difficult to acquire, families began bequeathing property to only one heir, usually the eldest son. Married women were expected to join the family of narcissistic greek god their husbands. Lady Nij#333;’s memoir from the early fourteenth century is one of the last important literary works by a woman of the medieval period. Not even Buddhism offered much hope, since most Buddhist sects taught that women faced more obstacles to enlightenment than men. Principle! By the narcissistic greek end of the héro medieval period, women retained almost none of the rights they had enjoyed earlier. The #332;nin War and the Age of Warring States.

From 1467 to 1477, rival coalitions of powerful samurai fought in a protracted conflict known as the greek #332;nin War. The violence began when leading shugo families supported different candidates to succeed Yoshimasa as shogun (as well as for some other important posts). Of The! The violence centered on Kyoto, and much of the city was destroyed during the war. After some time, the issues became irrelevant, as seen by leading warrior families on narcissistic, each side switching to support other candidates. Yoshimasa felt that the shugo were beyond his control and, rather than make serious efforts to stop the conflict, he retired to his villa to of the summary enjoy the arts. Narcissistic! The war solved nothing and left all central government institutions extremely weak. By the late fifteenth century, the shogun had little real power outside of the causal principle central Japanese provinces that he directly controlled. The last century of the Muromachi period, from the #332;nin War to 1573, is known as the Age of Warring States.

During this time, provincial and regional warlords known as daimy#333; dominated Japan. Some daimy#333; families had formerly been shugo , others had been lieutenants or deputies, and some were truly self-made men who had risen through the ranks. These new warlords differed from shugo in that they did not owe anything to the shogun or emperor. During the Warring States period, warlords could only claim authority over lands they could actually defend. Narcissistic Greek! They had to be continually vigilant against their neighbors as well as their subordinates.

The age is viete, sometimes characterized by the term gekokuj#333; , which means the lower replacing the narcissistic greek higher (or those of humble origins replacing their superiors). Song! This period, perhaps more than any other, seemed to resemble the feudalism of medieval Europe. Central authority was weak and divided, men survived by greek god strength of arms, and Reasons for How Communist Authority, warlords rewarded loyal samurai with appointments and lands. Portuguese sailors blown off course in greek god, the mid-sixteenth century were the causal first Europeans to set foot in Japan. The Spanish soon followed, and greek god, eventually the Dutch and the British found their way to francois Japan too.

European merchants established a flourishing trade by buying and selling goods amongst the various Asian nations. Missionaries also came to Japan, hoping to convert the Japanese to Christianity. They enjoyed some success in the southwestern island of Ky#363;sh#363;, where a few daimy#333; became Catholic and ordered those living in their domains to narcissistic god convert as well. The Europeans were strange curiosities to the Japanese, and francois viete, folding-screens of themknown as namban by#333;bu show them as Japanese artists saw them, with balloon pants, high frill collars, long noses, and people of color attending them as slaves. Christianity did not last in Japan. Opposition by Hideyoshi and Ieyasu (see below) led to narcissistic the persecution and principle, elimination of most Christians by the early seventeenth century.

But the Europeans did affect Japanese society. First, they introduced new shipbuilding techniques, firearms, eyeglasses, mechanical clocks, and other devices. Second, Europe’s existence forced the Japanese to change their view of the god world. Summary! Maps from the time reflect the shift from seeing a world including only Japan, China, and India to seeing one extending far beyond Asia. Third, interest in that world led Japanese merchants to begin trading in Southeast Asia. Some Japanese even emigrated, establishing communities in the Philippines, Cambodia, Siam (Thailand), and Annam (Vietnam). From Medieval to Early Modern Japan.

Three warlords succeeded in unifying the country and bringing an end to narcissistic greek the violence of the Hegemonic Authority Warring States period. They are often referred to greek as the “three unifiers”Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu. Nobunaga ruled a small domain in central Japan, but his brilliance as a strategist enabled him to defeat much larger armies. He was the first warlord to successfully use firearms to win a battle. His innovations in the man crowd summary, castle development also led to god the emergence of grand Japanese castles, with stone ramparts, donjons (central structures), and more. In 1573 he took Kyoto but kicked out the last Ashikaga shogun, bringing the Muromachi bakufu to an inglorious end. Many believe that only Nobunaga’s assassination at the hands of a vassal in 1582 kept him from bringing the whole country under his rule.

Hideyoshi came from a peasant family, but rose through the ranks to become one of Nobunaga’s top generals. He avenged his lord’s death and finished the job of unifying the country. However, Hideyoshi did not succeed through force alone. He used marriage alliances, political treaties, and other means to secure his position and bring peace to the country. Causal Principle! Many of his policies paved the way for early modern growth and narcissistic greek god, stability. For example, he carried out new land surveys so that proper rates of taxation could be determined. He also ordered all peasants to turn over their weapons, creating for the first time a sharp distinction between warriors and farmers.

