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System context diagram

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Nov 22, 2017 System context diagram,

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International Joint Ventures Essay. The objective of this paper is to highlight some of the important issues that must be considered prior to forming an system context, international joint venture. Why is this topic important? The following quote summarizes the braveheart speech main reason: “Cross-border MAs, JVs and alliances seem to share at least two characteristics with marriage trends of the context post World War II “Baby Boomers” generation: They have grown explosively during the 1980s and through the 1990s but – less fortunately – they fail about half the time.”[1] With this in mind, it is very likely that sooner or later you will be involved in an international joint venture, either in the process of next, forming one, dissolving one or working for one. System Diagram. The more you know about next superpower, international joint ventures, the better prepared you will be to system context diagram understand and contribute to the solution for the challenges they present. Most companies begin their expansion to overseas markets by exporting their products or services. Exporting products has minimal risk involved, especially if the proper steps are followed. However, in films, some instances exporting is difficult or expensive and system, companies use other methods to penetrate international markets. Forming an international joint venture with a foreign firm in the target market is, in some cases, the only avenue to accomplish the goal.

An international joint venture is usually a progression in the investment level that companies are willing to commit prior to fully investing in a foreign subsidiary. What is the essay on money main difference between opening a subsidiary and forming a joint venture? According to diagram Andrew Inkpen, a joint venture occurs when “two or more legally distinct firms (the parents) pool a portion of their resources within a jointly owned legal organization”[2] “The distribution of equity among the popular parent companies can take different forms, ranging from 50/50 IJVs between two companies, to reduced minority or dominant majority stakes.”[3] In contrast, only one company owns a subsidiary. Even though companies perceive IJV as less risky than opening their own subsidiaries, forming inadequate joint ventures can be risky and expensive. If managers are not careful in diagram, their analysis and. are not aware of the potential pitfalls of international joint ventures then they can face some serious trouble. So far we have learned that culture plays a major role in business culture.

Hence, culture will ultimately have a major impact in the international joint venture. Piero Morosini, one of the leading researchers in mel gibson, international joint ventures, explains the role culture plays in international joint ventures as follows: “Empirical evidence suggests that technical issues are less likely to system context diagram lead to conflicting situations compared to relationship problems during the implementation of international JVs and socialism, alliances. Throughout this phase, too much emphasis is system diagram, usually placed on setting strategic objectives at the cost of ignoring personal interaction aspects involving people from different national cultures. Next. This has been cited as the context diagram most critical factor leading to as fertilizer unresolved conflicts and outright failure of an international JV or alliance.”[4] Companies some times enter into joint ventures with objectives other than to context diagram gain rapid access into the market. Some companies want to learn from eggshells, other companies or like to combine resources in order to make a stronger company. Diagram. “The need to combine strategic resource contributions and foster functional co-operation and co-ordination between the partners to create mutual advantages is at the heart of both IJVs and global alliances.”[5] As you read this paper, you will learn that most of the failures in temperament, joint ventures occurs due to system context diagram the misunderstanding in the goals and the definition of the goals. Finnie Williams states that “half of all partnerships don’t work.

Those that are successful share three characteristics with successful marriages: • The actual and as fertilizer, perceived potential benefits must be large for both parties. • The partners must share a common set of values. • The key people must be committed to success.”[6] It seems that the system most important aspect when speaking of international joint ventures, is that partners must share a common set of china next, values. This is very. unlikely to happen. The main reasons cultures are different is because they have different sets of system, values. For instance, some companies define success in terms of return on investment, others use market share, yet others define it in terms of customer satisfaction. These differences are critical and must be discussed early in the planning stage in order to lay a solid foundation for the partnership. It is important to keep in mind that even companies from the same cultural and business background have different plans to achieve their goals. Therefore, whenever we mix companies with different cultural backgrounds, the complexity level increases. People from different cultures perceive business in different ways.

The rest of this paper provides examples of superpower, international joint ventures in different countries and system, examines some of the general observations related to such ventures and essay on money, countries. “Foreign investment in system context, 1995 was $US38 billion (China Statistical Press 1996). International Joint ventures (IJVs) between overseas companies and domestic state-owned enterprises (SOEs) have been the propaganda dominant mode of system context, entry. Next Superpower. However, many JV investments have been less than successful.”[7] China “is now the world’s most active joint venture market.” [8] These facts are not surprising as “China is home to 25 percent of the world’s population and many western firms view the system country as a prime target market.”[9] However, as we will discuss, not everyone venturing in China has been successful. For instance, a group of French investors dissolved their joint venture in keirsey temperament, China after 12 years of investment. The agreement was primarily between Peugeot and Guangzhou Automotive Manufacturing (GAM). It took four years of negotiations between French and Chinese investors to system diagram form the joint venture Guangzhou Peugeot Automobile Corporation (GPAC) in action films, 1985. Following are some of the major problems that Peugeot mentioned as key elements to diagram the failure of their venture in China: • The labor force from the Chinese partner had inadequate skills, which resulted in more time and money spent in popular films, training. System Context. • Lack of suppliers in. the Guangzhou area that could provide quality parts.

As a consequence many of the parts had to be imported which raised the cost of the vehicles as compared to the competition. • Guangzhou officials would not allow the eggshells as fertilizer plant to purchase parts from suppliers from other regions in China. Competitors who were located in other Chinese regions had access to quality Chinese parts and were able to context build vehicles at lower prices. There is another side to next superpower this story, analysts believe that: • Peugeot chose the Guangzhou area because the system context diagram central government had little influence over the local government and there would be more management freedom. Keirsey Test. However, this backfired on Peugeot as the distance from context diagram, Beijing acted as a barrier to access suppliers from other regions. Popular Action. • Peugeot did not act fast enough to system form a joint venture with a supplier in the Guangzhou region. Socialism. Their competitors had formed such partnerships with their suppliers. • Peugeot repatriated most of its profits and made few changes to their vehicles. Their competitors instead, reinvested most of the profits in the venture and to improve the vehicles. [10] I think there are several lessons to be learned from this example. One is that it takes a long time to agree on the terms of the agreement.

Second is that even though both partners had agreed on the goals, unexpected deficiencies (labor and parts) put the company at a disadvantage with its competitors. It is amazing that after four years of negotiations, nobody checked if the skill sets were compatible and if the context local suppliers could provide quality parts. Third is that even when companies believe that they are making the correct strategic move they could be doing the opposite due to essay on money lack of knowledge of the local culture. In this case, Peugeot was under the impression that distance from Beijing would be positive and in fact it turned out negative. Finally, companies that want to use joint ventures as means to have a quick entry into system context the market can get hurt. In this case, Peugeot was not committed to re-investing capital in the joint venture, which at the end made them completely uncompetitive in the market.

You might be wondering who was the eggshells competitor to Peugeot that was being so successful in China. That competitor was also a joint venture. This time. it was between a German company, Volkswagen AG, and a Chinese partner in the Shanghai area. As mentioned before, Shanghai Volkswagen was quick to form partnerships with suppliers to increase the content of system diagram, Chinese parts in their vehicles and reduce the number of imported parts.

Another important aspect is the fact that Shanghai Volkswagen was reinvesting their profits in order to socialism improve their vehicles. System. Such improvements plus their commitment to the Chinese economy, allowed Shanghai Volkswagen to earn a better reputation among customers.[11] Another major corporation that has been successful in forming joint ventures in China is United Parcel Service. “UPS has been aggressively expanding its operations there. Next Superpower. On Jan. 21 1999, the company announced an system context, agreement with Chinese airline Sinotrans to expand UPS-branded operations to 18 additional cities in China, bringing the total to 21. Essay On Money. The two carriers signed a memorandum of understanding that includes new investments to develop dedicated operations and more joint training and management efforts. In 1994, UPS opened representative offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing, and by 1996 established a joint venture with Sinotrans in Beijing. Efforts to establish joint ventures in Shanghai and Guangzhou were temporarily put on hold with a change in government leadership.”[12] These examples provide us with some useful information regarding joint ventures in China.

However, there are some other facts that you must know: • Laws governing international joint ventures in China are different than the laws for Chinese firms. • Laws may also be different depending on whether the Chinese partner is a state business, village or township enterprise. System Context Diagram. • China’s legal system consists of guidelines for businesses and individual judges have enough leeway to determine what is right and what is wrong. • Provincial regions can prohibit the sale of goods not produced on its own region. (this was the case with Peugeot suppliers). • The need for government support is greater when the popular output of the joint venture is sold within China • The local partner is critical when the output must be sold to the government instead of the general public. [13] A survey of system context diagram, 125 randomly chosen Sino-Western joint ventures, each with a minimum of 50 employees, and each in business for next superpower over one year, were surveyed in Shanghai. They surveyed mangers from both parent companies in order to compare results and the results were as follows: • The goal emphasis of the context two groups was substantially different. • Chinese managers focused on things that they had not yet mastered such as technology, management skills, and capital understanding. • Western managers focused on their own things to be mastered such as understanding the local market, government policy and the political system. [14] The situation in popular action films, Japan is mixed. While some researchers point that there are some major problems in system diagram, forming international joint ventures, large multinationals have formed very successful joint ventures and the announcements of more and more joint ventures being formed continues. On one hand is the view that international joint ventures between Japanese and North American firms in the automotive industry have encountered many problems. Most of the problems are related to cultural differences and keirsey, management styles. “Although it is system diagram, overly simplistic to essay on money describe Japanese management as long-term oriented and system diagram, American management as short-term oriented, the Japanese partner firms in this study appeared to focus on customer satisfaction and keirsey temperament, product quality rather than profit based performance. Japanese firms seemed less constrained by context, issues of temperament test, share price and impatient board of directors than their American counterparts.”[15] On the other hand is the trend of system context, new joint ventures being formed or existing ones being expanded, “Goodyear Tire Rubber Co. and Sumitomo Rubber Industries announced the keirsey test formation of four joint venture operating companies. Context. The units will be based in North America, Europe, and test, Japan.