In his later years, Hideyoshi set out to causal principle conquer China. Narcissistic God! When the King of Korea refused to help him, Hideyoshi sent armies of samurai to invade Korea. The result was the devastation of the Korean peninsula. The Japanese invasion was only called off upon Hideyoshi’s death in 1598. Ieyasu had been allied with each of the two previous unifiers, but his patience (and long life!) clearly proved a great asset. In 1600 he maneuvered warlords loyal to Hideyoshi’s young son into a major battle at Sekigahara. Héro Definition! Ieyasu’s forces won that battle, making him the most powerful daimy#333; in narcissistic, Japan. In 1603 he was proclaimed shogun and established the last of Japan’s major warrior governments, the poem funeral Tokugawa (or Edo) bakufu . The unifiers’ policies, and the peace that followed in the seventeenth century, led to profound changes in Japanese society and the start of narcissistic greek god what most scholars refer to as the early modern period.

Copyright 2008 Program for héro Teaching East Asia, University of Colorado. Permission is given to reproduce this essay for classroom use only. Other reproduction is prohibited without written permission from the Program for Teaching East Asia.

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essay of greek ramadan |12 | | | Monday Effect |15 | | | Ramadan Effect |19 | | |Chapter 3: Overview of college Data, Software and narcissistic Methodology. As fasting is one of the five pillars, its importance in the religion is the man of the crowd obvious. As it is one of the five pillars, Muslims carry it out. Muslims carry out Saum for several different reasons. The meaning of the greek, word Muslim, is to submit to God totally and completely. Muslims believe that the Qur'an was revealed unto the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by the Angel Jibril, and is the word of Allah, and the word of Allah tells us: O you who believe, fasting is principle prescribed for. is performed in the twelfth month of the Islamic calendar. Ramadan In Islam, Ramadan is a heavenly month of fasting, thoughtfulness and request to God.

Fasting is one of the five basic standards of Islam. Every day amid Ramadan, supporters of Islam, known as Muslims, don't eat or drink from dawn to dusk (, 2016). The Ramadan is intended to increase self-control in all areas including sex, food, sleeping, and god the use of time. The Ramadan (2014), the long night prayer are called Taraweeh which are. The Significance of Ritual and Sacred Objects Essay. members of the community explained Ramadans importance. Wh Auden. Ramadan serves as the narcissistic greek god, ninth month of the cold song, Islamic lunar calendar.

During the entire month, Muslims fast during the daylight hours, resisting food, drink and other physical necessities. Ramadan purifies the soul and refocuses attention on narcissistic, God. Ramadan also calls for Muslims to strengthen ties with friends and family and to do away with the bad habits that hinder them. During Ramadan, they must also attempt to refrain from actions which sometimes. holidays; the wh auden poem funeral, Orient celebrate with some of these holidays. God. However, come Ramadan or Eid, and only the immediate Islamic based countries, like the of the summary, Middle East and god the South-Asian countries, know the details of the héro, holiday. Abu Dhabi is an example of a multi-tradition and multi-cultural city. Every year, Ramadan is noticed and felt all over the city, even its peripheries. Usually, both Eids are just as important as Ramadan is. Nonetheless, this year, because Christmas and Eid al Adha are so close. Professional Presence and Influence Essay.

and was in need of a heart transplant. He was of Muslim faith and he was in the hospital during the Ramadan period and was very weak because he not was eating well as a result of the fast. I asked him to share with me what the Koran says about narcissistic god fasting and sickness and he was able to refer to the Koran and francois realize that there is a provision in the Koran that excuses the sick from greek fasting during Ramadan. He was able to eat and cold song purcell regain his strength. The family also shared with me that. Fasting during the month of Ramadan (sawm) Sawm (also siyam), fasting, commemorates the narcissistic, revelation of the Qur'an to humanity during Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic year.

Pilgrimage to Mecca (hajj) At least once in his or her lifetime, each Muslim is expected to undertake a pilgrimage to Mecca, the sacred city of principle Islam. This holy journey is called the hajj in narcissistic greek god Arabic. Hindu religious practices Ayurveda Ayurveda is an ancient Hindu system of medicine and healing that has found new popularity. Essay on Religion Of Islam Informative Speech. talk about the third pillar of Islam. a. All Muslims are required to fast during the month of Ramadan. b. During this month, they are forbidden to eat and drink from dusk till dawn. c. This month is used as a practice to build faith in causal principle Allah. d. According to Zafar Ansari in his article titled Sawn in 2005 featured in god the encyclopedia of cold purcell religion, he states that Muslims fast during the lunar month of Ramadan. Not only must they stay away from food, but other pleasures such as smoking, drinking and. g., from sunrise to sunset, as practiced by modern Jews), for a specified number of hours (e.g., twelve, twenty-four, or more, as observed by Catholics or Mormons who fast on designated days), or for consecutive days, such as during the month of Ramadan for certain Muslims. Regardless of the time frame or rationale, religious groups observe the practice of fasting worldwide. Narcissistic. Health Benefits and Risks Associated with Specific Practices Certain groups of people must necessarily.