Two U.S.-based service joint ventures will also be formed, one for global purchasing and one for sharing tire technology.”[16] This agreement between Goodyear and system, Sumitomo reflects some experience in forming joint ventures as they have clearly defined the goals of the different joint ventures. This. joint venture seems to be headed in the right direction, it will be interesting to follow up in a few years to eggshells as fertilizer see if they actually become successful. “Dainippon Ink and Chemicals (DIC) and Eastman Kodak say they will combine portions of their Japanese graphic arts businesses in system context, April to make a Japanese unit for their existing JV, Kodak Polychrome Graphics (Norwalk, CT). The combination will increase the JVs sales from $1.5 billion last year to $2 billion in 1999, Kodak says.”[17] Kodak seems to be having success in their joint ventures with Japanese companies as they are expanding their current joint venture. Dupont and Teijin announced that they will form a 50-50 joint venture to keirsey manufacture polyester films. The joint venture is expected to generate sales of $1.4 billion and context diagram, represent 25% of the market. “Both companies say the venture will allow for the free flow of technology and will combine DuPont’s strengths in the U.S., Europe, and China with Teijin’s strengths in Japan and Southeast Asia.” [18]

Once again, it seems that companies that invest time and effort analyzing and understanding the challenges of joint ventures get on the right track from the start. Companies that just want to do business as usual (the case in the automotive industry) will have a hard time making the joint venture successful. Spain has seen less activity in terms of joint ventures than Japan and China. It seems that Spain is not perceived as “risky” country and most companies might be willing to spring into fully owned subsidiaries in Spain. Also, the barrier to essay on money enter the market might not be as high as in the case of the context diagram Japanese market. However, in some industries, such as the financial services industry, there is a need for joint ventures to penetrate the market. Spanish people look for names of familiar companies to braveheart speech invest their money. According to a London fund manager interested in the Spanish market, “The easiest way to break into the market is through joint ventures with local banks but there are not many suitable partners. We have looked around a few banks but we haven’t been able to come up with a deal we like the look of.”[19] There is one company that has formed a joint venture with a Fibanc in Barcelona, Lazard Unit Trust Managers. Although, the majority of the investment firms have decided to just open their own branches in Spain. Fidelity’s managing director for central Europe believes that “Spain has a big population, around 40 million so in terms of sheer size it is very attractive.

It’s one of the markets we have to be in. Fidelity opened its office in Madrid this year and has put a sales team in place. We are aiming at creating our own distribution channel rather than any other form of strategic alliance or joint venture”[20] It will be interesting to observe which of the two firms becomes more successful given the different approaches to system diagram penetrate the action Spanish market. Another recent joint venture in system, Spain is Spanair. Formed between Scandinavian Airlines (49%) and Viajes Marsan (51%).

Due to the recent deregulation of the European airline industry, the two companies were able to establish the airline as a joint venture. Spanair is essay on money, flying direct from system, Madrid to Washington D.C. and it is increasing the propaganda number of intra-Europe flights. Spanair is system diagram, now trying to socialism form alliances with United Airlines to gain market recognition in system diagram, the United States. Spanair has a different approach to temperament marketing, they consider themselves an system context diagram, “airline with humor”, in fact, they gave away 266 round trip tickets to the first 266 people to arrive at the airport wearing some type of costume resembling some aspect of the Spanish culture.[21] Although, it seems that this airline has had a great start, it will be interesting to find out how they do in the future, as the Spanish culture seems to be playing a mayor role in the way the airline is run. I think that if Scandinavian Airlines is fully aware of the differences in management style between them and as fertilizer, their Spanish partners, this joint venture should successful.

Prior to 1987, Russia had major restrictions in context, the formation of joint. ventures. Only Eastern Block countries were allowed to form joint ventures with Russian partners. However, after 1987 the temperament test opportunity for system context diagram joint ventures with Russian companies opened up and the result was a flood of joint ventures along with problems, risks, frustrations, opportunities and rewards.[22] The following quote summarizes the joint venture situation in Russia: “Although more than 10,000 international joint ventures have been registered in eggshells as fertilizer, Russia since 1987, only system context diagram, about one-fifth of those have actually begun operations. Historically, many Russian-foreign joint ventures fail in the first year of operation, with an average survival rate of about 2.5 years.” [23] Richard Reece has identified some myths about Russians, which he believes are key elements in the failure track of international joint ventures in Russia. Following is a summary of these myths and his observations regarding the myths and suggestions to consider when forming a joint venture in Russia.

1. Russian workers are alcoholics and have an inferior work ethic. Alcoholic consumption might be higher, there is no certainty in this remark, however, Russian workers are used to longer vacations in the summer time and this can create the impression that Russians are lazy. Temperament Test. His suggestion is to learn more about the Russian habits and styles prior to committing to a joint venture and have unrealistic expectations. 2. Russians are ignorant, incompetent managers. System Diagram. It is temperament test, important to remember that Russians are learning about the market economy. System. For many years they have not been exposed to open markets, so they are less familiar with issues such as pricing, receivables, cost analysis, financing, cash flow, and marketing. Keirsey. It is important to remember that this is system context, one of the major reasons why Russians are looking for partnerships with western companies. Russians are eager to learn more about the western style economics. Mel Gibson Speech. The best way to context find out the knowledge level is trough interviews with potential partners.

3. Russian managers lack business savvy. This myth has some truth in it, however, the fact that the Russian economy is unstable, has given managers the ability to react quickly to changes and adapt to the conditions of the new environment. Keirsey Test. In fact it is diagram, important to understand that not all western style solutions will work in Russia and Russian manager are more familiar with the details on how to get things done in eggshells, Russia. Richard Reece makes particular emphasis in system context diagram, communication as a key ingredient to a successful joint venture in china next superpower, Russia. If potential partners do not learn about each other, how can they expect the venture to be successful. General Guidelines to Select a Partner. In general regardless of the countries involved, William Myers offers the following guidelines to select an adequate business partner: • Is your prospective partner a known entity? • Have you worked with the system context group before? • Do the organization’s culture and values match yours? • Does your prospective partner understand how associations work? • Will the keirsey temperament organization be flexible in crafting workable deals? • Can your prospective partner clearly define success in the joint venture? • Does your prospective partner have a reputation for honesty, and will the organization define working agreements in writing? [24] Answers to diagram these questions will give you a general idea on whether to proceed with the venture, do more in depth analysis or simply not go through with the process.

This paper presented examples of successful and unsuccessful joint ventures. Mel Gibson Braveheart. It also highlighted important information regarding key aspects of joint ventures in different countries. Joint ventures are still popular and international companies are creating more every day. Therefore, the knowledge from this paper should assist you to better understand the challenges associated with most joint ventures. Diagram. A topic that was consistent.

throughout the literature on joint ventures is the essay on money importance of cultural differences, patience and system diagram, the comparison of joint ventures to marriage. Therefore, if you have been married for a while, you might be better prepared for a joint venture than you think. Another interesting observation is mel gibson speech, that joint ventures seem to be preferred when there are market barriers, such as the system case with Japan, or when the socialism propaganda perceived risk level is relatively high, such as Russia and China. System Context Diagram. The fact that there was scarce information on joint ventures between companies of developed nations indicates that joint ventures are not the main avenue of expansion for most firms. This does not imply that they do not happen or that are not recommended, it simply states that they are far less popular. Companies are more willing to establish their own subsidiaries or branches since the risk level is lower.

If you are involved in a joint venture, use the guidelines presented in this paper. The authors who recommend them have been studying international joint ventures for several years and have learned a lot from them. ———————– [1] Morosini, Piero.1998. Managing Cultural Differences, Pergamon Great Britain. [2] Inkpen, Andrew. 1995. The management of international joint ventures, Routledge London and New York. [3] Morosini, Piero.1998. Managing Cultural Differences, Pergamon Great Britain. [4] Morosini, Piero.1998. Managing Cultural Differences, Pergamon Great Britain. Eggshells As Fertilizer. [5] Morosini, Piero.1998.

Managing Cultural Differences, Pergamon Great Britain [6] Finnie, William C. 1998. System Diagram. Strategic partnering: Three case studies. Strategy and leadership, 26 (4): 18-22. [7] O Connor, Neal; Chalos, Peter. 1999. The challenge for successful joint venture management in China: Lessons from a failed joint venture Multinational Business Review, 7 (1): 50-61. [8] Si, Steven Bruton, Gary. 1999. Knowledge transfer in international joint ventures in transitional economies: The China experience. Essay On Money. Academy of Management Executive, 13 (1): 83-90. [9] Si, Steven Bruton, Gary. 1999. Knowledge transfer in international joint ventures in transitional economies: The China experience. Academy of Management Executive, 13 (1): 83-90. [10] Harwit, Eric.

1997. System Diagram. Guangzhou Peugeot: Portrait of a commercial divorce. China Business Review, 24(6): 10-11. [11] Harwit, Eric. 1997. Temperament. Guangzhou Peugeot: Portrait of a commercial divorce. China Business Review, 24(6): 10-11 [12] Traffic World 1999 UPS’s big stake in context, China talks. Feb 8: 37. [13] Si, Steven Bruton, Gary. 1999. Knowledge transfer in international joint ventures in propaganda, transitional economies: The China experience.

Academy of Management Executive, 13 (1): 83-90. System. [14] Si, Steven Bruton, Gary. Socialism. 1999. Knowledge transfer in international joint ventures in transitional economies: The China experience. System Diagram. Academy of Management Executive, 13 (1): 83-90. [15] Inkpen, Andrew. Temperament Test. 1995. System Context Diagram. The management of international joint ventures, Routledge London and New York. [16] Fleet owner. 1999. Goodyear, Sumitomo deal. March: 16.

[17] Moore, Samuel K. 1999. Kodak and DIC develop another JV. Chemical Week, 161 (8): 22. [18] Westerlvelt, Robert. 1999. Dupont and Teijin take a joint role in films. Chemical Week, 161 (6): 19. [19] Marshall, Julian.

1998 / 1999. Retail Pioneers will gain in Spain. 118: 56. [20] Marshall, Julian. 1998 / 1999. Retail Pioneers will gain in Spain. 118: 56. [21] Guttman, Robert J. Eggshells As Fertilizer. 1998. Spanair: The sky’s the limit. Europe, 380:16-17. Context Diagram. [22] Reece, Richard. 1998. Successful joint ventures in Russia.

World Trade, 11 (8): 42-44. [23] Reece, Richard. 1998. Successful joint ventures in Russia. World Trade, 11 (8): 42-44. [24] Myers, William. 1998. Picking your partners wisely. Association Management, 50 (10): 31.

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Feminism/ Nellie Mcclung term paper 11132. We may yet live to see the day when women will no longer be news! And it cannot come too soon. I want to be a peaceful, happy, normal human being, pursuing my unimpeded way through life, never having to explain, defend, or apologize for my sex. - Nellie McClung 1929. Throughout her life, Nellie McClung strove to context improve the quality of as fertilizer life not just for women but for all Canadians. Her principle aim was to achieve recognition and acceptance of women who had traditionally been denied a role in the institutions and organizations which governed both Canadian politics and culture. Context Diagram. An active suffragist, writer, prohibitionist, and political agitator, McClung's efforts brought about films much change in Canadian society. While an examination of the reforms and movements she supported are obviously feminist in nature, it is difficult to determine the root of her feminist beliefs. System Diagram. Today's terms for first wave feminists were not used in Nellie McClung's era.

Now, these activists are labeled as either maternal or equal rights feminists and such a label would seem to mel gibson braveheart dictate a distinct philosophy and motives for system diagram reform. McClung is difficult to label since she seems to alternate between the two types of feminism. The discussion of first wave feminism is problematic as feminists are branded as maternal or equal rights feminists, terms which were not even applicable at the time. Maternal feminists, for example, sought the vote in socialism, order to reinforce the influence of women and system context diagram, the family in Canadian society, and to introduce feminine morality into Canadian politics. On the other hand, equal rights feminists fought for the vote based on the assumption that men and socialism propaganda, women are equal, and therefore everyone shares the right to system participate in a liberal democracy. Keirsey. As Davis and Hallet point out, while the arguments used by the women can be labeled, the system, women themselves cannot.

Such a statement is definitely applicable to Nellie McClung who embraced a multitude of causes, and often took a different approach to each. Upon examining the causes she served and the roles she filled as a Canadian woman in the first half of the twentieth century, one discovers that Nellie McClung did not have a unified approach to reform of the life. Her involvement in the installation of women in essay on money, the United Church, prohibition, the suffrage movement, her family, and context, her writing, defy any restricting and confining labels, while erasing the essay on money, need to find one. Religion played a prominent role in the life of Nellie McClung since childhood. Brought up by an Irish father and Scottish mother in a Methodist household, Nellie formulated a strong system of Christian beliefs. The ordination of women in the church began when women felt that they should have a voice in church administration. System. Nellie supported this movement declaring that. 'God created man in his own image . . Speech. . male and female. He created them.' That is to say, He created male and female man. Further on context in the speech, story of creation it says: 'He gave them dominion etc.' It would seem from this, that men and women got away to a fair start. There was no inequality to system context diagram begin with.

God gave them dominion over everything; there were no favours, no special privileges. Whatever inequality has crept in since, has come without God's sanction. Nellie often used Biblical references such as the one above to socialism propaganda justify her cause. Church boards delayed and attempted to avoid the question of female ordination altogether. This did not really matter since no female candidate for ordination had come forward. As well, further negotiations with the Presbyterian and Congregational churches regarding unification meant the Methodist Church was reluctant to take a potentially inflammatory stance. Nellie criticized both the church and her fellow women stating: It (the church) preached resignation when it should have sounded rebellion. Many of the brightest women grew impatient and went out of church figuratively slamming the door behind them. Slamming an innocent door has always seemed to me a misdirection of energy. It is better to linger after the sermon to interview the minister.

It was not until 1926 that Lydia Gruchy, the first female candidate, came forward, and not until 1936 that she was actually ordained. In 1929, after Nellie McClung, Emily Murphy, and three other feminists won the system context diagram, Persons Case, it was declared that, Now only two great institutions wouldn't accept women on equal terms - the church and eggshells, the beer parlour! Arguments declaring that women would not be as capable counsellors as men, and system context diagram, that female priests would act as temptresses, slowed action from the church. Nellie's participation in socialism, the fight for system context diagram the installation of women in the United Church was both extensive and influential. In this case, it is quite clear that her feminist arguments incorporated the essay on money, ideals of equality and fairness rather than voicing the context diagram, maternal arguments that focused on the role and significance of the mother and family in Canadian society. Nellie McClung was an avid believer in socialism propaganda, the necessity of reform policy which would bring Prohibition into effect. McClung spoke frequently and adamantly of the system, evils of demon liquor and its effect on the family. China Next. Firstly, Nellie felt that alcohol primarily affected women and children as they suffered directly from excessive drinking on the part of males. Domestic violence, physical and emotional abuse, and profanity caused turmoil in family life when alcohol was not effectively controlled. It was also argued that women who abused alcohol may have done so as a result of system context being denied an active role in society.

Frustrated and eggshells, isolated, some women looked to alcohol as an context diagram escape from their boring, repetitive day to day lives. The stress of Nellie's argument for Prohibition was distinct from braveheart speech, her approach to other issues. She would often take a humourous or sarcastic tone to make her point. On the subject of alcohol, she became very serious in order to emphasize the importance of her case, and to system context diagram ensure that it would be taken seriously and eggshells, not brushed off as prudish or unimportant. Context. In the china next, case for Prohibition, an aspect of maternal feminism is evident in Nellie.

She advocated that women have a natural sphere to system context guide and sustain life, to popular care for system context the race. Essay On Money. Although her argument is based on a stereotype which suggests that women are morally superior to men, Nellie felt that the role of females in Canadian society had to system context diagram be extended in order to improve the living conditions of all. When faced with the proposition of superpower female suffrage in context diagram, the first decades of the twentieth century, most male politicians claimed that they respected women, yet the political spectrum was too harsh and essay on money, corrupt for them. Premier Rodmond Roblin of system context diagram Manitoba proved to be a particularly resistant force on the question of female suffrage. He tried to manipulate maternal feminist rhetoric in order to establish his case: My wife is china next superpower bitterly opposed to women suffrage.

I have respect for my wife; more than that, I love her: I am not ashamed to say so. Will anyone say that she would be better as a wife and mother because she could go and talk on the streets about local or dominion politics? I disagree. The mother that is worthy of the name and of the good affection of context a good man has a hundredfold more influence in moulding and shaping public opinion around her dinner table than she would have in the marketplace, hurling her eloquent phrases to the multitude. It is in essay on money, the home that her influence is exercised and felt. Nellie McClung was an active member of the Political Equality League which strove to counter this type of attitude.

P.E.L. Workers spoke and circulated petitions at many public events including stampedes and church bazaars. In January 1914, a delegation from the P.E.L. Context. approached the temperament test, Manitoba legislature to context diagram present its case. Mel Gibson Braveheart. The delegation included women of various ethnic backgrounds and classes. Context Diagram. Nellie explained to the legislature: We are not here to ask for a reform, or a gift, or a favour, but for a right - not for mercy but for justice.

Roblin acknowledged that these women were in deadly earnest, but insisted that their logic was decidedly ineffective. Temperament. The Premier's speech was so harsh and lacking in logic, that Nellie was delighted. The following evening, the suffragists had planned a mock parliament in the Walker Theater in which all the politicians were to be female, and a delegation of males would approach the female legislature and petition for suffrage. The first petition protested against men's clothing. Collars should be at least six inches and scarlet ties were to be outlawed. System Context. The second demanded labour saving devices for men. Mel Gibson Braveheart. The audience was overcome with the humour of the presentation and cheered in support.

The climax arrived when Nellie took the stage as Premier Roblin and made a mockery of the speech he gave the previous day in the Manitoba legislature. She said that, if men were all so intelligent as these representatives of the downtrodden sex seem to be, it might not do any harm to give them the vote. But all men are not intelligent. The staged protest won enormous support and furthered the context, cause of the P.E.L. It was not until 1916 that women's suffrage came into being in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and keirsey temperament, Alberta. Nellie eventually sat in the Alberta Legislature as a Liberal in Edmonton from 1921 until 1926.

Her feminist stance on the issue of suffrage was decidedly egalitarian. Although she used arguments from time to time which may have leaned toward maternal feminism and supported the need for diagram women to be politically active in order to bring a female perspective into Canadian politics, she emphasized that suffrage was a woman's right as a human being. It has even been argued that Nellie's platform was potentially radical as it posed a threat to male supremacy. Nellie, however, remained highly spirited and confident throughout the struggle declaring that. Without any noise or fuss of trouble, woman's suffrage is arriving! And it is going to happen just as naturally and china next, quietly as Monday becomes Tuesday. . . and system, we didn't have to knock anybody down and take it away from them! It's going to be handed to us, with kindest regards and best wishes, hoping that we are enjoying the same. . . We are so glad that we do not have to speech fight anymore - we are tired of war - tired of campaigns and petitions, and signatures and interviews! Considering Nellie McClung's activism and context diagram, her views about the role of women in Canadian society, it is important to investigate her personal life and popular action films, the roles she fulfilled as a wife and mother. While she supported those women who chose to work outside the home out of desire rather than need , it is surprising how defensive she was about her ability to raise a family as well as pursuing her interests outside of the home. System Context Diagram. Nellie always attempted to portray the as fertilizer, image that hers was a normal family life, and that her children were being raised in a normal family environment, although they were not. Nellie's not exactly traditional lifestyle. . . frequently took her away from home, and brought forth accusations that Nellie was neglecting her own home and family.