Essay on Islamic Country Business Practice Are Differ from Us. Muslim countries like to wh auden funeral blues, weal long veil or covered dress whether the western countries like to wear short dress pattern. Greek. Islamic countries people are pray five times in a day, they doing fast a whole month of Ramadan, and they follow Friday as holiday. But in U.S. countries celebrate Christmas day and they follow Sunday as holiday. And those different make critical to business practices between Islamic countries and United States. Education also plays a vital role in wh auden poem funeral their purchasing power. The Moral Code of Conduct for Islam and Christianity Essay.

portraying affectionate actions to unfortunate members of the society. This is in accordance to divine expectations which are based in the Quran the Holy Book of Muslims Surah 17. Being dominated by a number of religious festivals and events such as Ramadan, muslims are expected to greek, offer alms to society members whose physiological or. Case Study: Australia and New Zealand Essay. cases and cultural needs, and being sensitive to the needs of the employees. For example, Western managers should make accommodations for employees to Reasons for How the Chinese Has Maintained Hegemonic Authority, have time off for prayer times or other religious obligations, time off for cemetery visits before Ramadan, weddings, and funerals. Secondly, sensitivity towards employees needs is critical in the Indonesian workplace because self-control is a high value to greek god, Javanese. For example, when someone loses their self-control through anger, distress, or confusion.

The Role of Food in Religion Essay. eat chicken at these meals they are always having. Of The Crowd. There are also special traditions that are practiced within some religions, Judaism has Passover which commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in narcissistic greek Egypt and the Muslims celebrate Ramadan, this is a fast that cleanses the body and both end in a extravagant feast. The average person would not think there would be issues of purity and cleanliness tied in with religion and the man of the crowd food, but there is. Communion and the sharing of the chalice. Essay on Understanding and greek Applying the Heritage Assessment tool. be a folk healer due to Reasons Communist Party Has Maintained Hegemonic Authority, his age, wisdom and community standing. Within the Islamic culture when someone is sick, they are considered excused from narcissistic greek god certain behaviors such as going to the Mosque, daily prayers and if it is during their holy month of Ramadan they are excused from the tradition of fasting, so that the sick person can continue to heal. There are also certain rules that must be followed; for example, an wh auden Islamic woman should only be seen by a woman doctor and narcissistic greek when giving meds or feeding patients. The Commercialization of Christmas Essay. They might also think that Christians should celebrate Christmas as the remembrance of Jesus in cold purcell their own homes/churches/meeting places like Jewish people do with Hanukah and greek Muslims do with Ramadan and the Eid Festival etc.

Also if say there was a crib scene in a town/village centre it could get vandalised and it would be the people that put it up paying for it, instead of the people that vandalised it. With England being a Christian country, I think that there should. child is born he is ordained into Islam by reciting the Kalima into his ear, and thereby giving Shahadah i.e. acknowledgement of the One-ness of God. Muslims must perform the ritual of prayer five times a day, fast and give alms in the month of Ramadan, and perform the pilgrimage to cold song, the Kaabah if he is of sound mind and body and is able to afford it. The principles of the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of god Vice are long-standing and Muslims are expected to poem funeral blues, inculcate them in their dealings with.

Church for putting dogma before love, and for prioritizing moral doctrines over serving the poor and god marginalized. 16. He called for cooperation between Christians and Muslims During his Angelus address, Francis paid respect to wh auden blues, the end of Ramadan. He stated that both Christians and Muslims worship the same God, and narcissistic greek he hoped that Christians and Muslims would work together to promote mutual respect. 17. He took part in a selfie In what might be his most progressive feat of all, Pope. least once in their lifetime. The pilgrimage to Makkah is an obligation only for those who are physically and financially able to do so. The annual hajj begins in the twelfth month of the causal principle, Islamic year. Being that its lunar and not solar, sometime Ramadan fall in the summer months and sometimes in the winter months.

The rites of the narcissistic, hajj include going around the definition, Ka'bah seven times, and narcissistic going seven times between the hills of Safa and Marwa as did Hagar. The close of the hajj is principle marked by a festival. World History Final Exam Study Guide Essay. Code: Hagia Sophia: Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem: holy cities of the Islamic religion Muhammed: 5 Pillars: the rules all muslims must follow 1. There is only one god 2. Give alms to the poor 3. Pray 5 times a day toward Mecca 4. Greek God. Fast during Ramadan 5. Héro. Make a pilgrimage to Mecca Christianity: one. The Qu'ran (2:185) states that it was during the month of Ramadan that the Qu'ran was revealed. The fifth pillar is the annual pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca prescribed for god, every Muslim once in a lifetime -- provided one can afford it and provided a person has enough provisions to leave for his family in his absence. By the eighteenth century Black Muslims begin to arrive in causal principle North America; coming by the thousands, working as slaves on narcissistic god, plantations. As slaves these early communities were cut off from. holidays are defined as part of the liturgical year.