Nellie's insecurity about her image as a parent arises in this account: I remember when the political fight in 1913 was raging and the Telegram, now defunct, was running cartoons of system context diagram me every day, my youngest boy, three years old ran away one morning and we were alarmed over his disappearance. But before we had time to be greatly disturbed, his brother, aged eight, delivered him at the back door, breathless with joy at braveheart speech being safe home with the young deserter. I got him, mother,' he shouted; its all right, the context diagram, Telegram didn't see him; I sneaked him right up the lane.' He would have made a more interesting picture for the Telegram than the weird things they were running, too, with his grimy little face, and one stocking at superpower half mast. Nellie effectively fulfilled her duties at home and had nothing to worry about, yet in her writings and even autobiographies, she refused to discuss romance, a normal part of any individual's life. So while Nellie placed much value on motherhood, she also encouraged women to pursue other interests. Her fear of being perceived as an unfit mother while involving herself in countless social issues seems unnecessary as she herself was confident that she was good to both her children and system diagram, her husband.

This demonstrates the influence of braveheart speech antifeminist rhetoric of the day, as it was even able to penetrate Nellie McClung. Nellie McClung's writings attempt to system context diagram provide a voice for Canadian women. In her efforts of test creating a voice for the voiceless she also tried to elevate the position of women in society. She effectively challenged traditionally male oriented literature in order to advance the status of women. Throughout Nellie's writings, she challenged social and system context, economic restraints which continue to suppress women, and at times argued support in favour of eggshells both maternal and equal rights feminism. Context Diagram. She also fought so that women's talents and contributions could be felt in society.

Nellie's efforts for change and reform are obvious. In her autobiography, Nellie McClung wrote: In Canada we are developing a pattern of life and I know something about one block of that pattern. Superpower. I know it because I helped make it, and I can say that now without any pretense of context modesty, or danger of arrogance, for I know that we who make the patterns are not important, but the pattern is. By lessening the role of the braveheart, individual to the actual reforms at hand, Nellie herself minimizes the need to label the individual. The importance of activism and reform is measured in their ability to exact change, not in the attitudes and personalities of their supporters. System Diagram. It would be extremely difficult to categorize Nellie McClung as either a maternal or equal rights feminist given the range of her platforms and methods of protest.

Nellie sought to realize change so she applied the argument which best fit the situation at hand. In attempting to place Nellie in one of these two feminist camps, many historians fail to present a clear and complete account of her life and work. Furthermore, they attempt to classify these feminists according to braveheart speech criteria which did not exist in their era. Therefore, in refraining from branding the feminist activist, a better understanding of each activist as an context individual entity, as well as the motivation behind their work can be gained. As Nellie McClung explained above, the pattern as a whole and its effects on society are more significant that the individuals who contributed to it.

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10 arguments for and against WikiLeaks. Is WikiLeaks a whistleblower or a spy? Is transparency more important than privacy? Jaime Henriquez looks at both sides of the issues that have emerged in the wake of WikiLeaks' actions and provides a poll for you to share your opinions. System! The recent release of more than half a million confidential documents from the U.S. Army and State Department by WikiLeaks has brought some interesting issues into sharp focus and led to accusations and heated debate between WikiLeaks' supporters and detractors. TechRepublic readers, even if they haven't taken a side in the argument, are particularly well placed to think about technology's implications and to give an action informed and system context diagram, well-reasoned opinion. Here are five pairs of opposing viewpoints on braveheart issues raised by the actions of WikiLeaks.

See where you agree and disagree, then weigh in by taking our poll at the end of the context, article. Note: This article is also available as a PDF download. Exposing the misdeeds of the powerful is a long and honorable tradition. It is often cited as the china, fundamental purpose of a free press. True, this often means breaking confidentiality, but then you'd expect misdeeds to be hidden. The greater good to society justifies spilling the beans.

Besides, organizations and governments frequently let confidential information slip out on purpose to anticipate reactions to stating it openly. Diagram! No government or organization intentionally leaks thousands of confidential internal documents. WikiLeaks is as fertilizer accepting stolen property and passing it on system via the Net to anyone who cares to take it. Furthermore, it's concealing the identity of the source. Granted, WikiLeaks is not being paid to gather and pass on stolen information — but it is benefiting from significant publicity. And what, exactly, is the misdeed here that justifies theft and disclosure? Where's the greater good?

Is WikiLeaks exposing misdeeds for the good of society or just airing the dirty laundry of people it doesn't like? 3: Reactions to its releases have been hysterical. Secretary of State Clinton called it terrorism, despite the lack of death and destruction of socialism, property. It's not a cyberwar attack, it's embarrassment. System! Calling it terrorism is an insult to people who've suffered actual terrorist attacks and suggests that any response could be justified as part of a war on terror. Apparently, the government is unwilling or unable to next, take WikiLeaks to court for its actions.

Instead, we've seen responses that smack of Nixonian harassment: resurrection of unrelated criminal charges, denial of service attacks, and pressure put on WikiLeaks' business partners. System Context Diagram! 4: Reactions to its releases have been understandable. No one likes to be outed, and the diplomatic cable releases in particular seem to have demonstrated that this could happen to you. Rather than conspiracy, the reactions have come from a shared aversion to having internal communications made public. Already dealing with disclosures on Facebook and Twitter, organizations now see an example of complete exposure — the equivalent of stripping someone naked and throwing them on the street. Even WikiLeaks itself seems uncomfortable with having its internal communications laid bare, decontextualized, and broadcast to friends and enemies alike. 5: WikiLeaks is right to release the source documents. WikiLeaks is just demonstrating its credibility: withholding its own bias, allowing people to come to their own conclusions, and enabling further research. Prior to release, it tries to verify the genuineness of the documents, protect the popular, source, and limit collateral damage.

Given WikiLeaks' commitment to transparency, it would be hypocritical to system, conceal the source documents. Besides, source documents are more effective in mobilizing public opinion. 6: WikiLeaks is wrong to release the source documents. This is raw information — unverified, unanalyzed, and essay on money, without context. System! By failing to provide more information, WikiLeaks leaves the documents as vulnerable to misrepresentation as drunken Facebook pictures. and there's another problem. In the essay on money, days before cell phones, the university I worked for postponed making its staff directory available over the Net when a sharp techie pointed out that you could sort the database by phone number and see who was living together. Data mining has evolved greatly since then, in scope, power, and the range of system context diagram, people who practice it. Unintentional disclosure is big business, which makes dumping large quantities of raw data on the Internet reckless at best and at eggshells worst an abdication of responsibility. System! Twenty-first century information wants to be free, and we should get used to it. Given current trends, secrecy is increasingly obsolete.

Power no longer lies in monopolizing information. Power lies in what you can do with it. Digital electronic data is routinely copied during regular processing. Eggshells! Diverting a copy and distributing it worldwide is the work of minutes. Security measures like encryption are matched by increasingly cheap processing power. The process is inevitable and irreversible.

WikiLeaks is system context just a convenient scapegoat. Information about individuals and organizations is increasingly exposed to theft, misuse, and data mining. Popular Films! Our privacy depends on the ability to keep information secret (secure). Context! Perfect security may be unobtainable, but perfection is not required — just enough security to keep abuses to acceptable levels. Secrecy is action not obsolete, just lagging. Technological change leads to new abuses, creating new challenges to security, but society adapts. To meet the innate need for privacy, we learn what to reveal and where, and system, how to keep secret what we don't reveal. 9: Going forward, transparency is more important than privacy. Centralization of information and control proceeds apace. Governments and popular action films, multinational organizations by their nature pose serious difficulties for civilian regulation. With greater concentration of system context, power and mel gibson, increased computerization come shorter reaction times — and awareness is the precondition of any reaction.

Financial markets can spike or crash in minutes. Without sufficient transparency, all we can do is clean up after the catastrophe. 10: Going forward, privacy is more important than transparency. As more and more interaction is mediated by computer, it is subject to surveillance, gathering, and processing in ways that are difficult to detect. Information is increasingly bought and sold as a commodity, so previously acceptable disclosures — like giving your phone number or email to a store — must be reconsidered. Fast, powerful and inexpensive data mining, combined with large amounts of accessible data, makes privacy more important than ever.

Share your opinions by answering these questions and then join the discussion below. We deliver the top business tech news stories about the context, companies, the people, and essay on money, the products revolutionizing the system context, planet. Our editors highlight the TechRepublic articles, galleries, and videos that you absolutely cannot miss to next, stay current on the latest IT news, innovations, and tips.

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essay edge wiki Edge 183 — May 30, 2006. The hive mind is for the most part stupid and boring. Why pay attention to it? The problem is in the way the Wikipedia has come to be regarded and used; how it's been elevated to such importance so quickly.

And that is part of the larger pattern of the context, appeal of a new online collectivism that is nothing less than a resurgence of the idea that the collective is all-wise, that it is desirable to have influence concentrated in a bottleneck that can channel the collective with the most verity and force. This is different from representative democracy, or meritocracy. This idea has had dreadful consequences when thrust upon us from the extreme Right or the extreme Left in various historical periods. Propaganda! The fact that it's now being re-introduced today by prominent technologists and futurists, people who in context diagram, many cases I know and like, doesn't make it any less dangerous. The Hazards of the New Online Collectivism [5.30.06] By Jaron Lanier. Responses to Lanier's essay from Douglas Rushkoff, Quentin Hardy, Yochai Benkler, Clay Shirky, Cory Doctorow, Kevin Kelly, Esther Dyson, Larry Sanger, Fernanda Viegas Martin Wattenberg, Jimmy Wales, George Dyson, Dan Gillmor, Howard Rheingold [click here] In Digital Maosim, an original essay written for Edge, computer scientist and digital visionary Jaron Lanier finds fault with what he terms the china next, new online collectivism. System Context! He cites as an example the Wikipedia, noting that reading a Wikipedia entry is socialism propaganda, like reading the bible closely. There are faint traces of the system context, voices of various anonymous authors and socialism editors, though it is impossible to be sure.

His problem is diagram, not with the unfolding experiment of the Wikipedia itself, but the way the Wikipedia has come to be regarded and films used; how it's been elevated to such importance so quickly. And that is part of the larger pattern of the appeal of a new online collectivism that is context diagram, nothing less than a resurgence of the films, idea that the collective is all-wise, that it is desirable to have influence concentrated in a bottleneck that can channel the collective with the most verity and force. System Context! This is different from keirsey temperament test representative democracy, or meritocracy. This idea has had dreadful consequences when thrust upon us from the extreme Right or the extreme Left in various historical periods. System Context Diagram! The fact that it's now being re-introduced today by prominent technologists and futurists, people who in many cases I know and like, doesn't make it any less dangerous. And he notes that the Wikipedia is far from propaganda being the diagram, only online fetish site for foolish collectivism.

There's a frantic race taking place online to become the most Meta site, to action be the highest level aggregator, subsuming the identity of system all other sites. Where is this leading? Lanier calls attention to the so-called 'Artificial Intelligence' and the race to propaganda erase personality and system be most Meta. Action Films! In each case, there's a presumption that something like a distinct kin to individual human intelligence is system diagram, either about to appear any minute, or has already appeared. The problem with that presumption is that people are all too willing to lower standards in order to make the purported newcomer appear smart. Just as people are willing to bend over eggshells as fertilizer, backwards and make themselves stupid in order to make an AI interface appear smart (as happens when someone can interact with the notorious Microsoft paper clip,) so are they willing to become uncritical and system context diagram dim in order to make Meta-aggregator sites appear to socialism propaganda be coherent.

Read on as Jaron Lanier throwns a lit Molotov cocktail down towards Palo Alto from up in the Berkeley Hills. (JARON LANIER:) My Wikipedia entry identifies me (at least this week) as a film director. It is true I made one experimental short film about a decade and a half ago. The concept was awful: I tried to imagine what Maya Deren would have done with morphing. Context! It was shown once at a film festival and was never distributed and I would be most comfortable if no one ever sees it again. Twice in the past several weeks, reporters have asked me about essay on money, my filmmaking career.

The fantasies of the goblins have entered that portion of the world that is attempting to remain real. I know I've gotten off easy. The errors in my Wikipedia bio have been (at least prior to the publication of this article) charming and even flattering. Reading a Wikipedia entry is like reading the bible closely. There are faint traces of the voices of various anonymous authors and editors, though it is impossible to be sure. In my particular case, it appears that the goblins are probably members or descendants of the rather sweet old Mondo 2000 culture linking psychedelic experimentation with computers.

They seem to diagram place great importance on relating my ideas to those of the psychedelic luminaries of propaganda old (and in ways that I happen to find sloppy and incorrect.) Edits deviating from this set of odd ideas that are important to this one particular small subculture are immediately removed. This makes sense. System Context Diagram! Who else would volunteer to pay that much attention and do all that work? The problem I am concerned with here is not the Wikipedia in itself. It's been criticized quite a lot, especially in essay on money, the last year, but the system diagram, Wikipedia is just one experiment that still has room to china superpower change and grow. At the system context, very least it's a success at revealing what the online people with the most determination and time on their hands are thinking, and test that's actually interesting information. No, the problem is in the way the system context diagram, Wikipedia has come to be regarded and used; how it's been elevated to essay on money such importance so quickly. And that is system context diagram, part of the larger pattern of the appeal of a new online collectivism that is nothing less than a resurgence of the idea that the collective is socialism, all-wise, that it is desirable to have influence concentrated in system, a bottleneck that can channel the collective with the most verity and force. This is different from representative democracy, or meritocracy. This idea has had dreadful consequences when thrust upon us from the extreme Right or the extreme Left in socialism propaganda, various historical periods. The fact that it's now being re-introduced today by prominent technologists and futurists, people who in many cases I know and like, doesn't make it any less dangerous.

There was a well-publicized study in Nature last year comparing the accuracy of the Wikipedia to Encyclopedia Britannica. The results were a toss up. While there is a lingering debate about the validity of the study. The items selected for the comparison were just the system diagram, sort that Wikipedia would do well on: Science topics that the collective at large doesn't care much about. Popular Action! Kinetic isotope effect or Vesalius, Andreas are examples of topics that make the Britannica hard to maintain, because it takes work to find the context diagram, right authors to research and review a multitude of diverse topics. China Next! But they are perfect for the Wikipedia. There is system context, little controversy around these items, plus the Net provides ready access to a reasonably small number of competent specialist graduate student types possessing the manic motivation of youth. A core belief of the temperament, wiki world is that whatever problems exist in the wiki will be incrementally corrected as the process unfolds. This is analogous to the claims of Hyper-Libertarians who put infinite faith in a free market, or the diagram, Hyper-Lefties who are somehow able to sit through consensus decision-making processes.

In all these cases, it seems to propaganda me that empirical evidence has yielded mixed results. System Context Diagram! Sometimes loosely structured collective activities yield continuous improvements and sometimes they don't. Often we don't live long enough to find out. Later in this essay I'll point out what constraints make a collective smart. But first, it's important to not lose sight of values just because the question of whether a collective can be smart is so fascinating. Popular! Accuracy in system, a text is not enough. A desirable text is more than a collection of accurate references. It is also an expression of popular films personality. For instance, most of the technical or scientific information that is in system context diagram, the Wikipedia was already on the Web before the as fertilizer, Wikipedia was started. You could always use Google or other search services to find information about items that are now wikified.

In some cases I have noticed specific texts get cloned from original sites at system diagram universities or labs onto wiki pages. Keirsey Temperament! And when that happens, each text loses part of its value. System! Since search engines are now more likely to point you to the wikified versions, the Web has lost some of its flavor in casual use. When you see the context in which something was written and you know who the author was beyond just a name, you learn so much more than when you find the essay on money, same text placed in the anonymous, faux-authoritative, anti-contextual brew of the context diagram, Wikipedia. The question isn't just one of authentication and accountability, though those are important, but something more subtle. A voice should be sensed as a whole. You have to have a chance to sense personality in order for language to have its full meaning. Personal Web pages do that, as do journals and books. Even Britannica has an editorial voice, which some people have criticized as being vaguely too Dead White Men. If an ironic Web site devoted to destroying cinema claimed that I was a filmmaker, it would suddenly make sense. That would be an authentic piece of text.

But placed out of context in the Wikipedia, it becomes drivel. Myspace is another recent experiment that has become even more influential than the Wikipedia. Like the Wikipedia, it adds just a little to the powers already present on the Web in socialism propaganda, order to inspire a dramatic shift in use. Myspace is all about authorship, but it doesn't pretend to be all-wise. You can always tell at least a little about the character of the person who made a Myspace page. System Context Diagram! But it is very rare indeed that a Myspace page inspires even the socialism propaganda, slightest confidence that the author is context, a trustworthy authority. Hurray for eggshells as fertilizer Myspace on that count! Myspace is system diagram, a richer, multi-layered, source of information than the Wikipedia, although the essay on money, topics the two services cover barely overlap.

If you want to research a TV show in terms of what people think of it, Myspace will reveal more to context diagram you than the analogous and enormous entries in action, the Wikipedia. The Wikipedia is far from being the only online fetish site for system context diagram foolish collectivism. There's a frantic race taking place online to become the most Meta site, to speech be the highest level aggregator, subsuming the identity of system context diagram all other sites. The race began innocently enough with the notion of essay on money creating directories of online destinations, such as the early incarnations of Yahoo. Then came AltaVista, where one could search using an system diagram inverted database of the keirsey, content of the whole Web. Then came Google, which added page rank algorithms. Then came the blogs, which varied greatly in terms of quality and importance.

This lead to Meta-blogs such as Boing Boing, run by identified humans, which served to aggregate blogs. In all of these formulations, real people were still in charge. An individual or individuals were presenting a personality and taking responsibility. These Web-based designs assumed that value would flow from context diagram people. It was still clear, in all such designs, that the Web was made of people, and that ultimately value always came from connecting with real humans.

Even Google by itself (as it stands today) isn't Meta enough to be a problem. One layer of action films page ranking is hardly a threat to authorship, but an accumulation of many layers can create a meaningless murk, and that is another matter. In the last year or two the trend has been to remove the system context diagram, scent of people, so as to eggshells as fertilizer come as close as possible to simulating the appearance of content emerging out of the system context diagram, Web as if it were speaking to eggshells as fertilizer us as a supernatural oracle. Diagram! This is where the use of the Internet crosses the line into keirsey temperament, delusion. Kevin Kelly, the former editor of Whole Earth Review and system context the founding Executive Editor of Wired , is a friend and someone who has been thinking about what he and action films others call the Hive Mind.

He runs a Website called Cool Tools that's a cross between a blog and the old Whole Earth Catalog . On Cool Tools , the context diagram, contributors, including me, are not a hive because we are identified. In March, Kelly reviewed a variety of essay on money Consensus Web filters such as Digg and Reddit that assemble material every day from all the myriad of other aggregating sites. Such sites intend to be more Meta than the sites they aggregate. There is no person taking responsibility for what appears on them, only an system context diagram algorithm. The hope seems to be that the most Meta site will become the mother of all bottlenecks and receive infinite funding.

That new magnitude of Meta-ness lasted only a month. In April, Kelly reviewed a site called popurls that aggregates consensus Web filtering sites. and there was a new most Meta. We now are reading what a collectivity algorithm derives from what other collectivity algorithms derived from what collectives chose from what a population of mostly amateur writers wrote anonymously. Is popurls any good? I am writing this on May 27, 2006.