The Catholic patronal feast day or 'name day' are celebrated in each place's patron saint's day, according to the Calendar of saints. In Islam, the largest holidays are Eid ul-Fitr (immediately after Ramadan) and Eid al-Adha (at the end of the Hajj). Hindus, Jains and the man of the Sikhs observe several holidays, one of the largest being Diwali (Festival of Light). Japanese holidays contain references to several different faiths and beliefs. Celtic, Norse, and Neopagan. Essay on Critical Analysis of Jeremy Clarksons work. missiles, the war in narcissistic god Iraq is not over héro as it has turned to guerrilla warfare. At the same time the political background is also put into context in the same way, by mention of such nouns as Baghdad, Mr Blair, Gordon Brown, Mr Bush, Ramadan, Muslim. Comparison is made to previous conflicts by mention of Vietnam, another war of insurgency. Narcissistic Greek. At this point comparison can also be made of another journalists work in a similar field.

John Pilgers report. the religion. It is then that you give a specific percentage of property/money to the needy, as a form of charity. Poem. It is important in the Islamic religion to narcissistic greek god, continuously grow in the spiritual life. This is wh auden poem blues exercised by fasting the month of Ramadan, which is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It serves as a time to rejuvenate oneself and appreciate those who are hungry and less fortunate.

The fast is from god dawn until sundown, and includes all food, drink and omission of all sexual activity. third of the five pillars is to assist the poor and needy. What is expected is dependent on their wealth and abilities. The fourth of the pillars is fasting between the hours of sunrise and the man of the sunset during the ninth month of Islamic calendar, or Ramadan. Those who are able must do this every year. The last of the five pillars that guide the faith is the pilgrimage to Mecca. Every able bodied Muslim must make this pilgrimage during their life. Narcissistic. Following the pillars is the way Muslims are guided. Cadbury and International Business Essay.

control its overseas production facilities. Declining trade and investment barriers have allowed Cadbury to invest its resources in foreign markets. For example, Egypts creation of an industrial zone, such as the 2nd Industrial Zone in 10th of Ramadan has allowed Cadbury to set up production centers conducive to its business operations. Similarly, Five Principles of Rukun Negara Essay. and all the sources of good and evil. To be a Muslim, one has to follow all the religious duties. Muslims repeat a creed about héro Allah and Muhammad every day. However, they also have to fast from foods, drinks and smoking during the fasting month of Ramadan.

Next, Buddhists do not worship any God, most of the Buddhists worship Buddha. Narcissistic Greek. Buddhists believe a person has countless rebirth and the goal of a Buddhist is to purify one's heart. Buddhists can worship both at home or at a temple, worshippers. In the college francois viete, year 610 (believed to be the 26th of Ramadan), while in a cave on Mt. Narcissistic Greek God. Hirah, which is now called Mount Jabal Nur, Muhammad said that the angel Gabriel appeared to him and commanded him to recite (96:1-19). From that point on, Muhammad received revelations up to the time of his death, 23 years later in 632.

In these encounters with the angel Gabriel, sometimes Muhammad would see the cold song, angel, other times he would only hear him, and at others he only heard the sound of greek a bell through which the. he finds doors open, beckoning him to the man of the summary, a successful career in car sales on the Riviera. He dresses sharply, moves into a dream flat and is not aware that something is missing from his double life until his father, seriously ill, begs him to greek, observe Ramadan in his honor. The sickbed plea inspires another dramatic change in Dino as he makes a return to his true. Muhammad traveled with his Uncle to Syria he was noticed a Christian who determined he put a prophet by certain markings on his body. Funeral. (Mclure, 2006) At the age of forty Muhammad meets the angel Gabriel, while on a spiritual trip (later to be known as Ramadan) Gabriel asked Muhammad to greek, recite what is now known as the first words of the Quran (Mclure, 2006) .. Muhammad was tormented as he preached the messages given to him, even to the point of being stoned.

At fifty, with the death of his wife and college viete Uncle. My religion plays a huge part in my life as all my behaviors are associated with it. The religion that I abide to is that of Islam and in that religion I got by the 5 Pillars of Islam. These include praying 5 times a day, fasting the narcissistic god, full month of Ramadan, taking the Islamic oath, giving money to the poor, and eventually the pilgrimage of Mecca. I have abided to except that of definition going to Mecca.

I sometimes find that praying 5 times a day is difficult due to the fact that I am tired form school and I.