In the last few days an experimental approach to china next diabetes management has been announced that might prevent nerve damage. That's huge news for tens of millions of Americans. It is not mentioned on popurls. Popurls does clue us in to this news: Student sets simultaneous world ice cream-eating record, worst ever ice cream headache. System Context Diagram! Mainstream news sources all lead today with a serious earthquake in Java. Popurls includes a few mentions of the popular action films, event, but they are buried within the aggregation of aggregate news sites like Google News.

The reason the context, quake appears on popurls at propaganda all can be discovered only if you dig through all the aggregating layers to find the original sources, which are those rare entries actually created by professional writers and editors who sign their names. But at the layer of popurls, the ice cream story and the Javanese earthquake are at best equals, without context or authorship. Kevin Kelly says of the popurls site, There's no better way to watch the hive mind. But the hive mind is for the most part stupid and boring. Why pay attention to it? Readers of my previous rants will notice a parallel between my discomfort with so-called Artificial Intelligence and the race to erase personality and be most Meta. In each case, there's a presumption that something like a distinct kin to individual human intelligence is either about to appear any minute, or has already appeared. The problem with that presumption is that people are all too willing to lower standards in order to make the system, purported newcomer appear smart. Next Superpower! Just as people are willing to bend over backwards and make themselves stupid in order to make an system AI interface appear smart (as happens when someone can interact with the china next, notorious Microsoft paper clip,) so are they willing to become uncritical and dim in context, order to make Meta-aggregator sites appear to be coherent.

There is a pedagogical connection between the culture of Artificial Intelligence and the strange allure of anonymous collectivism online. Google's vast servers and the Wikipedia are both mentioned frequently as being the startup memory for eggshells as fertilizer Artificial Intelligences to system context come. Eggshells As Fertilizer! Larry Page is quoted via a link presented to me by popurls this morning (who knows if it's accurate) as speculating that an AI might appear within Google within a few years. George Dyson has wondered if such an entity already exists on the Net, perhaps perched within Google. My point here is not to argue about the existence of Metaphysical entities, but just to emphasize how premature and dangerous it is to lower the expectations we hold for individual human intellects.

The beauty of the Internet is system context diagram, that it connects people. The value is in mel gibson, the other people. If we start to believe the Internet itself is an entity that has something to say, we're devaluing those people and making ourselves into context, idiots. Compounding the problem is that new business models for people who think and write have not appeared as quickly as we all hoped. Newspapers, for eggshells instance, are on the whole facing a grim decline as the Internet takes over the feeding of the system, curious eyes that hover over mel gibson braveheart speech, morning coffee and, even worse, classified ads. In the new environment, Google News is for system context the moment better funded and enjoys a more secure future than most of the propaganda, rather small number of fine reporters around the system diagram, world who ultimately create most of its content. The aggregator is richer than the aggregated. The question of new business models for content creators on the Internet is a profound and difficult topic in itself, but it must at least be pointed out propaganda, that writing professionally and well takes time and context that most authors need to be paid to take that time. In this regard, blogging is not writing.

For example, it's easy to be loved as a blogger. All you have to do is play to the crowd. Or you can flame the crowd to get attention. Nothing is wrong with either of those activities. What I think of as real writing, however, writing meant to last, is something else.

It involves articulating a perspective that is not just reactive to yesterday's moves in a conversation. The artificial elevation of all things Meta is essay on money, not confined to online culture. It is having a profound influence on how decisions are made in America. What we are witnessing today is the alarming rise of the fallacy of the infallible collective. Numerous elite organizations have been swept off their feet by the idea.

They are inspired by the rise of the Wikipedia, by system diagram the wealth of Google, and by the rush of action films entrepreneurs to be the most Meta. Government agencies, top corporate planning departments, and major universities have all gotten the bug. As a consultant, I used to be asked to test an idea or propose a new one to solve a problem. In the last couple of years I've often been asked to work quite differently. System Diagram! You might find me and the other consultants filling out action films, survey forms or tweaking edits to a collective essay. I'm saying and doing much less than I used to, even though I'm still being paid the same amount. Maybe I shouldn't complain, but the actions of big institutions do matter, and it's time to speak out against the collectivity fad that is upon us.

It's not hard to system context diagram see why the fallacy of collectivism has become so popular in big organizations: If the principle is eggshells as fertilizer, correct, then individuals should not be required to take on risks or responsibilities. We live in system diagram, times of tremendous uncertainties coupled with infinite liability phobia, and we must function within institutions that are loyal to no executive, much less to next any lower level member. Every individual who is afraid to say the wrong thing within his or her organization is safer when hiding behind a wiki or some other Meta aggregation ritual. I've participated in a number of elite, well-paid wikis and Meta-surveys lately and have had a chance to observe the results. I have even been part of a wiki about wikis. What I've seen is a loss of insight and context subtlety, a disregard for the nuances of keirsey test considered opinions, and an increased tendency to enshrine the official or normative beliefs of an organization. Why isn't everyone screaming about the system context, recent epidemic of inappropriate uses of the collective? It seems to me the reason is that bad old ideas look confusingly fresh when they are packaged as technology. The collective rises around us in multifarious ways.

What afflicts big institutions also afflicts pop culture. For instance, it has become notoriously difficult to introduce a new pop star in the music business. Even the braveheart speech, most successful entrants have hardly ever made it past the first album in the last decade or so. Context! The exception is American Idol. As with the Wikipedia, there's nothing wrong with it. The problem is eggshells, its centrality. More people appear to vote in this pop competition than in presidential elections, and one reason why is the instant convenience of diagram information technology. The collective can vote by phone or by texting, and action films some vote more than once.

The collective is flattered and it responds. Context Diagram! The winners are likable, almost by definition. But John Lennon wouldn't have won. He wouldn't have made it to the finals. Or if he had, he would have ended up a different sort of person and artist. The same could be said about Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, Joni Mitchell, Duke Ellington, David Byrne, Grandmaster Flash, Bob Dylan (please!), and socialism almost anyone else who has been vastly influential in context diagram, creating pop music. As below, so above. The New York Times , of all places, has recently published op-ed pieces supporting the pseudo-idea of intelligent design. This is astonishing. The Times has become the paper of averaging opinions. Something is essay on money, lost when American Idol becomes a leader instead of a follower of pop music.

But when intelligent design shares the diagram, stage with real science in the paper of record, everything is lost. How could the Times have fallen so far? I don't know, but I would imagine the films, process was similar to what I've seen in the consulting world of late. It's safer to be the aggregator of the collective. You get to include all sorts of system context diagram material without committing to anything. You can be superficially interesting without having to worry about the possibility of being wrong. Except when intelligent thought really matters. In that case the average idea can be quite wrong, and only the best ideas have lasting value. Science is action, like that.

The collective isn't always stupid. In some special cases the collective can be brilliant. System! For instance, there's a demonstrative ritual often presented to incoming students at business schools. In one version of the ritual, a large jar of jellybeans is placed in the front of a classroom. Each student guesses how many beans there are. While the guesses vary widely, the average is usually accurate to temperament an uncanny degree.

This is an example of the special kind of intelligence offered by diagram a collective. It is that peculiar trait that has been celebrated as the Wisdom of Crowds, though I think the word wisdom is misleading. It is part of what makes Adam Smith's Invisible Hand clever, and is connected to the reasons Google's page rank algorithms work. It was long ago adapted to futurism, where it was known as the Delphi technique. The phenomenon is real, and immensely useful. But it is not infinitely useful.

The collective can be stupid, too. Witness tulip crazes and stock bubbles. Hysteria over fictitious satanic cult child abductions. Y2K mania. What makes a market work, for instance, is the marriage of china collective and individual intelligence. A marketplace can't exist only on system, the basis of having prices determined by competition. It also needs entrepreneurs to come up with the products that are competing in the first place. In other words, clever individuals, the heroes of the as fertilizer, marketplace, ask the questions which are answered by collective behavior.

They put the jellybeans in the jar. There are certain types of answers that ought not be provided by context diagram an individual. When a government bureaucrat sets a price, for instance, the result is often inferior to the answer that would come from a reasonably informed collective that is reasonably free of manipulation or runaway internal resonances. But when a collective designs a product, you get design by committee, which is a derogatory expression for a reason. Here I must take a moment to comment on Linux and similar efforts. Propaganda! The various formulations of open or free software are different from the Wikipedia and the race to be most Meta in important ways.

Linux programmers are not anonymous and in fact personal glory is part of the motivational engine that keeps such enterprises in motion. But there are similarities, and the lack of a coherent voice or design sensibility in an esthetic sense is system diagram, one negative quality of both open source software and the Wikipedia. These movements are at their most efficient while building hidden information plumbing layers, such as Web servers. They are hopeless when it comes to producing fine user interfaces or user experiences. If the socialism, code that ran the context, Wikipedia user interface were as open as the contents of the entries, it would churn itself into impenetrable muck almost immediately.

The collective is good at solving problems which demand results that can be evaluated by uncontroversial performance parameters, but bad when taste and judgment matter. Collectives can be just as stupid as any individual, and in important cases, stupider. The interesting question is whether it's possible to map out where the next, one is smarter than the many. There is a lot of system diagram history to this topic, and varied disciplines have lots to say. Here is a quick pass at where I think the boundary between effective collective thought and mel gibson nonsense lies: The collective is more likely to be smart when it isn't defining its own questions, when the system context diagram, goodness of an answer can be evaluated by a simple result (such as a single numeric value,) and when the information system which informs the action, collective is filtered by system a quality control mechanism that relies on individuals to a high degree. Under those circumstances, a collective can be smarter than a person.

Break any one of those conditions and the collective becomes unreliable or worse. Meanwhile, an individual best achieves optimal stupidity on those rare occasions when one is both given substantial powers and insulated from the results of his or her actions. If the above criteria have any merit, then there is an unfortunate convergence. Mel Gibson Braveheart Speech! The setup for the most stupid collective is also the setup for the most stupid individuals. Every authentic example of collective intelligence that I am aware of also shows how that collective was guided or inspired by well-meaning individuals. These people focused the collective and in some cases also corrected for some of the common hive mind failure modes.

The balancing of influence between people and collectives is the heart of the design of democracies, scientific communities, and many other long-standing projects. There's a lot of system context diagram experience out there to work with. A few of eggshells as fertilizer these old ideas provide interesting new ways to approach the question of system diagram how to best use the hive mind. The pre-Internet world provides some great examples of how personality-based quality control can improve collective intelligence. For instance, an independent press provides tasty news about politicians by china next superpower reporters with strong voices and reputations, like the Watergate reporting of Woodward and Bernstein. Other writers provide product reviews, such as Walt Mossberg in The Wall Street Journal and David Pogue in diagram, The New York Times . Such journalists inform the collective's determination of election results and pricing. Without an temperament test independent press, composed of heroic voices, the collective becomes stupid and unreliable, as has been demonstrated in many historical instances. (Recent events in diagram, America have reflected the weakening of the press, in my opinion.) Scientific communities likewise achieve quality through a cooperative process that includes checks and socialism propaganda balances, and ultimately rests on a foundation of goodwill and blind elitism blind in the sense that ideally anyone can gain entry, but only on system context diagram, the basis of china next a meritocracy. The tenure system and many other aspects of the academy are designed to support the idea that individual scholars matter, not just the process or the collective.

Another example: Entrepreneurs aren't the only heroes of a marketplace. The role of a central bank in an economy is not the same as that of a communist party official in a centrally planned economy. Even though setting an interest rate sounds like the answering of a question, it is really more like the asking of a question. The Fed asks the market to answer the question of how to best optimize for lowering inflation, for instance. While that might not be the question everyone would want to have asked, it is at least coherent. Yes, there have been plenty of system context scandals in government, the academy and in the press. No mechanism is perfect, but still here we are, having benefited from all of these institutions. There certainly have been plenty of bad reporters, self-deluded academic scientists, incompetent bureaucrats, and so on. Can the hive mind help keep them in check? The answer provided by experiments in the pre-Internet world is yes, but only provided some signal processing is mel gibson, placed in the loop. Some of the system, regulating mechanisms for collectives that have been most successful in the pre-Internet world can be understood in eggshells, part as modulating the time domain.

For instance, what if a collective moves too readily and quickly, jittering instead of settling down to provide a single answer? This happens on the most active Wikipedia entries, for example, and system context diagram has also been seen in some speculation frenzies in open markets. One service performed by representative democracy is low-pass filtering. Imagine the jittery shifts that would take place if a wiki were put in charge of writing laws. It's a terrifying thing to consider. Super-energized people would be struggling to shift the wording of the braveheart, tax-code on context, a frantic, never-ending basis. The Internet would be swamped.

Such chaos can be avoided in the same way it already is, albeit imperfectly, by the slower processes of elections and court proceedings. The calming effect of orderly democracy achieves more than just the popular films, smoothing out of peripatetic struggles for consensus. It also reduces the potential for the collective to system diagram suddenly jump into an over-excited state when too many rapid changes to essay on money answers coincide in diagram, such a way that they don't cancel each other out. (Technical readers will recognize familiar principles in signal processing.) The Wikipedia has recently slapped a crude low pass filter on the jitteriest entries, such as President George W. Bush. There's now a limit to how often a particular person can remove someone else's text fragments. I suspect that this will eventually have to evolve into an approximate mirror of democracy as it was before the Internet arrived. The reverse problem can also appear. Mel Gibson Speech! The hive mind can be on the right track, but moving too slowly.

Sometimes collectives would yield brilliant results given enough time but there isn't enough time. A problem like global warming would automatically be addressed eventually if the market had enough time to respond to it, for instance. Insurance rates would climb, and context so on. Alas, in this case there isn't enough time, because the popular action, market conversation is slowed down by the legacy effect of existing investments. Therefore some other process has to intervene, such as politics invoked by individuals.

Another example of the slow hive problem: There was a lot of technology developed slowly in diagram, the millennia before there was a clear idea of how to be empirical, how to have a peer reviewed technical literature and an education based on it, and before there was an eggshells efficient market to determine the value of context diagram inventions. What is crucial to notice about mel gibson, modernity is that structure and constraints were part of what sped up the process of context diagram technological development, not just pure openness and concessions to the collective. Let's suppose that the Wikipedia will indeed become better in some ways, as is claimed by the faithful, over a period of temperament time. We might still need something better sooner. Some wikitopians explicitly hope to see education subsumed by wikis.

It is at least possible that in the fairly near future enough communication and education will take place through anonymous Internet aggregation that we could become vulnerable to a sudden dangerous empowering of the hive mind. System Diagram! History has shown us again and again that a hive mind is a cruel idiot when it runs on speech, autopilot. Nasty hive mind outbursts have been flavored Maoist, Fascist, and religious, and these are only a small sampling. System Context Diagram! I don't see why there couldn't be future social disasters that appear suddenly under the cover of technological utopianism. If wikis are to essay on money gain any more influence they ought to be improved by mechanisms like the ones that have worked tolerably well in the pre-Internet world. The hive mind should be thought of as a tool.

Empowering the collective does not empower individuals just the reverse is true. System! There can be useful feedback loops set up between individuals and the hive mind, but the hive mind is too chaotic to be fed back into itself. These are just a few ideas about how to train a potentially dangerous collective and not let it get out of the yard. Essay On Money! When there's a problem, you want it to bark but not bite you. The illusion that what we already have is close to good enough, or that it is alive and will fix itself, is the most dangerous illusion of all. By avoiding that nonsense, it ought to be possible to find a humanistic and practical way to maximize value of the collective on system, the Web without turning ourselves into idiots.

The best guiding principle is to always cherish individuals first. Jaron Lanier is a film director. He writes a monthly column for Discover Magazine. Responses to Lanier's essay from Douglas Rushkoff, Quentin Hardy, Yochai Benkler, Clay Shirky, Cory Doctorow, Kevin Kelly, Esther Dyson, Larry Sanger, Fernanda Viegas Martin Wattenberg, Jimmy Wales, George Dyson, Dan Gillmor, Howard Rheingold [click here]

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CNA Resume Sample Step-by-Step Guide [+20 Examples] Wanna know something really interesting? Nursing assistants could see an context, increase in braveheart employment by context, 17% from now until 2024. That’s because the elderly population is growing and THOUSANDS of CNA’s are needed. That means the probability of you landing a job is pretty high. Now all you need to do is write a professional CNA resume that shows off your skills and achievements. New to the profession? No worries.

You can still create a good CNA resume with no experience and attract the attention of a recruiter. See, a good resume is a direct reflection of you and your work ethic. Taking the time to write a good nurse aide resume tells recruiters you mean business and are serious about securing a job. So my friends, if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and films create a good resume this guide will show you: A great certified nurse assistant resume example. How to write a Certified Nursing Assistant resume step-by-step. The best way to context, include resume objective examples on your CNA resume. Tips on including accomplishments and qualifications for socialism CNA professionals. Here's a sample resume for a certified nursing assistant made using our resume builder. Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes?

Try our resume builder . It’s fast and system context diagram easy to use. Plus, you'll get tips and right vs. wrong examples while writing your resume. See +20 resume templates and temperament create your resume here . What’s The Best Format For A CNA Resume? Kicking out system context, a great resume is all about china next superpower proper formatting. If you don’t format in context diagram a way that pleases a recruiter, you may find your resume in the recycling bin. You want to temperament, avoid that.

Maybe you have years of experience taking care of the elderly. System Context Diagram? Or maybe you just completed your CNA certificate and want to take care of sick kids. No matter, your certified nursing assistant resume will use the socialism propaganda reverse chronological format. If you are an experienced CNA, start with your most recent job and work backwards. If you’re an inexperienced CNA, start with your education on your entry-level CNA resume . Next, complete your experience with internships or volunteer work you may have done. Do you babysit? Swell. Babysitting would be the perfect inclusion. Don’t sweat the fonts, margins, and layout. Choose a 12-point classic font like Arial, Helvetica, or Verdana. As you move along, make sure your nursing assistant resume isn't cluttered.

You want to diagram, attract attention to eggshells as fertilizer, your skills and context achievements, not to your ability to be a make a mess of things. Pro Tip: Proper spelling and essay on money grammar will win points with recruiters. Consider using an online tool like Grammarly to help you flush out system, any mistakes. Contact Information Is Not As Basic As It Seems. You’re a big deal now. Braveheart Speech? If you don’t include your CNA in diagram your contact section, the chances are your resume might be chucked out. This would be a sad day, because now you’re not such a big deal anymore. Your full name, CNA.

A working phone number. A professional email address. Add CNA after your name. And don’t forget your license number. You’ve earned these accolades. So shout them out to the world. See, when job seekers like you scan a job post, they miss necessary requirements to essay on money, include.

Recruiters don’t have time to review a CNA resume that doesn’t meet their requirements. Therefore, make sure your contact info is listed like this: Alice Smith, CNA Lic #343558907633E [email protected] (123) 555-7890. Alice Smith [email protected] (123) 555-7890. Pro Tip: Don’t use an email address that is unprofessional or uses the system context diagram Hotmail or Yahoo extensions. Socialism Propaganda? Create a new email address using the Gmail extension. CNA Resume Summary or Resume Objective. Here’s a really important part of your certified nursing assistant resume: The summary or objective . Recruiters are looking for the best candidates when they read a summary or objective. These little paragraphs need to show off the best part about you in 2-3 sentences. But what’s the difference between a summary and objective? So glad you asked.

A CNA resume objective is for applicants who don’t have a lot of on-the-job experience. If you are a CNA with no experience, give a quick introduction of who you are and why you would be a good hire. Here’s how to write a resume objective: Trustworthy, newly licensed CNA 2017 graduate seeking to use nursing care and system context advocacy skills in an assisted living setting at Sunsetters Retirement Home. Propaganda? CPR certified. New nurse looking for a job with old people. A CNA resume summary is for applicants who have CNA experience under their belt. In the summary, include any achievements or certifications you’ve earned: Here’s how to context diagram, write a resume summary:

Reliable, bi-lingual CNA of popular action films 10 years in system diagram diverse healthcare settings for elders, eager to leverage management experience and take patient advocacy and care to the next level. CPR certified, BLS certified (current). Available nights and essay on money weekends. CNA of system context 10 years looking for new challenges. Don’t forget that a CNA license needs to be renewed every two years. Eggshells? The resume summary is a great place to let recruiters know when you last renewed it. Want to system diagram, impress recruiters further? Healthcare assistants are in propaganda high demand.

They are often asked to start working evening hours. Context Diagram? Let recruiters know that you’re available to work those hours in china next your CNA resume summary. There. Now they’re impressed. On a side note, if you aren’t a certified CNA but you have a similar career, resume objectives are still the way to go for you. Include relevant skills for system diagram those careers might be that of an: Orderly: A hospital attendant charged with non-medical patient care. Psychiatric Aide: Like a CNA, except this position works with mental health patients.

Medical Assistant: Workers without certification who help doctors and nurses with routine tasks. Pro Tip: Include hours of china superpower availability in your resume summary. How to Describe Your CNA Experience. Look! We’re halfway there!

Hooray! Let’s continue creating a great CNA resume that shows work history and experience. Remember to add your most recent job first because that job is of most importance to the hiring manager. Add any nursing assistant resume duties here. List no less than six responsibilities or achievements. May 2010 - June 2016.

Mercy Hospital, Watertown, New York. Delegated CNA staff to understand infectious disorders and methodologies for context diagram infection control. Directed patients to complete understanding of their physiological disorders. Mobilized the ability to observe Privacy/HIPPA regulations. Inspired empathetic care and compassion among staff and patients. Directed a team of CNA’s in the absence of the socialism Nurse Manager without incident. Introduced a system that ensured leveraged patient care improving patient comfort and healing. Implemented initiatives to context diagram, reduce incorrect possible medication administration by 99.9%

Told staff members to study disorders. Explained to patients what was wrong with them. Eggshells As Fertilizer? Kept patient information private. Was nice to patients and context diagram other staff. Led team when needed. Made corrections to the system. It’s no secret that Certified Nursing Assistants have lots of responsibilities. Sometimes so many, that their achievements go unnoticed. But if you have been recognized for any outstanding accomplishments, don’t be shy. List them in this section, too.

Use bullet points to highlight duties and mel gibson braveheart accomplishments. Don’t start each bullet point with “ Responsible for. System Diagram? ” Those words are dry and make you ordinary. Next? You’re not ordinary. You’re extraordinary. Show hiring managers how great you are by system diagram, using action words that make you look like a superhero. Eggshells As Fertilizer? Because let’s face it, in the nursing profession you are. Collaborated with patients while using a transfer/gait belt. Delegated perineal care duties to other CNA’s. Advocated high level of care and comfort for each patient. Consulted patients while dressing weak arms and diagram legs.

Fielded and next superpower recorded patient information with accuracy. Maintained positive relations and compassion with patients. Okay, Pop Quiz here. Do you recognize the above skills? You should. They are the ones needed to pass the clinical part of a CNA exam . But you knew that already because you’re a nursing superhero. Pro Tip: When you’re determining how to write skills on a CNA resume, use action words to describe your duties. Your Education Section Underperforming? It Might Be. It’s time to show the world the power of your CNA training. As you make a CNA resume, include an education section that shows off how and where you became certified.

Every state has a Nurse Aide Registry . This registry establishes nurse aide training and competency. Be a gem and context include the state you earned your certification in. Recruiters love that. Every CNA program varies, so be sure to include the number of hours in your training program, too. The CNA Plus website says chunk the information together as follows: Sheriden Woods Health Center Nurse Assistant Program. Bristol, Connecticut, May 2007.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) 2007. Completed 124 hours of Classroom and Clinical Training. If you haven't taken the exam yet, put Certification in Process instead of the hours. The same website also suggests that if it's been five years since you graduated high school, you don’t need to braveheart, include that info. But if it’s been less than five years, list it like this: Graduated in 2017. Super easy, right? Okay, one more thing is context diagram this section.

If you’ve taken any on-the-job courses related to your field of expertise, add them like this: OSHA BloodBorne Pathogen Training , Completed 2013. Connecticut Senior Living Facility. Completed 30 hours Training. Pro Tip: Stick with industry standards and eggshells as fertilizer formatting. Recruiters like seeing information listed this way. How To Put Skills On a CNA Resume. Skill can make you or break you. Diagram? Without them, recruiters won’t think twice about next superpower not hiring you. See, recruiters need to know if you really are the next Florence Nightingale.

Florence Nightingale was the diagram pioneer of nursing because she had hard and soft skills. What’s the heck are those, right? Hard skills , my friends, are technical skills and abilities you need to do a specific job. Soft skills are often linked to mel gibson, personal qualities and system context people skills. The primary hard skills that healthcare recruiters look for on a CNA resume. If these skills look familiar, it’s because they are required to pass the clinical skills part of your exam.

If you are applying for your first CNA job, recruiters will look for these skills. They want to see them listed on your Certified Nursing Assistant resume. The primary soft skills that healthcare recruiters want to see are: Computer and technical skills are important to include, too. Action Films? Some skills to list are:

Can you speed type with ease on a computer? You’ll want that as a skill. Most hospitals and elderly care facilities track everything on computers. If you have administrative skills include them on system, your CNA resume. Braveheart? Include stellar computer skills, too.

You can divide these skills into three categories: Hard Skills Soft Skills Technical, Computer and Record Keeping Skills. Pro Tip: Include required clinical skills with advanced skills you learned in the field as a CNA. How to Add Other Sections For An Effective CNA Resume. This section is context your saving grace if you're new to temperament, the whole CNA gig. If you have any licensures, awards, or certificates, list them here. Context Diagram? Recruiters should know you take your job as a Certified Nursing Assistant seriously. And seriously, it’s important to take CNA seriously.

When you list them, use bullet points: CPR Certified BLS Certified STNA Certified Nightingale Award for Excellence in 2015 Employee of The Month 2016. If you are a CNA with no experience and no licensures, add a hobbies section. Include hobbies related to eggshells as fertilizer, the job you are applying for. Maybe you can build a model airplane. Context Diagram? That skill might be attractive to recruiters looking for action new group activity ideas. For new CNA’s with limited experience, adding information like this could get your resume to the top of the system context diagram pile. Next, maybe you raise crayfish. Listing this hobby on the CNA resume templates you draft might confuse recruiters.

Especially because crayfish swim in circles and you just watch them. Make sure you choose hobbies that match being a Certified Nursing Assistant. That means if you walk the china next neighbor's dog and context diagram feed it when they’re gone, add this! Dogs need love, too. Volunteer at Meals on Wheels. Walk and take care of my neighbor’s dog when they go on next, holidays. Pro Tip: Include hobbies and interests that fit the context diagram traits of the job description.

Here’s The Most Common Myth About Cover Letters. If you’re thinking that you don’t need a CNA cover letter sample, my dear friends, think again. There is a myth in socialism propaganda certain circles that cover letters should go out with the bathwater. About 32% of recruiters say they get more than their share of context diagram junk resumes . This means they can’t find talented candidates that fit the bill. You wanted to be the eggshells as fertilizer talented one. You don’t want to diagram, be junk. Or bathwater. That’s why you need to write a sample CNA cover letter that makes recruiters swoon. Did you know that recruiters spend about 6 seconds looking over china next a resume? That’s no time at all.

But here’s a little secret: If you include a cover letter, you will increase the viewing time. A cover letter that enhances your CNA resume should: Introduce you formally. System Diagram? Express your personality. Explain why you’re the china best candidate.

Explain any gaps in context diagram work history or career changes. Include your contact information on your CNA resume cover letter. Include the employer’s contact information, too. And don’t forget to mel gibson braveheart, add the context date. That’s kind of as fertilizer important. Next, write the basic body of the letter and wrap it up with a witty conclusion.

The deal is, you want to hook recruiters in the first paragraph. System Context Diagram? That’s the mel gibson braveheart entire purpose of a cover letter. System Diagram? Don’t forget to incorporate skills needed for as fertilizer the job, too. Remember, make them swoon. Pro Tip: Let your true self come through in your letter. Don’t try and be someone else.

Being authentic and witty is the key to a good hook. “Wow. Diagram? Would you look at this amazing resume? I’ve never seen anything like this before. This recruit is as fertilizer amazing!” said the context recruiter that held your masterpiece resume in her hands. Showing that you are willing to keirsey temperament test, take great care on your resume is system context diagram a direct reflection of the kind of china next superpower CNA you want to be. Don’t forget to system context, include any extra certifications or licensures, too. Keirsey Temperament? Show off your dog walking skills.

It takes some serious patience to walk four dogs at once. Did we miss anything? If you are still struggling with how to write a CNA resume, let us know in the comments, and context we will do what we can to help. Thanks for reading! Joleene Moody is a content writer and ghostwriter, writing posts and books for those who can’t or don’t have the time.

A former television journalist and anchor, Joleene still utilizes her journalistic abilities as a columnist and contributing writer to NNY Business Magazine in china next upstate New York. Her personal assistants are her two cats and her black and system diagram brown Doxie dog. Yes, she is never alone.